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Search Engines in eCommerce WebBased Information Architectures


Sample eCommerce business ideas. Ingredients for extensions of established business ... IR-Related eCommerce Business Ideas: eCLIP (2) ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Search Engines in eCommerce WebBased Information Architectures

Search Engines in eCommerce Web-Based Information
  • MSEC 20-760 Mini II Jaime Carbonell

General Topic Business Applications and Models
  • Topics Covered
  • Discussion of Miniproject as Needed
  • Ingredients for a successful eBusiness startup
  • Sample eCommerce business ideas
  • Ingredients for extensions of established
  • Ingredients for an eBusiness Plan

Some Ingredients for a Successful eBusiness
Startup (1)
  • Match Technology and Market
  • Great technology without a large market potential
  • Great market opportunity without requisite
    reliable technology also fails
  • The absence of both fails gloriously (,, …)

Some Ingredients for a Successful eBusiness
Startup (2)
  • B2C and C2C eBusiness Examples
  • Searching and browsing the web
  • search engines, Yahoo-like-taxonomies, locators,
  • On-line trading
  • eBrokerages, eAuctions, eMiniMalls, ...
  • People-to-people
  • chatrooms, email, instant-messaging,

IR-Related eCommerce Business Ideas eCLIP
  • eCLIP Adaptable Electronic Clipping Service
  • Goal Personalized eNewspaper
  • (weekly, daily, hourly)
  • User sets interest profile
  • YES "financegteCommercegttechnology"
  • "sciencegtastronomy"
  • NO "sports" "politicsgtscandals"
  • KEY-TERMS "ecommerce" "search engine" "IPO"

IR-Related eCommerce Business Ideas eCLIP (2)
  • Multiple news-feeds are categorized on entry
    ...and filtered by user profiles
  • Maximally-relevant novel news is included
  • Next most relevant or less novel is summarized
  • Rest is ignored.
  • User feedback automatically adjusts profile
  • (e.g. thumbs-down on more news
    thumbs-up on news about new search engines)
  • Revenue models subscription, advertisement, ...

IR-Related eCommerce Business Ideas ePUB
  • ePUB Customized Publishing
  • Goal Offer customized books (textbooks,
    trade-books, etc.) via best-of-breed chapters
  • Index all offerings by book, chapter, section
  • Permit user to search browse free
  • (using MMR, summarization, etc.)
  • Download/print or bind--ship for a fee

IR-Related eCommerce Business Ideas ePUB (2)
  • ePUB Customized Publishing
  • Assemble for user a customized bundle
  • (e.g. Ch 3-7 of "Intro to IR" Ch 5-6 of "Web
    IR" Ch 2 of "Applied Linear Algebra") ?
    Web-based eCom textbook
  • Print, bind and ship 50 copies
  • ...or ship single copy electronically (e.g. via
    PDF with built-in watermark)

ePUB Variant
  • eBooks Sell eBook Content on line
  • Books, magazines, comic-books, reference, ...
  • Make your site content searchable
  • (Not just title/author as in Amazon)
  • First mover and scaling advantages
  • Charge for content download over web (eArticles,
    eBooks, eSections of books) as well as
    traditional shipping of printed books, magazines,
    etc. Pay for what you read (only).

IR-Related eCommerce Business Ideas eFACT
  • eFACT Universal Q/A Database
  • Goal Answer any question over web
  • Create large FAQ incrementally, categorized by
    subject areas
  • Have humans answer questions over web Pay for
    answers. Payment free subscription or .
  • If new question matches, give answer, else send
    to humans and resort to meta-search for relevant
    web-pages (not an answer, but best one can do for
    now), and email answer later.
  • Essentially do AskJeeves the right way

IR-Related eCommerce Business Ideas iSELL
  • iSELL Meta Auction eSite
  • Goal The Metacrawler of Web Auction Sites
  • User describes product she wants to sell
  • iSELL finds best match to auction sites(s) that
    sell(s) such products (similarity between
    description and auction offerings past and
  • ...or auction site that gets best prices
  • iSELLs metaform automatically connects and lists
    product in one or several auction sites and
    de-lists when sold.
  • iSELL gets a cut of the selling price ad

IR-Related eCommerce Business Ideas WebRATE
  • WebRATE Rating Service for eSites
  • Goal Become Nielsens or CU or USNWR rating
    agency of web sites
  • Find similarity to other sites, ..
  • Sites pay for ratings by content, traffic, etc.
  • Perhaps also subscription fee, or marketing data
    (traffic, stickiness, favorites entries,…)

ASP eBusiness WebMINER
  • WebMINER Provide data-mining service
  • B2B eService, licensing, consulting
  • Download data via web from customers together
    with objective-function attributes
  • Charge for rules, patterns discovered, or charge
    for data-volume mined
  • Subscription model for mining data streams

eBusiness Ingredients
  • B2B Examples
  • Indexing intranets and document DBs
  • search engines, text extraction, ...
  • Web-infrastructure optimization
  • Akamai, hosting services, ISPs, ...
  • Supplier networks, reverse auctions
  • FreeMarkets, Commerce One, I2, ...
  • Full N-to-N eMarketplaces
  • Ariba, Dynamix, ...
  • Financial Services
  •,, ...

eBusiness Ingredients (2)
  • First Mover Advantage Often Wins
  • Amazon, gt other eTailers
  • Yahoo gt other portals
  • Ebay gtgt other auction sites
  • Dell-on-web gt other web PC vendors

eBusiness Ingredients (3)
  • But, Better Technology Also Wins
  • On B2C search-portals
  • Google gt AltaVista Lycos gt WebCrawler
  • Though WebCrawler was "first"
  • On licensable B2B search engines
  • Google-engine gt Inktomi Verity gt others
  • though Verity came first

eBusiness Ingredients (4)
  • Find New Niche in eEcology
  • FreeMarkets in B2B reverse auctions
  • Treasurypoint/Wisdom Managing and optimizing
    corporate treasuries (ASP)
  • IBM and BEA in web-based middleware
  • Dynamix Generalized trading engine

eBusiness Ingredients (5)
  • Revenue Counts, Profits too
  • Low-margin commodity failures
  •,, bite the dust
  • Must monetize service
  • advertising, transaction fee, subscription fee
  • Scaling really counts
  • Marginal cost of new customers for portals is
    virtually zero, but advertising and subscription
    revenue scales linearly.

Extending the Traditional Corporation to
eBusiness (1)
  • Q Who is the largest system integrator for web
  • A IBM
  • Q Who are the largest consultant for web
  • A IBM and Accenture
  • Q Who is the largest seller of web-related
  • A Microsoft
  • Q Who is the largest software provider to
    eCommerce sites?
  • Q Who is the largest hardware provider to
    eCommerce sites?
  • A SUN Microsystems
  • Q Who is the largest provider of bandwidth for
  • A ...

Extending the Traditional Corporation to
eBusiness (2)
  • Who got rich from the 1849 California gold rush?
  • Most "infrastructure" providers
  • (sellers of digging tools, tents, supplies, ...)
  • Most "information" providers
  • (geologists, map-makers, guides, ...)
  • Very few gold prospectors
  • (but a handful got really rich)
  • There is a lesson here for eCommerce.

Ingredients for eAdjunct Businesses
  • Productivity Enhancements via Web
  • Supplier network reverse auctions
  • Manufacturers procuring raw materials, ...
  • Far-flung employee connectivity
  • Sale force with up-to-the-minute updates
  • Field consultant -- domain expert matching
  • Large organic consulting organizations

Ingredients for eAdjunct Businesses (2)
  • Expanded Sales Outlet
  • "Clicks and mortar" retail Dell, Intuit, BN
  • Wholesalers accelerating inventory turnover
  • Derivative Businesses
  • ISP hosted offering of software services Tax
    preparation, bond/equities trading, ...
  • Outsourced business function via Web-ISP
    Payroll, treasury, software production, …

eBusiness Plan Considerations (1)
  • eBusiness is Foremost a Business
  • eBusiness plan Business plan ( more)
  • Concept, product, market, differentiators,
    revenue model, sales channels, marketing,
    management, pro-forma financials, ... are all

eBusiness Plan Considerations (2)
  • eBusiness Also Needs
  • Clear technological edge if in any established
    eMarket. There are no geographical niches.
  • Or, be first mover in a new market
  • Need to establish market size and penetration
  • Need to address rapid comoditization issue
  • What will keep copycats away? Patent?
  • Rapid market dominance?
  • How to reach eMarket (e.g. via search engines
    with methods discussed earlier)

eBusiness Plan considerations (3)
  • If brand new business (e.g. eCLIP, ePUB)
  • Size of eMarket for new product/service
  • How to reach and educate the market
  • How to monetize product/service quickly
  • How to play for market dominance
  • Technological edge (complexity, patents, …)
  • First-mover dominance or contractual ties
  • Chapter 2 How to expand business seamlessly

eBusiness Plan considerations (4)
  • If new instance of old business (e.g. Search)
  • What is the better mousetrap (how did Google
    displace Altavista Lycos as premier engine)?
  • How not to get displaced in turn (patents, …)
  • How to overcome first-mover advantages
  • How to better monetize product/service (e.g.
    Googles query-targeted advertisement)
  • Chapter 2 How to expand beyond established

eBusiness Plan Considerations (5)
  • If e-branch of established traditional business
  • How to actively leverage existing business (e.g. leveraging book inventory). Else see 3,4.
  • Price according to e-competition
  • Leverage brand name in clicks-and-mortar
  • Monetize e-advantage (increased sales via new
    sales channel, or efficient e-service to
    traditional products, …)