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A Review of Some of the Memorable Events, People, Movies, and Products That Occurred, Became Famous,


A brief history report based on. Billy Joel's 'We Didn't Start the Fire' By Tom Mlynarczyk ... It was directed by William Wyler and stars Charlton Heston. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: A Review of Some of the Memorable Events, People, Movies, and Products That Occurred, Became Famous,

A Review of Some of the Memorable Events, People,
Movies, and Products That Occurred, Became
Famous, Were Released, or Were Produced During
the Years 1959 and 1960
  • A brief history report based on
  • Billy Joels We Didnt Start the Fire
  • By Tom Mlynarczyk

Buddy Holly
  • Born Charles Hardin Holley, he received a name
    change to Buddy Holly for his professional career
    in rock and roll. He started a band called the
    Crickets and was very influential but
    unfortunately he is best known for his dramatic
    and saddening death in a plane crash on February
    3, 1959. His death has inspired many other
    songwriters to create other works, including Don
    McLeans American Pie.

  • Ben-Hur was a movie about the life of Christ. It
    was released in 1959, although two movies had
    preceded it and the original book Ben-Hur a Tale
    of the Christ was written in 1880. The 1959
    version of the movie is the most widely known of
    the movies. It was directed by William Wyler and
    stars Charlton Heston. There is a wide range of
    activities present in the movie including galley
    rowing, chariot racing, and Christ crucifying.

Ben-Hur was an extremely expensive film to
produce and was basically Metro Goldwyn Mayers
last chance to avoid bankruptcy. It saved the
Space Monkey
  • Space monkey is a phrase that refers to one of
    the many monkeys sent into space preceding human
    space flight. The most famous is probably Baker,
    a squirrel monkey who was the first monkey to
    survive after space flight. He was preceded by
    Alberts I-VI, Gordo, Able, and eleven unnamed
    mice. Most of the earlier astronauts died of
    either crashes or explosions, but other causes
    were also present.

A possible reason for monkeys suffocating could
have been the standard hole ripped out of a
shoe space suit.
Daniel Jackson, a Stargate SG-1 character, who,
according to Wikipedia, is also a Space Monkey
  • Mafia is a term that stands for any organized
    criminal group operating usually in an urban
    area, but is most famous for describing the
    Italian-American crime groups that sprung up on
    the east coast and in Chicago. Sam Giancana
    became the new head of the Chicago Mafia in 1959
    during the point in history when the Mafia had
    the most power in America. Even though great
    distances can separate two groups, they often
    have an organization that works relatively the
    same. It is believed that the true Mafia of a
    city still has ties to the original Mafia in

No pictures of the Mafia are available due to
their high level of security and the large number
of threats applying to anyone who reveals the
identity of a leader or even just a member of the
Hula Hoops
"Ya know...for the kids!"
-The Hudsucker Proxy
  • Hula hoops was first named so when sailors
    traveling to Hawaii noticed that hula dancing was
    similar to what was then called hooping.
    Richard Knerr and Arthur "Spud" Melin, cofounders
    of the Wham-O toy company, created the modern
    hula hoop in 1957. In 1958-1960 alone, Wham-O
    sold over 100 million hula hoops. Hula hooping
    has since been incorporated into gym classes,
    circuses, multiple forms of dance.

A scantily clad hula hooper in Paris.
  • Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz was the illegitimate
    son of Lina Ruz González and Ángel Castro y
    Argiz, therefore making him, literally, a
    communist _______. He was the leader of Cuba for
    many years and is now the president and head of
    the Communist Party of Cuba. He was closely
    involved with the Soviet Union while it was still
    in existence and has been an enemy in the eyes of
    many United States citizens. At one point, in one
    of our governments more low-down actions, the CIA
    allegedly hired Chicago gangsters and mafia
    leaders to assasinate Castro. Fidel was closely
    involved in both the Bay of Pigs invasion and the
    Cuban Missile Crisis.

Edsel is a no-go
  • As said by the insulting quote above, the Edsel
    was not one of Fords better attempts at a car.
    It was highly promoted before its release, being
    built under the code-name E-car for experimental
    car and being released on E-day. After it came
    out it became apparent that the experiment was a

The Edsel insignia
  • This is not a reference to the Irish rock band
    but to the Lockheed U-2, a United States
    surveillance jet. It seats one person and has
    only one jet. A U-2 crisis arose when pilot
    Francis Gary Powers was shot down in his U-2 jet
    over Soviet territory. The Soviets recovered the
    plane and the pilot and forced the U.S. to admit
    that it had been spying on the U.S.S.R. aerially.
    This made relations between the two world powers
    even worse then they had been and created a new
    level of tension in the cold war. It was also a
    U-2 jet that discovered the missiles being
    transported and installed in Cuba which later
    started the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Before After
Syngman Rhee
  • Syngman Rhee was the first president of South
    Korea. He was a strong anti-communist who led
    South Korea through the Korean War and also dealt
    with the tension of the Cold War throughout his
    presidency. His career was ended when he
    resigned. Many protesters had risen against him
    and he was eventually exiled to Hawaii. One of
    the many things he had done to create feelings of
    anger against him was to encourage citizens of
    Seoul to remain in the city once the Korean War
    broke out, although he himself was fleeing to

  • Payola is the illegal practice of being paid to
    play specific songs on the radio during time that
    is said to be un-sponsored. There was a large
    payola scandal in which many disk-jockeys lost
    their jobs and reputations. Even though the FCC
    has laws to prevent payola, new loopholes have
    arisen in which record companies pay independent
    record promoters to pay radio stations. Because
    the payment is not directly from the record
    company, it can still be declared legal.

Dick Clark and Alan Freed, two men who were
accused of payola.
"Ask not what your country can do for you,
  • John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917-1963) was the 35th
    president of the United States. His election is
    considered to be one of the closest elections in
    American history. Kennedy also participated in
    the first ever televised presidential debate.
    Many who listened on the radio thought that Nixon
    fared better in the debate, but those who watched
    on TV saw Nixon looking very tense, and thought
    that Kennedy was the one to come out ahead.

ask what you can do for your country"
Chubby Checker
  • Chubby Checker was the stage name of Ernest
    Evans, who also became known as Mr. Twist for
    inventing the famous song which invented the
    famous dance, The Twist. In his opinion, the
    Twist ruined his life. He claims that after that
    no one believed that he had any real talent. The
    Twist was the first rock and roll dance style in
    which couples didnt have to touch each other.

  • Psycho was originally a novel written by Robert
    Bloch in 1959. One year later, Joseph Stefano
    re-wrote it into a screenplay which was directed
    by Alfred Hitchcock. The film is most famous for
    the scene when Marion Crane is stabbed while in
    the shower, accompanied by screeching violins.
    The film as well as the book are structured in a
    way to make the viewer more and more anxious,
    including a strategy of introducing kind
    protagonists, and then killing them off.

Belgians in the Congo
  • The Congo had been under control by King Leopold
    II, but because of much improper ruling he was
    eventually forced to give up his power. 1960 was
    the last year that the Belgians could even claim
    to have any power in the Congo. After that the
    Congo started holding their own elections and was
    soon an independent country.

Belgian Congo Coat of Arms
Democratic Republic of the Congo Coat of Arms
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