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... of my best friend who I haven't seen over a year now; so this poem is dedicated to her. ... The little sleepovers I had with friends were the best. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: P1247676905NEhTv

Creative Writing Porfolio I
2006-2007 F o r e s t P a r k
Asma Latif 11th Grade Mrs. Dowling
View My Portfolio
  • Welcome to my portfolio. Firstly, Id like to
    thank the viewers for taking the time to view my
    portfolio. In this portfolio that I have put
    together, you will be able to view various types
    of writings. You will see writings from a
    variety of genres. I would appreciate it if you
    pay careful attention to my journal number four.
    This piece of writing is interesting, in my view,
    because its quite different from the rest. I
    hope you like all the different types of writing
    styles! Once again, thanks for taking the time to
    view each and every piece! Enjoy!

Table of Contents
  • Portfolio 1
  • Devoured Vegetables
  • An end to Stress
  • Freedom
  • Poor Humans!
  • Scholars Ink
  • Shahzebs Beginnings
  • Sun Set
  • Cherished moments
  • The Value of Time
  • Reflections
  • Portfolio 3
  • Confession
  • I Wish I Wish...
  • Dear Generation
  • A Scary World
  • Heavenly Feeling
  • Just Because
  • State of Confusion
  • Life at Home
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Mood Changes
  • Feelings Poured on Paper
  • Life is...
  • Reflections
  • Portfolio 2
  • Complications
  • Memories
  • Princess
  • The Special Pen
  • My Room
  • Diamond Quest
  • Life Lessons
  • Myself
  • Reflections

Devoured Vegetables
How would it feel to devour on talking
vegetables? Its rather an odd question. A world
of talking vegetables would be quite peculiar.
How in the world can one think of gulping down on
a talking item, particularly a vegetable, while
it pleads to not be devoured so belligerently?
How inhuman and cruel would that be! Just the
thought gives me the chills. Id rather starve
than to eat a breathing and talking object. If it
were slaughtered, that would be a completely
different story but eating a talking vegetable,
without butchering it, is impossible and
ruthless. I would be filled with sympathy for the
vegetables however, Id be starved because I am
a vegetarian. How strange, huh? I like my
vegetables the way they are in reality rather
than them turning into talking wild vegetables.
It would be really attention grabbing though. At
least one would have someone to talk to if one
happened to be eating alone. They would devour on
the poor vegetables as their tears run down their
slithering, coarse, hard, and in some cases, soft
Devoured Vegetables
I believe we wouldnt be so cruel to eat them
alive. Im guessing a hunting game would do.
Vegetables would perhaps try to save themselves
by inhabiting in different parts of the world,
where they may be well suited and protected by
their environment. Oh what an amusing scene would
that be! Watching vegetables run away from
humans not amusing enough for the vegetables
though. The question keeps pondering at me, yet I
have no words to describe how it would be if it
were to really happen if vegetables would
actually one day start talking. I think it would
be amazing for that to occur, but face the fact
it is not possible. Sad as it sounds to us, Im
sure the vegetables are happy the way they are.
One thing that piques my curiosity is that do
vegetables really have feelings? Does each one
really plead helplessly as we devour them in an
instant? We cant see it for sure, but perhaps we
can feel it. How odd to ask such a question but
its worth asking. Poor vegetables should be left
An End to Stress
The thought of having a supernatural ability is
quite splendid! Wouldnt it be so helpful in
demolishing those stressful situations faced by
all of us every day? Of course! A supernatural
ability I would like to have is the ability to
stop time. There would be countless advantages if
it were possible. Perhaps the biggest advantage
would be stopping time to finish the work needed
to be done on a certain day or in a certain
amount of time. Teens today face a tremendous
amount of stress because of school. This would
allow students to finish their work in a timely
manner and thus, make good grades. With my busy
schedule, I would be able to stop time whenever I
felt too overwhelmed with work or perhaps
anything in life that was overwhelming and
stressful. I really do not like the idea of timed
tests, specifically timed essays therefore,
stopping time and taking as long as I want to
finish the timed assignment would be great!
Accomplishing long-term or short-term goals would
become a lot easier. A downfall I envision in
this is not having the desire to strive as far as
one is able to or the willingness to finish work
of any sort in a timely manner however, there
are a lot more advantages than the downfall of
this particular ability. This would be a really
helpful and action-packed ability to have!
Freedom to me is The freedom to ones religious
beliefs The freedom to speak as one pleases The
freedom to learn The freedom to achieve what one
desires The freedom to ones earnings The freedom
to think the way one wants to think The freedom
to choose right over wrong The freedom to
strive The freedom to passion The freedom to
question So As mentioned above, freedom can
mean various things. It is not necessarily
constrained to one particular thing or any
limits. We, here in the United States, are so
fortunate for the freedom offered to each
individual. We are given so much freedom that we
often overlook it. Many areas of the world are
restricted to many of the freedoms happily given
to us. Appreciate the freedom offered!
Poor Humans!
Dear Mr. Machine Number 86740,
I wrote this poem that I wanted to share
with you. It just came to mind when poor Billy
went crazy when I froze yesterday night. I
decided to take the day off and fall asleep. So,
here is the poem that I wrote after I woke up. I
hope to get some laughs out of you! Humans oh
humans! Oh poor creatures! They have become too
dependent upon us What can we say, We know not
their language How interesting it is to watch
them invent us To spoil their minds with little
thinking I foresee the newer generations Yet to
come - spoiled! What can we say We are only
machines We do the assigned tasks Just like
humans, We like to have some fun Therefore, for
some excitement in our lives, We shut ourselves
down How funny is the lovely scene? You may
ask Oh! How can I describe it! There are no
words for the frustrated humans The simple word
amusing doesnt fit the scene Nor can
hilarious, witty, funny fit the
scene Perhaps entertaining would do, for now!
So, Mr. Machine Number 86740, I hope you had
some good laughs. Tomorrow, remember to tell all
your neighbors to shut down for a drill. Just for
a little fun in our lives. What do you say? If
you have any further questions, regarding
tomorrows evil act, contact me tonight because
Ill be awake all night since Billy has a report
to type. Goodbye! Sincerely,
Machine Number 42310
The ink of the scholar is more sacred than the
blood of the martyr is a very true statement.
Battles between different nations take place
every once in a while but they are not at all
significant or sacred in comparison to what
people put down on paper. Numerous battles have
become significant because scholars or even
ordinary people of the time took the time to
analyze and portray the battle scenes in their
writings. Our history is known through the
writings of people from various periods in
history. Quarrels have been encountered all
throughout history and this fact is only known
through what we have in evidence of writings. So,
definitely, the ink of the scholar is more sacred
than the blood of the martyr.
Scholar's Ink
Shahzeb's Beginnings
The day he was born, I was really excited and
overjoyed with tears. I was the only child for
seven years and often felt alone and the
emptiness of not having someone to play with.
Shahzeb was born on August 18, 1997. I could not
believe I had been blessed with such a cute
brother. I went to see him in the hospital and
saw him for the first time he was such a tiny
baby. I felt like I had won everything. There was
nothing more I could ask for. Today Shahzeb is
a loving nine-year-old boy. There has never been
a moment in my life when I have felt frustrated
because of him being around me. He is always
loving and respectful no matter how tough my
treatment may be in his studies or just every day
things. Although I am tough, he realizes that it
is for his own better even at this early stage of
his life. Most of the free writings he writes in
school happen to be on me. He always mentions how
I do or say things for his own better. I had read
a journal prompt of his once and I have no words
to describe the feelings I had when I read that
prompt. It said, I am very thankful to have a
sister like mine. She is always there for me. She
helps me in everything I dont understand.
Whatever she says or does, I know she does it for
my better. I was happy to read something like
this because I have always thought he did not
like me as much because I push him to do better
every time and it was hard for a young child to
understand that what elders say is for their own
good. Later I realized, he will love me, or in
fact anyone that he is close to, no matter what I
do whether that may be the anger taken out on
him for receiving a grade I was not expecting or
just not behaving the way he should be. I
remember once when he had gotten a bad grade on a
test that I had helped him study. I was
disappointed. His response to my disappointment
was, I will try harder next time, please forgive
me this time around. I could not believe such a
young child saying that! I had to forgive
Shahzeb's Beginnings Cont.
Shahzeb is an amazingly hard worker. Although it
is hard for him to grasp some concepts in
different subjects, as we all do, he still
manages to learn them as he studies harder and
harder. I have gotten rid of his habit of being
too afraid to ask for help. He was so shy to ask
for any help. I made him realize we all learn
from asking. I told him once, You become smarter
by asking questions, and having the courage to
realize that we are not perfect there are
countless things in life that we do not know,
therefore we must ask. He understood right away
the meaning behind what I had said. He stated, I
know that no one can be perfect, but I will try
to not be shy in class and ask questions when I
dont understand something. It was quite
interesting how those were the words I was
waiting to hear from him. Everything he does, he
puts great effort into it. Once he had this small
project for social studies to build a tepee
house. It was amazing how he took forever doing
it. I would even get tired of working on it day
after day until it was due. On the contrary,
Shahzeb worked everyday after school on it. I
asked, Shahzeb, what is taking you so long to
finish this project of yours. Dont waste too
much time working on it. He simply responded, I
want it to be really good because thats how I do
all my stuff, I make it as best as I could.
Inside I was so proud of this young boy who I
dearly love. My brother Shahzeb will always be
close to my heart. He is one smart kid in
realizing how this system of trying ones best
works. To learn this in the early stage of life,
I believe, is beneficial and lasts throughout
ones life. Being a hard worker, not just in
school, but also in everything one does, is a
very important factor in growing up. Shahzeb has
realized that I hope every young kid would
realize it early on in life as well.
Cherished Moments
Sun Set
The days havent remained When you and I
complained I lay here thinking Slowly, the
thoughts shrinking Our friendship has lasted No
moment was ever blasted Those precious moments
are missed Come back friend, come back lets
coexist I waited for you at twelve noon But
youve left so soon, Where have you gone? Return
home, its dawn My heart burns When I learn you
wont return The memories still reside within
me To the highest degree The days were young When
you and I sung My world remains dull today When
you decided to go away Come back friend come
back Let the memories stack
As the sun sets on this complicated day,
Remember that tomorrow will come. --Tomorrow
has come The mornings here, another day The sun
is shining through we leave all our worries
behind Today we start anew An group of
melodious birds Give their memo of joyfulness
The dim of night fades away And the morning sun
is here The dew shimmers like diamonds And the
earth has come alive People work and seize the
day The morning's come the air so charming The
sun is shimmering through Then again, night
comes upon Time for the sun to set again
The Value of Time
Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is yet to come, and
today is here, my friends. Dont waste these
hours, these minutes, these seconds that are so
valuable. What is time, really, but some numbers
jumbled together? Those prized moments arent
just given and meant to be wasted they are given
to be used. Take advantage of time. Dont let it
slip out of your very own hands. Thats all what
weve really got time. It is not the work of a
genius to figure out that we all must die one
day. We must all depart from this world. We must
leave our loved ones behind or perhaps they must
leave us, first. Go out and do what you want to
do what you have time for today, you may not get
the time to do tomorrow. Perhaps you may not even
get the chance to accomplish it before your very
own death hauls you. It is better to attempt a
goal rather than to not do it at all because of
the fear of failure. One cannot be labeled a
failure if he or she has attempted to accomplish
something important to one. Not everything in
life can be surely achieved without some type of
failure in the way. We must fail first in order
to learn the importance of victory the
importance of having something accomplished.
Failure is what strengthens us. It keeps us
wanting to make more attempts because the human
mind functions quite oddly it doesnt want to be
marked as imperfect thus, it keeps attempting
to strive further in life. Learn the importance
of time and you will be well off in life.
This was perhaps the most challenging assignments
for me because living in America, I have so much
freedom that I, just like others, overlook it
sometimes. It was so hard to realize the freedoms
I have than those unfortunate individuals that
yearn for these freedoms offered to me happily. I
overcame this challenge by thinking of the things
that are not offered in other societies this
helped me put down those things because they are
offered to me. Im proud of this
particular assignment because the poem actually
rhymes. I think I did well on rhyming the last
words of each line. This was interesting
to write because as I was about to write, I
thought of my best friend who I havent seen over
a year now so this poem is dedicated to her.
One assignment I am not choosing to include In
my portfolio is the writing on your best quality.
I felt if I included this piece of writing, it
would seem as if Im full of myself, which I
truly am not. There wasnt much to talk about it
because I think others would judge ones
qualities better than oneself. One may think that
something is their best quality, when in fact, it
may be their worst quality in the eyes of others.
4. the best sentence in this journal prompt was
How in the world can one think of gulping down
on a talking item, particularly a vegetable,
while it pleads to not be devoured so
belligerently? I consider this sentence to be
the best because it questions the readers and
makes them feel guilty of devouring a vegetable
that was able to talk. This helps move the prompt
by using words that really have a deeper
connotation like devoured and belligerently.
The best sentence in this journal prompt was
Perhaps the biggest advantage would be stopping
time to finish the work needed to be done on a
certain day or in a certain amount of time. I
consider this the best sentence because it takes
one particular advantage of stopping time and
goes into deal about how that is an advantage.
This helps move the prompt along by stating a
broad thing and then talking about it in depth.
Creative Writing Portfolio II
Life is full of complications Problems after
problems. It seems as if theres no way to fix
it. At times, I feel as if its only happening to
me but in reality, I know someone else in this
complicated world is undergoing more
complications that I can possibly go all through
my life. Its just a bumpy ride, I assure myself.
Questions ponder through my mind when will this
road end? When will this so called peace be
witnessed, seized, and appreciated. Its no
possible. Or can it be? Is there such a thing?
Yes, yes there must be. This ride with twist and
turns must have an end. Peace. I must keep going
on this road of uncertainties. Why must I? I do
not understand. There must be a valid reason for
my existence. What can it possibly be? Perhaps to
let another life breathe, or perhaps to witness
the harsh realities of life. I do not know. I
really do not. Well, as of now, I shouldnt be
questioning. Its my job to find the questions to
my answers. I must go now and search for my own
complicated questions.
Things come and go. It seems as if time just
slips out of our hands and leaves us all alone in
the darkness. So many years have passed, so many
minutes and seconds. Those dreadful days, or
perhaps those memorable days. I often miss those
moments. It is quite awkward to see things
passing by us. Often sad at times, painful
memories perhaps reside within us. Those moments
should be cherished and remembered because for
one thing is certain time will never return.
Those moments wont last too long. I find it
quite weird that when were in the mood of
having fun, it seems as if time flies, flies like
the young birds trying to escape and feel
freedom. Vise versa, when moments of gloom are
faced, time never flies, instead, it strolls.
Actually stroll would not be the correct
descriptive word. Perhaps slow dragging feet on
the rigid earth would better describe time in
moments of darkness. I truly believe that time
is how we decide to spend it. Yes, I, at the same
time, believe that everything happens for the
better, however, its important to have an
important outlook on things.
The beautiful little princess, Oh how charming is
her beauty. Her smile so heartwarming, Her hair
so silky, Her eyes so deep, like the deep blue
sea. So elegant is her walk. Oh how beautiful is
her talk. Her beauty becomes richer day by day.
The prince yearns to see her, She, however,
refuses to do so.
I drag this pen and examine it come alive right
in my hand. It starts to scare me with its anger
at his feet. He writes of worldly issues and
tries to make a stand. The fear of being used up
by others enrage him, he keeps writing, to help
others learn of him and let his memories live
through his writings when he is no longer with
us. The words come alive while he carefully
writes in his delicate calligraphy. The words
paint a distinct picture. I do not comprehend
right away what these symbols could possibly
mean. What is he trying to prove? I think hard. I
do not question him because he looks quite
disturbed. Finally, after hours of thinking what
his symbols meant, I came to an agreement with
myself they must be his life story. His own
autobiography. He feels the need to express
himself before its too late and for him to leave
this desolate world. Perhaps I should do the
same...I want my name to be remembered.
The Special Pen
My Room
My room is beautiful and lively in its own ways.
Every morning the sun creeps into this room
entering with no sound. Slowly, I try to get up
every morning to start a new day. A day different
from yesterday. A day filled with new adventures.
Yesterday is gone I start anew today. New hopes,
new memories, new ups and downs. I wonder whats
in store for today as I slowly unwrap myself from
the warm blanket. This room is the perfect room.
Its perfect size helps in putting the most
important things to me. My bed, dresser, my
clothes, my jewelry, etc. its a room packed with
unforgettable memories. Memories that will never
be forgotten. The little sleepovers I had with
friends were the best. This room is packed with
all those special moments. Like they say,
happiness cant last forever. Moments of sorrow
must hit us once in a while to let us be aware of
our strengths and weaknesses. This room is where
I can let out all my emotions.
Diamond Quest Sweating from the burning
weather, she quickly watered her flowers to
quench their thirst and grant them life once
more. Smiling to herself talking to the flowers
as if they could understand what her mumbling was
about, Ashley, the fresh graduated student whose
mother owned the flower shop was having a fun
time. Ashley! Could you come here for a while
darling? Yes mom! She wiped beads of
perspiration from her face and walked up to her
mother past the many flowers, chairs, bags of
soils, and to the front door. Can you deliver
this bunch of flowers to Mrs. Brie, the kind
plump lady smiled warmly at her only child. The
scary one mom?, looking helplessly at her
mother. Why say that dear, shes not that scary
you know? Now go, before Mrs. Brie gets
impatient. It is somewhat rare to spot an
adorable girl sitting in front of a computer in
an internet café clicking and typing away,
chatting with strangers from a chat room. Not
caring about the volume of shouting and
commanding voices from the games, neither the
crowded nor the manly atmosphere would affect
her. Jessica kept typing her thoughts and replied
to the strangers. The computer screens
reflection captured her large eyes light from
the screen made her hair even more brilliant than
it seemed. She smiled to the computer hoping to
communicate this expression to the man she was
talking to. His name was Jim. Their relationship
started from there from a chat room in one of
the numerous websites. Wanting to continue
talking with her darling, Jessica had to say
goodbye to him. She had to meet up with Ashley,
her best friend. Hey! Sorry Im late. That was
the first thing Jessica said to Ashley, and they
picked up their conversation from there. Sometime
after they were done with their lunches, Jessica
excused herself, telling her friend she had to go
and meet up with her prince charming, who was of
course, Jim. Knowing that Ashley would worry
about her meeting a stranger, she told her the
meeting place would be at Café de Qutab and she
would call her when she reached home. With that,
she said goodbye and left. The Café was always
bright from the sunshine, sweet with the aroma of
chocolate and coffee, and warmed with the
salespersons smile. Jessica thought she was the
luckiest person alive to be able to meet a
charming guy from the internet. As a matter of a
fact, it was very easy for anyone to find him
charming. When he invited her to his home, she
happily obliged. Three days later, Ashley tried
to search for Jessica, as she did not go home
since their last meeting. Ashley could not
contact and reach Jessica through her cell phone.
She went to search Jessicas place checking her
whereabouts with her neighbors. However, nobody
knew where she was. As the fifth day passed,
Ashley was all the more desperate she did not
have enough sleep and neither did she eat well.
Purple bags formed under her eyes, her cheeks
lost theirs healthy color.
Ashley, could you send this to Ms. Brie at
Street 51 again? Her mother shoved the flowers
into Ashleys arms. Alright mom! She walked to
the door and turned back to her mother. Oh, and
Ill be searching for Jessica again Ill
probably be back late ok? Bye mom. With her last
words, she left. After the flowers were
delivered, Ashley turned back heading toward her
car and all of a sudden a thought stormed into
her mind. The thought of Jessica already on her
way to Africa made her face rosy red. Could it be
true? She could not believe her friend had left
her for selfishness in finding the diamond that
was hidden in Africas deep cavern. This became
so frustrating for Ashley that she, without
informing her mom, left for Africa that same day.
She hadnt a clue where exactly she would find
Jessica but it was time for some quest. The
flight reached in Africa around one in the
afternoon. Ashley, thinking she had no time to
rest, got to work quickly. She began searching
for Jessica. To her surprise, she found someone
by the name of Kaman. He was an interesting and
adventuresome man, just like Ashley. He had been
searching for that diamond himself. Ashley
thought this was great! It couldnt get any
better. Ashley, becoming gluttonous herself,
thought there was no need in searching for
Jessica. She could care less about her now after
all, she had ditched her. Through the forests
they went. Not having a clue of where they would
end up, Ashley and Kaman kept walking. A
conversation had to be started because there was
nothing else that could keep them going. So,
what got you interested in searching for the
diamond, questioned Kaman curiously. Oh, funny
you ask! well, since youve asked, Ill let you
know. It all started with a joke. A joke?
Asked Kaman Yea a joke. About two years ago,
our class took a trip to the museum. We got to
see all sorts of cool diamonds in the museum. The
tour guide mentioned to us that there was this
special diamond hidden in the deep cavern in
Africa. We were silly old kids then. We thought
she was joking. Anyhow, few weeks later my
friend, Jessica, and I heard on the news about
that same diamond the tour guide had mentioned.
This got us curious. So my friend Jessica and I
decided to one day go to Africa for that diamond
hunt. Even though we had planned to go together,
she left without me. So here I am with you
today! They both continued their journey every
day after waking up and devouring their
breakfasts. Finally, after exactly eight days,
they got a step closer to discovering what they
had hoped to discover. They were certain that
they had at least found the cavern where the
diamond was located. Slowly and nervously, they
stepped into the cavern. After hours of searching
in the dark and dusty cavern, their eyes met the
iridescent diamond. I cant believe this is
real! screamed Ashley. She flung her arms to hug
Kaman. This is the most exhilarating and
adventurous day of my life! I thank you for
bringing me all this way. The two friends stood,
wide eyed, carefully examining the beauty of the
diamond. This truly is real, they both thought,
and walked off with the diamond.
Life Lessons   We live through life, not knowing
whats next to come, Some moments may make us so
numb Not always do they make us smile To get
there, we have to walk many miles Striving isnt
always easy Sometimes, its just uneasy Time goes
by never does it come back, So do not think you
can slack. Because reality will hit you so
hard, You will be charred. Think of today as
your last day, And enjoy the suns rays. Just for
a moment, listen to your heart, Let the thoughts
start Cherish everything you have,  
I sit here wandering my eyes through the photo
albums scattered on my bed. My memory is brought
back to life while I look through snapshots of
moments forgotten I see many faces gone forever
not with me anymore. With many faces gone, I see
new ones smiling through the pictures I see
myself growing up, so quickly, its hard to
believe Ive grown from a little girl to an
adolescent and soon into a woman. Ive come so
far in life, forgetting the moments I once
treasured My dolls, my flowery dresses, my fairy
tale books have been replaced with heavy books
and a mind blistered with thoughts and worries of
the future and the picture-perfect career. My
values and thoughts have changed, although some
things have lingered. Like my work habits, the
neatness in my work, and the desire to strive.
At times, I wish I could go back to the worried
free world of childhood where the only thing I
cared about was being fed more than three times
daily. However, I know the harsh reality of
life things never stay the same. But in a way
Im glad, Im glad to move on in life and
experience new things. My likes and dislikes
have drastically changed I look back and cant
believe at the things I didnt like yesterday but
am in love with today. I noticed, now that I look
back at those silly moments, Ive become a lot
stronger. Things dont hurt as much as they use
to Im able to bare the pain whereas before it
seemed impossible. My anger has settled. Day by
day, Im growing to be my mother I see her
reflection within me. I have borrowed the same
eyes, the hair, and the complete facial structure
from her. My fathers personality has shifted
itself within me. My kindness towards others is
just like his kindness towards others. The
seasons change as I flip through the pictures and
with them so do I. Being the only girl in the
house, I feel special and spoiled. Sixteen years
of birthday presents are committed to memory only
through these snapshots, only so many years to
go. Questions storm into mind the more I look
into these albums. Will I always be my fathers
little princess, even as he ages? Will he always
surprise me on my birthday as the years go by? He
will, I assure myself, he certainly will. Its
time to close the book of memories And wait for
some more years when the newly fresh things are
well forgotten.
1. How have you developed as a writer this
semester? (What have you learned or what skills
have you gained?) My writing skills have gotten
better this semester in comparison to last
semester. My writings are well developed and my
use of diction is getting better. I am able to
write a well developed poem or paper depending on
what must be done. Ive learned that in order to
become a good writer, one must write everyday.
2. What lessons about writing can you apply to
other classes? I use all my lessons learnt in
writing and apply them to all my other classes,
especially English. My papers for AP English show
a greater dept of understanding of the material
read. I can relate to the readings I do or while
reading other peoples works. 3. What do you
feel is your best piece of writing in your
portfolio? Why? I believe the best piece of
writing in my portfolio is the poem titled
Myself. I believe this is the best because I
sat down for a while to think of all the memories
I had collected or encountered again my actually
looking through photo albums. 4. What strategies
have you used to overcome some of the challenges
of writing this semester? I have overcame the
fear of writing something that has to be all well
and liked by the audience. I write to express
myself, not please others. I have totally
overcame that fear. 5. What were your strengths
in writing? The diction and my syntax are the
strengths in my writings. I employ specific types
of syntax to express an idea or thought more
clearly. 6. What areas do you need to continue
to develop as a writer? As a writer, I still
lack many of the important things of writing. I
believe I need to work on having different ideas
to write about. I noticed that I write too much
about what is obvious. For example time passing
us by so quick.
Portfolio III
Things I Dont Like About Our School
Isnt it weird how some teachers are extremely
smart but dont know how to teach? Its beyond
frustrating! So you end up with a teacher who has
no idea of how to put things in our brains but
have it all in theirs and the frustration
hits in when they expect you to know it the way
they do BEFORE they teach it! So whos fault is
it when it comes to unaccepted grades... MINE?!
Unluckily yes
  • Cafeteria food
  • Smart teachers who dont know how to teach
  • The way the classrooms are numbered
  • Classroom size
  • desks with gum underneath
  • Staircases
  • (girls) Bathroomsdirty

  • Life is too short for hatred to be persistent
    and in our faces all the time. Its just hard to
    imagine world peace but its not impossible. I say
    its hard to imagine a peaceful world because, as
    we know, someone would be stupid enough to go
    against it all.
  • Becoming a pediatrician is my dream as well as
    my parents dream. Hopefully I will get there one
    day, thats only if I stick to it.
  • poverty stricken areas are so many around the
    world. Its beyond painful to see such conditions.
    Painful isn't the right adjective to describe
    such a cruel condition. We all have various
    talents but some of us lack to reveal them and
    thus end up with poor states.

I Wish I Wish...
  • If I could make three wishes that would come
    true, they would be
  • ..
  • world peace
  • one day become a well-known pediatrician
  • get rid of poverty and help those in need

Dear Generation
Dear grand daughter, I wanted to take the time
to remind you of some of the most important
things to me in my generation. I want you to
remember them always. I have left some things for
you as well. Religion is the most important thing
Im leaving with you. I hope you go in the right
path more than I had in my younger years. Ive
left some money as well for you to compare it
with the monetary system you would have. Always
remember that hard work goes a long way. Dont
give up once youve started something. Finish
that project before you decide to start a new.
Well, I hope I have given you some good advice.
Take care.. I love you
A Scary
The thought of being born old and then becoming
younger as we age is scary. I couldnt imagine
going through such a disaster. Imagine you being
born old in your childhood years and young in
your old age. Confusing, right? in a way it
would be good and funny simultaneously because we
would take baby talk when we were old and talk
all profession when babies. The thought of it is
amusing. I can imagine a baby being a professor
or a doctor and an old wrinkly lady being fed by
a very young mother. It just wouldnt seem right
for such a thing to even think about. Its simply
I look out my window on this lovely spring
morning. Its beautiful. Simply beautiful. The
once green fields are overpopulated with flower
beds. Young thoughts run through my head as I
gaze into a whole different world. Its amazing
how the mind thinks fresh on a fresh morning. I
wish I could stay frozen to the scenery from the
bay window. Its simply heaven. The heavenly
feeling suddenly turns into a worldly feeling
when I hear my mom yell, You're late for school
and youve missed the bus!
Just because Im nice
Dont take advantage of me
Dont talk behind my back
Dont blame me for something I didnt do
Just because Im nice
Dont think Im stupid
Just Because...
Dont step all over me
Dont distrust me
Just because Im nice
Tell me the truth
Respect me
Just because Im nice
Be nice to me as well
I dont understand Why people discriminate Why
some flowers are pretty and others not Why we
exist But most of all Why life is
complicated What I understand most is Why we
must work hard
State of
Life at
home, homework, clean
homework, clean, help
clean, help, shower
help, shower, dinner
shower, dinner, read
dinner, read, t.v.
read, t.v., sleep
vibrant Colors
Blooming in colors
Buds must be watered
Standing tall in the sunshine
The beautiful sky changes moods when it is
bored from blue to black scenes wonder why it's
sad today it will be happy later
Feelings Poured
I cant believe this really happened! I mean, you
know, this is so frustrating. I waited all that
time for some stupid results. I worked so hard
all this year, and this is what I get! This is
what I deserve for all that? No, this cant be!
Im such a failure. Stupid stupid stupid exams!
Hideous exams! I guess I was expecting too much
out of myself. I mean I thought I would at least
get a 4 if not a 5 but NO what do I get? I get a
stinking 3! Now no college will accept me. I wish
I could go back and work even harder than I did.
But I DID work hard. I really did, honestly. I
could have gone to like out of the country or
something and when I returned I should have
gotten this surprise then so at least I could
have enjoyed my summer and not cry over this.
Now, my whole summer is ruined. Its dead. Im
On Paper
Life is...
  • I have learned a lot throughout this school year
    in Creative Writing. I have gained several skills
    which include the strength of writing in a
    variety of genres and being able to get into the
    minds of the writers and read the way they wrote
    a particular piece of writing.
  • Creative Writing has helped me greatly in my
    other classes. It has not only helped in English
    but as well as history. I write well developed
    essays and tie in a lot of the thoughts I have in
    Creative Writing
  • I believe the best piece of writing in my
    portfolio is the monologue titled feelings
    poured on paper. I believe its the best because
    I fully understand the frustration one would feel
    if they had gotten such results. It fully
    demonstrates that frustration and thus the
    audience are most sympathetic towards it.
  • The strategies that I have used to overcome the
    challenges of writing this year were to put
    myself into the situations I created for my
    characters and go on from there. I expressed my
    deepest feelings in them through other
  • My strengths in writing was mainly poetry and
    the monologues. I was best able to pour my
    feelings onto paper in monologues and poems. I
    gave my characters the characteristics that
    specifically go with me.
  • I have learned a lot about me this year though my
    writings. Ive learned that I best express myself
    through my writings and reveal my feelings toward
    diverse subjects differently. I am able to write
    well when it is my real life story.
  • Although Creative Writing has helped me a lot
    this year, I still lack some of the most
    important elements of becoming a good writer. I
    lack the wide range of knowledge that makes a
    good writer.

The End...
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