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The summer is still the best, Although I do like the rest. ... And in my friends lace. It popped in my hair, And everywhere. Now I chew bubblegum, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: PowerPoint Presentation My Poems

My Mom Dorian Brown, With hazel eyes,
and Straight black hair. Before she got it
straightened, It was curly and tough. She is
average height, But not an average person. She
likes tennis, skiing, reading, and
writing. Animals, finance, boogie boarding,
too. She plays the clarinet and The piano quite
well. If she picks up any instrument, The musics
so fine. She chats with parents, Like unending
thunder. Because shes not working at another
job, She takes the job of a houseworking mom. A
caring loving mother for me. This is my mom, THE
Nature There is a tree, As happy as can
be. There is a flower, Happy in a rain
shower. Watch as the flower blooms. See plants,
even mushrooms Leaves are so green. They have a
beautiful sheen. Nature is around us, Dont make
such big fuss. Natures so amazing, Everyone is
In New York City While I was walking in New York
City, It sort of was a pity. I got bumped, And
rumped, By people and their dogs, And others
taking jogs. I saw the number on my places
awning. I saw shop workers sitting there and
yawning. The learners, the cleaners, And all of
the betweeners. There are other people you can
meet. The people begging on the street. I can
surely guarantee, That half the people drink
coffee. I know that it is no big deal, But you
should hope no one steps on your heel. This is
New York City!
Me This is me, The only me. Im different than
the rest. I know no ones the best. Im the only
me, The best me I can be. Its as simple as
that, No need for chitchat. As you can clearly
see, This is me, The only me, To be.
Seasons Winter, spring, summer, and fall, I
really do like them all. The summer is still the
best, Although I do like the rest. Playing lots
of games and swimming there, With shorts and
sandals that I can wear. Winters nice with the
pretty view. Theres so much sledding I can
do. Spring means summers almost here, When the
sun shines we all cheer. I cant forget about
fall. It really is nice and all. Look at the
colored leaves. Put away those short sleeves. I
do like seasons, For many reasons.
Stars I watch the stars twinkle in the moonlight,
The sky casts ghastly shadows on my bedroom
floor. I wonder what the meaning is, As the sky
changes to a bright shimmer of morning. I sit
there, waiting. Rock Rock, here in the
ground. Why is it here? What is its sound? If it
happens to break, It will make, A beautiful new
Tree I see the small dirty seeds grow. It starts
as a stub, A little bear cub. But it grows and
grows. Now it is large, Big and in charge. I see
the changes, As the little tree grows.
Shoe I look around, Far and wide, For that
missing shoe. I look around, Low and high, For
the book overdue. The more I search, The more I
lose. All because of the Missing shoe. The
Bang Out My Window Boom, boom, Crash,
crash Crumple, crumple, Smash, smash. These are
the sounds I heard out the window. Clang,
clang, Vroom, vroom. These are the sounds I hear
in my room.
Me Shimmer, Sparkle, Color divine. My eyes like a
rainbow, My smile so mine, Let everyone know, All
about me, Let them come over, And see how Ill
be, If you tell everyone all about me. My
Bubblegum I love bubblegum, Yom, Yum, Yum. I once
made a bubble, As big as a house, doubled. It
popped in my face, And in my friends lace. It
popped in my hair, And everywhere. Now I chew
bubblegum, With much care.
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