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An overview on NSRITP National Skill Registry for IT Employees


... to eliminate and reduce repetitive background checks each time the person changes jobs. Background checks and entry into the NSR-ITP will be done only after ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: An overview on NSRITP National Skill Registry for IT Employees

An overview on NSR-ITPNational Skill Registry
for IT Employees
  • Presentation by NSDL Database Management Limited
  • An Industry Initiative by NASSCOM

This report is solely for the use of NASSCOM and
NSDL. No part of it may be circulated, quoted,
or reproduced for distribution outside without
prior written approval from NASSCOM. This
material was used by NASSCOM during an oral
presentation it is not a complete record of the
  • Customer Concerns and need for National Skill
  • Concept - National Skill Registry for Information
    Technology Professional (NSR-ITP)
  • NSR-ITP Entities
  • NSR-ITP Feature
  • NSR-ITP Implementation Approach
  • NSR-ITP Implementation Agencies
  • NSR-ITP Technical Details
  • NSR-ITP Data Security Concerns
  • NSR-ITP What are the benefits?
  • NSR-ITP How to join NSR?

Customer Concerns and need for National Skill
Global Sourcing Top Concerns
  • Governance
  • Physical Security
  • Business continuity
  • Telecom
  • Logical security
  • Exit strategy
  • Safeguarding IP
  • Network
  • Software Change management
  • Network
  • And above all, Personnel security

Focus on personnel security low trust levels
  • Never seen you
  • Know nothing about you
  • You can easily disappear and I can never find you
  • You can hurt me and get away with it
  • Each vendor does their own check variable, not
  • Passport no longer key check point
  • History variable, known only for current

Concept - National Skill Registry for Information
Technology Professional (NSR-ITP)
Why National Registry? Knowing who this is,
objectively validated
  • Database profile
  • Each profile has multiple sections (employment ,
    education, personal details etc.)
  • One Profile per person
  • Phased buildup of data initially biometric,
    education and criminal complaints filed
  • The data will be owned by the individual, and can
    be released to anyone by NDML only with his/her
  • NSR-ITP is an employee-friendly measure to
    minimize any possible misuse of their identity
    and to eliminate and reduce repetitive background
    checks each time the person changes jobs
  • Background checks and entry into the NSR-ITP will
    be done only after the formal, written consent of
    the individual.
  • NASSCOM needs co-operation of management to
    ensure that they insist on this background check
    and being part of the NSR-ITP for all new
  • Also, the existing employees needs to be
    encouraged to be in NSR-ITP. This is the best
    possibly only way to balance the needs of
    security/industry with those of civil liberty and

NSR Context
  • Clients Confidence
  • High attrition
  • High Costs
  • Candidate temptations

NSR Concept
  • Database of pre-verified resumes.
  • Data ownership with IT Professional.
  • Finger Print for unique identification.
  • Web based secured system.
  • Implemented by non-IT company of repute.

NSR- Implementation approach
  • Implementation Agency
  • Non-IT firm
  • Repute for Confidentiality
  • Ability to manage large databases
  • Advisory Board
  • To advise on contents
  • To advise on privacy
  • Consultative approach
  • To firm up background check procedures
  • To select background check entities
  • To firm up documents

NSR Implementation Agency
  • NSDL
  • A decade old first depository.
  • Services over 7 million investors.
  • Present at 2900 locations through its DPs.
  • Implementing Tax Information Network.
  • NDML
  • Fully owned subsidiary of NSDL.
  • Benefits from NSDL s credibility and expertise
    in project implementation.

NSR Entities
  • Users
  • NASSCOM Member companies (Subscribers)
  • IT Professionals (Employed and Freshers)
  • Other entities permitted by NASSCOM
  • Service Providers
  • Pre-employment Screening Agencies (EBC)
  • Points of Service (POS)
  • NDML

NSR Data
  • ITP Details
  • Personal details
  • Academic / Technical / Professional
  • Career information
  • Bio-metrics
  • Verification status, comments summary
  • Audit Trail of all Updations

NSR Features - IT Professional ( ITP )
  • Self Registration
  • Authorize to view
  • Self updation
  • Access Password and Transaction password
  • Audit Trail
  • Right to exit

NSR Features - Point of Service (POS)
  • Capture of finger prints photograph.
  • Mobile set up.
  • Convenient Locations.

NSR Features - ITP Background Checkers (EBC)
  • Background Screening
  • Independent agency
  • Empanelled by NDML NASSCOM
  • Standard Procedure Language
  • Subscriber entity to choose EBC

NSR Features - ITP Back Ground Checking
  • Online initiation of ITP verification request by
    Subscriber or ITP.
  • Online registration of verification results.
  • Report on verification to Subscriber.
  • Standardized procedure.
  • NDML to audit EBC.

NSR Features - Employers ( Subscribers )
  • Unrestricted access to the employee data.
  • Access to other ITPs data upon permission.
  • Linking of employees.
  • View the verification comments history.

NSR System
  • Centralized Database
  • Web enabled
  • NSR Card
  • Payment Gateway
  • Alerts Emails
  • File downloads
  • Reports MIS
  • Standard Verification Comments

NSR Employer (Subscriber) - Facilities
  • Multiple Users , multiple locations
  • Request for verification
  • Can select EBC
  • Can select fields to be verified
  • Search Utilities
  • Updations by Employees

Security Features
  • Operational
  • ITP Self Registration and modification
  • Access is controlled by ITP
  • Companies , POS , EBC to access based on Admin
    / User - two tiers
  • Large downloads require additional

Security Features
  • Technical
  • All users access based on DSC
  • Uniqueness of ITPIN
  • ITP Log-in based on user-ID, ITPIN and PW
  • Complete audit trail
  • Encrypted data transmission
  • Access Restrictions
  • Firewall Security

Join NSR
  • Request you to
  • Join NSR
  • Encourage employees to join
  • Hire NSR registered candidates only.
  • Use EBC for screening.
  • What you should expect
  • Verified data of ITP.
  • Use of existing verification results
  • Digitally signed downloads from NSR
  • Access to multiple users
  • Linkage of NSR data with HR database.

NSR - Benefits
  • Subscriber
  • Image Enhancement
  • Pool of countrys IT Skills
  • Safer Efficient Recruitment
  • Standard Verification Process
  • Cost Time Saving
  • IT Professionals
  • Reduced Recruitment Time
  • Transparent Verification Process

How to Join
  • Send Application Form
  • Fees
  • One time registration fees - Rs.50,000/- (plus
    service tax)
  • Usage Fees per ITP - Rs.300/- (plus service
  • Lower charges for NASSCOM Members
  • Obtain Digital Signatures for Users

Thank you
  • Questions can be addressed toNDML,
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