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Transcript and Presenter's Notes


Table of Contents Section 1. Cover
Page Section 2 Letter of Introduction Section
3 Statement of Experience Section 4 Relevant
Experience / Viability Section 5 Company
History and Statement of Qualifications Section
6 Project Management Team
1984 Summer Olympics
PART 1 -- Section 1 -- Cover Page
Fireworks Producer Name of
Project Pyrotechnic Design, Supply and
Operation Services for the XIX Olympic Winter
Games and VIII Paralympic Winter Games Contact
Person James Souza Contact Address Pyro
Spectaculars by Souza 3196 Locust
Avenue Rialto, CA 92377Contact Telephone
(888) 477-PYROContact Facsimile (909)
355-9813Contact E-mail jsouza_at_pyrospectaculars.
com Contact Person Phil GrucciContact
Address Fireworks by Grucci One Grucci
Lane Brookhaven, NY 11719Contact Telephone
(631) 286-0088Contact Facsimile (631)
286-9036Contact E-mail
Jim SouzaPresident
Phil GrucciExecutiveVice-President
PART 1 -- Section 2 -- Letter of
GAMES The Alliance selected asFireworks
Contractor for the Games
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah Fireworks will ignite the
spirit of the crowd at a number of Olympic venues
as Salt Lake welcomes the world and celebrates
athletes victories. Two of the nations best
pyrotechnic companies along with a local
partner have formed an alliance that will
create firework shows never before seen in the
Salt Lake valley. Fireworks shows are planned at
the Olympic Medals Plaza, the Opening and Closing
Ceremonies for the Olympic and Paralympic Games,
Park Citys Main Street celebration, and at
Washington Square for the arrival of the Olympic
Torch Relay. The Alliance 2002, LLC is comprised
of PyroSpectaculars by Souza of Rialto,
California and Fireworks by Grucci of Long
Island, New York and Fireworks West, a Logan,
Utah fireworks display and manufacturing company.
The Alliances combined experience includes a
vast portfolio of high-profile events such as
five Olympic Events including the Centennial
Olympic Games in Atlanta, six consecutive
presidential inaugurations, the Paralympics, four
Special Olympics, the Statue of Liberty
Centennial, the 150th Anniversary Celebration of
the Smithsonian, and numerous world-wide events!
PART 1 -- Section 2 -- Letter of
The firework display promises to be a
show unlike any other, said Scott Givens,
managing director, Creative Group for the
Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the Olympic
Winter Games of 2002 (SLOC). The displays will
help to light the Olympic spirit within everyone
who sees the shows. Phil Grucci, Executive Vice
President of Fireworks by Grucci states, The
precision, artistry and emotion of the fireworks
displays we have created for the Winter Olympic
Games will have a dramatic effect on everyone.
When that first shell goes off, I
guarantee the audience will be mesmerized and it
will be awe-inspiring, states Jim Souza,
President of Pyro Spectaculars by Souza. Our
fireworks shows will ignite the Olympic spirit in
Utah and welcome the entire world. The
Alliance brings together the talented show
designers of both coasts Phil Grucci and Jim
Souza. Together they have created and designed a
unique firework concept with many surprises never
before seen, said Donna Grucci Butler, President
of Fireworks By Grucci, Inc. We cant wait to
show our art to the world! For additional
information please contact, Nancy Volmer inSLOC
Media Relations at 801-212-3786 or
801-971-5260.A complete archive of SLOC news
releasesis available at
Pictured fromleft to right Gary SouzaDonna
Grucci ButlerPhil GrucciJim Souza
PART 1 -- Section 2 -- Letter of
TheAlliance is a partnership of Pyro Spectaculars
by Souza, Incorporated, Fireworks by Grucci,
Incorporated, and Fireworks West Internationale.
This partnership was formed for the sole purpose
of providing the design, supply, and operation
services for the 2002 Winter Olympics fireworks
display. It combines the experience and talent
of the largest fireworks companies in the world,
with the expertise and logistical advantage of
working with a local fireworks provider.
Contacts for each company are as follows Pyro
Spectaculars by SouzaPrimary Contact James R.
Souza, President3196 Locust AvenueRialto, CA
92377(888) 477-PYRO(909) 355-9813 Fireworks by
GrucciPhil Grucci,Executive Vice-PresidentOne
Grucci LaneBrookhaven, NY 11719(631)
286-0088(631) 286-9036 Fi
reworks West InternationaleDean Burch,
PresidentP.O. Box 294 Logan, Utah 84323(435)
753-2070(435) 753-0833 FAXdburch_at_fireworkswest.c
1996 Summer Olympics Atlanta
1980WinterOlympics - Lake Placid
1984 Summer Olympics Los Angeles
PART 1 -- Section 3 -- Statement of
Statement of Experience Pyro Spectaculars by
Souza and Fireworks by Grucci is proud to present
an all-inclusive fireworks production for the
Pyrotechnic Design, Supply and Operation Services
for the XIX Olympic Winter Games and VIII
Paralympic Winter Games fireworks program in Salt
Lake City, Utah. Pyro Spectaculars by Souza and
Fireworks by Grucci combines the services of the
worlds largest fireworks production companies.
Together, these Fireworks Families possess nearly
250 years of experience and decades of producing
many of the greatest fireworks events in the
world. The magnitude and complexity of the 2002
Winter Olympic display warrants combining the
talents of the Souza and Grucci families. Both
companies have presented large displays in
adverse weather conditions (Lake Placid Winter
Olympics, numerous ski resorts, Sahara Desert)
close proximity to talent and crowds (Atlanta
Los Angeles Summer Olympics, Super Bowls,
Conventions, Major Concert events), on sensitive
buildings, structures, and monuments (Washington
Monument, Smithsonian Castle, Seattle Space
Needle, Las Vegas), and in security sensitive
areas (Washington, DC, Middle East, and previous
Olympic events, 1965, 1980, 1984, 1986, 1996).
The companies have combined experience in six (6)
Inaugurals, six (6) Olympics, four (4) Special
Olympics, four (4) Worlds Fairs, and six (6)
World Fireworks Festivals. Our local partner,
Fireworks West brings experience and local
contacts from the Utah area to facilitate prompt
service, transportation and federally approved
storage of pyrotechnic product.
1980 Winter Olympics Lake Placid
2001 Presidential Inaugural
1984 Summer Olympics Los Angeles
PART 1 -- Section 3 -- Statement of
With all the benefits of the largest and most
experienced fireworks companies in the world,
Pyro Spectaculars by Souza and Fireworks by
Grucci also offers the un-paralleled experience
of working with the most diversified team of
designers, pyrotechnic engineers, and production
management personnel necessary to completely
service the needs of the Salt Lake 2002 Winter
Games and Paralympics. The TheAlliance
Pyrotechnic Team approaches each challenging show
carefully and prides itself in providing a
customized solution with a paramount respect for
safety and entertainment value. Pyro Spectaculars
by Souza and Fireworks by Grucci began working
together in 1975, during the kick-off to the USA
Bicentennial celebration in New York's Central
Park. This was the worlds first electronically
fired fireworks display, with the additional
challenge of synchronizing the show to a live
philharmonic musical score. The Statue of
Liberty Bicentennial display in the New York
Harbor was a special challenge as it required
working with several companies and state and
federal agencies. These two families combined
talents provided the capability to present the
successful execution of the show. At the time,
this was the largest fireworks display ever
fired. During the show, the primary event
communication failed, but the show continued
seamlessly without missing a burst due to a
proprietary internal back-up and communication
PART 1 -- Section 3 -- Statement of
In 2000, the families again joined together to
produce the largest fireworks show ever fired in
the United States, synchronizing 13 different
locations around Manhattan, New York presenting
the Macys Fourth of July Fireworks, Millennium
display. Challenges in this show were the
countless hours of preparation and planning, with
severe logistical challenges. This was the
largest assembling of watercraft in the history
of the world, as hundreds of military vessels and
Tall Ships were occupying all of the city's
available dock space, tugs boats and barges for
setting off the show. Our efforts were rewarded
as the show was a huge success and was televised
Macys 2000 Millennium Celebration
Grucci / Souza Team of Pyrotechnicians Macys
PART 1 -- Section 3 -- Statement of
Fireworks by Grucci excels in the use of
specialty pyrotechnics to fire from sensitive
structures and in very critical locations
requiring the expertise in structure protection,
risk management and precision execution
techniques. Fireworks by Grucci capitalizes on
the newest of technology in the presentation of a
pyrotechnic production utilizing the precision of
computer chip delay fuses fabricated into many of
the critically timed aerial and ground
effects. Fireworks by Grucci is proud to have
produced the America's Millennium Celebration on
the Washington Monument. Firing a 1/2 mile
pyrotechnic "fuse wave" and rigging 3000
pyrotechnic devices to the Washington Monument
created the pyrotechnic scene most televised
representing America's Millennium Celebration.
Fireworks by Grucci has produced the last six
consecutive Presidential Inaugurals for Ronald
Regan, George H. Walker Bush, William J. Clinton
and most recently creating a "W" on the
Washington DC Mall for President George W.
Bush. Fireworks by Grucci also presented the
fireworks for the 150th Anniversary of the
Smithsonian Castle, Dublin Irelands' 1000th
Anniversary, Christopher Columbus Quincentennial
Celebration, OpSail Tours of 1992 and 2000, Lever
Brothers National "Wisk Brite Nites" 22 city tour
and what is still considered by many, one of the
greatest fireworks shows, the Centennial of the
Brooklyn Bridge.
Atlantis - Paradise Island Resort
George W. Bushnotice the W
PART 1 -- Section 3 -- Statement of
Pyro Spectaculars by Souza has always been a
leader in the industry. The first to fire
electronically and with the use of a computer,
Pyro Spectaculars has been instrumental in
developing the synchronization of music to
fireworks. Pyro Spectaculars by Souza has
designed and produced the fireworks for Macys
Fourth of July celebration for 16 years. Pyro
Spectaculars by Souza has presented fireworks for
the people of Hong Kong for 12 different Chinese
New Years Celebrations. In addition to producing
nightly displays at several Theme Parks, Pyro
Spectaculars by Souza has also provided fireworks
for the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Bon Jovi, and
Lord of the Dance tours. The daylight fireworks
display at the Olympic Opening Ceremony in Los
Angeles, 1984 was rewarding as for the first
time, flags representing each nation
participating in the Games were fired into the
sky and hung from a parachute. Pyro Spectaculars
by Souza also presented the fireworks at the 1996
Atlanta Olympic games Super Bowls, most recently
in 2001, 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995 and 1986
Special Olympics in 1999 and sporting events from
football, numerous baseball teams and the 1996
World Cup Soccer games in Pasadena, CA.
Liberty Weekend
PART 1 -- Section 3 -- Statement of
Fireworks West Internationale brings to the team
an unparalleled understanding of the local
challenges in venue selection, historic maximum
shell sizes, transportation routing capabilities
and a very critical element in the legal handling
of explosives - storage. Fireworks West
Internationale, licensed and located in Logan
Utah, maintains a network of Federally approved,
by the Bureau of Alcohol , Tobacco and Firearms
(BATF), Magazines for the proper storage of high
and low explosives. Within a few hours,
deliveries of nightly shows, daily events and
phased installation of pyrotechnic devices can be
accomplished with efficiencies unobtainable with
any alternate method. With the security
sensitivities present at many of the events, the
reduction of "on location" storage is paramount
to the Federal Agencies (BATF) when planning the
global operations plan of the event. Fireworks
West Internationale maintains a staff in excess
of 100 pyrotechnicians familiar in the working
conditions that prevail when working in Salt Lake
City, Utah. Licensing, training, and scheduling
procedures are in place to support locally, much
of the labor requirements for the multiple firing
locations presented for the multiple venues
during the entire Olympic experience. Fireworks
West Internationale supplied product and services
for the 1988 Calgary Canada Olympics. Fireworks
West safely produced the multi location fireworks
for the Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce's
promotions rally supporting the Olympics to Salt
Lake. Locations previously scouted and used by
Fireworks West Internationale were Locations
along the Wasatch Front and Park City. A
concluding finale was presented at the Gallivan
Center in Salt Lake City. United States Ski Team
displays were presented in both Park City and
well as Jackson Hole Wyoming.
Logan, Utah
Logan, Utah
One of Several Explosive Magazines
PART 1 -- Section 3 -- Statement of
Successful and ChallengingEvents
Introduction We have been challenged on all our
projects by our desire to push the limits and
take our productions to the next level. Our
unparalleled higher standards of excellence have
given us the reputation of being the best in the
industry. We take pride in our professionalism
and our ability to overcome whatever challenges
our clients and locations have put us in. Our
impressive client list speaks for itself and
shows our ability to provide the most competitive
and customized fireworks productions in the
world. Following is a select list of major
relevant events with significant challenges that
we have successfully produced
Macys Fourth of July 2000
PART 1 -- Section 4 -- Relevant
Experience / Viability
List of Events Summary MAJOR EVENT
SUMMARY w 1996 Atlanta Centennial Games w
1996 Paralympic Atlanta w 1988 Calgary Winter
Olympics w 1984 Los Angeles Games w 1980 Lake
Placid Winter Games w 1960 Squaw Valley
Cup Soccer w Commonwealth Games w Goodwill
Games w Special Olympics w All-Star Games
LANDMARKS BUILDINGS w Space Needle w Bellagio
Hotel w Atlantis Hotel w Cleveland
Bicentennial w Paris Hotel
Olympics Paralympic Experience
INTERNATIONAL w Japan World Festival
Championship w Monaco World Festival
Championship w Jerusalem 3000th w Abu Dhabi
Sheik Hazza Wedding w Seoul, Korea 50th
Liberation w Hanover, Germany OTHER RELEVANT
MAJOR EVENTS w 2001 Inaugurations (6) w 2000
Macys Fourth of July w 2000 Washington DC
Millennium w 2000 San Francisco Millennium
Event w Chinese New Years Hong Kong w 1986
Statue of Liberty Centennial w 150th Smithsonian
Castle DC w 1984 Worlds Fair, New Orleans w
1983 Brooklyn Bridge, NY w 1980 Worlds Fair,
Knoxville, TN
PART 1 -- Section 4 -- Relevant
Experience / Viability
1996 Olympic Games - Atlanta Opening Closing
Ceremonies w Logistical Challenges due to space
limitations w Utilized custom made products to
reduce smoke and fallout w Close proximity
and stage effects w Innovations included
fireworks on bicycles, fire wave up/down
steps w Challenged to create "Barcelona Look"
with fireworks surrounding the venueSafety
concerns due to logistics, challenged our
technicians to find unique firing locations and
to custom manufacture products to meet the
challenges. Pyro Spectaculars by Souzas
innovative design and firing software allowed
last minute show modifications, which allowed
the show us to fire the show despite crowd
control situations. continued
PART 1 -- Section 4 -- Relevant
Experience / Viability
continued 1996 Olympic Games - Atlanta
Challenges and Accomplishments w Performed a
giant 100th Anniversary Olympic
pyrotechnic set piece suspended from a 250'
crane lift. w Developed a flying set piece
stunt with a helicopter team. Cancelled
due to last minute production
changes. w Managed 100 pyrotechnicians for
Opening and Closing Ceremonies. w
Coordinated logistic issues at all firing sites
concerning the grand entrance of Athletes,
cast and public. w Challenged to
establish multiple aerial firing sites. A
30' platform was erected in the middle of Tent
City. The top of Fulton County Stadium was
as the North-firing site. w Implemented
the use of eight towers around the
Olympic Stadium using close proximity comets and
mines to create a " sense-a round"
effect. w Worked efficiently with all production
and stage managers, security (including
secret service), fire department, and all
TV producers, directors and
technicians. w Designed and performed the Sydney
2000 Handover Ceremony. Close Proximity
Pyro and aerial finale.
Side Towers Around Atlanta Stadium
Rooftop of Fulton Countys Atlanta Stadium
Base Site ofAtlanta Stadium
Rear AerialSite 1996 Olympics
PART 1 -- Section 4 -- Relevant
Experience / Viability
1984 Olympic GamesLos Angeles Opening
Ceremonies w Daylight colored smoke and
twilight illuminations w Parachutes fireworks
shells fired for each representative nation w
Eight-weeks of rehearsals, design and
production Closing Ceremonies w First major
"close Proximity" fireworks display w World
class event with Lionel Richie singing "All
Night Long w Athletes surrounding the
stage w Fired two of the largest aerial shells
in history 24" in diameter w First Helicopter
used in firing fireworks with animated space
shipOpportunities to work with major a
television production (David Wolper, Tommy
Walker) and precise timeline for implementation
of the display were challenging and unprecedented
in the fireworks industry at that time. Success
in this event confirmed Pyro Spectaculars by
Souza as the innovators in fireworks industry,
setting the standards for major fireworks
1984 Summer Olympics Los Angeles
Lionel RichieAll Night Long
PART 1 -- Section 4 -- Relevant
Experience / Viability
1980 Winter Olympic GamesLake Placid Opening
Ceremonies w Daylight reports and colored
smoke. Parachutes from aerial shells w
Close Proximity pyrotechnics on field for
Athlete intro. 17 Nightly Performances w
Fired from the surface of the frozen Mirror
Lake, Lake Placid. w Worked closely with event
producer for show design per evening. w
Created "on demand" shows for US Hockey Team
Eric Heiden Victory. w Liason with Army Core
of Engineers for frozen lake conditions.
Nightly Award Ceremony w Fireworks design and
delivery on demand depending on the
victorious nations colors. w Close Proximity
fireworks around athletes and audience. w
Fireworks staging area positioned backstage
on frozen lake. Closing Ceremonies w
Bi-plane pyrotechnics were added for a
dramatic "surprise ignition of the "show". w
Synchronized to music. w Olympic ring set piece
constructed on location, on demand for
show. Harsh Weather Conditions (below freezing
temperatures, high winds, frozen platform -
Mirror Lake, Lake Placid) created challenges for
all production elements. Fireworks by Gruccis
preparation, planning and the quality of staff
provided the Games a powerful presentation
of fireworks with no sacrifice in
Gold Metal Award Ceremony Eric Heiden
Nightly Show Fantasy onthe Lake
PART 1 -- Section 4 -- Relevant
Experience / Viability
America's Millennium CelebrationWashington, DC
2000 Exclusive waivers granted for the
attachment of explosive devices to a National
Monument. (Federal law prohibits such
demonstrations within a 45' radius of a National
Monument) Two-weeks of product demonstrations
and extensive testing accompanied with meetings
to achieve an unprecedented approval from
Department of the Interior, US Park Service, DC
Fire, DC Police, US Secret Service. Created a
linear ½ mile "fuse effect" ignited by the
"International Child" with a handheld torch,
which visually started the Millennium count UP at
the base of the Washington Monument. Precise
planning of load-in procedures and OSHA required
training necessary for the safe working on
scaffold and at heights of 550'. Precision
timing required (once in a Millennium opportunity
- no second chance).continued
At Washington Monuments PinnaclePhil Grucci
Joe Mercante
Rigging of waterfall effects
PART 1 -- Section 4 -- Relevant
Experience / Viability
continued America's Millennium
CelebrationWashington, DC 2000 Expertise in
rigging, engineering and protection of a
sensitive structure was essential. White
marble façade of the Monument newly renovated
(10 million dollars) created a 0 tolerance for
damage. Extensive experience in the use and
execution of close proximity pyrotechnics proved
successful. Custom designed pyrotechnic
devices and equipment to withstand 2 weeks
exposure to rain, extreme cold, snow and wind
allowing the pre-rigging of 3000 devices to the
structure. Given the critical nature of the
effect proposed as well as the precise timing
required to sequence the effects, Fireworks by
Grucci delivered the premiere visual effect
necessary. Close coordination with event and
television producer Quincy Jones and George
Stevens Jr. yielded the dramatic scene necessary
to capture the print media and television
coverage that represented America's Millennium
PART 1 -- Section 4 -- Relevant
Experience / Viability
Six (6) Consecutive Presidential
Inaugurations 11 firing locations 17 miles
spread throughout the DisThect of Columbia
Expertise in precise scheduling of a critical
path was necessary, due to a shortened
production schedule. 14 days from contract to
show. Established a communications network to
transmit time code, production and redundancy to
drive 22 firing systems positioned throughout a
17 mile span. Developed a system to network
mobile firing units for a "just in time" load-in
and firing of multiple sites reducing the impact
to high traffic areas such as the White House,
Jefferson Memorial, and others. Similar
experiences in project management,
communications, design and coordination were
exhibited by Fireworks by Grucci in all of the
six (6) consecutive Presidential Inaugurations
produced for Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush,
William J. Clinton, and most recently George W.
Ronald Reagan
George H.W. Bush
William J. Clinton
George H. BushPresidential Inaugural
PART 1 -- Section 4 -- Relevant
Experience / Viability
Hong Kong Chinese New Years International
experience Inclement weather situations
Communication difficulties Transportation/logist
ic challengesAll shows a major success and
re-established fireworks as a source of
advertising and good fortune in Southeast Asia.
Typhoon weather caused crews to work through the
nights on some shows to complete set-up by show
time. Success of the shows established Pyro
Spectaculars as "The Fireworks Ambassadors of the
World", attracting contracts from Africa, Europe,
Asia, Latin America, Canada and Israel.
PART 1 -- Section 4 -- Relevant
Experience / Viability
1996150th Anniversary Smithsonian Castle
Washington DC Received "Sole Source" status
from Department of Interior for rooftop
pyrotechnics on and around a 150 year old
National Historic Monument. Pioneered the
technique of structure protection, product
development for same. Myriad of special
waivers authorized for the activity. First
Fully computerized display fired in Washington
DC.Integrating closely with the Curator and
Historical Architect of the Smithsonian Castle,
along with a successful liaison effort to the
Fire Department, Department of the Interior and
other required jurisdictions, Fireworks by Grucci
was able to achieve the approvals necessary to
present, for the first time, rooftop pyrotechnics
in Washington DC. A number of challenges such as
protecting the porous and sensitive historic
stone as well as the original glass of many of
the towers were overcome with the proper
engineering and planning necessary to produce
this successful production.
Rooftop Preparation of Smithsonian Castle
PART 1 -- Section 4 -- Relevant
Experience / Viability
1983Brooklyn Bridge CentennialNew York
Benchmark effects were custom designed to
produce a signature waterfall from the
underside of the bridge to the water's
surface. Design and engineering capabilities
yielded unique effects from the "necklace" and
towers of the bridge. Specialized
pyrotechnician riggers required to climb the
cable necklace to mount pyrotechnics. Close
coordination between NY DOT, NYC Police, Mayor's
Office and the NYC Fire Department became
paramount to the success of the all day bridge
closure, safety sweep and re-opening. In 1992,
an encore presentation was requested of Fireworks
by Grucci, challenging the capabilities to Do
Better than the Last. The creative team of
Fireworks by Grucci was challenged to develop an
unique solution to connect the roadway of the
bridge to the river. The solution was the
deployment of a red, white, and blue pyrotechnic
PART 1 -- Section 4 -- Relevant
Experience / Viability
2000Macys Fourth of JulyMillennium
CelebrationNew York Fired 13 different water
locations around the city of New York
Synchronized to a musical score Televised on
Live television Fireworks by Grucci and Pyro
Spectaculars by Souza collaborated together for
two years working with Macys event staff to
coordinate with the Navy, Operation Sail Tall
Ships Parade, City officials, Federal and local
agencies to produce the event. Billed as the
largest maritime event in the history of the
world, this show required highly skilled project
management and operations staffs from each
fireworks company to provide the safe and
successful firing of over 60,000 aerial shells
from 26 barges positioned in the rivers
surrounding Manhattan. Our communications network
provided for the simultaneous firing of 26
computers throughout a staging area spanning 10
miles. Extensive personnel planning and
coordination was required to strategically manage
100 Pyrotechnicians.
PART 1 -- Section 4 -- Relevant
Experience / Viability
1986Statue of Liberty BicentennialNew York
Harbor Synchronized 11 firing locations about
Manhattan, NY Combined successful efforts of
Souza / Grucci Teams Electronically fired and
synchronized to a musical score Coordinating
this major event with city, state and federal
agencies, as well as show producers, created
unique challenges. The primary event
communication system failed to provide continuous
feed to all firing locations, with all of the
military and private vessels in the harbor
causing RF conflicts. Our own internal
communications back-up system allowed the show to
continue and fire successfully.
PART 1 -- Section 4 -- Relevant
Experience / Viability
Other Major Sporting Events Special Olympics
North Carolina Common Wealth Games Canada
World Cup - Rose Bowl - Stanford - Chicago
Oakland As Major League Baseball - All-Star
Game, City Wide Multimedia Celebration
Goodwill Games Opening and Closing
Ceremony NHL All-Star Game Madison Square
Garden NY Rangers Stanley Cup Championship
Madison Square Garden NY Mets, NY Yankees, NY
Rangers, NJ Devils, Philadelphia Phillies,
Philadelphia. 76ers, Tampa Lightning, Oakland
As, SF Giants, Anaheim Angels, LA Dodgers, SD
World Cup Soccer Games
Oakland All-Star Game
NY Yankees
World Cup Soccer Games
PART 1 -- Section 4 -- Relevant
Experience / Viability
Stage and Theatrical Events Super Bowl Half
Time Shows -Tampa -New Orleans -Tempe -San
Diego -San Francisco -Los Angeles (7)
Super Bowl XXXV Halftime Show
Billboard Awards (indoors) Lord of the Dance
(Permanent venue) 1200 shows to date
Summer Nights at the Hollywood Bowl
Super Bowl XXX Halftime Show
PART 1 -- Section 4 -- Relevant
Experience / Viability
Stage and Theatrical Events TV Specials -
MTV - Music Awards - Academy Awards Tours -
Rolling Stones - Pink Floyd - Bon Jovi - Lord
of the Dance
Bon Jovi concert
Batman Stunt ShowSix Flags Theme Parks
Lord of the Dance
Pink Floyd Rolling StonesConcerts
PART 1 -- Section 4 -- Relevant
Experience / Viability
International Expositions Monte Carlo World
Fireworks Championships First Place
1984 Worlds Fair New Orleans, LA 1980
Worlds Fair Knoxville, TN Yokohama, Japan
1st Place Grand Prize Winner Montreal - Benson
Hedges United States Representative
Vancouver Benson Hedges United States
Representative Hamburg, Germany Festival
Taejon, Korea World Exposition
PART 1 -- Section 4 -- Relevant
Experience / Viability
International Experience Dublin, Ireland
Millennium Celebration Dublin, Ireland
Quincentennial Abu Dhabi, UAE, Wedding of
Sheik Hazza, Jerusalem, Israel 3000
Anniversary Singapore National Day Hong Kong
Chinese New Years Manila, Philippines Sydney
Harbor, Australia Seoul, Korea
Hong KongChinese New Years
Liberation of Korea - 50th Anniversary
PART 1 -- Section 4 -- Relevant
Experience / Viability
Landmark BuildingsArchitectural Structures
Space Needle 605 feet high Paris Hotel
Vegas Oakland All Star Game Smithsonian
Castle - Washington DC
Smithsonian Castle 150th Anniversary
Paris Las Vegas Grand Opening
New Years at the Space Needle
PART 1 -- Section 4 -- Relevant
Experience / Viability
Landmark BuildingsArchitectural Structures
Washington Monument, DC Golden Gate Bridge
50th Stratosphere Tower 1100 feet high Los
Angeles City Hall San Francisco Ferry
Building Brooklyn Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge50th Anniversary
Brooklyn Bridge 100th Anniversary
PART 1 -- Section 4 -- Relevant
Experience / Viability
Landmark BuildingsArchitectural Structures
San Francisco Ferry Building Metropolitan
Opera, NY Cleveland Bicentennial Taj Mahal
Hotel Casino
Metropolitan Opera, NY
Taj MahalHotel Casino
San Francisco Ferry Building
PART 1 -- Section 4 -- Relevant
Experience / Viability
Rooftop Displays Bellagio Hotel Casino
Rockefeller Center NY Aladdin Hotel
Casino New York, NY Hotel Casino
Aladdin Hotel Casino
Bellagio Hotel Casino
PART 1 -- Section 4 -- Relevant
Experience / Viability
Rooftop Displays The Venetian Hotel Casino
Atlantis - Paradise Island Hotel City of
Oakland The Mirage Hotel Casino The Golden
Nugget The Dunes The Hacienda Hotel Casino
The Venetian Hotel Casino
Atlantis Paradise Island Grand Opening
The MirageHotel Casino
The City of Oakland
PART 1 -- Section 5 -- Company History and
Statement of Qualifications
Ownership of Respondent Pyro Spectaculars by
Souza, Inc. is a privately held California
corporation, incorporated in 1979 with shares
held by the Souza family trusts. Fireworks by
Grucci, Inc. is a privately held New York
corporation, incorporated in 1980 (previously New
York Pyrotechnic Products) with shares held by
Felix J. Grucci Jr., Donna Grucci-Butler, Felix
(Phil) Grucci. Fireworks West Internationale,
Inc. is a privately held Utah corporation,
incorporated in 1969 with shares held by Dean
Burch and Al Burns.
PART 1 -- Section 5 -- Company History and
Statement of Qualifications
Officers and Directors
Pyro Spectaculars by Souza Inc Jim Souza -
President Ian Gilfillan - Executive
Vice-President Gary Souza - Vice-President
Fireworks by Grucci Donna Grucci-Butler -
President Felix (Phil) Grucci - Executive
Vice-President Phillip Butler Vice-President
Fireworks West Internationale Dean Burch -
President Al Burns Vice-President
PART 1 -- Section 5 -- Company History and
Statement of Qualifications
Company History Pyro Spectaculars by Souza is a
family owned Corporation, with roots back to the
early 1900's when the original family business
was started by Manuel de Sousa. The name was
changed to Pyro Spectaculars, Inc. by the modern
founding father Robert Souza, in 1979. Robert
Souza sold his interest in the company to his
children, James Souza, Nancy Gilfillan, and Gary
Souza in 1990. Jim Souza has served as President
and CEO and Ian Gilfillan, husband of Nancy,
serves as the Vice-President and CFO. Gary Souza
serves as Vice-President and Director. There are
18 Souza family members currently working for the
company. This global company employs
seventy-five (75) full-time staff and
three-thousand (3000) part-time pyrotechnicians.
This multi-million dollar company is a pioneer in
the pyrotechnic industry and produces over
two-thousand (2000) high-quality, world-wide
shows annually, including five-hundred (500) 4th
of July celebrations.
Manuel de Sousa
Robert A. Souza
PART 1 -- Section 5 -- Company History and
Statement of Qualifications
Company History Fireworks by Grucci is a 6
generation family owned and operated Corporation
located in Brookhaven, New York. Southern Italy
is the Grucci's ancestral home. Angelo Lanzetta
founder and great great-grandfather to Felix
Grucci, Sr., started the family roots
pyrotechnically in 1850. In 1870, Angelo left
Italy and moved to Elmont, Long Island, New York,
entering America as an emigrant through Ellis
Island. After Angelo's death in 1899, his son,
Anthony carried on the family business and in
1923 brought his nephew, Felix Grucci, to serve
as an apprentice. Over the next three decades,
Felix Grucci gained a reputation as a master of
his art. He invented the stringless shell, a
landmark innovation that dramatically reduced the
burning fallout caused by smoldering string.
Felix's pyrotechnic ingenuity led the Department
of Defense to request he develop an atomic device
simulator to aide the troops in training
exercises. continued
Felix Sr. and Concetta Grucci
PART 1 -- Section 5 -- Company History and
Statement of Qualifications
continued Company History Every entertainer has
a debut to national stardom. In 1979, the Gruccis
were incredibly etched in fireworks history. The
Grucci's became the first American family to win
the Gold Medal for the United States at the
annual Monte Carlo International Fireworks
Competition. The National press dubbed them as
America's First Family of Fireworks. Felix
continued to build his business with the help of
his wife, Concetta, and children James, Felix
Jr., and Donna. In 1983 with the loss of Jim
Grucci, Phil Grucci, Jim's son, took and active
role in the operations of the business. In 2001
Felix Jr., then President of Fireworks by Grucci,
was elected to serve as a United States
Congressman advancing his Sister ,Donna to
President, Phil Grucci to Executive Vice
President and Phillip Butler, husband of Donna,
as Vice President of Marketing and Sales. Today,
the Grucci family has 3 active generations
working together, day to day, to manage one of
the largest international Fireworks Entertainment
companies and manufacturing firms in the World.
Felix Grucci Sr.
Felix Grucci Sr.
PART 1 -- Section 5 -- Company History and
Statement of Qualifications
Company History
The Grucci Family (from left to right)Felix J.
Grucci Jr., Debra Grucci, Felix (Phil) Grucci,
Concetta Grucci, Donna Grucci-Butler, Phillip
Butler, James Grucci
The Souza Family (from top, left to
right)Christopher Souza, Paul Souza, Gary Souza,
Liz Souza, Kevin Gilfillan, Nancy Gilfillan, Ian
Gilfillan, Jim Souza, Liann Souza, Shirley Souza,
Bob Souza, Matt Gilfillan, Ricky Souza, Kelley
Souza, Garret Souza, and Nick.
PART 1 -- Section 6 -- Project
Management Team
Overview TheAlliance Pyrotechnics brings a
combined spirit of cooperation, enthusiasm and
confidence to the event management staff. Our
history of successful major displays and quest
for innovation in fireworks products around the
world, make us the ultimate, full-service
fireworks production Company. Our staff is
always available full-time to share ideas, solve
problems, and facilitate communication to
complete the job. The point person in-charge of
all program operations is Jim Souza, President of
Pyro Spectaculars by Souza, Inc. Mr. Souza is
assisted by Phil Grucci, Executive Vice President
of Fireworks by Grucci, Inc who oversees all
business and creative decisions. Ron Smith and
Joe Mercante are Full Time Project Managers
responsible for the project operations, set-up,
logistical details, labor recruitment and
supervision. Mr. Smith and Mr. Mercante also
assists in design, selection of locations, and
provides for one-on one communication with
appointed SLOC representatives. Each fireworks
display site will have a chief pyrotechnician
licensed by the state of Utah, directly
supervised by our project managers.
Jim Souza
Ian Gilfillan
Bob Souza
Gary Souza
PART 1 -- Section 6 -- Project
Management Team
continued Overview The TheAlliance design team
works directly with the producers of each event
to select and manufacture the product best suited
for each display. In addition to our on-site
operators, the Pyro Spectaculars by Souza design
team, under the direction of Jim Souza, also
includes Ian Gilfillan, Gary Souza, and Leo
Autote, who bring over fifty years of show design
and administration experience to the team.
Fireworks by Grucci design team directed by Phil
Grucci also includes Donna Grucci-Butler, and the
Honorable Felix J. Grucci Jr. (Congressman) who
bring Decades of show design and administration
experience to the team.
Donna Phil Butler
Scott Raso, Felix Grucci Jr., Phil Grucci, Joe