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Annual Conference 2005


7:30 Welcome Remarks. 7:40 Annual Report. 8:00 Hoteliers View of HTNG ... Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Sol Melia Hotels & Resorts. Wingate Inns International ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Annual Conference 2005

Annual Conference 2005
  • General Session Welcome
  • Nick Price
  • President

  • 730 Welcome Remarks
  • 740 Annual Report
  • 800 Hoteliers View of HTNG
  • 830 Ideas for Future Workgroups I
  • 845 Trade Show Demonstrations
  • 900 Branding Certification Program
  • 940 Ideas for Future Workgroups II
  • 955 Closing Remarks
  • 1000 Adjournment

New Members
  • New Hotel Members in 2005 - Corporate
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
  • Sol Melia Hotels Resorts
  • Wingate Inns International
  • New Hotel Members in 2005 Individual
  • Cendant Corporation
  • CTF Hotels Resorts
  • Davidson Hotel Company
  • Grove Park Inn Resort Spa
  • Landrys Restaurants, Inc.
  • Sea Island Company

New Members
  • New Corporate Industry Partner Members in 2005
  • Advanced Network Technology Laboratories Pte Ltd.
  • AltiusPar
  • Axxess Industries, Inc.
  • Cenium AS
  • Comcast
  • Computer Sciences Corporation CHARTER MEMBER
  • Core Communications Corp.
  • Galaxy Hotel Systems
  • Global Business Center, Inc.
  • Infosys Technologies Ltd.
  • InfoValue Computing, Inc.
  • Lorica Solutions
  • Maxxton bv

New Members
  • New Corporate Industry Partner Members in 2005
  • MCI
  • Merchants Billing Services, Inc.
  • Nevotek
  • Newtrade Technologies, an Expedia Company
  • Onity
  • Oracle Corp.
  • Paramount Hospitality Systems and Consulting
  • Serenata IntraWare AG
  • Sun Microsystems, Inc.
  • Systemteq Limited
  • Tangerine Global, LLC
  • Valcros Communications
  • Ze-Net Technologies

New Members
  • New Individual Industry Partner Allied Members
    in 2005 from
  • Advanstar Communications
  • City Guilds
  • DataApp, Inc.
  • Erik Weller Advies
  • Hospitality Leasing Corp.
  • Hospitality Upgrade/Hotel Online
  • Hotel Motel Management
  • HOTELS Magazine
  • Intrinsics
  • iPass Inc.
  • Shen Milsom Wilke
  • Siemens
  • TravelDailyNews International

Thank You
  • HTNG thanks the companies who provided meeting
    venues for preconference meetings
  • Expedia
  • PAR Springer-Miller Systems
  • And to others who assisted with logistics
  • Datanamics
  • Edgell Communications
  • InfoGenesis

Annual Conference 2005
  • Annual Report to the Members
  • Douglas Rice
  • Executive Director

Progress vs. Objectives
  • HTNG is barely a toddler today
  • Just 2 years as a functioning organization
  • 16 months since the first substantive activity
  • Our 2004 objectives were simple
  • Prove the workgroups could accomplish something
  • Build enough membership to survive financially
    and to begin building a permanent organization
  • Gain industry awareness and credibility

Progress vs. Objectives
  • Prove that the workgroups could accomplish
  • Competitors cooperating on key common elements
    delivered in 2004
  • SOAP Header
  • Guest profile exchange
  • Posting remote guest/check lookup
  • Check-in, check-out
  • Group block management
  • Two new workgroups launched in late 2004
  • Latest was oversubscribed by 50

Progress vs. Objectives
  • Build enough membership to survive financially
    and to begin building a permanent organization

PermanentExecutive DirectorNamed
Progress vs. Objectives
  • Gain industry awareness credibility
  • Mainstream hotel company memberships
  • Strengthened board of directors
  • International membership growth
  • Key alliances with other associations
  • Cornell internship program
  • Expanding media interest and coverage

Financial Highlights
Fiscal Year Ended March 2005
Revenues 254,000
Expenses 181,000
Membership Dues 199K
Mgmt Staff 115K
Other 55K
Mktg. 14K
Office 15K
Mtgs. 15K
Travel 15K
Net Income 73,000
Certification Program 8K
  • HTNG entered into significant partnerships over
    the last year

Workgroup Highlights
  • Property Web Services
  • SOAP Header
  • Customer information exchange
  • Performance reporting monitoring
  • Data cleaning list management
  • In-Room Technology
  • Infrastructure
  • Mobile device docking
  • All-in-one set-top box
  • Unified messaging
  • Personalized wake-up
  • Property Distribution
  • Common OTA Usage Profiles
  • Reservation Delivery
  • Channel Yield Controls

Future Objectives
  • Key 2005 Initiatives
  • Interoperability demonstration at HITEC 2005
  • Branding certification program launch
  • Launch new workgroups
  • Growth in hotel membership and involvement
  • Solidify European activities
  • Continue to build on partnerships

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Annual Conference 2005
  • The Hoteliers View
  • Bob Bansfield, AVP-IT, Hyatt Hotels Corp.
  • Glenn Bonner, CIO Corporate VP, MGM Mirage
  • Michael Hwu, VP-Info Svcs., Four Seasons Hotels
  • Barry Shuler, SVP CTO, Marriott International

Annual Conference 2005
  • Ideas for Future Workgroups
  • Part 1

Group Billing Reconciliation
  • Problem
  • Group invoice creation is complex, largely
    manual, and error-prone
  • Key data in at least three systems
  • Contractual agreements, concessions, BEO in sales
    catering system
  • Guestroom consumption and charges in PMS
  • Banquet consumption in POS
  • Presentation often needs to be customized for
    meeting planner
  • Review and approval by planner is slow and
    cumbersome for both hotel and planner often by
    phone, fax
  • 60-90 days to get final payment
  • Opportunity
  • Combine data from all systems, present invoice to
    planner via web XML to custom format if
  • Reconcile questions errors through online
    review response
  • Get paid faster, with less hassle to meeting
  • Potential Participants
  • Sales/Catering, PMS, Point-of-Sale, others

Meeting Room Services
  • Problem
  • Convergence between the meeting room, the guest
    room, and the Internet is still more theory than
  • Rapidly changing and increasingly complex meeting
    room service requirements
  • Hotels are missing a potentially large revenue
  • Opportunity
  • Connect the meeting room and the guest room for
    audio, video, and web-meeting applications
  • Automate the service requirements
  • Potential Participants
  • Sales/catering, in-room entertainment,
    telephony, meeting/AV services, others

Multi-Vendor Support
  • Problem
  • As networks and applications become more
    interoperable, it becomes harder to tell them
  • Guests, hotels dont know who to call when
    something breaks
  • Support desks lack key hotel-specific environment
    and configuration needed to diagnose problems
  • No common way to determine health of local or
    remote systems
  • Finger pointing often results!
  • Opportunity
  • Equip hotels, tech vendors to be able to work
    with third parties for first-response support
  • Guests, hotel can dial one number for any
    technology problem
  • Remote diagnostic tools usable with multiple
    systems to help fix the problem or determine
    which vendor can
  • Potential Participants
  • Almost anyone!

Payment Systems Integration
  • Problem
  • Hoteliers / Merchants need more capability in
    their Payment system interfaces
  • New Credit Card security requirements, e.g.
    Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard /
    Visa CISP.
  • Significant cost of compliance. Liabilities and
    potential fines for non-compliance.
  • All parties in the payment chain looking for
    indemnification and contractual commitments.
  • Opportunity
  • Minimize risk, liability and cost of compliance
    through the implementation of common methods of
    communicating between hotel and payment systems
    that avoids Credit Card data storage at the
    POS/PMS level.
  • Potential Participants
  • Payment systems, PMS, CRS, POS, distribution
    systems, others

Training Best Practices
  • Problem
  • High turnover in hotels - knowledge level drops
  • Traditional vendor training effective at launch
  • But not as practical for sustaining knowledge
  • Hotels business processes and configuration
    needs to be integrated with system training
  • Opportunity
  • Establish best practices and techniques for
    development and delivery of technology training
  • ROI on System investment is optimized with expert
  • Potential Participants
  • Everyone! Hotels, Product Vendors, Educators

Building Control Systems
  • Problem
  • Buildings are getting smarter, but have very
    little knowledge of guest needs or hotel
  • Opportunity
  • Tie building services to guest and staff needs
    and movements
  • Security and access control
  • VIP guest recognition and service response
  • Staff location awareness/dispatching
  • Potential Participants
  • Access control, PMS, Security/CCTV, Rapid
    Response, Smart Cards, Kiosk, others

Whats Your Idea?
  • Do you have a pet problem that an HTNG workgroup
    could help address?
  • Write it down on the HTNG Workgroup Idea
    Submission form
  • Pass it to the end of the aisle before the end of
    the next presentation
  • Later on, well review some of the ideas
  • And get an initial reading of member interest

Annual Conference 2005
  • HTNG Trade Show Demonstrations
  • Douglas Rice
  • Executive Director

Interoperability Demos
  • Demonstrations at trade shows are an integral
    part of the HTNG process
  • Rules of engagement bring vendors together to
    implement solution sets
  • Common, externally imposed deadlines create a
    sense of urgency
  • Demos are not part of the workgroup process, but
    are coordinated
  • Ideas often originate within workgroups
  • Can cross multiple workgroups
  • Open to all HTNG members
  • Fairness rules are complex but are required to
    comply with antitrust law

Key Questions
  • Can we participate in HTNG trade show promotions
    and demos?
  • What can we show?
  • What rules do we have to follow?
  • Whats the structure and cost?
  • How do we get involved?

  • Can we participate in an HTNG trade show
    promotions and demos?
  • Corporate industry partners YES
  • Hotel companies YES
  • Individual industry partners NO
  • Allied members NO
  • You do NOT need to be in a workgroup
  • Demos must be sanctioned by one or more
  • But any HTNG eligible member can participate

What Can Be Shown
  • Interoperability demonstration concepts
  • Workgroup-approved specifications, valid
    extensions, and approved concepts
  • Specs must be open published if demonstrated in
    HTNG booth
  • Use best practices of next-generation systems
  • SOAP header, XML web services, IP connectivity,
  • Two or more systems vendors
  • Working code with live systems only
  • No stubbed code, simulation, or canned messages
  • Features/functions not achievable alone

Rules Demo Venues
  • HTNG demos can be shown at any venue, by any
    company eligible in that venue
  • In your own booth can be combined with
    demonstration of own product features
  • Partner booth same
  • HTNG booth, if offered interoperability
    features only

Rules Compliance Claims
  • Pending the launch of HTNGs branding
    certification program
  • Claims of compliance NOT ALLOWED
  • Claims of development in accordance with HTNG
    specs and process OK IF TRUE
  • After launch of the program
  • Certification Policy and Trademark License
    Agreement will govern all claims

Rules Structure Cost
  • HTNG will support demos at venues that support
    its strategic objectives and membership growth
  • Members may demonstrate at other venues, but HTNG
    support may be limited or nil
  • The Marketing Committee oversees the structure
    and cost of participation in supported venues
  • Chaired by Executive Director
  • Establishes budgets and marketing approaches
  • Open to all Industry Partners, one vote per
  • Show up and vote, or live with the consequences

Getting Involved
  • To get involved in a demo
  • Request login for Marketing Committee Site
  • Follow the registration procedures shown there
  • Identify specific demonstration concepts of
  • Find the necessary demo partners, through the
    site or on your own and make sure they deliver!
  • Use existing specs, or develop and publish your
    own (if workgroup authorizes)
  • Coordinate the venue logistics through the
    Marketing Committee team(s)
  • Active participation in the marketing committee
    is optional but strongly encouraged and helpful

(No Transcript)
Annual Conference 2005
  • HTNG Branding Certification Program
  • Presenters Jane Durment, The Marcus Corporation
  • Paul Hickey, The Open Group

  • The Vision
  • HTNG Certified
  • Value of a Brand
  • HTNG not a standards organization
  • Mission Develop Products that you can buy!
  • Power of the Brand to grow the market
  • Benefits
  • Suppliers Marketing power Investment
  • Hoteliers Buying Confidence

Branding Certification Program
  • The Vision
  • Sustain the Brand via Certification Program
  • Certification Program assures
  • Consistent application of the specification
  • Warranty of Conformance
  • Open availability of the Conformance Requirements
  • Open opportunity to apply for Trademark licensing

Branding Certification Program
  • Certification Program Roles
  • Specification Authority HTNG
  • Certification Authority The Open Group
  • Applicant - Vendor applies for certification

Branding Certification Program
  • The Open Group
  • Consortia Services
  • 18 years experience serving Industry Consortia
  • http//
  • Certification Services
  • Premier certification service provider to IT
  • Own UNIX Trademark certify all UNIX Vendors
  • Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) WAP Mobile
    Phone CA SA
  • Bluetooth facilitated Work Groups

Who is the Open Group?
  • IT industry consortium
  • 200 members
  • 50 buy-side
  • Requirements standards
  • Operating since 1985
  • UK based - X/Open
  • US based - OSF (Open Software Foundation)
  • Merged to form The Open Group in 1996
  • Platinum Sponsors
  • Fujitsu, Hitachi, HP, IBM, Sun
  • Offices in Reading UK, San Francisco CA,
    Burlington MA, Brussels and Tokyo
  • Not-for-profit

The Open Groups Mission
  • To drive the creation of Boundaryless Information
    Flow by
  • Working with customers to capture, understand and
    address current and emerging requirements,
    establish policies and share best practices
  • Working with suppliers, consortia and standards
    bodies to develop consensus and facilitate
    interoperability, to evolve and integrate open
    specifications and open source technologies
  • Offering a comprehensive set of services to
    enhance the operational efficiency of consortia
  • Developing and operating the industry's premier
    certification service and encouraging procurement
    of certified products.

Program Components
Core Elements Specification Validation/test
criteria Trademark
Core Documents Certification Policy Trademark
License Agreement Conformance Requirements Operati
ons Guides and Manuals Conformance Statement
Core Processes Problem reporting and
interpretations Certification and
Certification Objectives
  • Certified products meet buyer expectations for
    conformance and interoperability
  • Market growth through lower risk and greater
  • Buyers can tell the difference between certified
    and non-certified products, and know what
    certification means
  • Market share for suppliers who have made the
    investment to get it right
  • Make best practice commonplace

Certification Overview
  • Programs operated by The Open Group include a
    warranty of conformance to specifications
  • This warranty ensures that
  • Products conform to the Specification
  • Products remain conformant throughout their life
  • If there is a non-conformance, the product will
    be fixed in a timely manner
  • Trademarks are at the heart of these programs
  • because trademark law can be used to prevent
    false claims
  • Use of a trademark is controllable

Program Phases
Certification Policy
Individuals/ Organizations
  • Certification Programs are usually implemented as
    a series of documents and a web site
  • On-line application forms and agreements,
    conformance statement questionnaires, work flow
  • The Open Group will provide facilities to enable
    HTNG working groups to develop and install their
    own product standards into the program, including
    tools for building and installing
  • Conformance statement questionnaires
  • Selfvalidation questionnaires

Applying for Certification
  • Read and understand Policy and Product Standards
  • Complete on-line application forms and agreement
  • Pay certification fee by credit card
  • Complete on-line conformance statement and self
    validation report
  • If all information is complete, consistent and
    correct, then CA will request execution of
    trademark license (on-line)
  • Certification achieved!
  • Entry in register of certified products
  • Certificate (PDF)

Specification Authority Role
  • Specification Authority remains with HTNG
  • Work Group Life-cycle
  • Submit specification
  • Establish on-going Specification Authority role
  • Subcommittee / Review Team of HTNG members
  • Responsible to provide clarifying
    interpretations, conformance rulings and
    specification updates.

Key Milestone Targets
  • First draft of Policy for HTNGreview 03/18
  • Policy for HTNG approval mid-May
  • Beta version of tools available forHTNG review
    early Q3
  • Web site ready for working groupsto install
    first Product Standards late Q3
  • HITEC Announcement !

Annual Conference 2005
  • Ideas for Future Workgroups
  • Part 2

Idea 1
  • Problem
  • xxx
  • Opportunity
  • xxx
  • Potential Participants
  • xxx

Idea 2
  • Problem
  • xxx
  • Opportunity
  • xxx
  • Potential Participants
  • xxx

Idea 3
  • Problem
  • xxx
  • Opportunity
  • xxx
  • Potential Participants
  • xxx

Idea 4
  • Problem
  • xxx
  • Opportunity
  • xxx
  • Potential Participants
  • xxx

Idea 5
  • Problem
  • xxx
  • Opportunity
  • xxx
  • Potential Participants
  • xxx

Express Your Interest!
  • Group Billing Reconciliation
  • Meeting Room Services
  • Multi-Vendor Support
  • Payment Systems Integration
  • Building Control Systems
  • Resort Systems
  • Training Best Practices
  • Project Management
  • Guest Value
  • In-Room Controls
  • IT Processes
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

Annual Conference 2005
  • Closing Remarks
  • Nick Price
  • President

Thank You!