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iF Product Design Awards 2005


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: iF Product Design Awards 2005

iF Product Design Awards 2005
  • Designed with CoCreates OneSpace Designer

iF International Forum Design
  • iF Design Award (the Design Oscars)
  • The iF design award is regarded as one of the
    most important design competitions worldwide,
    attracting over 2,300 entries from 31 different
    countries every year.
  • The jury, composed of top international
    designers, critically examines and selects the
    award-winning entries.
  • Awards in the Product Design category
  • iF Gold Awards (limited to 50)
  • iF Award
  • 2005 Entries
  • 2,322 entries from around the world
  • iF design awards for 542 entries in the Product
    Design discipline.
  • iF design awards for 30 entries designed with
    OneSpace Designer, including 5 IF Gold Awards.

FESTOOLs C12 Cordless Drill
  • The unique, compact design results in an
    extremely versatile range of uses and optimum
    ease of operation, even when working in tight
  • Well-thought-out system replacing the chuck with
    an elbow and eccentric adapter (accessories) for
    maximum degree of flexibility
  • The lightening-fast removable FastFix chuck
    shortens the screwdriver by 6 cm and releases the
    direct bit holder for work in tight spots
  • The well-balanced centre of gravity and the
    ergonomic design ensure comfortable handling in
    all operating positions.

Gold Award
Seiko Epsons EPSON STYLUS CX3650 Multi-function
  • As an entry model of a multi-function printer
    with three functions, this product was designed
    with approachability and simplicity in mind. Not
    only is the body compact, but it functions as a
    printer, scanner, and copier. We chose refreshing
    colors with the thought in mind of placement not
    only around the computer, but throughout the
    entire house.

Gold Award
FESTOs modular filter-regulator-lubricator
  • The new Festo MS12 is a modular
    filter-regulator-lubricator (FRL) product family
    with six freely combinable air preparation
    modules, allowing automation builders to
    configure application-specific solutions from
    off-the-shelf products.
  • With compressed air flow rates up to 22kl/min,
    the new MS12 is a natural choice for applications
    with very high air consumption, and is suitable
    for both centralized and decentralized air
    supplies within piping networks.

Gold Award
Agilents Lab-on-a-Chip Platform
  • The Agilent 5100 automated lab-on-a-chip platform
    is the answer to the ever increasing number of
    tests with concomitant cuts in the number of
    laboratory staff.
  • Automation and miniaturisation make it possible
    to carry out assays at the 1 picolitre (1.0 x
    10-12 litre) range.
  • The instrument works 20 times faster than
    conventional models and to a precision that
    cannot be manually attained.

Gold Award
FESTOs Solenoid Valve VUVB
  • This new solenoid valve is part of a robust,
    economic and modular line of valves constructed
    using polymer technology. Designed as an
    individual valve, valve manifold or valve
    terminal, the system can be used in any area of
    automation. The valves can be easily, quickly and
    securely mounted with just one screw on a stable
    manifold strip or individual sub-base.

Gold Award
Leicas DIGILUX 2 Digital camera
  • The new LEICA DIGILUX 2 camera combines the best
    of two worlds.
  • In the new LEICA DIGILUX 2, modern digital
    technology and the proven concepts of traditional
    analog photography are joined in a harmonious
    combination Decisive photographic parameters
    such as sharpness, aperture, focal length and
    shutter speeds can be controlled like those on a
    classic single-lens-reflex camera by means of
    setting rings on the lens and a shutter speed

Seiko Epsons PhotoPC L-500V Digital Camera
  • This is a high-spec user-friendly DSC equipped
    with VGA 30 frames per second video shooting and
    3 frames per second high-speed continuous
    shooting, 5.0 megapixel CCD, a 3x zoom lens, and
    direct printing so you can print without going
    through your computer. The camera's features
    perfectly harmonize with its design. We have
    created a simple rounded form to add spice to the
    photo images while pursuing a high-class and
    untiring design as well. The compact body has
    been equipped with a world-class high-resolution
    Photo Fine 2.5" LCD for delicate capturing and
    viewing and the mechanical layout has been
    adjusted to secure more holding space.

BenQs 7350C Scanner
  • The BenQ Scanner 7350C is designed for users who
    want to combine digital processing capabilities
    with a personal sense of style. With three
    different operating modes, this scanner is
    ideally suited not only to individual users and
    families, but also to the office environment,
    where many people need to share the same machine.
    "The super space-saving scanner" is the
    fundamental design principle behind the BenQ
    Scanner 7350C. Its slim size allows for easy
    storage, making it an excellent choice for both
    home and business use.

Océs TDS 100 Wide-format copying system
  • The Océ TDS 100 copying system is a redesign of
    an evergreen within the Océ program. The Océ TDS
    100 was developed to be placed within user
    groups, right next to a desktop. It requires
    limited space, it has no warming-up delay, and a
    green button interface for one-touch operation.
    Its extremely low emissions such as noise, heat
    and odour are best in its class. Its design
    clearly relates to modern office equipment,
    instead of the usual machine-like styling.

Seiko Epsons AcuLaser C1100 Laser printer
  • The EPSON AcuLaser C1100 is a small and
    light-weight desktop A4 color laser printer that
    can be installed virtually anywhere. The unit has
    attained the fastest speed in its class and
    provides improved usability with a user-friendly
    LCD panel, an optional double-sided printing
    unit, and expanded cassette.

Seiko Epsons PHOTO RX700 Multi-function photo
  • This is the ultimate home photo center that let's
    you do everything in your home, from film
    printing and saving data to image output and CD-R
    burning from old and new cameras with five slots
    and seven types of memory slots and USB and
    CD-R/DVD print support. A high-resolution photo
    printer/copier that combines border-less printing
    with high-resolution functions from 6 pigment
    inks that are highly responsive to paper.

Seiko Epsons PictureMate Photo printer
  • A user-friendly direct photo printer with new
    photo high-resolution quality. We have proposed a
    new way of life in which you can carry the
    printer and print whenever, wherever. It is a
    product intended to be user-friendly even for
    people who have felt photo printing is difficult.
    The printer boasts a compact design with a handle
    to make carrying convenient and features
    high-resolution printing that prevents from
    fading with pigment ink.

FESTOOLs Plunge Cut Saw TS 75 with guide rail
  • The TS 75 EBQ is a handy, safe plunge-cut saw
    with a deep cutting depth. The control elements
    are ergonomically positioned for example the
    on/off switch, the plunge locking mechanism and
    the FAST-Fix lever with spindle stop for easy and
    safe blade replacement. The guide rail makes it
    easy to achieve accurate cuts.

FESTOOLs Rotex RO 125 FEQ dual-mode sander
  • Dual-mode operation gives you three functions
    fast stock removal, fine sanding, and polishing
    from one easy handling sander that weighs in at
    just 4.4 lbs.
  • With near total dust extraction, exceptional
    ergonomics, and many advanced features, this is
    the 5" sander that does it all and does it well

FESTOOLs LRS 400 Pneumatic Orbital Sander 
  • For coarse and intermediate sanding of large flat
    areas, with its clever design, it can even reach
    into corners and along edges.  Minimal vibration
    and ergonomic design with softgrip minimise
    strain on the hands and arms during use.

DAIKO ELECTRIC D-tecnico corso DDH Downlight
  • Winning six awards for individual designs with
    the D-Tecnico corso range.
  • This product consists of die-cast,
    silver-electrolyzed (embossed) aluminum plus
    clear, tempered glass. A fixed (base-type)
    downlight, this product has a height of 172 mm,
    an installation diameter of 125 mm and a weight
    of 0.8 kg. The design identity has remained
    constant with a full-aluminum, die-cast body
    standard for the CORSO series it easily meets
    all quality standards, such as those for heat and
    impact resistance.

Yokogawas DP harp EJX Differential pressure
  • The EJX differential and static pressure
    transmitter measures the flow of gases, steam,
    and liquid as well as fluid levels within tanks,
    and is highly representative of Yokogawa's
    product line. The instrument features advanced,
    silicon resonant sensor technology that enables a
    signal device to simultaneously measure both
    differential and static pressure. It is designed
    to be inviting to the touch and has carefully
    positioned, ribbed patterns for easy handling.

Yokogawas ADMAG AXF Digital magnetic flow meter
  • The AXF magnetic flow meter measures fluid flow
    by sensing the variations in conductivity that
    occur as fluid passes through a magnetic field at
    different rates. The instrument features an
    adhesion-level diagnostic function and
    replaceable electrodes that are easy to maintain.
    It is designed to be inviting to the touch and
    has carefully positioned, ribbed patterns for
    easy handling.

SICKs UE 403 Muting control unit 
  • The UE 403 safety switching unit from SICK allows
    direct signal processing at SICK's M 4000
    multiple light beam safety device switch and thus
    permits independent, decentralised safety
    (muting) switching.
  • In addition to the M 4000 safety device, up to
    four further sensors, a warning lamp, and other
    control switches can be connected.
  • The highly flexible mounting of the UE 403
    results from a connector strip inclined at an
    angle of 15, and the possibility of mounting
    laterally or from the front and, in each case,
    upside down if necessary

SICKs M4000 multi-beam safety light barrier  
  • The M 4000 multiple light beam safety device from
    SICK is used for access protection to assembly
    lines and machines.
  • It has a housing length of between 30 and 180 cm.
    The distance between the safety light beams can
    be individually defined.
  • The integrated laser alignment aid for aligning
    the sender and receiver units is new. The
    extremely flexible mounting of the M 4000 is
    provided by three slots in the housing or through
    rotation around the end caps (swivel mounting).

FESTOs DB Series Air preparation units
  • The DB air preparation units can be used in
    almost all industries. This expansion of the
    product line is absolutely focussed on core
    functionality and offers all common basic
    functions for compressed air supply, such as
    filtration, control and air lubrication. It is
    completely connectible to the existing line of
    products. The compressed air preparation unit is
    also extremely easy to assemble.

FESTOOLs MPA Polish Bottles
  • The triangular shape of the new MPA polish
    bottles provides for safe, non-slip grip. The
    stamped FESTOOL lettering on the back of the
    bottle lends it character and improves the grip.
    The level cap allows the bottle to be stood on
    its head and the funnel effect of the tapering
    head supports ideal emptying of the remaining

FESTOs HSW Handling module
  • The HSW handling module provides for automated
    insertion, reposition and joining of workpieces
    at a 90 angle in long-run productions of small
    modules. Stringent demands on repetition
    accuracy, running performance and achievable
    cycle frequency are met. This is achieved through
    a guided vertical and horizontal motion sequence.
    These compactly designed units can be driven
    pneumatically or electrically.

FESTOs Standard valve terminal
  • This robust valve terminal has an effective
    modular design and consists of valves and
    connecting plates with sophisticated electrical
    and pneumatic interfaces. It is used in small
    systems and can be expanded for systems with a
    very high number of valves. Standard valves
    control the air supply for individually pneumatic
    actuators in the automation of vehicle
    production, the furniture industry, in the
    production of tyres and consumer glass, in
    general mechanical engineering and in the
    printing and paper industries
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