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University of Evansville


This photograph presents an unsolved mystery in my research. ... The first black yearbook editor was Kistin Miller, who is in the second row far right. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: University of Evansville

University of Evansville
  • African-American Alumni
  • A Celebration of Achievement

  • Moores Hill College 1854-1919
  • No known African-Americans admitted
  • Evansville College 1919-1933
  • No official charter to exclude black students
  • southern policy informal rule
  • No known African-American students admitted

The First Females 1934-1940
Zerah Priestly B.S. Secondary Education 38
Vera Shane B.S. Social Science 39
Gertie Gracey B.S. Elementary Education 39
  • The story has it that when Moores Hill moved to
    Evansville, a black business owner gave money to
    help relocate Moores Hill to Evansville. With the
    money was a promise that EC would pave the way
    for black students to attend. Also internal
    pressure from the Methodist church was being
    applied. President Harper apparently had no
    personal objection to black students attending.
  • Zerah Priestly was admitted in 1934 to no
    apparent fanfare and public announcement. Young
    Womens Christina Association, World Fellowship
    Cabinet Member, student Welfare committee to
    assist students.
  • Vera Shane B.S. Social Science 39, YWCA
    Gertie Gracey transfer from Western Kentucky B.S.
    Elementary Education 39 YWCA

The First Females 1934-1940
Estelle Arnette Student,1938
Virginia Higgins B.S. Music 40
The First Males 1935-1949
This photograph presents an unsolved mystery in
my research. His photograph is of a student
named Pat Alves. When I first saw the photograph,
it was my visual impression that Mr. Alves was a
black student. I contacted UE to see if school
records could confirm this. But there was no
record of him. I cannot say if he was a black
student, white student or a foreign student. y
this photograph he was a sophomore. So, he either
began school when Zerah Priestly did, or
transferred to EC. After 35-36 there was no
photographs of Mr. Alves in future Lincs. So I
cannot say for a fact who was the first black
male student at EC. - Arnell Hill '80, former
UEAAA Historian
Pat Alves 1935-36
The First Males 1935-1949
William Bell B.A. Secondary Education 49
James Barbee B.A. Secondary Education 49
Fred Duncan B.A. Sociology 49
  • William Bell, Fred Duncan, and James Barbee
    apparently were the first black males to graduate
    from EC.
  • Mr. Bell joined the Marine Corps and served in
    World War II for 2 ½ years. He was the EC
    representative to Whos Who for 3 years, made the
    Deans list, was a noted musician, Glee Club
    member and was identified as a campus notable
  • Fred Duncan was a member of the Pi Kappa
    fraternity, the Glee Club, and the Student
    Council. James Barbee served as the secretary for
    Pi Kappa.

Student Life - Organizations
  • Black students participated in over 142
    organizations at EC/UE
  • From A Capella Choir to Zeta Tau Alpha

Student Life - Organizations
Edmund Fly Crescent - 1951
Future Teachers of America - 1944
  • Here you see a photo of an unnamed black female
    in the Teachers club.
  • Mr. Edmund Fly 53, was a member of the student
    newspaper, the Crescent in 1951.

Student Life - Organizations
Ann Arnett Presidents Round Table 1954
Pat English Nifty Nine 1970
Ellen Price Homecoming Queen 1968
  • UE has had a black homecoming queen.
  • The Nifty Nine was a social group of black
    female students.

Student Life - Organizations
  • UEs first black homecoming king was Mr.
    Eldridge Bolin.
  • The first black yearbook editor was Kistin
    Miller, who is in the second row far right.

Eldridge Bolin Homecoming King 1989
Kristin Miller Linc Editor 2002
  • 2003Erica Corbin 03 B.S. Mass Communication
    Outstanding Senior Female Award
  • 2006Jamila Brown Outstanding Senior Female
  • 2007Brandon Patton Jackson Outstanding Senior
    Male Award

Erica Corbin
Medal of Honor Recipients
  • One of UEs highest honors is the Medal Of
  • There have been 3 former black students who
    received this award.
  • Ron Glass 68 received award in 1980
  • Rose Mays 67 received award in 2004
  • Vera Shane 39 received award in 2008

Ron Glass 68 B.A. Theatre
Distinguished Alumnus Award
  • Another notable award category has seen two
    black students.
  • Mr. Ricketts was a noted scientist.
  • Don Ricketts 55 received award in 2000
  • Ron Glass 68 received award in 2008

Don Ricketts 55 B.S. Electronic Engineering
Angelo Howard Track and Field 1948-49
Willie Saucer Football - Quarterback 1950-51
Imogene Merritt Womens Athletic
Association 1951-52
William Brimm Football Co-captain 1960-61
Anthony Brooks Tennis 1964-65
Jim Smallins Basketball 1954-55
Larry Humes Basketball 1965-66 Undefeated team
Cleo Walker Wrestling 1968-69
1977-78 Basketball Team
Warren Alston Freshman
Mike Joyner Freshman
Barney Lewis Freshman
Aces basketball team moved from division 2 to
division one in 77-78. Team plane crashed on
December 13 killing the entire team, coaching
staff and others. Among those who died were
Freshman Mike Joyner from Terre Haute, Indiana,
Freshman Barney Lewis, and Freshman Warren Alston
from North Carolina
1977-78 Basketball Team
John Ed Washington Senior
Tony Winburn Senior
  • Senior John Ed Washington and Senior Tony
  • The year prior UE had played Indiana State with
    Larry Bird. Tony Winburn, who was about 5 feet 6
    or 7, got into a play with Bird that resulted in
    a jump ball. Tony out jumped 6 feet 9 Larry Bird
    for the ball.

Student Government
Edmund Fly Student Government Vice
President 1952-1953
Samuel Brooks Student Council 1946-47
  • Samuel Brooks 1946-47 Student Council
  • Edmund Fly 1952-53 Student Government Vice
  • Jacquie King was Vice President of
    Activities/Union Board President in 1981-82
  • Adrian Jones was Vice President of
    Activities/Union Board President in 1984-85
  • Several black students served on the Student
    Congress from 1974 to present
  • 2008 - Caresse Bucchan became the first black
    Student Government President

Black Greeks
Alpha Kappa Alpha with singer Marian
Anderson 1952-53
Ivy Leaf Club 1950-51
  • Ivy Leaf Club was formed in 1950-51 to become
    future chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha photo from 52-53 Linc
    featuring singer Marian Anderson

Black Greeks
Kappa Alpha Psi 1964-65
Black Greeks
Delta Sigma Theta 1981-82
Alpha Angels 1981-82
Black Greeks
Alpha Kappa Alpha 1989-1990
Men of Delta 1983-84
Black Greeks
Phi Kappa Phi 1990-1991
4th Greek Jamboree 1992-1993
Black Greeks
Delta Sigma Theta 1998-1999
Alpha Kappa Alpha 1998-1999
Traditional Greeks
Pi Kappa 1946-1947
  • In 1946 in what was a departure from separate
    but equal, Pi Kappa was formed on the EC campus.
    It featured both black and white male members.
  • It was 23 years later before another traditional
    Greek fraternity admitted a black member Phi
    Kappa Tau in 1969

Traditional Greeks
  • 1969-70 Phi Kappa Tau Walt Purcell
  • 1984-85 Alpha Omicron Pi Andrea Henderson
  • 1984-85 Phi Mu Cindy Russ
  • 1987-88 Tau Kappa Epsilon Vernon Currin
  • 1990-91 Lambda Chi Alpha Chaka Chandler
  • 1991-92 Zeta Tau Alpha

Black Student Union
The story goes that in the fall of 1967 black
students on campus were not happy about the lack
of events at Homecoming that black students could
relate to. So, one rainy night, several students
walked over to President Graves house on campus,
to express their grievances. Their was new
carpet just installed in the Presidents home.
So, the students expressed their complaints, got
the carpet dirty and muddy and BSU was born!
Black Student Union
Black Student Union
Minority Students Association 1989-90
Cultural Diversity Club 1994-95
In 1989-90, BSU disappeared and the Minority
Students Association was born. MSA lasted about
4 years and then the Cultural Diversity Club
replaced MSA.
Black Student Union
In 97-98 BSU returned to reclaim its place in UE
Neely Strayhorn
  • This is my buddy, Mr. Neely Strayhorn. During my
    research, his was the first black face I
    encountered in the year books. There was no name
    under his photograph, but year after year I kept
    seeing his photograph.
  • There was an article about him in the 1942
    Crescent that was not exactly flattering, and the
    Crescent did not show his photograph. There was
    only a black silhouette of a face.
  • He became a campus legend to students. He worked
    as a janitor from 1926 to 1953. He was said to be
    able to tell if a new professor would survive at
    UE or not.
  • Mr. Strayhorn was a silent witness to history at
    UE. He saw the first black students admitted. He
    saw Zerah Priestly, Vera Shane, William Bell,
    Fred Duncan.
  • As I close, I want to thank all those who came
    before us. Thank you Zerah Priestly, Vera Shane,
    Fred Duncan, William Bell, Willie Saucer, Edmund
    Fly. You all paved the way for our success.
  • - Arnell Hill '80, former UEAAA Historian