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University of Toronto Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery State of the Union Address


K. Conrad. M.J. Davidson. R.S. Fenton. B.C. Papsin. K. Riko. A.J. ... 1995 Lauren Hollinger. 1996 Derald Oldring. 1997 Clarence Sasaki. 1998 Murray Morrison ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: University of Toronto Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery State of the Union Address

University of TorontoDepartment of
Otolaryngology Head and Neck SurgeryState of
the Union Address
  • Dr. Patrick Gullane Chair, Department of
    Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
  • Dr. Ian Witterick,
  • Director Post-Graduate Education
  • January 11, 2008

History of Department
  • The Department of Otolaryngology at the
    University of Toronto has a long and honourable
  • It has trained many notable leaders in our
    Specialty that continue to enhance and further
    expand our Specialty.

The Vision
  • The activities should be compatible with
    thepriorities of the
  • Department of Otolaryngology Head Neck
  • Priorized Programs of each Individual Hospitals

University of Toronto - Vision
The University of Toronto will be a leader among
the worlds best public teaching and research
universities in its discovery, preservation and
sharing of knowledge through its teaching and
research and its commitment to excellence and
Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck
Surgery University of Toronto
  • Largest Program in Canada
  • Largest Residency Training Program in Canada
  • Largest of Fellowship Programs
  • Largest of Research Programs
  • Largest of Endowed Chairs Head Neck
    Surgery, Cochlear and Research
  • Largest of CME events
  • Largest of Visiting Professorships

Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck
Surgery University of Toronto
  • 98 Faculty appointments
  • 49 MDs Otolarynoglogists
  • 23 MD Cross appointments
  • 26 Others - PhD Scientists, Audiologists,
    Speech Language Pathologists etc.
  • 22 Residents (5 per year)
  • 16 Fellows (clinical and research)

The Faculty July 2007
  • Professor and Chair
  • P.J. Gullane
  • Professores Emeriti
  • P.W. Alberti
  • B.D. Birt
  • T.D.R. Briant
  • D.P. Bryce
  • P. Cole
  • W.S. Crysdale
  • W.S. Goodman
  • J.S. McGrail
  • Professors
  • S.M. Abel
  • P.A. Adamson
  • D.H. Brown
  • D.A.F. Ellis
  • V. Forte
  • J.L. Freeman
  • J. Friedberg
  • Associate Professors
  • J.S. Chapnik
  • J.M. Chen
  • K. Conrad
  • M.J. Davidson
  • R.S. Fenton
  • B.C. Papsin
  • K. Riko
  • A.J. Smitheringale
  • I.J. Witterick
  • Assistant Professors
  • J. Anderson
  • P. Campisi
  • M. Cashman
  • A. Chiodo
  • K.Y. Chow
  • F. DeSouza
  • W. El Masri
  • D. Enepekides

D.B. Shipp O. Smith L.M. Tarshis P.S. Wade M.
Zirkle Lecturers J. Adamonis. I. Bennett D.
Brown A.J. da Silva S. Drucker R. Fox D.
Goldstein E. Gooden R.I. Josephson A. Katyal W.
Kaul J. Kolenda D. Matthews L. MacDonald J.
Ostroff V. Papaioannou R. Rival K. Smilsky G.
Sohn P. Solomon
E. Thurier A. Vescan J. Werger E.
Wong Instructors B. Bliss M. Bobyn N.A.T.
Sandor K.L. Steen Cross-Appointed Staff
Professors B.J. Cummings F. Gentili S. Kamel-Reid
H. Kunov F-F. Liu B. OSullivan J.A.
Sharpe A.W.P. van Nostrand P.G. Walfish N. Zamel
Cross-AppointedAssociate Professors S. Blaser
G. Bradley E. Kassel L.E. Rotstein L.
Shankar J.H. Siewerdsen A. M-F.
Wong Cross-Appointed Assistant Professors M.A.
Keller R. Martino B. Perez-Ordoñez J. Waldron
Cross-Appointed Lecturer P. Ranalli D. Storms J.
Witte Administrative Staff Z. Huezo, A.
Martin U. Stephenson
  • Dr. Percy Ireland - 1946-1966
  • Dr. Douglas Bryce - 1967-1982
  • Dr. Peter Alberti - 1982-1992
  • Dr. Julian Nedzelski - 1992-2002
  • Dr. Patrick Gullane - 2002-2012

Program Directors
  • Dr.W.F. Goodman 1967-1988
  • Dr. Derek Birt 1988-1998
  • Dr. Dale Brown 1998-2001
  • Dr. Joe Chen 2001-2004
  • Dr. Ian Witterick 2004-Present

Department Hospital Chiefs
  • Sunnybrook Joe Chen
  • St. Michaels Ron Fenton
  • Mt. Sinai Jeremy Freeman
  • HSC Vito Forte
  • UHN Patrick Gullane, R. Gilbert (Deputy Chief)
  • UHN/Mt.SinaiChief Surgical Oncology Jon Irish
  • U of T Division ofHead Neck Oncology Ralph
  • TEGH Oakley Smith
  • SJH Ian Witterick

University - Staff
  • Business Officer
  • Audrea Martin
  • Department Secretary
  • Zoila Huezo
  • Postgraduate Secretary
  • Ursula Stephenson

These individuals provide significant leadership
and administrative support for the academic
activities of the department. Computerization
links with U of T network to disseminate
information locally, nationally and
internationally. Fully integrated with the
Administrative Management System (FIS, HRIS) of
the Facility and University.
University of Toronto - Organizational Structure
Dean Faculty of Medicine C. Whiteside
Chair of Otolaryngology H NP. Gullane
Budget Committee
Department of OtolaryngologyHospital for Sick
ChildrenV. Forte
Executive Committee Hospital Otolaryngologists-In-
Audiology Committee
Department of OtolaryngologyMt. Sinai
HospitalJ. Freeman
Continuing Medical Education
Co-Directors of Audiology K. Riko, V. Papaioannou
Postgraduate EducationCommittee
Department of OtolaryngologySt. Michaels
HospitalR. Fenton
Director, Continuing Medical Ed. I. Witterick
Fellowship Sub Committee
Director, Post Graduate Education I. Witterick
Department of OtolaryngologySunnybrook Womens
CollegeHealth Sciences CentreJ. Chen
Research Committee
Director of Research Chair Promotions
Committee R. Harrison
Department of OtolaryngologyThe University
Health NetworkP. GullaneR. Gilbert (deputy)
Promotions Committee
Director, Undergraduate Education P. Campisi
Undergraduate EducationCommittee
Department of Otolaryngoloy Toronto East General
Hospital O. Smith
Chair, DAC J. Irish
Departmental Appointments Committee (DAC)
Rep. forCommunity Academic Faculty R. Rival
Department of Otolaryngoloy St. Josephs
Hospital I. Witterick
Non-Geographic Faculty Community Academic Faculty
  • The principal source of funding is from the
    combination of Ministry of Training, Colleges and
    Universities (MTCU) and Teaching Research funds
  • Others sources AFPs, repair funds from Cancer
    Care Ontario, and on call stipends.
  • Full AFP at HSC helped significantly to recruit
    clinician-scientists and clinician-educators.
  • Hospital departments have through the leadership
    of their chiefs and faculty received substantial
    donations which are used to support research
    endeavors, clinical and research fellows.
  • Over the past five years we have seen significant
    expansion in the research grants obtained by
    members of the Department.

Clinical Program
  • Over the past five years we have seen a
    significant change in clinical services.
  • Major focus in head and neck oncology and
    reconstruction, endocrine oncology, neurotology,
    reconstructive and plastic surgery, complex
    otology and skull base surgery.
  • With this shift and increased academic expansion,
    the fully affiliated hospitals have obtained an
    increase in the capital equipment and funding
    necessary and also volume based funding resulting
    from the government need to reduce wait times.
  • However with the expansion of the complex
    clinical programs, it was necessary to evaluate
    the mix of cases and operative experiences
    obtained by the residents.
  • Review of the PGY5 resident case logs who
    graduated in 2005 demonstrated that the average
    resident performed 1862 otolaryngology procedures
    during their training and despite the concerns
    that they were not obtaining basic otolaryngology
    training, we found that 26.4 of the procedures
    fell under the category of General

Research Program
  • Over the past five years we have witnessed a
    significant increase in the research activities
    within the Department. This has been a major
    focus of mine, having identified the research
    weakness on my appointment. Furthermore, our
    residents needed to have greater exposure to
    clinical and basic research, especially the
    opportunity to pursue a Masters degree.
  • The research covers all aspects of our specialty
    from head and neck oncology, vestibular research,
    otology, neurotology, ear and acoustics research,
    audiology and cochlear implantation research and
    basic science applied both to oncology, otology
    and upper airway sciences.

Research Program
  • Dr. Robert Harrison, Director of Research and
    Chair of the Research committee, has annually
    held a Research Evening since my appointment to
    highlight the research activities ongoing within
    the Department and to expose and stimulate
    resident interest in pursuing a Masters thesis.
    This has had a profound effect on the Department
    with ten individuals having completed a Masters
    thesis. I am extremely proud of this
    accomplishment which had been identified as a
  • I am indebted to many of the researchers and
    mentors including Drs. Robert Harrison, Blake
    Papsin, Karen Gordon, Sharon Abel, Suzanne
    Kamel-Reid, Fei-Fei Liu, Jonathan Irish, Paolo
    Campisi, Jeremy Freeman, Vito Forte, Jim Haight
    and many others for their leadership.

AGENDA 5.30 PM Welcome and Introduction Bob
Harrison 5.40 PM Head and Neck Cancer Research
Unit Suzanne Kamel-Reid 5.50 PM H N clinical
Research Group David Goldstein 6.00 PM The Liu
Lab H N oncology research Fei-Fei Liu 6.10
PM Vestibular Research John Rutka 6.20
PM SickKids Cochlear Implant Research Lab Karen
Gordon 6.30 PM Sunnybrook Otology Research Group
Joe Chen and
introducing Lendra Friesen 6.40 PM Upper
Airway Sciences Jim Haight 6.50 PM Sunnybrook
H N Oncology Research Kevin Higgins 7.00
PM Image Guided Surgery Research Jon Irish/Jeff
Siewerdsen 7.10 PM Applied Pediatric Research
Vito Forte 7.20 PM MSH Otolaryngology HNS
group Ian Witterick 7.30 PM Auditory Science
Lab and Pediatric Voice Lab Bob Harrison
My thanks to you Bob for your untiring efforts in
helping to enhance our research mission.
Masters Thesis
  • Dr. Vance Tsai, Masters thesis in International
    Health at theLondon School of Hygiene.
  • Dr. Evan Propst two-year Masters thesis in the
    Genetics of Hearing Loss (Surgeon-Scientist
  • Dr. Molly Zirkle Masters thesis in Education.
  • Dr. Kevin Higgins Masters thesis in Clinical
  • Dr. David Goldstein Masters thesis in Clinical
  • Dr. Manish Shah Masters thesis in Clinical
    Epidemiology atCambridge University in England.
  • Dr. Sharon Cushing Masters thesis as part of the
    Surgeon Scientist Program
  • Dr. Ian Witterick completed his Masters in
    Clinical Epidemiology
  • Dr. Allan Vescan presently in progress
  • Dr. Vincent Lin presently in progress

Research Program
  • The Basic Science Laboratories in Head and Neck
    Oncology within the Princess Margaret Hospital
    Directors Drs. Suzanne Kamel-Reid and Fei-Fei Liu
    have helped to further enhance our research
    profile nationally and internationally.
  • I am grateful to Fei-Fei and Suzanne for their
    enormous contributions. A combination of the
    endowment of Chairs, successful competitive
    research grants obtained through private
    donations and corporate support have helped
    enormously to further enhance this activity.
  • I am indebted to Drs. Robert Harrison, Blake
    Papsin and Karen Gordon for their leadership,
    support and guidance in cochlear and basic
    auditory research. The recent successful CIHR
    (one million) grant obtained by Dr. Harrison
    demonstrates his prominence in the research arena
    of auditory science.Dr. Blake Papsins
    contributions in cochlear implant research was
    recognized with an endowed chair, Cochlear
    Corporation Chair in Auditory Development in
    2005 with recent publication in NEJM November

Research Program
  • The Department has in addition increased
    interaction with other cognate departments in the
    clinical and academic arenas. Clinical
    interactions have expanded in head and neck
    oncology, with more cross appointments in
    activities with the Department of Radiation and
    Medical Oncology at the Princess Margaret
  • Collaborative clinical and educational programs
    have also expanded within the Department of
    Endocrinology, Plastic Surgery, and basic
    research. The goal of the Department is to allow
    the research program to integrate in the core
    activity of another department.
  • Over the past five years, the Department has
    developed significant programmatic excellence
    with a number of its faculty known nationally and
    internationally for their programmatic
    excellence. The advent of image guided surgery
    and the development of the GTX program lead by
    Drs. Jonathan Irish, Jeffrey Siewerdsen and
    Walter Kucharczyk remains a very exciting focus.

Research Program
  • Currently their are four endowed Chairs in the
    Department of Otolaryngology Head Neck
    Surgery which for a smaller department is
  • These include
  • The Temmy Latner/Dynacare Chair in Head and Neck
    Oncology at Mt. Sinai Hospital held by Dr. Jeremy
  • The Wharton Chair in Head and Neck Surgery at the
    University Health Network held by Dr. Patrick
  • The Mariano Elia Chair in Head and Neck Research
    at the Princess Margaret Hospital held by Dr.
    Fei-Fei Liu
  • The Cochlear Corporation Chair in Auditory
    Development at the Hospital for Sick Children
    held by Dr. Blake Papsin.

Wharton/Latner/Elia/CochlearChairs in
Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
  • Chair in Head and Neck Surgery2,000,0000 - Dr.
    Patrick Gullane
  • Bartley-Smith/Wharton Chair in Radiation
    Oncology2,000,000 - Dr. Brian OSullivan
  • Elia Chair in Head and Neck Research2,500,000
    - Dr. Fei-Fei Liu
  • Temmy Latner/Dynacare Chair in Head and Neck
    Oncology3,000,000 - Dr. Jeremy Freeman
  • Cochlear Americas Chair2,000,000 - Dr. Blake
  • Two future Chairs pending.

Research Support, Grants and Publications 2002
  • Endowment interest from Chairs, peer-reviewed
    grants, industry and pharmaceutical support,
    group practice plans, resulted in 5.7 million in
    research support from July 2002 June 2007.
  • Publications
  • 2002-2005 217 peer-reviewed papers 56
    chapters 3 text books
  • 2005-2006 108 peer-reviewed papers 14
    chapters 3 text books
  • 2006-2007 92 peer-reviewed papers 4 chapters

Total published papers is double the number
produced by all the departments of Otolaryngology
in Canada combined.
  • Over the past five years, the research academic
    output and peer-reviewed publications have
    significantly increased from 2002-2006 when
    compared with the previous publication numbers
    from 1996-2001 as is documented in the
    Departmental Annual Report and from the
    submission of the Research report by Dr.
  • A written communication from Dean David Naylor
    (now President of the University of Toronto) in
    reference to the Annual Report of 2006, states
    As I expressed to you some time ago, the greatest
    difference in performance measures on a per
    capita basis-when comparing the University of
    Toronto to similar institutions is in your
    department- followed closely by a number of
    others such as Law Chemistry.

Bibliometric Analysis
Education Programs
  • The Education Programs have been a major focus of
    my activities over the past five years and have
    received significant attention. The
    Undergraduate and Postgraduate Directors, and
    their committees are to be complimented for their
    enormous contributions to this most important
    area within our Department.

Undergraduate Education
  • Dr. Paolo Campisi has taken over the leadership
    of this program from Dr. Julian Nedzelski who
    lead the program previously. The course content
    has been updated by Dr. Campisi and his committee
    and is now available on-line for students to
  • The Undergraduate Medical Education is conducted
    through three academies
  • The Peter-Boyd Academy
  • The Wightman-Berris Academy
  • The Fitzgerald Academy.
  • Our Department is committed to provide over 900
    hoursof undergraduate medical education per
    annum.Evaluations from the medical students from
    all threeacademies are excellent.

Undergraduate Medical Education Activity per
Annum960 hours
Im truly indebted to all members of the facility
for your enormous contributions.
Undergraduate Education
  • During the past five years we have increased
    exposure to Otolaryngology Head Neck Surgery
    which includes the PBL Foundations of Medical
    Practice, taught by Dr. Alma Smitheringale, the
    Year III clerkship experience in Otolaryngology
    Head and Neck Surgery shared with the Department
    of Ophthalmology and spread through a two week
    block interval.
  • Teaching is carried out within the context of the
    academies with a half day interval at the
    Hospital for Sick Children as part of the
    experience during each of these teaching blocks.

Undergraduate Education
  • The Undergraduate Education Committee chaired
    byDr. Paolo Campisi has ensured that a
    standardized curriculum has been struck and
    maintained. An evaluation tool for students and
    teachers has been developed. Plans are in place
    to implement on-line scheduling, including
    faculty and student evaluation forms, and patient
    encounter logs.
  • An upcoming challenge to the committee is the
    expansion of the undergraduate program and a new
    clerkship academy at the Mississauga campus. A
    site visit has already taken place jointly by
    both Dr. Campisi and the Chair.

Undergraduate Education
  • Over the past five years we have seen a
    significant number of elective rotations with
    an increased number of medical students
    interested in spending more time in our
    department and as a result an increased interest
    in pursuing Otolaryngology Head Neck Surgery
    as a specialty career.
  • The main weakness is the regret by the students
    of not having more allocated time to our
    specialty in the Pre-clerkship year. This will be
    a focus of my attention in the next five years.

Postgraduate Education
  • Dr. Ian Witterick was appointed as Director of
    the Postgraduate Program September 2004 . During
    the Royal College Site Survey in 2001 some areas
    of weaknesses were identified and in the mandate
    of the Internal Review of September 2002 (3
    months after I was appointed as Chair) all of
    these weaknesses were identified and corrected.

Postgraduate Education
  • During the past three years under the superior
    leadership of Dr. Ian Witterick we have
    experienced significant changes that have
  • Enhancement of general otolaryngology
  • A mandatory 4 month research block for residents
  • Established goals and objectives for the
    residency (Red and Yellow books)
  • Implementation of a 360 degree evaluation tool
  • The establishment of a chief resident category

Postgraduate Education
  • During the same time we also have expanded the
    core teaching lectures, improved resident-faculty
    evaluations (POWER) online case log tracking
    system PGY1 skills course, oral examinations,
    practice written examinations, addition of
    anesthesia rotation in PGY1 increased CMGs from
    3 to 4 (as of 2008 increased to 5), significant
    number of invited visiting professors and
    continuing education courses, Masters degrees,
    six over the past five years and finally a
    mentorship program for PGY1 residents.
  • Increased social interactions to improve the
    morale of the residents and make them feel like
    they are Partners in the Department.

  • A combination of a large, dynamic and dedicated
    faculty with high satisfaction ratings, a
    comprehensive curriculum with re-structuring of
    the program to adhere to the CanMeds Guidelines
    have resulted in the recent successful Royal
    Collegeon-site Survey, April 18th, 2007.

Im indebted to Dr. Witterick for his untiring
commitment to excellence in our Residency Program
which is now one of the foremost in North
America. My thanks also to the dedication of a
committed faculty, residents, and fellows.
University of TorontoDepartment of
Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
  • Percy Ireland16th Annual Academic Day and Dinner
  • May 3-4th, 2007
  • Dr. Patrick Gullane Chair
  • Dr. Ian Witterick Post Graduate Director
  • Guest Speaker Dr. David Eisele
  • Honoured Guest Dr. Hugh Barber (posthumous)

Percy Ireland Day 18 Guest Professors1990-2007
  • 1990 Charles Cummings
  • 1991 Eugene Myers
  • 1992 Bob Ruben
  • 1993 Noel Cohen
  • 1994 Howard Lampe
  • 1995 Lauren Hollinger
  • 1996 Derald Oldring
  • 1997 Clarence Sasaki
  • 1998 Murray Morrison
  • 1999 Stephen Harner
  • 2000 Dominique Dorion
  • 2001 Richard Mabry
  • 2002 Melvin Schloss
  • 2003 Jonas Johnson
  • 2004 P. Ashley Wackym
  • 2005 Lanny Garth Close
  • 2006 Richard Chole
  • 2007 David W. Eisele

Postgraduate Education
  • Our congratulations to Dr. Witterick on his
    receipt of the Faculty of Medicine Award for
    Excellence in Postgraduate Medical Education
    under the Category of Development/Innovation in
    Postgraduate Education October 2007.

Major Accomplishment
  • Reversed the reciprocity of Canadian graduates to
    take the American Board of Otolaryngology
    accrediting examination.

The Negotiating Team!
Fellowship Program
  • The Fellowship Programs within the University of
    Toronto(approx. 17 fellows per year) have
    continued to flourish include the American Head
    and Neck Fellowship Program accredited by the
    advanced training council of the American Head
    Neck Society, the American Academy of Facial
    Plastic and Reconstructive Program accredited by
    the AAFPRS and the Pediatric Program accredited
    through the American matching system.
  • Our Department has a long standing history of
    post-residency fellowship training with many of
    our postgraduate trainees having come from 42
    countries over the past 40 years. These fellow
    graduates have therefore added significantly to
    the academic output and productivity of the
  • The Fellowships within the Department all have
    specific Job Descriptions with terms of reference
    to ensure that the fellowship experience
    complements rather than interferes with resident

Fellowship Program
  • Head and Neck Oncology, including (6)
  • microvascular surgery intergrationof
  • Approval of 3rd accredited position July 1,
    2005 in Head and Neck by ATC of AHNS
  • Pediatric Otolaryngology (1-2)
  • Neurotology approval of 2nd (2-3) fellowsh
    ip by TWJ
  • Otologic Research (2)
  • Rhinology (2)
  • Facial Plastic Surgery AAFPS (2)

Continuing Medical Education
  • The Continuing Education Committee, Chaired by
    Dr. Ian Witterick, has revolutionized and
    redesigned the focus of CME.
  • The CME has become a priority of the Department.
    Emphasis has been placed on high quality,
    interactive activities intended to stimulate both
    community and academic otolaryngologists. Guest
    Professors and Lecturers over the past five years
    include some of the most prominent individuals in
    our specialty.
  • The activities of the CME have been further
    enhanced with the interest in minimally invasive
    surgery resulting in an increased number of
    endoscopic Skull Base Dissection and Temporal
    Bone courses hosted by our Department within the
    Surgical Skills Laboratory.

Continuing Medical Education
  • Drs. Al Chiodo and Richard Rival (representative
    on our Executive Committee of community academic
    faculty) have continued to successfully
    coordinate with the University Department, the
    annual Otolaryngology Update atToronto East
    General Hospital.
  • This event attracts over half of the
    otolaryngologists in the province of Ontario on
    an annual basis.
  • This again is further evidence of improved
    relationships with our community colleagues.
  • Many other events during the past five years have
    included the Current Concepts on the Management
    of Thyroid Nodular Disease and Cancer organized
    by Dr. Jeremy Freeman.
  • The annual Wharton/Elia Day coordinated by Drs.
    Ralph Gilbert and Gullane
  • Numerous endoscopic Temporal bone courses etc.
    coordinated byDrs. Witterick, Rutka, Papsin,
    Chen, Nedzelski etc.

Continuing Medical Education
  • Finally, on the international scene, the Canada
    International Scientific Exchange Program in
    Otolaryngology (CISEPO) under the directorship
    ofDr. Arnold Noyek has been incredibly active on
    numerous fronts including the organization of
    international scientific meetings in the Middle
    East. Dr. Noyeks innovations have helped to
    build bridges in the Middle East where no other
    government or agency had been able to be

Accredited CME Courses 2002 2005
  • 2002-2003
  • A series of visiting professors was planned for
    the academic year but many had to be cancelled
    secondary to the SARS outbreak.
  • February 8, 2003Otolaryngology Update
    2003Course Director Dr. Albino Chiodo
  • June 20-21, 2003Advanced Endoscopic Sinus
    SurgeryCourse Director Dr. Ian Witterick
  • 2003-2004
  • October 23-25, 20033rd Practical
    Otology/Neurotology Update 2003Course Directors
    Drs. John Rutka, Manohar Bance, Jerry Halik
  • February 7, 2004Otolaryngology Update
    2004Course Directors Drs. Albino Chiodo,
    Richard Rival
  • April 16-17, 2004The Toronto Voice Course
    featuring Laryngeal Disorders, Stroboscopy,
    Thyroplasty and Percutaneous TracheotomyCourse
    Directors Drs. Jennifer Anderson, Ian Witterick

Accredited CME Courses 2003 2005
  • 2003-2004
  • June 11-12, 20045th Biennial Course on the
    Management of Thyroid Nodular Disease and
    CancerCourse Coordinator Dr. Jeremy L. Freeman
  • June 18-20, 2004Temporal Bone Dissection
    CourseCourse Directors Drs. John Rutka, Jerry
  • June 26, 2004Otolaryngology Saturday at the
    University Course Director Dr. Ian Witterick
  • 2004-2005
  • October 28-30, 2004Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and
    Rhinoplasty CourseCourse Directors Drs. Ian
    Witterick, Peter Adamson
  • November 11, 2004Practical Course in Mystagmus,
    Vestibular Testing and the Management of the
    Dizzy PatientCourse Directors Drs. David
    Tomlinson, Paul Ranalli, Heather Desroches, John

Accredited CME Courses 2003 2005
  • 2004-2005
  • November 12, 2004The Toronto Paediatric
    Endoscopy CourseCourse Directors Drs. Vito
    Forte, Ian Witterick
  • December 11, 2004Otolaryngology Saturday at the
    UniversityCourse Director Dr. Ian Witterick
  • February 11, 2005Treatment of Head and Neck
    Cancer by Transoral Laser SurgeryCourse
    Organizers Drs. Ian Witterick, Ralph Gilbert
  • February 12, 2005Otolaryngology Update
    2005Course Directors Drs. Albino Chiodo,
    Richard Rival, Ian Witterick
  • June 9-11, 2005Temporal Bone Dissection
    CourseCourse Directors Drs. John Rutka, Jerry
  • June 11, 2005One Day Course on Functional and
    Structural Diseases of the ThyroidCourse
    Coordinators Drs. Jeremy L. Freeman, Michael

Accredited CME Courses 2005 2008
  • 2007-2008
  • September 27-29, 2007Temporal Bone Dissection
    CourseCourse Directors Drs. John Rutka, Jerry
  • November 16-17, 2007Endoscopic Surgery of the
    Pituitary Fossa and Cranial BaseCourse
    Directors Drs. Fred Gentili, Ian Witterick
  • February 9, 20086th Annual Otolaryngology
    UpdateCourse Organizers Drs. Al Chiodo,
    Richard Rival, Ian Witterick

Visiting Professorships 2002-2007
  • Wharton Lectureship
  • Morley Binstock Lectureship
  • Bulhose Lectureship
  • Leibinger Lectureships
  • Abbott Lectureship
  • Elia Lectureship
  • How have we done?

Department of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck
SurgeryVisiting Professors/Observers 2002
  • Dr. Robin Blair Oct Visiting Professor Scotland
  • Dr. Patrick Bradley Oct Visiting
    Professor Nottingham England
  • Dr. Noel Cohen Feb Visiting Professor New York
  • Dr. Fadel Ishak June Visiting Surgeon Sudbury
  • Dr. Bernard Lyons Feb Visiting Professor Australia
  • Dr. James McGillivray Aug Visiting
    Surgeon Collingwood
  • Dr. Shahed Quraishi Jul-Aug Observer Nottingham
  • Dr. Ali Safavi Naini Sept-Dec Observer Iran
  • Dr. Patrick Sheahan Apr Observer Dublin
  • Dr. David Schuller June Visiting
    Professor Columbus Ohio
  • Dr. David Sidransky June Visiting
    Professor Baltimore Maryland
  • Dr. Salvatore Singarelli July Observer Milan
  • Dr. Sandro Stoeckli Sept-Oct Observer Switzerland
  • Dr. Ibrahim Wedyan Oct-Nov Observer Jordan
  • Dr. Ernest Weymuller Apr Visiting
    Professor Seattle Washington

Department of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck
SurgeryVisiting Professors/Observers 2003
  • Dr. Martin Desrosiers February Visiting
    Professor Montreal Quebec
  • Dr. Patricia Chute Feb Visiting Professor New
  • Dr. Eduardo Manuel Casal Feb-Mar Visiting
    Professor Argentina
  • Dr. Jack Coleman Mar Visiting Professor Indianapol
    is, Indiana
  • Dr. David Lam Mar Observer Oxford
  • Dr. Ian Jackson March Visiting Professor Michigan
  • Dr. Jose Maria Galan Fajardo Mar-May Observer Madr
    id Spain
  • SARS Mar-July
  • Dr. Jonas Johnson May Visiting Professor
  • Dr. Essam Aizimaiti July/Aug Visiting Observer
    Saudi Arabia
  • Dr. Sinnathurai Selvaratnam Aug Visiting Observer
  • Dr. Robert Takes Aug Visiting Observer The
  • Dr. Peter Lohuis Aug Visiting Observer Amsterdam
  • Dr. Marcel Cooper Aug Visiting Observer The
  • Mr Brent Elliott September Visitor Tech
    Consultant Baxter
  • Dr Prema P Samy Sept-Dec Observer Malaysia
  • Dr. Richard Smith Oct Visiting Professor
    University of Iowa
  • Dr. David Parsons Oct Visiting Professor South
  • Dr. Paul Levine Oct Visiting Professor Virginia

Department of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck
SurgeryVisiting Professors/Observers 2004
  • Dr. Prema P Samy Jan-Sept Observer Malaysia
  • Dr. Francois Lavigne Jan Visiting Professor Univ
    of Montreal
  • Dr. Manohar Bance Feb Visiting Professor Dalhousie
    Univ, NS
  • Dr. Natalie Narango Feb-Dec Observer Univ of
    UACA, San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Dr. Peter J Wormald March Visiting Prof U of
    Adelaide S Australia
  • Dr. Mark Rafferty March Observer Dublin Ireland
  • Dr. Antti Makitie Mar-Apr Visiting Prof Helsinki
  • Dr. Lance Oxford Apr Observer U of Texas
  • Dr. Gerry Funk Apr Visiting Prof Iowa College of
    Medicine, Iowa
  • Dr. Syed Farhan Ahsan Apr Observer Aberdeen
  • Dr. Anthony Jahn Apr Visiting Prof Columbia
    University, New York
  • Dr. Yi Deng Apr-May Observer Hubei Medical
  • Dr. Hiroyuki Itoh Apr-June Observer, Tokyo
    Medical Hospital Japan
  • Dr. Steve Cohen May-July Observer Rouge Valley
    Health Care System
  • Dr. Colm Fahy May Observer Belfast Ireland
  • Prof Jean Bourhis June Visiting Professor
    Villejuif, France
  • Dr. Bert OMalley June Visiting Professor
    Philadelphia, PA
  • Dr. Vincent Clarke June Observer Queen Eliz
    Hospital, Barbados
  • Dr. Hendrik Verschuur July Visiting The

Department of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck
SurgeryVisiting Professors/Observers 2005
  • Dr. Stefanos Naxakis Jan-Apr Visiting
    Observer Patras Greece
  • Dr. Masoud Zarandy Jan-Dec Visiting Observer Iran
  • Dr. Natalie Naranjo Jan Dec Visiting
    Professor Costa Rico
  • Alex Drossos Jan 14 Visiting Observer Cancer Care
  • Dr. Maya Sardesai Feb 16 Visiting Observer Univ
    of Western Ont
  • Dr. Blake Wilson Feb 18 Visiting Professor Duke
  • Dr. Paul Kessler Feb Dec Visiting Observer
  • Dr. Rajan Patel Mar 14-16 Visiting Observer
    North Bristol Hosp - England
  • Dr. Charles Minett Mar 30 Visiting Professor
    Guelph, Ontario
  • Dr. Bernard Hoffmann Apr 18-30 Visiting Observer
    Charite University - Berlin
  • Dr. Nabil Abdel-Hamid May 4 Visiting Professor
    Thunder Bay
  • Dr. Lanny Close May 6-7 Visiting Professor
    Columbia University
  • Dr. Arnold Cheung May Visiting Observer Hong
  • Dr. Konstantina Tzifa June July Visiting
    Observer Birmingham England
  • Dr. Wytske Fokkens June 3 Visiting Professor
    Univ of Amsterdam
  • Dr. Kian Ang June 16-18 Visiting Professor MD
  • Dr. Low Wong Kein July 6 Visiting Professor
    Singapore Gen Hospital
  • Dr. Antti Makitie Aug 2-12 Visiting
    Professor Helsinki Finland

Special Visiting Professors 2002-2003
  • October 2002
  • Dr. Patrick J. Bradley
  • Consultant, OtorhinolaryngologyHead Neck
    SurgeonUniversity HospitalQueens Medical
    Centre, Nottingham, England2nd Morley Binstock
    Mt. Sinai Hospital LecturerUniversity of Toronto
    Visiting Professor
  • February 2003
  • Dr. Martin Desrosiers
  • Associate ProfessorDepartment of
    Otolaryngology,Université de Montréal1st Annual
    Bayer Healthcare University of Toronto Mount
    Sinai Hospital Lecture in Rhinology
  • Dr. Patricia M. Chute
  • Associate Professor, Department ofCommunication
    DisordersMercy College, NY

March 2003 Dr. John J. Coleman James E. Bennett
Professor of Plastic SurgeryIndiana
UniversityPresented Combined Rounds for
theDepartments of Plastic Surgery
andOtolaryngology Dr. Ian T. Jackson Institute
for Craniofacial andReconstructive
SurgerySouthfield, MichiganPresented Combined
Rounds for theDepartments of Plastic Surgery
andOtolaryngology May 2003 Dr. Jonas T.
Johnson Professor and Vice Chair of
theDepartment of OtolaryngologyUniversity of
Pittsburgh School of MedicinePittsburgh,
Pennsylvania12th Percy Ireland Visiting Professor
Special Visiting Professors 2003
  • October 2003
  • Dr. Richard Smith
  • ProfessorDepartment of Otolaryngology, Head
    Neck Surgery University of Iowa
  • Dr. David Parsons
  • Clinical Professor, University of South
    Carolina1st GlaxoSmithKline LecturerUniversity
    of Toronto Visiting Professor
  • Dr. Paul A. Levine
  • Robert W. Cantrell Professor and
    ChairmanDirector, Head and Neck Surgical
    OncologyUniversity of Virginia Health
    System13th Annual Abbott - Mt. Sinai Hospital
    LecturerUniversity of Toronto Visiting Professor

November 2003 Dr. Alkis Togias Associate
Professor of MedicineDivisions of Clinical
Immunology andPulmonary and Critical Care
MedicineJohns Hopkins University, School of
MedicineBaltimore, MD Dr. A.J.M
Balm ChairmanHead and Neck Oncology Cooperative
GroupThe Netherlands Cancer InstituteAntoni van
Leeuwenhoek HospitalAmsterdam, The
Netherlands Dr. Adella R. Atkinson Assistant
Professor of PediatricsDivision of Immunology
and AllergyHospital for Sick Children, Toronto
Special Visiting Professors 2003-2004
  • December 2003
  • Dr. Lorne S. Parnes
  • Professor and Program DirectorDepartment of
    OtolaryngologyUniversity of Western
    OntarioLondon, Ontario1st Solvay Pharma
    LecturerUniversity of Toronto Visiting Professor
  • January 2004
  • Dr. Francois Lavigne
  • ProfessorInstitut ORL de Montreal1st Bristol
    Myers Squibb LecturerUniversity of Toronto
    Visiting Professor
  • February 2004
  • Dr. Manohar Bance
  • Associate ProfessorDepartment of
    OtolaryngologyDalhousie UniversityHalifax, Nova

March 2004 Dr. Peter J. Wormald University of
Adelaide and Flinders UniversitySouth
Australia Dr. Herman Kingma Professor of
OtolaryngologyUniversity of Maastricht, The
Netherlands April 2004 Ms. Tracey
Tremayne-Lloyd Managing PartnerTremayne-Lloyd
Partners LLP,Barrister and Solicitors,
Toronto Dr. Gerry Funk Associate
ProfessorUniversity of Iowa College of
Medicine3rd Annual Binstock Mt Sinai Hospital
LecturerUniversity of Toronto Visiting Professor
Special Visiting Professors 2004
  • April 2004
  • Dr. Anthony F. Jahn
  • ProfessorColumbia University College of
    Physiciansand SurgeonsNew York, NYThe Michael
    Hawke Commemorative LectureUniversity of Toronto
    Visiting Professor
  • Dr. Karen Kost
  • Director of the Voice Lab, McGill
    UniversityDirector of Otolaryngology,Montreal
    General Hospital
  • Dr. Murray Morrison
  • Professor of OtolaryngologyUniversity of British

May 2004 Dr. P. Ashley Wackym Chair, Department
of Otolaryngology andCommunication
SciencesMedical College of Wisconsin,
Milwaukee13th Percy Ireland Visiting
Professor Dr. Sanjay R. Parikh Director of
Pediatric OtolaryngologyChildrens Hospital at
MontefioreAlbert Einstein College of
MedicineBronx, New York Dr. Michael
Ruckenstein Associate ProfessorHospital of the
University of PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia,
Pennsylvania Dr. Gerald Devins Professor of
PsychiatrySenior Scientist, TGRIHead, Mental
Health Research, UHN, CIHRSenior
Special Visiting Professors 2004
  • June 2004
  • Dr. Joseph Dohar
  • Pediatric OtolaryngologistPittsburgh Childrens
  • Dr. Bruce Freeman
  • Wasser Pain Management CentreMt. Sinai Hospital,
  • Mr. W.M. Armstrong
  • Manager, MD Management LimitedToronto
  • September 2004
  • Dr. Ernest L. Mazzaferri
  • Professor of MedicineUniversity of Florida
  • Dr. Ross Davidson
  • Associate Director, MicrobiologyQueen Elizabeth
    II Health Sciences CentreHalifax, Nova Scotia

October 2004 Dr. Francoise Lavigne ProfessorUnive
rsity of Montreal November 2004 Dr. Michiel van
den Brekel Otolaryngologist Head Neck
SurgeonNetherlands Cancer InstituteUniversity
of Amsterdam14th Annual Abbott
Lecturer December 2004 Dr. Amin R.
Javer Director, St. Pauls Sinus
CenterUniversity of British Columbia Dr. Donald
Robertson Assistant Professor,Division of
OtolaryngologyMcMaster UniversityHamilton,
Special Visiting Professors 2005
  • February 2005
  • Dr. Petra Ambrosch
  • Professor of Otorhinolaryngology Head and
    Neck SurgeryUniversity of Kiel, Kiel, Germany
  • Dr. Shan R. Baker
  • Professor and DirectorCentre for Facial Cosmetic
    SurgeryUniversity of MichiganAnn Arbor,
  • Dr. David W. Kennedy
  • Vice Dean for Professional ServicesUniversity of
    Pennsylvania School of MedicinePhiladelphia,
  • Dr. Blake S. Wilson
  • Senior Fellow at the Research Triangle
    InstituteDuke University Medical Center

May 2005 Dr. Peter Rossos Division of
Gastroenterology,Department of
MedicineUniversity of Toronto Dr. Lanny Garth
Close Howard W. Smith Professor and
ChairmanDepartment of Otolaryngology Head
and Neck SurgeryColumbia University College of
Physiciansand Surgeons of New York14th Percy
Ireland Visiting Professor Prof. Wytske
Fokkens Professor and ChairDepartment of
OtorhinolaryngologyUniversity of Amsterdam
Special Visiting Professors 2005-2006
  • October 2005
  • Dr. John A. Ridge
  • Chief, Head and Neck Surgery SectionFox Chase
    Cancer CenterPhiladelphia, PA4th Annual Morley
    Binstock Lecturer
  • Dr. Eric D. Blom
  • Blom-SingerVoice Restoration SystemsCarpinteria
    , California
  • November 2005
  • Dr. Manohar Bance
  • Professor, Division of Otolaryngology,Department
    of SurgeryDalhousie University

November 2005 Dr. Paul Kerr Associate Professor,
Program DirectorDepartment of OtolaryngologyUniv
ersity of Manitoba Dr. Hadi Seikaly Program
DirectorDivision of Otolaryngology,Department
of SurgeryUniversity of Alberta February
2006 Dr. Ricardo Carrau Professor of
Otolaryngology Head Neck SurgeryUniversity
of Pittsburgh School of MedicinePittsburgh,
Special Visiting Professors 2006
  • February 2006
  • Dr. Robert CowanAssociate ProfessorDepartment
    of OtolaryngologyUniversity of Melbourne,
    AustraliaNalli Day Lecturer
  • Dr. Paul Gardner
  • Minimally Invasive Skull Base FellowDepartment
    of Neurological SurgeryUniversity of Pittsburgh
    School of MedicinePittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Dr. David Howard
  • Institute of Laryngology and OtologyLondon,
  • Dr. Amin Kassam
  • Associate Professor of Neurological
    SurgeryUniversity of Pittsburgh School of
    MedicinePittsburgh, Pennsylvania

February 2006 Dr. Walter Kucharczyk Chair,
Medical ImagingUniversity of TorontoToronto,
Ontario Dr. Valerie Lund Professor in
RhinologyHonorary Consultant ENT SurgeonRoyal
Free and University College Medical
SchoolUniversity College London Dr. Arlan
Mintz Assistant Professor of Neurological
SurgeryUniversity of Pittsburgh School of
MedicinePittsburgh, Pennsylvania Dr. Carl
Snyderman Professor of Otolaryngology Head
Neck SurgeryUniversity of Pittsburgh School of
MedicinePittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Special Visiting Professors 2006
  • April 2006
  • Dr. Jesus Medina
  • Chair, Department of OtolaryngologyPaul and Ruth
    Jonas Chair in CancerTreatment and
    ResearchUniversity of Oklahoma
  • May 2006
  • Dr. Richard Chole
  • Chair, Department of OtolaryngologyWashington
    University School of MedicineSaint Louis,
    Missouri15th Percy Ireland Visiting Professor
  • June 2006
  • Dr. Randall Gaz
  • Harvard Medical SchoolMassachusetts General
    HospitalBoston, Massachusetts
  • Dr. Bryan McIver
  • Mayo Clinic College of MedicineRochester,

June 2006 Dr. Nicholas McIvor Auckland City
HospitalAuckland, New Zealand Dr. Jeffrey F.
Moley Washington University School of
MedicineSt. Louis, Missouri Dr. Jatin
Shah Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer CenterNew
York, New York Dr. Michael Tuttle Cornell School
of Medicine and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer
CenterNew York, New York Dr. J.E. M.
Young Department of SurgeryMcMaster
UniversityHamilton, Ontario
Special Visiting Professors 2006-2007
  • June 2006
  • Dr. Gerry Funk
  • Department of Otolaryngology Head Neck
    SurgeryUniversity of Iowa, Iowa
  • Dr. Merrill Kies
  • MD Anderson Cancer CenterHouston, Texas
  • December 2006
  • Dr. Karen Kost
  • Associate ProfessorDirector of the Voice
    Lab,McGill University
  • Richard C. Seewald, Ph.D.
  • Professor and Canada Research Chair in Childhood
    Hearing,National Centre for Audiology,Faculty
    of Health Sciences,University of Western
    Ontario,London, ON

February 2007 Dr. Stephen Conley Associate
ProfessorDepartment of Otolaryngology
Communication ScienceDepartment of
PediatricsMedical College of WisconsinMilwaukee,
Wisconsin Dr. Tom Dickson OMA Section Chair of
Otolaryngology Head and Neck
SurgeryBrampton, Ontario Dr. Cengiz
Karsli Assistant ProfessorDepartment of
AnaesthesiaUniversity of Toronto
Special Visiting Professors 2007
  • February 2007
  • Dr. Emily A. Tobey
  • Professor and Nelle C. Johnston Chair in
    Communication Disorders,
  • School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Human
    DevelopmentDepartment of OtolaryngologyUniversit
    y of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at
    DallasNalli Day Lecturer
  • May 2007
  • Dr. David W. Eisele
  • 16th Percy Ireland Visiting Professor
  • Dr. John Charles OBrien Jr.
  • Attending Surgeon both in the Department Of
    General Surgery and Sammons Cancer CenterDallas,
    Texas5th Annual Binstock University of Toronto
    Mt. Sinai Hospital Lecturer

June 2007 Dr. Berrylin J. Ferguson Director,
Division of Sino-nasal Disordersand Allergy,
Department ofOtolaryngology Head and Neck
Surgery,University of Pittsburgh School of
Medicine,Pittsburgh August 2007 Dr. Kensei
Naito Professor and ChairDepartment of
OtolaryngologyFujita Health UniversityJapan Sep
tember 2007 Dr. Boris Pegan Guest Faculty to
theTemporal Bone Dissections Course
Special Visiting Professors 2007-2008
  • October 2007
  • Dr. John Yoo
  • Associate ProfessorChair, Department of
    Otolaryngology,Schulich School of Medicine
    Dentistry,The University of Western
    Ontario,London, Ontario
  • November 2007
  • Dr. François Lavigne
  • Associate Professor of OtolaryngologyUniversité
    de Montréal
  • Dr. Michel Bojanowski
  • Professor of Neurosurgery Université de Montréal
  • Dr. Ricardo Carrau
  • Professor of Otolaryngology Head Neck
    SurgeryUniversity of Pittsburgh School of

November 2007 Dr. Amin Kassam Chair of
Neurological SurgeryUniversity of Pittsburgh
School of Medicine December 2007 Dr. Neal
Futran Professor of Otolaryngology Head and
Neck Surgeryand Neurological SurgeryDirector of
Head and Neck SurgeryUniversity of
Washington,Seattle, Washington February
2008 Dr. James Palmer Associate Professor of
OtorhinolaryngologyHospital of the University of
Pennsylvania Mr. Richard Reed Musician,South
Kingstown, RINalli Day Lecturer
Faculty Recruitment
  • A considerable expansion of the Department has
    occurred over the past five years.
  • This is crucial to maintain the academic
    department status in North America.
  • Since 2002, there have been nine full-time and
    eight adjunct academic faculty added to the
    Department. This number is significantly greater
    than the combined number of retirements and
  • We have been successful in recruiting talented
    individuals with advanced training in head and
    neck oncology, microvascular reconstruction,
    pediatric otolaryngology, plastic and
    reconstructive surgery, skull base surgery.

During the past five years we have been fortunate
to recruit excellent faculty who have included
  • Highest student to faculty ratio in Canada.
  • Lowest financial support per studentin Canada.
  • Are we too big?

Where We Are GoingIncreasing global competition
for talentwill be our major challenge.How will
we fix it?
Global Impact
The empires of the future are the empires of the
mind. Sir Winston Churchill
How Do We Cope?
  • Baby-boomer Retirement
  • Shortage of Talent - a recent surveyof 208
    Otolaryngologists Head and Neck Surgeons in
    Ontario showed a mean average age of 58 years,
    similarly in General Surgerya mean age of 61
  • We will experience a crisis in Canada within 5
  • Other countries potentially will lure our talent
    away from North America.

How to Fix It
  • The leaders and followers are emerging now says
    Mitch Leventhal, an American Consultantin
    International Education.
  • In 10 years the landscape will be unrecognizable.
  • We as the Department of Otolaryngology Head
    Neck Surgery have to change or we will be
    condemned to the educational backwater.

Future of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
  • Must engage Champions to resolve this flight of
    the Creative Class especially as it impacts on
    our educational mission. Dr. Richard Florida
    author of Flight of the Creative Class just
    recruited to the University of Toronto, Rothman
    School of Business.
  • We must evaluate our manpower needs.
  • Provide exposure to our medical students
    andResidents during training.
  • Increase the number of job fairs and exhibits at
  • We must engage and educate our politicians and
    provide them with a menu of solutions.

Challenges in Otolaryngology Head and Neck
Surgery education at U of T and in CanadaHow
can we make it better?
Problem We have had it allBUTIf we snooze we
will lose
Faculty Development
  • We have continued to stimulate and encourage our
    junior faculty to take additional training in a
    variety of disciplines over the past five years.
  • A number of faculty have obtained Masters
    degrees (Drs. Kevin Higgins, David Goldstein,
    Molly Zirkle, Paolo Campisi).
  • A yearly academic interview is held with all of
    the full-time faculty as well as many of the
    adjunct appointees.
  • This interview process provides the Chair with
    the opportunity to further stimulate the
    facultys interest in such endeavors as the
    Triological thesis. (Campisi, James, Higgins)

Academic Promotions
  • The faculty have been encouraged to seek academic
    promotions and in accordance with University
  • The Promotions Committee reviews yearly
    curriculum vitae of faculty and recommendations
    made to the Chair as to their suitability for
    consideration of academic promotion.
  • In the past five years, 5 individuals have been
    promoted to Full Professor, 1 to the rank of
    Associate Professor,5 to the rank of Assistant
    Professor and 2 to Lecturer.

(No Transcript)
Faculty Communications
  • With the advent of email, communication with the
    faculty, residents, fellows and undergraduates
    has been greatly facilitated. The recent updated
    website, completed March 2007, has helped to
    further increase the awareness of opportunities
    within the Department and enhance the
    communications and profile.
  • http//

December 2007 Page 1 of 7
Accomplishments Over the Past Five Years
  • Corrected the identified weaknesses of the
    Postgraduate Residency Training Program and
    achieved full accreditation at the recent Royal
    College Site Visit Review, April 17th 2007.
  • Enhanced the research and academic output of
    the Department.
  • Worked with the Undergraduate Program Director to
    revise the Curriculum.
  • Recruited three young academic faculty with
    Masters thesis in sub-specialty areas.
  • Enhanced University and community relations.
  • With the introduction of the New Clinical Faculty
    Policy we established conforming Practice Plans
    in all teaching hospitals with guidelines
    adhering to the mandate of the University of
  • Enhanced the profile of the Department nationally
    and internationally.

Accomplishments Over the Past Five Years
  • Reversed the reciprocity of Canadian graduates to
    take the American Board of Otolaryngology
    accrediting examination.
  • Name change of our Department from
    Otolaryngology to Otolaryngology Head and
    Neck Surgery.
  • Established a University of Toronto, Department
    of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Nucleus
    Committee for Fundraising Chaired by Dr. Peter
  • Endowment of a 2 million Chair in Otolaryngology
    Head and Neck Surgery (presently ongoing

The Next Five Years
  • Secure additional Alternate Funding for all
  • Rationalize resources across teaching hospitals
    developing further foci of excellence in
    Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery. This may
    also include an Ear Institute at one of our
  • Increase the number of faculty educators(negotiat
    e financial support for teachers).
  • Further promote and encourage Masters thesis
    within theSurgeon Scientist Program.
  • Stimulate increased participation in basic
    research(molecular, genetics, education and
    health policy).
  • Enhance research funding.

The Next Five Years
  • Promote enhanced collaboration in joint research
    opportunities (neurosciences, surgery, radiation
    oncology, education, radiology, medical oncology
    and endocrinology).
  • Further explore and develop Simulation Models
    within the Surgical Skills Centre that would
    enhance resident training and diminish the impact
    of residency training on our resources within the
    operating room.
  • Review the future role of robotics, tissue
    engineering, nanotechnology and minimal access
    surgical approaches within our specialty.
  • Pursue further funding opportunities to explore
    new technologies.
  • Work closely with University and affiliated
    Hospitals in enhancing the Faculty of Medicines
    strategic plan. (White paper draft)

Can we predictthe future?
I used to think we could, maybe we still can.
The Next Five Years
  • It is clear that many of the accomplishments that
    have occurred over the past five years would not
    have been possible without the dedication,
    passion and support of my most vital ingredient
  • Some thirty years ago I was told by a very
    prominent head and neck oncologist in the United
    States that to be successful one has to surround
    themselves with people that are better than you
    are, empower them and let them provide the
  • Well, I think I have done that and believe that
    we have all benefited from this approach.

My Glory is that I have such friends.Y.B. Yates
  • It is a time to take pride of our past
    accomplishments, reflect on our strengths and
    anticipate a future fullof promise.

Thank You for Your Support
My sincere thanks to you the faculty, residents,
fellows and support staff for your commitment
over the past 5 years.
  • Did the Pub Night which was the brainchild of
    Drs. Witterick, Forte, Harrison and Chen make
    the difference?
  • Resident graduation dinner.
  • Following slides tend to tell me that it did.

Graduating Residents 2006
(No Transcript)
Pub Night Winners
(No Transcript)
Residents Having Fun
Residents Having Fun
Happy Chairs
The Seven Cs of Leadership
The Molecular Biology RevolutionThe Past 50 Years
  • Historical Landmarks
  • 1953 Structure of DNA determined
  • 1965 The genetic code determined
  • 1968 Restriction endonucleases discovered
  • 1973 Gene transfer techniques described
  • 1983 Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) described
  • 1986 Tumor suppressor genes identified
  • 1995 More than 1000 gene therapy patients
  • 1999 cDNA Microarray analysis
  • 2001 Human Genome Project Completed
  • 2005 Regenerative Medicine - Stem Cell
    Therapeutics, Gene Therapy - emerging

The Next 50 Years
  • Transplantation
  • Robotics
  • Tissue Engineering
  • Image Guided Targeted Surgery

Varian 4030CB

Estimated 70,000robotic or robot-assisted
procedures in 2006
Image Guided Surgery vs Intraoperative Image
Acquisition Surgery
Berlinger NT. Robotic Surgery Squeezing into
Tight Places. N Engl J Med 2006354(20)2099-101
  • However, from a quote by Lord Byron the good old
    times - all times when old are good have
    disappeared with a medical-health care
    environment in turmoil and perception by our
    trainees of loss of career flexibility that
    previously characterized our specialty.
  • Many adjustments will ha