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People Achieving Positive Attitudes, Inc.


... by the study took place in children's cartoons. ... Is it really funny? (National Television Violence Study, issued by Mediascope, February, 1996. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: People Achieving Positive Attitudes, Inc.

People Achieving Positive Attitudes, Inc.
  • Whatever we
  • Can do
  • We will do

Our History
  • Founded in 1989
  • By Darlene Chapman-Cummings
  • Initiations created to join the organization

Our History (cont.)
  • Arts Craft every Wed, 4 yrs ended 1996
  • 5 annual Families trips to Ocean City MD
  • 1992 first Christmas Caroling

Our History (cont.)
  • 2001 first annual Harvest Block Party, to present
  • 2002 second annual Christmas Caroling, to present

Our History (cont.)
  • Start Planning the South Philadelphia Recreation
    Center in 2002
  • Planning Philadelphia first ever the kids bus
    in 2004
  • Our transport system became active December 2005
  • a. to post basketball games
  • b. to season basketball games
  • c. to free seats _at_ the 76ers game
  • d. Christmas Caroling
  • c. Great Black Wax Museum (Baltimore)

Our Mission
  • Working with the youth and their families to
    foster high self esteem and community cohesion.

Our Motto
  • Whatever we can do we will do

The members are.
  • Co-Founder. Marcia Hatchett
  • Vice-Pres. Towanda Woodall
  • Secretary Cheryl Rajah Ali
  • Bank Signer Delores Beverly Gurley
  • Treasure Rosa Owens
  • Treasure Secy Darlene Cohen
  • Legal Rep Thomas Rothermel Esq.

Members continue
  • Security
  • Eddie Hodrick
  • Community Outreach
  • Sharon Bailey
  • Kenneth Ragins
  • Donnie Moore
  • Marketing
  • Wayne Cummings
  • Program Cooridnators
  • Rosa Owens
  • Helen Jones
  • Consultant
  • Van Buren Brown

The founder is a
Whats my problem now?
  • The Philadelphia Daily News reported in August
  • that 367 males and 51 females died Homicide
  • 137 males and 40 females died Suicide
  • Also for the year of 2005 as of, December 19, the
    same paper reported
  • More than 1600 people injured from gunfire, and
    homicides are up to 371. Cody from the guardian
    Angels stated in the same article where he is
    promoting the Guardian Angels to assist in
    controlling the street violence, that Our kids
    dont have no direction, no mentors, no security
  • Is this what our children have to look forward to
  • DEATH?

The problem is
  • 2000 US Census for Philadelphia reports the
    largest population to be elementary
  • It shows the largest juvenile crime to be
  • arson
  • _at_ 53, vandalism _at_ 41

The problem continues
  • Can you guess the percentage of crimes now?
  • Is arson and vandalism still high?
  • Or
  • Has violent crimes risen from 14 in 2000?

A view of REAL LIFE from the hit movie He
Got Game
Lets talk 2005
  • According to the Daily News of Philadelphia
    11-14-05 State Representative Dwight Evans
    article states that to date 30 children killed
    this year.

The problem continues
  • Longitudinal studies tracking viewing habits and
    behavior patterns of a single individual found
    that 8-year-old boys, who viewed the most violent
    programs growing up, were the most likely to
    engage in aggressive and delinquent behavior by
    age 18 and serious criminal behavior by age 30.
  • (Dr. Leonard Eron, University of Illinois at
    Chicago, Testimony before the Senate Committee on
    Commerce, Science and Transportation,
    Subcommittee on Communications, June 12, 1995.)

And continues..
  • Violent video games send out violent messages
    telling children that problems can be solved fast
    by eliminating the source of the problem, whether
    by killing, stabbing, kicking, hitting, or
    shooting. Furthermore, playing violent games may
    be associated with the tendency to behave more
    aggressively. According to an article found in
    the American Psychological Association, by the
    name of Violent Video Games Can Increase
    Aggression, researchers performed a survey on
    young children, which proved that when young
    children play violent video games, they become
    aggressive. To add to that in a study by Irwin
    and Gross, children who played a violent video
    game displayed a higher level of aggression than
    children who played a nonviolent game. And in the
    article The Secret Lives of Teens, written by
    John Leland, he mentions that Brad Bushman, an
    Iowa State University psychologist, argues that
    violent video games are more harmful than
    movies, because the person becomes the aggressor.
    Theyre the one that does the killing. ( sited
    from an unknown website during research via cut
    and paste)

And continues..
  • Forty-six percent of all television violence
    identified by the study took place in children's
    cartoons. Children's programs were least likely
    to depict the long-term consequences of violence
    (5) and they portray violence in a humorous
    fashion 67 of the time.
  • Is it really funny?
  • (National Television Violence Study,
    issued by Mediascope, February, 1996.)

and finally!
  • Potential adverse effects of
  • excessive exposure to media

Play Station
Sound familiar?
  • increased violent behavior, obesity, decreased
    physical activity and fitness, increased
    cholesterol levels and sodium intake repetitive
    strain injury (video computer games) insomnia
    photic seizures impaired school performance
    increased sexual activity and use of tobacco and
    alcohol decreased attention span decreased
    family communication desensitization excess
    consumer focus.
  • (Dietz WH, Gortmaker SL. Do we fatten
    our children at the TV set? Obesity and
    television viewing in children and adolescents.
    Pediatrics. 198575807-812.)(21 Anyamwu E,
    Harding GF, Jeavons PM, et al "telephillic
    syndrome" in pattern and photosensitivity
    epilepsy report of three cases. East Afr Med J.

To add to the list
  • The world of psychiatry comes in contact with
    the everyday struggles of children who are
    entering or leaving a strange environment, parent
    abandonment, sibling spit up, physical and or
    mental abuse from family members, from school,
    from neighbors, born with traces of narcotics in
    their body, receiving difficult schoolwork or
    facing new friends and enemies.
  • Psychiatrys solution is to label him or her
    with a psychiatric disorder, and prescribe
    psychiatric drugs.
  • Dietz WH, Gortmaker SL. Do we fatten
    our children at the TV set? Obesity and
    television viewing in children and adolescents.
    Pediatrics. 198575807-812.)(21 Anyamwu E,
    Harding GF, Jeavons PM, et al "telephillic
    syndrome" in pattern and photosensitivity
    epilepsy report of three cases. East Afr Med J.

Medical pitfalls!

And all too often..
  • "When total incarceration rates are estimated
    separately by age group, black males in their
    twenties and thirties are found to have high
    rates relative to other groups. Among the more
    than 2.1 million offenders incarcerated on June
    30, 2004, an estimated 576,600 were black males
    between ages 20 and 39 (table 13). "Among males
    age 25 to 29, 12.6 of blacks were in prison or
    jail, compared to 3.6 of Hispanics and about
    1.7 of whites (table 14). "Although
    incarceration rates drop with age, the percentage
    of black males age 45 to 54 in prison or jail in
    2004 was an estimated 4.5 -- more than twice the
    highest rate (1.7) among white males (age 30 to
  • Source Harrison, Paige M., Allen J. Beck,
    Bureau of Justice Statistics, Prison and Jail
    Inmates at Midyear 2004 (Washington, DC US Dept.
    of Justice, April 2005), p. 11.

Dont forget the girls..
  • "Female incarceration rates, though significantly
    lower than male rates at every age, reveal
    similar racial and ethnic differences. Black
    females (with a prison and jail rate of 359 per
    100,000) were 2-1/2 times more likely than
    Hispanic females (143 per 100,000) and nearly 4½
    times more likely than white females (81 per
    100,000) to be incarcerated in 2004. These
    differences among white, black, and Hispanic
    females were consistent across all age groups.
    "Among black females, the rate was highest (993
    per 100,000) among those age 35 to 39. This rate
    was more than 4 times higher than the rate among
    white females in this age group (238 per
  • Source Harrison, Paige M., Allen J. Beck,
    Bureau of Justice Statistics, Prison and Jail
    Inmates at Midyear 2004 (Washington, DC US Dept.
    of Justice, April 2005), p. 11.


Where is the solution?
Its all there But,

our children need access....
  • If all our children could just get there to
  • take advantage of these services..
  • Wow! can you imagine what a difference that would

My Point !
Go get them !
  • Door to door family soliciting for parental
  • Mall/Shopping area table set up for sign up
  • Flyers and community newspapers
  • Word of mouth
  • Vehicle magnet advertisements
  • Conduct community meetings

We will take the child to
Why will transporting work?
  • Take away from drug infested environments
  • Escort children to cultural, recreational and
    education enrichment programs
  • Redirect negative actions, by providing
    transportation to constant safe activities
  • Reinforce anti-drug/anti-violence messages
  • Transport our youth to positive social atmospheres

Healthy Teens
Were not the only one.
  • Who is thinking,.
  • Kicking the Habit of Teen Violence
  • Daily News 11-14-05
  • Rep. Evans
  • received 16 million in state funds for his
    10year plan.

The Plan in short
  • Look, we have 17,000 kids in kindergarten in
  • Public, private and parochial schools now. If we
    work with them, 10 years from now when theyre in
    high school they wont have become addicted to
    violence. We can teach them alternatives to
  • Quoted directly from the Philadelphia Daily News
    on 11-14-05 page 21 Ans.Q

Community cohesion
  • Identify the programs for the youth
  • Conduct collaborative meetings
  • Establish how many vacancies
  • Build partnerships
  • Take advantage of any government resources
  • Track the progress, aggressively, through all who
    are involved

Help is on the way!
  • One Yearly event outdoors, geared only for the
    children and that they look forward to.

Our goal
  • Van   18,000.00
  • Auto Insurance   3,923.00 per year (Basic Plan)
  • Gas   4,420.00 per year
  • Driver   9.00 per hour   9,360.00 minimum
  • Vehicles Maintenance   1,500.00 minimum 

  • Totals

  • excluding van purchase
  • All administration work is 100 volunteer.
    Fundraisers and private civic organizations sponso
    r all other costs not listed above, including
    supplies and materials.
  • This is just to do the pilot program
    with the bare minimum!
  • Prices based on a yearly basis. However, prices
    will vary as vans are purchased or donated.

A childs life is worth more than
  • 19,203.00 

Now what?
  • Vans
  • Insurance
  • Gas
  • Clean Drivers
  • And we are on our way!!!

HELP US REACH OUR GOAL 19,203.00 X as many
as possible to cover the entire city.The kids