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History of the Camera


According to InfoTrends.com digital camera sales soared to 53 million units sold ... Digital Cameras. Digital cameras are used to take still or even short ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: History of the Camera

History of the Camera
  • Past to Present

Camera Obscura
  • The camera obscura (Latin for 'dark room') was
    the ancestor of the modern camera. The camera was
    actually a large room that would be entered by
    the user. Light entering a small hole in a
    darkened room produces an inverted image on the
    opposite wall.

Pinhole Box Camera
  • This was an early version of the camera. It
    consists of a box with a tiny hole in the front
    allowing for light to enter and what we now would
    call film on the opposite side of the inside of
    the box.

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Dagguerreotype Camera
  • The Dagguerreotype was the first commercially
    used camera. It was created by a french man by
    the name of Joseph N. Niepce and later finished
    by Louis J. M. Dagguere

  • Next focus was getting film that was smaller,
    developed more efficiently along with smaller

  • George Eastman invented dry, transparent, and
    flexible, photographic film (rolled photography
    film) and the Kodak cameras that could use the
    new film in 1888. George Eastman, an avid
    photographer was the founder of the Kodak
    company. Kodak produced hangheld cameras that
    held enough film for 100 exposures.

The 35 mm camera
  • As early as 1905, Oskar Barnack had the idea of
    reducing the format of negatives and then
    enlarging the photographs after they had been
    exposed. As development manager at Leica, he was
    able to put his theory into practice. He took an
    instrument for taking exposure samples for cinema
    film and turned it into the world's first 35 mm
    camera the 'Ur-Leica'.

35 mm Camera (cont.)
The Polaroid Camera- 1948
  • Polaroid photography was invented by Edwin Land.
    Land was the American inventor and physicist
    whose one-step process for developing and
    printing photographs created a revolution in
    photography - instant photography.

The Camcorder
  • In 1980, Sony produces first camcorder. This is a
    handheld video recorder. Now you not only can
    take still pictures but also record events.

The Digital Camera
  • Now the digital camera is the most prevalent
    camera. According to InfoTrends.com digital
    camera sales soared to 53 million units sold in

Digital Cameras
  • Digital cameras are used to take still or even
    short videos and upload them on to the internet.
    Now people can send pictures across the world by
    email for personal use, companies use digital
    photos in their ad campaigns amongst other uses
    for digital pictures.

  • Imagine a little less than a century and a half
    ago you would take one picture for the year and
    today pictures are everywhere. It is so
    accessible that we take pictures even when
    theres no special occasion, just when we feel
    like it.

History of the Camera
  • I believe thats a defining technology!
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