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Body and Soul September 2008


A sick body, in need of health is the result of a sick soul. Mental imbalances somaticize the body during the process of reincarnation into ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Body and Soul September 2008

Body and Soul September 2008 Abraham Turull
Jesus enters the temple and speaks the parable
In my fathers house there are many mansions
he offers proof of his divinity, Destroy this
temple, and in three days I will raise it up
Jesus is referring to his Resurrection. John 219
Later, Jesus tell his disciples The Body is the
Temple of the Soul
The Great Debate
Philosophers and religion argue, you must abstain
from the pleasures of the flesh to keep the
Spirit pure. Fanaticism and blind faith
obstruct Compassion and weaken Charity.
Science and Medicine argue there is no evidence
of Spirit, of life after death, therefore take
care of the body. Compassion is limited to
physical Charity.
Mortification For hundreds of years Franciscan
Monks practice mortification, a form of severe
physical punishment to purge their physical
desires which they believed compromised the
morality of the Spirit.
1928 Spain
Josemaria Escriva, organizes Opus Dei a private
society of the Catholic Church that observes an
exaggerated form of abstention practiced by its
St. Francis of Aisis would remove his robes and
roll in beds of roses, later he realizes that the
purity of thought establishes the morality of the
Suppose that both body and soul are in
perfect condition What should you do to
maintain the balance between their very
differing aptitudes and needs? Love your
soul but also take care of the body, which is the
instrument of the soul. The Gospel Chapt
er 17 Pg232
Formation and Properties of the Perispirit In
the perispirit the molecular transformation
operates differently, for the fluid preserves its
imponderability and its ethereal qualities. The
perispiritual and carnal body have, then, their
source in the same primitive element both are
of matter, although under two different states of
it. Genesis Page 263
In spiritual awareness we are escorted to the
Cosmic Principal of this planet and
allowed to select the essential energy that
will later form our perispirit and body. We
actively participate in every stage of our
The body is what it needs to be to in order to
serve as a medium for Spiritual growth.
Andre Luis, explains that Spiritual Guides
from the Ministry of Reincarnation, inject DNA
material into a specific sperm cell that will
fertilize the egg in the womb and initiate the
human embryo. Spiritual guides escort the
incarnating spirit to the fetus and assist it to
begin the incarnation process by projecting its
energy through its perisprit to its new body.
  • The Spirit functions in energy waves at a
    sub-atomic level
  • The Perispirit functions in electro-magnetic
    fields of energy at an atomic level
  • The Body functions in electro-static -energy
    transmitted by neurons through bodily liquids at
    a molecular level

Energy flowing, from Spirit to Perispirit
to body. From Plasma to Metaphysical
to Biological.
The Peri-Spirit Just as Spirits bring past
experiences that are todays moral challenges,
the peri-spirit also brings past physical
After Jesus cures the Lepra he later tells his
disciples, the illness will return because it
is part of his mind. Jesus is referring to the
Spiritual Cures Spiritism teaches us that the
law of action and reaction or cause and effect
also applies to the body-soul relationship. The
World Health Organization, some years ago
concluded that there are no diseases but sick
people. A sick body, in need of health is the
result of a sick soul. Mental imbalances
somaticize the body during the process of
reincarnation into the material world. Therefore,
diseases are consequences rather than causes.
Conventional Medicine is treating the
consequences of diseases, mistaking consequences
with causes. Luis Salazar Vice
president Bezerra de Menezes,
Miami July 21, 2008
The missing happiness of our lives motivates us
to seek clarification of our present state of
confusion. Spiritual awareness reveals our need
to transition, to change and grow. Spiritual
evolution is the natural process through which
we achieve our grace. Eventually we realize
that we must surrender our rebellious nature to
the universal laws of God's creation. If we
knowingly continue to violate Gods Love we
create a state of anxiety and guilt. Over time
and across several incarnations we develop
obsessive-compulsive-disorders and behaviors.
These are the causes of our spiritual illness
recorded and carried in our perispirit.
Misconceptions of Addictions
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol and substance abuse
  • Anorexia
  • Bulimia
  • Orthorexia
  • Obesity
  • Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorders (Consequencias)

Pray, Watch and Act
To understand the Confusion To submit and
Surrender To direct the Transition To subdue the
Resistance To release the Anxiety To begin your
inner Transformation
The Chakras are thought to vitalize the physical
body and to be associated with interactions of a
physical, emotional, and mental nature. It is
noted by many that there is a marked similarity
between the positions and roles described for
Chakras, and the positions and roles of the
endocrine system
Just as disease result from an imbalance in the
molecular fields which are responsible for the
functional harmony of the cells, health is
fostered when the Divine current of energy flows
regularly through the system, maintaining the
cohesive functions of such particles.
Gods Will, 11 pg 56 Child of God
Divaldo Franco/Joanna de Angelis
Mirror Neurons
Mirror Neurons When we feel happy we smile, this
is our body language. Mirror Neurons are part of
the Limbic Nervous System, they connect our
emotional self to our physical self. Identical
areas of the brain are equally active when we see
others do what we do, this is to say that our
Spirit projects our level of sympathy and empathy
with others. When we see someone smile, we are
inclined to smile with them. We are able to
emotionally experience what others are physically
doing by watching them. This is why the law of
attraction is so important. Our Spiritual
vibrations attract identical vibrations from
others in our proximity. Disincarnate Spirits
can also identify with similar patterns of
behavior to their own. Positive to positive,
negative to negative. Therefore, we feel
inspired or depressed by the same energy we
project and attract.
  • For The Spirit
  • You must be receptive to Divine thought which
    permeates everything and everybody, so that you
    may absorb it and put it into action.
  • Gods Will 5
    pg 33 Child of God
    Divaldo Franco/Joanna de Angelis

  • Attitudes express the sentiments and emotions
    that we apply to our thoughts and actions
  • When we neglect ourselves we neglect others,
    the Doctrine teaches us that we suffer from
    Immature attitudes

Attitudes of Choice
  • Attitude is your acceptance of the natural laws,
    or your rejection of the natural laws Stuart
    Chase 1888
  • I am convinced that life is 10 of what happens
    to me and 90 of how I react to it. Charles
    Swindoll 1934
  • Our Attitude should be Gratitude

The idea of Holistic treatment is used as a
mental health intervention. Treating the phobia
of clients in isolation transitioned into a more
effective form of intervention by applying
treatment to all of the affected aspects in the
clients life. Its intent is to avoid treating
the parts of a puzzle, and focus on all of the
The Spiritist Doctrine directs us to treat the
body and soul as one integrated entity during
each incarnation. Establish and maintain
balance and harmony between the spirit and the
body Holistically. This is Inner
Transformation. In this way we gradually cure
the illnesses we carry in the perispirit.
Events like these offer the world
The End of the
Begining, of a New Era.
Discarding the Mystical to embrace the Natural .
Science without religion is lame, religion
without science is blind Albert Einstein
We should not care how much we Love, until they
know how much we Love.