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Logical Fallacies or How to be a sophisticated liar and get away with it. Satire


'No one has proven that Bigfoot exists by concrete evidence; thus, he does not exist. ... Drawing a conclusion on the Basis of Ignorance; the absence of ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Logical Fallacies or How to be a sophisticated liar and get away with it. Satire

Logical Fallacies or How to be a sophisticated
liar and get away with it. Satire
  • (Satire)

"No one has proven that Bigfoot exists by
concrete evidence thus, he does not
exist. There is no evidence to prove that Global
Warming is caused by humans therefore, it
doesnt exist. See http//www.fallacyfiles.org/i
Ad Ignorantium Drawing a conclusion on
the Basis of Ignorance the absence of evidence
proves only the absence of evidence. No one has
proven that the Loch Ness Monster doesn't exist,
so it does.
"Millions of Americans have cast their
votes at the box office. Semi-Pro is clearly the
best movie of the year! A million thumbs up!"
Bandwagon Jump on board. Everyone else
believes it, so you should too. The popularity
fallacy. Everyone in the cul-de-sac but us has
seal-coated their driveways. Wed better start
getting estimates."
The Internet should not be used in the
classroom because Senator Barrack Obamas study
on Internet Dependency proves that overusing
computers leads to computer-addiction.
Appeal to Authority Appeal to
Authority Expert sources are not always experts
in the subject they are speaking to. According
to Clay Aiken, troops should not be deployed in
If students fail to pass the new
standardized tests, employers will refuse to hire
them, and before you know it, our nations
streets will be filled with angry, unemployed
Appeal to Fear (Scare tactics) Implies
or states a threat to the audience usually
identified by blatant exaggeration. If you vote
for me, you wont have to worry about the safety
of your children. Unlike my opponent, I am tough
on criminals.
If I don't pass this course, I'll miss
the Deans List and my folks will kick me out of
the house.
Appeal to Pity Attempts to win sympathy
by overstating pathetic emotion shifts
responsibility to those who shouldnt have
it. Dont blame me for robbing convenience
stores. Its societys fault. Or my parents.
Naming a sports team the Chiefs is no more
offensive than naming a team the Senators, as in
Ottawas hockey team. You don't see any senators
being offended, do you?
False Analogy Compares two or more things
that are not naturally similar, but suggests that
they share certain characteristics Alcoholism
is like acne the right treatment makes them both
go away.
"We are told that to discriminate against
people is bad, but if we don't discriminate
between good and bad singers, well all end up
liking Celine Dionne.
Equivocation Shifts the meaning of a
term within a single argument. No one can doubt
that miracles reported in the Bible actually
happened. Miracles are still part of our lives.
Just look around, and you'll see the miracles of
modern science, such as cell phones and I-Pods.
No wonder your alternator went out on your
car this morning. Dang it, Wally, I told you to
forward that chain email. As soon as Clinton
entered office, the economy improved.
False Cause (Coincidence) Claims a false
cause/effect relationship based purely on
time. As soon as Bush entered office, the
economy improved."
"If you believe in gun control, then you
obviously don't believe in protecting your
children from violence." Either youre with us
or youre against us.
False Dilemma (Either/Or Choice) Presents
only two alternatives over-simplifies
reality. Either you eat your meat, or you can't
have any pudding. How can you have any pudding if
you don't eat your meat?
Yesterday I saw a woman back her mini-van
into a parking meter which proves that suburban
women can't drive.
Hasty Generalization Generalizes from a
sample too small or unrepresentative of the
targeted group. Often creates stereotypes. A
guy stumbled down the street during the St.
Patrick's Day Parade. He must be Irish."
The bleeding heart Massachusetts Liberals
want to babysit unmotivated people with all their
special programs, but that isn't the government's
Straw Man Creates and then attacks a
distorted version of the opponent's
argument. Environmentalists dont care about
animals all they care about is putting loggers
out of business.
Your stance on the predator-control
clearly shows that you favor Anarchism over
protecting little children from coyotes, and I
dont think we need Anarchists making public
Personal Attack Attacks the person
arguing rather than the argument itself. The
fact that the judge didn't vote to uphold the
First Amendment proves that he is a
Neo-Conservative activist.
Every law-abiding citizen agrees that
Minnesota ought to pass a seat belt law.
Poisoning the Well Sneakily implies an
intimidating assertion that will discourage open
discussion. Reasonable people agree that
instituting random search and seizures are
necessary to prevent terrorism.
And finally Putting metal detectors in
Minnesota high schools is the first step toward a
state of Martial Law.
Slippery Slope Claims an action should
be avoided because it will lead to a domino
effect of negative results. Censoring the
Internet will lead to the complete abolishment of
the First Amendment . . . oh yeah, and to a state
of Martial Law!
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