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The Green Kitchen Fleeting Fad or LongTerm Trend Implications for the Future


58% of consumers said the Kitchen should be 'greener'/more environmentally friendly ... a new fully green kitchen AND only 3% have added 'green' cabinets or flooring ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Green Kitchen Fleeting Fad or LongTerm Trend Implications for the Future

The Green Kitchen Fleeting Fad or Long-Term
Trend? Implications for the Future
  • International Home Housewares Show
  • Chicago
  • March 16, 2008

So whats the answer Is it a fad or a long-term
trend? I am going to tell you the answer right
upfront But then well tell you why and what you
can do in your businesses to meet the consumer
Fad vs. Trend
Its a Trend
  • All of our research indicates that something is
    different this time.
  • People are actually changing how they live in a
    way that would be hard to change back (thats a
  • And they genuinely seem to believe that they need
    to make a difference (more info to follow)
  • And the change is coming from the bottom up, from
    the grassroots

  • There are factors that could change this straight
    linethe three Es (sort of)
  • Economy most people are unwilling to pay high
    premiums for green products
  • Effectiveness the products have to work.
    Thats why green cleaning products didnt sell
    beforethey didnt work well
  • Aesthetics they have to look good
  • OK, now for the detailslets go back to one year

Kitchen Pulse MegaTrends
  • Controlling the air traffic
  • Launching the satellites
  • Rounding the triangle
  • Liberating the surfaces
  • Mellowing the stress
  • Producing the show
  • Greening the scene
  • Deliberating the details

KP MegaTrend 7 - Greening the Scene
  • Highest level of interest in Environment in 20
  • Growing
  • Passionate
  • Why?
  • An Inconvenient Truth
  • Mortality of Boomers
  • Youthful Zest and concern for future

KP MegaTrend 7 - Greening the Scene
  • Green renovations and building
  • Fastest growing category among contractors
  • 20-30 more expensive, but prices declining due
    to demand
  • Enthusiasts make tradeoffs
  • Recycled materials
  • Glass (drinkware, tiles)

KP MegaTrend 7 - Greening the Scene
  • Sustainable and new materials
  • Bamboo
  • Cork
  • Marmoleum
  • Wheatboard
  • IceStone
  • Non-toxic chemicals
  • Non (air) polluting glues, stains and finishes

KP MegaTrend 7 - Greening the Scene
  • Maintenance products
  • Outfitting the kitchen
  • Energy star
  • Conservation

The ubiquitous water bottle
Fast forward to 2008AIM set out to learn more
about consumers and their attitudes about green
for the home
  • Internet Surveys
  • Traditional Focus Groups
  • Online Focus Groups
  • Expert Interviews
  • Wire Tap (All phone calls and emails)
  • Kitchen Island twice monthly
  • Sky Blue (AIM Brainstorming)
  • Secondary Research
  • Global Reach
  • We will only be able to really know when we have
    conducted research over timeat this point its
    still a snapshot

What do people think?
  • Only 8 of consumers think the current interest
    in the environment is a fad
  • 57 believe people are concerned and that it is
    affecting all our decision making
  • 35 really hope it is a long-term concern, but
    just dont know

What influences your plans to make your home more
  • The cost of fuel/power 39
  • News about global warming/climate change 30
  • Product efficiency ratings (Energy Star) 25
  • 5 or less buzz, books, family/kids
  • Contradiction
  • Generation Green. They're young, well-researched
    and mad as heck inspired by an outpouring of
    movies, TV shows, books, websites and "green
    classes" at school. They've been learning how to
    save the planet since toddlerhood, and they're
    taking on their parents to do more, do better.
  • USA Today, 2/11/08

Why the Kitchen? Whats so important about the
  • The Kitchen is the most important room in the
    house for most consumersits the heart of the
  • 58 of consumers said the Kitchen should be
    greener/more environmentally friendly
  • (2 bathroom at 17)
  • 62 said they want to make their own Kitchen
  • (2 bathroom at 12)
  • But some of our research IS applicable to the
    whole home

What have you done to make your kitchen greener?
  • The smaller, easier things
  • are catching on
  • 58 have replaced all lights with fluorescents or
    more energy efficient
  • (70 are using at least some lower energy bulbs
    according to a recent national poll by Global
    Market Institute)
  • 35 have added features that help them live
    greener (like a recycling center or a water

What have you done to make your kitchen greener?
  • But even bigger things are catching on,
    especially when driven by economics (saving
  • 13 have replaced or augmented their
    heating/cooling system with something more energy
  • However, only 3 have completely renovated or
    built a new fully green kitchen AND only 3 have
    added green cabinets or flooring

Which 3 areas of your Kitchen would you green
  • Cleaning Products
  • Large Appliances
  • Paper Goods
  • Next tier
  • Waste Disposal
  • Small Appliances
  • Sinks/Fixtures/Faucets
  • Not priority Flooring, Countertop,
    Cabinets, Fabric, Tabletop, Furniture

There is an overall perception that green
products are more expensive
  • 53 would buy more green products, but they are
    much more expensive than regular products
  • 95 would select environmentally-friendly
    products and features for the kitchen if prices
    were equal

There is an overall perception that green
products are more expensive
  • Until recently such perceptions have been based
    on reality, but that is starting change
  • Clorox introduction of Green Works is beginning
    to change the dynamic of the marketplace - major
    consumer goods companies
  • entering the field
  • As demand rises and competition
  • increases, prices will fall
  • The real change will be when all
  • products are just assumed to be
  • environmentally friendly...

Do eco-friendly products really work?
  • According to a 2007 Roper Green Gauge,
  • 61 of Americans say that green products don't
    work as well
  • Cleaning fluids are a lot better than they used
    to be (but theres a trial problem)

The look of green products has been a concern
  • Green not pretty utilitarian brown
  • according to AIM focus groups
  • Limited by colors and textures
  • Unsustainable products are often perceived to be
    much better looking (granite vs. Icestone)

The key is
  • Differentiation Tell me its green
  • Design It should look like someone spent time
    thinking about the design
  • Funkiness (vs. Sleek) I like green products to
    be a little funky
  • Very few products have lived up to
  • Prius vs. Honda Civic

On the other handpeople are ready to be
  • Only 8 felt that most environmentally-friendly
    products do not look good (bad design)
  • Only 4 felt that green products do not look
  • 8 said that green products reflect that I am
    smart even if they are not as good looking

And there are a number of market factors
affecting the growth of green
  • the growth of organic, natural, and locally
    sourced materials
  • the availability of renewable power and green
    energy from local utilities
  • the advent (and popularity) of hybrid-electric
  • the growth of energy-efficient technologies in
    many consumer products, including computer
  • and then there's the rise of retailers --
    Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and others -- that are
    making some greener products more affordable and
    available to the masses

There is also a lack of awareness of green
  • 53 stated I really havent see any green
    kitchen products !!!
  • What an opportunity for Housewares companies!

Are you doing anything to be more green these
  • 79 turn off water when brushing teeth
  • 77 re-cycle
  • 38 look for re-cycled materials
  • 22 have stopped drinking bottled water
  • 14 look for renewable wood products
  • 2 drive a hybrid

Are you doing anything to be more green these
  • Other things people are doing
  • Buy bulk foods, things with less packaging
  • Grow own produce, can and freeze, chemical free
  • Compost
  • Combine all shopping trips to one day a week
  • Drive with cruise control to get best mileage
  • Purchase organic/ natural
  • Turn off lights and TV when I leave the room

Sustainability is a very hot word today
  • Sustainability means meeting the needs of the
    present without compromising the ability of
    future generations to meet their own needs
  • The U.S. Green Building Council is the nations
    foremost coalition of leaders from across the
    building industry working to promote
    (sustainable) buildings that are environmentally
    responsible, profitable and healthy places to
    live and work
  • Businesses include sustainability as part of
    their strategic plans
  • Schools are teaching sustainability as part of
    their science curricula

For EcoMoms, Saving Earth Begins at Home
  • NY Times
  • Published February 16, 2008

WATERRemember the ubiquitous water bottle?
  • From a blog
  • Memo to the Eco Moms Really Go Green
  • Re-think serving San Pellegrino bottled water at
    their meetings. What is the carbon footprint of
    drinking water imported from Italy?...Should look
    into serving filtered tap waterwould curb some

  • In AIMs survey
  • 47 conserve water in their house 53 do not
  • 59 drink bottled water 41 do not

So is todays eco movement a fad or a trend??
  • At AIM we believe that its more than a fad
  • Its an opportunity - its a trend thats still
    low on the incline
  • But products must be competitively priced
  • They must be well designed and differentiated
    from ordinary products
  • And they must fulfill the promise (work well)

In honor of St. Patricks Day What does the word
green mean to you?
Good for the environment 64 A color 15 The
color of grass 13 Necessary to make the world
a better place 5 Healthy 2 A good economic
decision 1