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The Freshmen 15: Myth or Reality


correlates with long-term weight loss success exercise is the factor which ... On the Border Chicken Fajita Quesadillas = 1,430 calories, 91g fat ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Freshmen 15: Myth or Reality

The Freshmen 15 Myth or Reality
  • Student Health Services
  • Health Education
  • Texas AM University

The Stats
  • More than 1.5 million students will enter US
    colleges and universities each fall leading to
    a potential weight gain of more than 11,000 tons
    of weight
  • 7,836 new fish at TAMU ?
  • 117,540 pounds or 58.77 tons of weight
  • Highest rise in obesity levels from 1991-1998 was
    in 18-29 year old demographic
  • Multi-year study at Tufts University found that
    men gain an average of 6 pounds and women gain
    4.5 during their first year of college.
  • University of Alabama study of 58 students found
    that men stayed the same weight and women gained
    4 pounds
  • Duke University study found that college freshmen
    learn more, exercise less, and eat on the run
    leading to weight gain

Are you at risk for the Freshmen 15?
  • Do you regularly enjoy eating fried foods?
  • Is a meal incomplete without dessert?
  • Do you get stressed out easily?
  • Would you rather drive than walk to class?
  • Is your ideal meal pizza and beer?
  • Do you often skip meals or eat late at night?
  • Do you regularly eat out of vending machines?

The Causes
  • Dining halls
  • all you can eat buffet
  • less healthy food choices
  • Less exercise
  • lack of time
  • no longer on varsity team
  • not required to take PE classes every semester
  • Poor nutrition
  • parents no longer keep an eye on junk food intake
  • buy/eat food previously forbidden
  • FREE food everywhere and not usually healthy

The Causes (cont.)
  • Less sleep / late nights
  • extra waking hours greater hunger and excessive
  • late night snacks typically arent healthy
  • More stress
  • may lead to emotional eating
  • Skipping meals / erratic eating schedules
  • increases chances of overeating
  • Snacking while studying
  • focusing on the books instead of what you are
    eating may lead to overeating

The Causes (cont.)
  • Dining out / ordering in
  • continual intake of high calorie foods can lead
    to weight gain
  • Vending machines
  • choosing candy over healthier foods
  • Too many high calorie fluids
  • too many empty calories in sweetened beverages
  • Alcohol intake
  • contain hidden calories that tend to be stored as
    body fat

How can I avoid it? Dining Halls
  • learn what you need for a balanced meal
  • avoid seconds of high calorie desserts
  • look for broiled, baked, grilled, meats and
    steamed vegetables
  • choose fruits for dessert
  • drink water instead of sweetened beverages
  • cruise the lines before making choices
  • when youre done eating, remove your tray

How can I avoid it? Exercise
  • Reasons for exercising in weight gain prevention
  • more calories burned
  • more muscle mass which burns more calories than
    fat when not exercising
  • speeds up metabolism
  • more nutritious eating and helps control appetite
  • less emotional eating
  • helps maintain healthy weight
  • improves self-esteem
  • correlates with long-term weight loss success
    exercise is the factor which best predicts who
    will lose weight and keep it off
  • 30 45 minutes of continuous exercise 4-5 days a
  • find a workout buddy
  • find a time that works and schedule it
  • find an activity that you enjoy
  • join an intramural team

How can I avoid it? Poor Nutrition
  • eat a variety of foods that you enjoy
  • practice moderation
  • dont cut out any foods a small amount of even
    the least healthy foods wont lead to weight gain
  • think low-fat when shopping, cooking, and
    eating out
  • be creative try smoothies, dried fruits, nuts
  • spread out meals evenly throughout the day
  • dont skip meals
  • dont go 5 hours without eating

How can I avoid it? Sleep / Late Nights
  • get at least 6-8 hours of sleep every day
  • go to bed and get up at the same time every night
    / morning
  • set an end time where you will quit studying
    and go to sleep

How can I avoid it? Stress
  • avoid emotional eating
  • find a relaxation method that works
  • get rid of the stressors in your life
  • take a break
  • ask yourself if the situation is worth being
    upset over
  • prioritize
  • Get organized! Make lists
  • laugh
  • exercise
  • get a massage
  • get a pet

How can I avoid it? Skipping meals / erratic
eating schedules
  • eat 3 meals a day with healthy snacks in between
  • pack a lunch to avoid vending machines or
    unhealthy on campus choices
  • eat breakfast within one hour of waking
  • schedule times to eat and stick to the schedule

How can I avoid it? Snacking
  • do something else for 10 - 20 minutes before
    snacking chances are a delay can ward off a
  • sometimes thirst is mistaken for hunger
    drinking lots of water (at least 64oz/day) will
    keep you hydrated
  • when choosing a snack, try these
  • raw fruits and veggies
  • liquids especially warm beverages sipped
  • crunchy and chewable snacks
  • snacks that take a while to eat (i.e. popcorn)
  • drink milk for a snack its filling and good
    for you

How can I avoid it? Dining Out / Ordering In
  • watch portion sizes
  • ask for veggies without butter
  • ask for sauces/salad dressings/other toppings on
    the side
  • try fat-free or low-calorie dressings
  • have bread without butter
  • ask for nonfat or low-fat dairy products
  • choose lean cuts and smaller portions for meats
  • watch out for fried, sautéed, creamy, or crispy
  • meet yourself halfway
  • ask for a doggie bag
  • eat lunch for dinner
  • never mega/super size anything
  • good portions come in small packages
  • size up servings
  • be gone buffets

Some numbers…
  • Roadhouse Cheese Fries w/ Ranch Dressing
    3,010 calories, 217g fat
  • Arbys Market Fresh Roast Beef Swiss Sandwich
    810 calories, 42g fat
  • On the Border Chicken Fajita Quesadillas
    1,430 calories, 91g fat
  • Chilis Chicken Crispers meal 1,870 calories,
    129g fat
  • Freebird 1,050 calories, 45.5g fat
  • (reg flour, rice, refried beans, jack cheese,
  • dk chicken, bbq sauce, lettuce, and onion)
  • Starbucks White Mocha (grande) 510 calories,
    24g fat
  • Maple Syrup Mocchiato (tall) 240 calories,
    10g fat
  • Pei Wei Mongolian Beef 850 calories, 45g fat
  • McDonalds Chocolate Shake (large, 32oz) 1,030
    calories, 71g fat

How can I avoid it? Vending machines
  • think ahead and prepare
  • hard to find nutritious snacks
  • choose healthier options such as pretzels, peanut
    butter crackers, animal crackers, gold fish
  • keep dorm rooms or apartments stocked with
    healthy snacks

How can I avoid it? High calorie fluids
  • try diet drinks
  • drink juices in moderation
  • try skim or 1 milk instead of 2
  • try different flavors in your water if you dont
    like plain water

How can I avoid it? Alcohol
  • The math
  • 1 gram of protein and carbohydrates has 4
  • 1 gram of fat has 9 calories
  • 1 gram of alcohol has ___ calories
  • How many calories are you drinking?
  • 12 oz beer 140-150
  • 6 pack beer 840-900
  • 12 oz lite beer 95-105
  • 4 oz wine 80-120
  • 1.5 oz shot of liquor 100
  • 7 oz mixed drink 175
  • 8 oz blender drink 485
  • never drink on an empty stomach
  • alternate beverages with water or seltzer
  • dilute mixes with water or seltzer

Three most common reasons for freshman weight
  • lack of consistent schedule
  • excessive alcohol intake
  • 24-hour-a-day eating

What do I do if Ive already gained it?
  • Eliminate unnecessary calories
  • control portion sizes
  • dont assume fat free calorie free
  • eliminate emotional eating students eat when
    they are bored or stressed rather than just when
    they are hungry
  • alcohol and sodas empty calories
  • eat only when physically hungry stop when full
  • dont deprive yourself of anything
  • have no distractions (i.e. dont eat in front of
    the tv, while studying, etc.)
  • eliminate grazing

What do I do if Ive already gained it?
  • Eliminate excess calories
  • watch restaurant portions
  • take home the left-overs
  • choose lower calorie foods
  • eat at home more often
  • stop emotional eating keep a food journal and
    write down why/what you are eating
  • tame binges and cravings dont starve yourself
    dont diet and/or deprive carry healthy snacks
    with you

Cut where you can…
  • instead of this…
  • 1 cup grape nuts
  • Ben Jerrys ice cream
  • Regular potato chips
  • Ground beef
  • Mayonaise
  • Regular Dr. Pepper
  • KFC fried chicken breast
  • Big Mac
  • try this…
  • 1 cup wheat chex
  • Breyers ice cream
  • Baked potato chips
  • Ground turkey
  • Mustard
  • Diet Dr. Pepper
  • Roast chicken breast
  • Cheeseburger

calories saved 266 130 40-90 130 54 150 230 240
Healthy and Safe Weight Loss
  • Forget fad diets
  • Calculate personal calorie needs
  • Learn to read food labels
  • Follow the Food Guide Pyramid
  • Make small changes
  • EXERCISE!!!!!
  • Talk with a health professional with knowledge in
    the field
  • Keep an exercise and food journal

Campus Resources
  • Health Education
  • Rec Center
  • Food Services

  • Eating Well on Campus Ann Selkowitz Litt, MS,
    RD, LD
  • Kansas State Housing and Dining Services
  • Indiana University Residential Programs and
  • An Unhealthy Feeding Frenzy Freshman 15 Only the
    Start of Downhill Trend Veena Thomas
    (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Cornell University Hot Topics in Nutrition
    The Freshman 15

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