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Great Stone Face 2009 2010 list also the BMS Summer Read


After her older brother is badly injured in an automobile accident, Skye is sent ... Homer and his big brother Harold live in Maine with their uncle. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Great Stone Face 2009 2010 list also the BMS Summer Read

Great Stone Face 2009 2010 listalso the BMS
Summer Read
  • 25 great books
  • for you to read
  • and vote on

Curse of the Night Wolfby Paul Stewart Chris
  • Barnaby Grimes is a tick-tock lad. Need a
    fast delivery? Barnaby will do it! Hell even
    travel the city roof tops to deliver your message
    fast enough. 
  • One moonlit night while running a delivery,
    he encounters a huge, very nasty looking wolf on
    a rooftop. Not long after, he learns that his
    good friend Old Benjamin has disappeared
  • Something is going on! Its time to

The Dragonfly Poolby Eva Ibbotson
  • World War II is erupting and everyone fears
    that Hitler will soon bomb London. To keep Tally
    safe, her father sends her to a country boarding
    school. At first lonely, Tally soon grows to love
    it there. When the school is invited to
    participate in a festival in Bergania. Tally and
    her friends jump at it. What an adventure!
  • However, shortly after they arrive the king
    of Bergania is assassinated and it falls to them
    to keep the young prince safe.

Every Soul a Starby Wendy Mass
  • After witnessing a total solar eclipse
    together, 3 teens are changed forever.
  • Ally, 13, is fascinated by the scientific
    event, as are 1,000 other people who have come
    from all over the world to view the Great Eclipse
    at her familys wilderness site.
  • Glamorous Bree has an opposite response. Her
    parents, both physics scholars, are eager to move
    to the site, but not Bree. What about her
    friends? What about her world??
  • Then there is Jack. He loves art and science
    fiction, but not science yet there he is, with
    his science teacher.

Fearlessby Elvira Woodruff
  • When their father's ship is lost at sea, 2
    boys travel 100 miles to Plymouth, Massachusetts
    to find out whether their father survived. They
    live with their aunt, but without his income, she
    cant care for them.
  • In their travels they meet and are taken in
    by a kind inventor who designed and built the
    famous lighthouse on the Eddystone Reef. For
    years ships had crashed and sunk on those
    dangerous rocks. Because of his lighthouse they
    can sail safely into port.
  • The lighthouse is in need of repair. So, the
    three of them set out to fix it. The worst storm
    of the century is also roaring in.
  • Is it safe to go out there? How much will
    they risk?

Foundby Margaret Peterson Haddix
  • One night a plane arrives at an airline
    gate. Its not on any flight schedule. Theres no
    crew on board, and on each seat is a baby. Once
    the babies have been taken off, the plane is
    suddenly gone. This story never appears on the
  • 13 years later, Jonah and his friend Chip,
    both adopted, begin receiving ominous messages
    declaring that they are among "the missing" and
    that someone is coming to find them.
  • Frightened yet intrigued, the boys start
    investigating. What have their parents not told
    them? Who are they, really? Who else got these
    messages? And, who, or what, is coming?!

The Funeral Directors Sonby Coleen M. Paratore
  • The last thing Kip wants, is to learn the
    family business. However, he has a gift that
    makes him a natural the newly dead speak to him.
    He has already helped some resolve the things
    that kept them anchored here.
  • Meanwhile, he wants to go to summer camp
    with his three buddies, but doesnt have enough
    money for the fee. Then a grouchy fisherman dies,
    and the voice tells Kip that he can earn more
    than enough, if he will help him pass on.
  • What would you do?

The Graveyard Bookby Neil Gaiman
  • Late one night in Victorian London a curious
    toddler climbs out of his crib, bumps down the
    stairs and crawls out the open back door to
    explore the wonderful night. He was awakened by
    noises downstairs, has blithely escaped the very
    murder of his own family, and is right now being
    pursued by the assassin!
  • He gets away because across the street is a
    little cemetery and the kindly spirits there have
    been watching and hide him. Time goes by, and
    they raise him. However, the assassin, a member
    of an ancient order, was really after him and
    the order is still looking for him.
  • How will the cemetery spirits and this
    bright boy outwit these malicious men?
  • And, why are they after him?

Greetings from Nowhereby Barbara OConnor
  • Old widow Duncan decides its time to sell
    the motel she and her husband ran for so long and
    gets an offer from Clyde Dover, whos trying to
    make a new life for himself and his daughter.
  • Soon Loretta and her adoptive parents
    arrive. They are on their way to learn more about
    Loretta's birth mother. Then, Kirby and his
    mother ask to stay when their car breaks down.
    They are on their way to reform school for Kirby.
  • What none of them know is that together they
    are about to make something special happen at
    that sleepy old motel.

Into the Volcanoby Don Wood
  • Duffy and Sumo Pugg are invited by their
    eccentric aunt to come to the faraway island
    where their mother was born.
  • Once there, the boys learn some very
    surprising things about their mothers family,
    and get to explore the remains of a dormant
  • They do not realize how much danger they are
    in the volcano is not completely dormant, and
    they know their family secret.
  • Are they being set up for a tragic
    accident ?

Its Only Temporaryby Sally Warner
  • After her older brother is badly injured in
    an automobile accident, Skye is sent away to stay
    with her grandmother.
  • Now, instead of heading back to her own
    school with her own friends, Skye is has to go to
    a new school.. Determined to disappear into the
    woodwork until life at home returns to normal,
    Skye's one great comfort is her sketchbook/diary.
    Her love of art ends up helping her to make new
    friends, defy school bullies, and even get into a
    bit of trouble!

The Magic Thiefby Sarah Prineas
  • Conn, is a pickpocket. One day he picks the
    pocket of a passing wizard and pulls out his
    locus magicalicus. This should have destroyed
    Conn on the spot, but it doesn't
  • Intrigued, the wizard decides to make Conn
    his assistant as he works to halt the mysterious
    disappearance of the towns magic. Despite the
    wizards best efforts, Twilights magic keeps on
    disappearing. Conn is pretty sure he knows what
    needs to be done.
  • He better hurry enemies are closing in.

The Mostly True Adventures of Homer Figgby
Rodman Philbrick
  • Homer and his big brother Harold live in
    Maine with their uncle. Harold has just been
    sworn into the Union Army but, he is too young
    hes not yet 18.
  • After Harold has left, Homer learns that
    their uncle secretly sold him to be a substitute
    soldier for a rich neighbors son. Horrified, he
    sets off to rescue him.
  • On the way, Homer has many adventures. He is
    kidnapped by slave-catchers, joins a traveling
    medicine show and actually holds up one of the
    Union flags during the Battle of Gettysburg.
  • What about his brother Harold?
  • Will he find him? Will it be in time?

Nurkby Ursula Vernon
  • Can a (somewhat) brave shrew thats never
    been away from home find the courage to have a
    real adventure?
  • Can he set out, not knowing where he is
    going, to find the writer of a very desperate
    plea for help? A plea that was only mistakenly
    delivered to him?
  • Of course he can! (I think )
  • Inspired by the memory of his own
    grandmother, a long-lost warrior-shrew, Nurk
    builds a snailboat and heads out, determined to
    make her proud.
  • Along the way he discovers hes got a bit of
    his grandmother in him!

Oggie Cooderby Sarah Weeks
  • Oggie Cooder has always been something of an
    oddball. Most of the kids at school either shun
    or ignore him.
  • But then his uncanny ability to chew slices
    of cheese into the shapes of states wins him a
    slot on a popular television talent show!
    Suddenly everybody wants Oggie for a friend. Boy,
    being a celebrity sure has its perks!
  • He soon learns though, that being a
    celebrity also has its perils. For instance, his
    bossy neighbor has now become his new manager.
  • Yikes!

Ottoline and the Yellow Catby Chris Riddell
  • While her parents are away, Ottoline and her
    guardian (a small, hairy creature from a bog in
    Norway) investigate the disappearance of several
    pampered pooches, only to discover that the dog
    napper isnt after canine company.

The Robe of Skullsby Vivian French
  • Lady Lamorna is an evil sorceress who wants
    a gown "beyond all compare floor-length black
    velvet, with little skulls across the hem,
    embroidered with spiders, and "layers and layers
    of blood-red petticoats."
  • Only the Ancient Crones can produce such a
    garment, and her Evilness sends her wisecracking
    bat, to place her order. Unfortunately, Lamorna
    has neither the gold nor the silver to pay for
  • She devises a nasty scheme to come up with
    the money turn all the princes in the realm into
    slimy, burpy frogs, and ransom those little
    amphibians to their parents in exchange for
    making them human again.
  • Hah! She is so wickedly clever!

Savvyby Ingrid Law
  • In Mibs family when you turn 13 a
    supernatural ability, or Savvy, develops. No one
    knows just what ability you will get, but you
    will get one.
  • Shortly before Mibs birthday her dad is
    badly injured and hospitalized. Everyone is very
    worried about him. Mibs really hopes, no she is
    sure, that her gift will enable her to heal him.
    Turns out her gift has more to do with reading
    minds. Its going to take a while for her to
    recognize that and figure out how to use it.
  • Aside from her gift, Mibs is a regular kid
    who desperately wants to help her dad. She even
    sneaks out and onto a bus to get to him. How is
    her savvy going to help her now?

Scatby Carl Hiaasen
  • During a school field trip to Black Vine
    Swamp, a suspicious "wildfire" breaks out, and
    then, in the midst of the confusion their science
    teacher, Mrs. Starch, vanishes.
  • The school soon receives a letter stating
    Mrs. Starch has been called away on a "family
    emergency" but no one really believes that. Nick
    and Marta think Duane "Smoke" Scrod is involved.
    Involved in both the fire and their teachers odd
  • However, the mystery at work here is even
    bigger. This mystery involves not only the
    science teacher and Duane, but also an oil
  • and a

The Seer of Shadowsby Avi
  • Horace Carpetine doesnt know it yet, but
    he posseses a supernatural power.
  • When he is sent to photograph
  • the wealthy Mrs. Von Macht, the image of
    her dead daughter mysteriously appears in the
    print as well. Even more distressing, his
    photograph seems to have somehow released her
    ghost as well.
  • Mrs. Von Machts daughter has come back to
    haunt the living because she didnt die of
    natural causes, someone killed her.

The Sherlock Files The 100 Year Old Secretby
Tracy Barrett
  • Xena and Xander Holmes are handed a note by
    a stranger who says It fades fast. and then
    hurries away. They quickly read the note which is
    written in disappearing ink, and follow the
    notes instructions. They discover that they are
    related to Sherlock Holmes. Not only that, they
    are going to inherit his very notebooks of
    unsolved cases!
  • Hmmm, they are related to Sherlock Holmes.
    They are going to try and solve these cases.
    Maybe they can uncover something he missed. They
    start with the case of the missing painting,
    Girl in a Purple Hat.
  • The first clue they need to uncover the
    identity of the girl in the painting.
  • They are in for a surprise!

Swindleby Gordon Korman
  • Griffin has found a rare Babe Ruth baseball
    card. He and his friend Ben take the card to a
    dealer who tells them its just a copy, and buys
    it cheap. Not long after they realize they have
    been swindled by the dealer who plans to sell the
    rare card at auction for a lot more money!
  • Griffin is determined to get his card back.
    His plans are complicated by the dealers
    ferocious guard dogs, and fancy alarm systems.
  • However, he is not alone. Griffin has some
    friends with unique talents, and they are ready
    and willing to help.

A Thousand Never Eversby Shana Burg
  • Set in Mississippi during the Civil Rights
    movement, this is the story of Addie Pickett.
  • Addie never thought much about how unfair
    things are. She just figured that's the way life
    is, and she couldn't do anything about it. But
    then Medgar Evers was shot, and 4 girls were
    killed in a church, and her own kind brother has
    to go into hiding because he stood up to a racist
    bully. When her uncle is falsely accused of
    wrecking the towns community garden, Addie
    decides to find out who really did it.
  • Youre never too young to speak up for
    justice and lead by your own example.

The Truth about Horses, Friends My Life as a
Cowardby Sarah Gibson
  • Sophie never asked for a pony. She never even
    wanted a pony.
  • Her mother did.
  • That's how Really (short for really
    mean), and Sweetie (but only in the ring) and
    Fancy (pretty, but not smart) ended up in their
  • Sophie refuses to ride them, and yet she
    still has several hair-raising pony
    mis-adventures - right on the ground!
  • Finally overcoming her fear, she decides
    she will ride, only to fall off again and again
    (ouch!), in every possible, and seemingly
    impossible, way
  • How does this horse thing work?!?

We Cant All be Rattlesnakesby Patrick Jennings
  • What do the animals we keep make of us?
  • Crusher, a gopher snake, has been caught and
    caged by a boy. She finds she is not alone. He
    also has a turtle and a lizard. Crusher soon
    makes friends with everyone, everyone except the
    boy that is.
  • She is determined to regain her freedom. All
    the others say escape is impossible, but Crusher
    is sure she can do it. She just has to figure a
    way out. She finally decides her best bet is to
    play tame, but along the way she has gotten to
    know the boy, and she realizes she feels sorry
    for him.
  • Now what should she do?

The Wooden Mileby Chris Mould
  • Stanley inherits Candlestick Hall, from his
    uncle who apparently had a very bad run-in with a
    werewolf. He quickly learns that there are many
    strange goings on there, villagers who wont come
    out after dark, pirates lurking about, a bunch of
    dogs with only 3 legs, rumors of treasure, and of
    course large wolfish footprints.
  • Did I mention that the mansion is on an
    island that you get to by crossing a mile long
    foot bridge? Fortunately Stanley is both plucky
    and clever.

That's the Summer Read list Enjoy them!
Great Stone Face 2010
Available at Barrington Public Library all summer.