Buy Zithromax 500mg,Generic Azithromycin 250mg,100mg


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Buy Zithromax 500mg,Generic Azithromycin 250mg,100mg


Buy generic Zithromax 100mg,250mg,500mg online from online secure drugstore,purchase Azithromycin online treatment for bacterial infections.Order Zithromax 500mg6 tablets in $42.99. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Buy Zithromax 500mg,Generic Azithromycin 250mg,100mg

Mycobacterium Avium Complex (MAC)
Mycobacterium Avium Complex, also known as MAC
is the name of a group of bacteria. These
bacteria can infect people who are living with
HIV. Adults with HIV usually dont get MAC
disease until their CD4 count drops below 50.
Because MAC disease occurs later in the course of
HIV infection, it usually is not the first
sickness a person with HIV gets. Most people with
HIV have already been diagnosed with AIDS before
they get MAC. About 20 to 30 percent of people
with AIDS get MAC disease.
People with Disseminated MAC Disease can have
Fever Night Sweats Weight Loss Abdominal
Pain Tiredness Diarrhea
MAC disease is diagnosed by laboratory tests that
can identify the MAC bacteria in samples of
blood, bone marrow, or tissue. People with
HIV/AIDS probably get MAC disease through normal
contact with air, food, and water. MAC disease
has been found in many types of animals,
including birds, chickens, pigs, cows, rabbits,
and dogs. MAC bacteria can be found in most
sources of drinking water, including treated
water systems, and in dirt and household dust.
MAC disease does not seem to be spread from one
person to another.
Because MAC bacteria are found in food, water,
and soil, there is no easy way to avoid them.
However, there are drugs that can prevent MAC
germs from causing disease. Because MAC disease
occurs in people with very low CD4 counts, you
should not get treatment to prevent MAC disease
until your CD4 count is below 50. Your doctor
will tell you when you need to begin treatment
for preventing MAC disease.
Drug Which Can Reduce Your Chances Of Getting MAC
Special Disclaimer Images used above represent
popular brands and are not the same shipped by
us. We ship FDA approved generic drugs.
Azithromycin is an anti bacterial medicine
belonging to a class of medicines known as
macrolide antibiotics.
Antibiotic, Generic Zithromax is used in the
treatment of bacterial infections in various
different parts of the body. Azithromycin is also
used in the prevention of mycobacterium avium
complex MAC disease in those patients infected
with HIV human immunodeficiency virus.
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Inform your doctor if you are pregnant, breast
feeding or planning to conceive. If you conceive
whilst on a course with this medication inform
your doctor immediately. If you need to undergo
any kind of surgery, inform your doctor you are
taking this medicine.In case of overdose,
call your local poison control center at
1-800-222-1222. If the victim has collapsed or is
not breathing, call local emergency services at