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... this in code: Harvester Karel = null; ... Downloa


... this in code: Harvester Karel = null; ... Download BeeperLayer.zip demo project ... All other classes (Adder, Carrier, Checker) will be subclasses of Finder) ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: ... this in code: Harvester Karel = null; ... Downloa

  • Are there different ways to solve the Harvester
  • Robot teams instead of one robot to solve a
    problem, lets get a team of robots to tackle the
  • Three robots, each picking two rows
  • Six robots each picking one row
  • Download HarvesterW3.zip demo project

Names of Robots as references
  • We do not need three different names to refer to
    three different robots
  • We can use one name to refer to three robots in
  • Name of robots are references
  • public static void task()
  • Harvester Karel new Harvester(2, 2, East, 0)
  • Karel.pickTwoRows()
  • Karel.turnOff()
  • Karel new Harvester(4, 2, East, 0)
  • Karel.pickTwoRows()
  • Karel.turnOff()
  • Karel new Harvester(6, 2, East, 0)
  • Karel.pickTwoRows()
  • Karel.turnOff()

Declaration versus Robot Creation
  • We only declared a Robot name once
  • Harvester Karel
  • Karel is a name that refers to Harvester robots
  • We created three robots
  • new Harvester(2, 2, East, 0)
  • Creating a Harvester robot at 2, 2, facing East,
    with 0 beepers
  • We could better illustrate this in code
  • Harvester Karel null
  • Karel new Harvester(2, 2, East, 0)
  • null a reference to a robot is not referring to
    any real robot

Similar Tasks
  • We want to do several tasks, which are very
  • Task We want to lay down beepers in a field with
    5 rows, four columns. Odd numbered rows will have
    two beepers on each corner, even numbered rows
    will have three beepers on each corner

Different Robots, Similar skills
  • TwoRowLayer vs ThreeRowLayer
  • Very similar, differ only in one way
  • Capture the commonality in an abstract class
  • A template for the construction or more specific
  • Download BeeperLayer.zip demo project
  • This is polymorphism two objects (robots)
    receiving the same instruction, will behave
  • The object receiving the instruction determines
    what is done when the message is received

Single robot vs. team of robots
  • We could build a robot to solve every possible
    task, a super-duper robot. Should we?
  • This results in a large program
  • Large programs are hard to build and harder to
  • Large programs are hard to understand
  • Better to build small robot classes with a
    single, simple to understand purpose
  • With small robot classes we can choose a set of
    robots to solve much of a complex task, and write
    other simple classes to perform the rest
  • If we design our classes well, our robots will be

  • Let one robot coordinate the actions of some
  • Need two different kinds of robots
  • One a Choreographer, because it directs the
  • The others can be standard ur_Robots
  • The Choreographer will set up the others so that
    they mimic the actions of the others
  • Download Choreographer.zip demo project

Choreographer details
  • Choreographers need to know the names of the
    other robots, so we make these private to the
  • Helpers to the robot class being declared, but
    not accessible to other robots or to the main
    task block
  • We will also overwrite (redefine) the inherited
    primitive instructions of the Robot class, so
    that all the other private robots know what to do
  • move(), turnLeft(), pickBeeper(), putBeeper(),

Doing Arithmetic with Robots
  • Computers manipulate numbers well
  • We want to teach robots to manipulate numbers
  • We could represent a value, say 24, by putting 24
    beepers on a corner
  • Or, we could use two corners, the first will have
    2 beepers, and the second will have 4 beepers

Representation for robot addition
  • To add two digits we could set up a world to look
    like this (but we will start the columns on 2nd
    Avenue, not 1st)
  • Download Adder.zip demo

The robot addition classes
  • The Adder robot will utilize two helper robots
  • The first to see if a carry is necessary
  • The second will actually do the carry if
  • These robots will be created by a parent, and
    will need to find it in order to help it, we will
    start with a super (parent) class that provides
    the finding method called Finder
  • All other classes (Adder, Carrier, Checker) will
    be subclasses of Finder)
  • Actually, we are not going to create any Finder

The robot addition classes
  • Finder
  • the parent superclass
  • a convenient place to place methods common to all
    the other classes
  • Adder
  • Creates helpers
  • Picks up all beepers north of it
  • Returns to 1st Street
  • Deposits all of the beepers there

The robot addition classes
  • Carrier
  • Quite simple
  • Takes another beeper to adjacent column if
  • Given an infinite number of beepers
  • Checker
  • Does all of the interesting work
  • Are there 10 or more beepers collected by Adder?
  • Yes, return true
  • No, return false
  • Actually it has to check for multiples of 10
  • Also, if it finds less than 10 it must leave them
    on the corner

Polymorphism Design?
  • When is it appropriate to design a new class, and
    when should we modify or add to an existing
  • To really be answered as we continue in the
  • Guidelines
  • Modify
  • If a class contains errors or omissions, modify
  • Omissions mean there is some action or predicate
    needed to complete the basic functionality of the
  • New class
  • If we have a useful class, but we need new,
    specialized functionality, then build a new class
    as a subclass
  • Sometimes a class is what we want, but one or two
    methods may need to be modified
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