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Strategic Management models for powerpoint presentations


100 Strategic Management models, diagrams and charts for powerful business presentations. Content: Strategic Pyramid, Strategic Vision, Strategy Alternatives, Five Forces Model, Competitive Advantage, Generic Strategies, Growth Strategies, Diversification Strategy, BCG Matrix, GE Business Screen, Cost Strategies, Exit/Entry Barriers, Resource Analysis, Core Competencies, Product-Life-Cycle, Top-Down-Management, Industry Analysis, International Strategies, SWOT Analysis, Portfolio Analysis, McKinsey’s 7-S Framework, Five-Phase Growth Model, Strategy Development, Merger&Acquisitions, Technology Strategies, Value Propositions, Ansoff Matrix, Experience Curve, Strategic Options, Window of Opportunity More business diagrams to downloads on your visual business knowledge

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Updated: 9 February 2011
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Title: Strategic Management models for powerpoint presentations

1 strategic management 100
2 key words strategic pyramid strategic vision strategy alternatives five forces model competitive advantage generic strategies growth strategies diversification strategy bcg matrix ge business screen cost strategies exitentry barriers resource analysis core competencies productlifecycle topdownmanagement industry analysis international strategies swot analysis portfolio analysis mckinseys 7s framework fivephase growth model strategy development mergeracquisitions technology strategies value propositions ansoff matrix experience curve strategic options window of opportunity
3 the five tasks of strategic management
4 strategic approaches to preparing for futuremarket conditions
5 the strategicmaking pyramid i
6 the strategicmaking pyramid ii
7 identifying strategy for a single business
8 the networking of strategic visions missions objectives and strategies
9 factors shaping the choice of company strategy
10 0 a companys macroenvironment
11 1 the fiveforces model of competition
12 2 mobilizing company resources to produce competitive advantage
13 3 representative company value chain
14 4 representative value chain for an entire industry
15 5 the five generic competitive strategies
16 6 the building and eroding of competitive advantage
17 7 strategy options for local companies in competing against global challengers
18 8 the three strategy horizons for sustaining rapid growth
19 9 value chains for related businesses
20 0 value chains for unrelated businesses
21 1 strategy options for a company that is already diversified
22 2 identifying a to look for a diversified companys diversified companys strategy what to look companys strategy what strategy what to identifying a diversified
23 ninecell industry attractivenesscompetitive a representative ninecell 3 a representative representative ninecell industry attractivenesscompetitive strength matrix industry attractivenesscompetitive strength
24 managerial components of big managerial components components of implementing of implementing strategy eight big managerial 4 the eight the eight big
25 5 the components components of building a capable organization building a capable of building a the components of
26 total price to of total price value chain as 6 value chain percent of total price to the to the consumer a percent of as a percent chain as a
27 why do mergers 7 why do do mergers fail
28 8 the value the value chain
29 the generic value 9 the generic generic value chain
30 the generic strategies risks of the of the generic 0 risks of
31 1 three generic three generic strategies
32 effectiveness versus strategic 2 operational effectiveness operational effectiveness versus versus strategic positioning
33 competitor configuration and configuration and industry and industry stability 3 competitor configuration
34 activities and cost value activities and and cost position 4 shared value shared value activities
35 scope of leader of leader and alternative scope of challenger strategies i leader and challenger 5 alternative scope and challenger strategies
36 leader and challenger challenger strategies ii alternative scope of scope of leader and challenger strategies 6 alternative scope of leader and
37 7 the wheel the wheel of of competitive strategy wheel of competitive
38 8 barriers and barriers and profitability
39 9 generic competitive generic competitive strategies
40 in the business to remain in 0 firms strategic strategic needs to needs to remain firms strategic needs remain in the
41 1 five forces segment structural attractiveness determining segment structural five forces determining forces determining segment
42 2 the quest quest for competitiveness the quest for
43 3 finding the of the current the current economic finding the limits current economic engine limits of the the limits of
44 4 beyond customerled
45 why do great great companies fail do great companies 5 why do
46 categories of resource of resource leverage 6 categories of
47 7 managing migration managing migration paths
48 establishing the core 8 establishing the core competence agenda the core competence
49 of the diversified the diversified firm 9 an alternate conception of the an alternate conception alternate conception of
50 for integration decisions criteria for integration 0 criteria for
51 1 vertical market vertical market structures
52 2 transactionasset matrix
53 primary influence processes 3 primary influence
54 product life cycle 4 the product the product life
55 5 internal venturing internal venturing alternatives
56 the boston consulting 6 the boston boston consulting group consulting group matrix
57 electric business screen the general electric 7 the general general electric business
58 topdown control cycle the topdown control 8 the topdown
59 bottomup empowerment cycle the bottomup empowerment 9 the bottomup
60 the internal diversification 0 the internal internal diversification process
61 for organizational entrepreneurship 1 designs for designs for organizational
62 the firms external firms external environment 2 the firms
63 forces driving industry 3 forces driving driving industry competition
64 strategy options i 4 international strategy international strategy options
65 5 international strategy strategy options ii international strategy options
66 swot analysis diagram 6 swot analysis
67 decay of new 7 decay of new product ideas of new product
68 grand strategy selection strategy selection matrix 8 grand strategy
69 growthshare matrix i 9 bcgs growthshare bcgs growthshare matrix
70 0 bcgs growthshare growthshare matrix ii bcgs growthshare matrix
71 the new bcg 1 underlying relationship market share in new bcg matrix relationship between roi in the new roi and market and market share underlying relationship between share in the between roi and
72 the lifecycle portfolio lifecycle portfolio matrix 2 the lifecycle
73 mckinsey 7s framework 3 mckinsey 7s
74 4 managing the the strategyculture relationship managing the strategyculture
75 typical budgeting system system for controlling for controlling strategy controlling strategy implementation a typical budgeting budgeting system for 5 a typical
76 of success or 6 strategy is strategy is the determinant of success success or failure the primary determinant primary determinant of is the primary
77 at various organizational 7 strategic tactical views at various and operational views tactical and operational operational views at various organizational levels strategic tactical and
78 fivephase growth model 8 greiners fivephase greiners fivephase growth
79 firms compete for 9 firms compete and resources two for customers and resources two cases compete for customers customers and resources
80 intensity of competition 0 intensity of
81 value and the the priceperformance curve and the priceperformance 1 value and
82 2 functional strategy functional strategy areas
83 for multinational operations forms for multinational organizational forms for basic organizational forms 3 basic organizational
84 4 types of types of acquisitions
85 and the life the life cycle 5 strategic options strategic options and options and the
86 attractivenesscompetitive position strategies 6 attractivenesscompetitive position
87 a sustainable competitive technology strategies for for a sustainable 7 technology strategies sustainable competitive advantage strategies for a
88 value propositions across across four quadrants propositions across four 8 value propositions
89 9 the ansoff the ansoff matrix
90 0 the customer the customer growth customer growth matrix
91 1 combining elements customer growth matrix the customer growth elements of the of the customer combining elements of
92 of product innovation evaluation of product model for the for the evaluation conceptual model for the evaluation of 2 conceptual model product innovation projects
93 aims in various of product development stadia of product 3 alternative aims alternative aims in in various stadia various stadia of
94 core competence management competence management model 4 core competence
95 economics of the competencies the link core competencies the the economics of link between the the firm management between the economics firm management cognition the link between of the firm 5 core competencies
96 6 technical riskbusiness technical riskbusiness risk riskbusiness risk model
97 7 typical industry experience curve strategies typical industry experience industry experience curve
98 of timingknowhow competition the cycle of 8 the cycle cycle of timingknowhow
99 and the new 9 disruption and the new 7ss disruption and the
100 an escalation ladder pricequality competition moving moving up an up an escalation cycle pricequality competition competition moving up 00 the cycle escalation ladder i the cycle pricequality
101 moving up an escalation ladder ii pricequality competition moving up an escalation cycle pricequality competition the cycle pricequality an escalation ladder 01 the cycle competition moving up
102 escalation ladder iii competition moving up up an escalation moving up an pricequality competition moving an escalation ladder cycle pricequality competition 02 the cycle the cycle pricequality
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