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Organization Management models for powerpoint presentations


100 Organization Management models, diagrams and charts for powerful business presentations. Content: Organization Model, Scientific Management, Motivation Framework, Maslow’s Hierarchy, ERG Theory, Intrinsic/Extrinsic Rewards, Compensation Management, Job Enrichment, Group Performance, Linking Pin Organization, Likert’s Overlapping, Mintzberg’s Coordinating Mechanisms, Matrix Organization, Network Organization, Change Management, Hierarchical Structures, Formal Organization, Role Diagram, Job Description, Divisional Structures, Project Organization, Value Chain Management, Span of Control, Task Force, Organization Development, Growth Management, Learning Organization, Virtual Organization More businss diagrams to download on your visual business knowledge

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Updated: 9 February 2011
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Title: Organization Management models for powerpoint presentations

1 organization management 100
2 key words organization model scientific management motivation framework maslows hierarchy erg theory intrinsicextrinsic rewards compensation management job enrichment group performance linking pin organization likerts overlapping mintzbergs coordinating mechanisms matrix organization network organization change management hierarchical structures formal organization role diagram job description divisional structures project organization value chain management span of control task force organization development growth management learning organization virtual organization
3 a basic organization model
4 phases of scientific management i
5 phases of scientific management ii
6 the basic motivation framework
7 maslows hierarchy of human needs
8 parallels among need theories of motivation
9 the individualorganization exchange process
10 0 the meaning of organizational rewards
11 1 a total compensation package
12 2 the historical development of job design
13 3 four factors that affect group performance
14 4 likerts overlapping work groups the linking pin organization
15 5 mintzbergs five coordinating mechanisms
16 6 a matrix design
17 7 basic communication process
18 8 small group communication networks
19 9 four major problems in change management
20 0 hierarchy and decision making
21 1 cellular structures placed into hierarchical structures
22 nonlinearity of power of power and 2 the nonlinearity and decision load the nonlinearity of power and decision
23 3 technological innovation innovation as a as a result result of complex of complex interactions technological innovation as a result of
24 multidirectional communication and 4 further developments further developments of developments of multidirectional communication and involvement of multidirectional communication
25 5 organizational effectiveness
26 formal and informal and informal organization 6 formal and
27 optimum degree of 7 optimum degree of formal organization degree of formal
28 for organization design contingency framework for 8 contingency framework framework for organization
29 organization chart role role diagram job 9 organization chart diagram job description chart role diagram
30 of organization design levels of organization 0 levels of
31 divisional multidivisional structures functional divisional multidivisional 1 functional divisional
32 2 project structures
33 designs in context mechanic designs in 3 mechanistic vs vs mechanic designs mechanistic vs mechanic
34 of traditional organization 4 problems of traditional organization design problems of traditional
35 structure and process link between structure 5 link between between structure and
36 organizational value chain 6 organizational value
37 the development of of organization design 7 the development design over time development of organization organization design over
38 five basic parts the five basic 8 the five parts of organizations basic parts of
39 of formal authority the flow of 9 the flow flow of formal
40 structures to deal with residual interdependencies to deal with deal with residual 0 structures to
41 1 a continuum a continuum of continuum of liaison of liaison devices
42 2 span of span of control
43 3 functional specialization
44 4 process specialization
45 5 product specialization
46 6 customer specialization
47 7 geographic specialization
48 specialization in a of specialization in in a single a single organization 8 various forms forms of specialization various forms of
49 9 multiform organization
50 type of intervention 0 what type what type of
51 1 typical improvement typical improvement actions
52 2 improvement agenda
53 3 assessment management
54 4 the initial initial decision matrix the initial decision
55 in the five organizational practices in the five phases phases of growth 5 organizational practices five phases of practices in the
56 and relationship marketing imaginary organization and 6 imaginary organization relationship marketing two marketing two perspectives organization and relationship
57 organizations and some and some related some related concepts 7 imaginary organizations imaginary organizations and
58 management in business 8 role of of virtual organizing organizing and knowledge in business networking knowledge management in role of virtual virtual organizing and and knowledge management
59 9 business engineering applied to business business engineering model model applied to engineering model applied to business networking
60 0 major strategy major strategy decision
61 1 virtual organizations organizations and virtual virtual organizations and and virtual cultures
62 2 models of models of virtuality
63 3 virtual alliance virtual alliance models
64 change model vocm virtual organizational change 4 virtual organizational organizational change model
65 cycle of knowledge 5 the cycle the cycle of of knowledge creation
66 knowledge management life management life cycle 6 knowledge management
67 7 knowledge management
68 choosing pilot groups 8 choosing pilot
69 9 kworld
70 0 consultant network
71 typical knowledgemanagement platform a typical knowledgemanagement 1 a typical
72 2 knowledgemanagement modules
73 graph of evolving evolving technology and knowledge management over 3 graph of technology and knowledge of evolving technology management over time and knowledge management
74 graph of technology of technology and technology and its 4 graph of and its effectiveness
75 data from information differentiate data from that differentiate data five cs that the five cs cs that differentiate 5 the five
76 the basic elements utilization and typical typical technology tools 6 the basic and typical technology knowledge utilization and elements of knowledge basic elements of of knowledge utilization
77 leverage derived and levels of leverage of leverage derived derived and possibilities of knowledge levels possibilities of technology of technology support levels of knowledge four levels of and possibilities of knowledge levels of 7 the four the four levels
78 support knowledge management management and their the framework of knowledge management and required to support technologies required to framework of technologies and their functionality to support knowledge 8 the framework of technologies required
79 connecting islands of 9 connecting islands islands of data with a knowledge a knowledge server data with a of data with
80 it support fit the places where support fit in where it support model and the and the places nonakas seci model seci model and places where it 0 nonakas seci
81 customer valuation interactivity interactivity and the valuation interactivity and the need for and the need need for relationship 1 customer valuation for relationship management
82 across all channels channels is key 2 consistency of of interaction across all channels is interaction across all consistency of interaction
83 3 the evolution knowledgeoriented business processes of knowledgeoriented business evolution of knowledgeoriented the evolution of
84 new approaches to 4 new approaches to customer knowledge customer knowledge management approaches to customer
85 5 the kcrm the kcrm strategic kcrm strategic framework
86 process and knowledge and knowledge intensity the customer relationship of the customer relationship management process customer relationship management management process and stages of the 6 stages of
87 to uncertainty the 7 responding to organization design options responding to uncertainty the organization design uncertainty the organization
88 in an organization interaction of social social forces in forces in an levitts diamond the the interaction of diamond the interaction of social forces 8 levitts diamond
89 organization design parameters 9 organization design
90 and organizational model matching management style 0 matching management style and organizational management style and
91 1 thorn a thorn a realigned a realigned strategy
92 generate the business using csfs to the business vision csfs to generate to generate the 2 using csfs
93 approach to strategic positioning an organizations an organizations approach 3 positioning an strategic systems planning to strategic systems organizations approach to
94 it strategic grid the it strategic grid distinguishes levels strategic grid distinguishes levels of system 4 the it of system criticality distinguishes levels of
95 technology impact on on competitive forces impact on competitive 5 technology impact
96 of strategic elements 6 the interaction elements in an strategic elements in in an organization interaction of strategic the interaction of
97 it on transformation the potential impact 7 the potential impact of it of it on potential impact of
98 has to change emphasis of it management has to the emphasis of 8 the emphasis it management has of it management
99 design are technically traditional approaches to are technically focused to system design system design are approaches to system 9 traditional approaches
100 design allow little allow little scope scope for user system design allow little scope for 00 traditional approaches approaches to system to system design for user input traditional approaches to
101 01 assessing the technical contribution of the business and and technical contribution assessing the business contribution of applications business and technical
102 is responsibility matrix the is responsibility 02 the is
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