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Operations Management models for powerpoint presentations


100 Operations Management models, diagrams and graphs for powerful business presentations. Content: Transformation Process, In-Output, Macro Operations, Physical Buffering, Operations Strategy, Process Design, Manufactoring, Supply Chain Management, Vertical Integration, Assembly Operations, Capacity Leading Strategy, Product Technology, CAD, Job Design, Capacity Planning, Inventory Management, Economic Order Quantity, Pareto Curve, ABC Analysis, Material Management, Master Production Schedule, Layouting, Production Plan, Just-in-Time, Quality Management, PDCA Cycle, Process Reengineering, Cause Effect Diagram, Pareto Diagram, Why Why Analysis, TQM, Operations Network, Buffer Inventory More business diagrams to download on www.drawpack.com your visual business knowledge

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Updated: 9 February 2011
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Title: Operations Management models for powerpoint presentations

1 operations management 100
2 key words transformation process inoutput macro operations physical buffering operations strategy process design manufactoring supply chain management vertical integration assembly operations capacity leading strategy product technology cad job design capacity planning inventory management economic order quantity pareto curve abc analysis material management master production schedule layouting production plan justintime quality management pdca cycle process reengineering cause effect diagram pareto diagram why why analysis tqm operations network buffer inventory
3 operations function narrow definition
4 operations function broad definition
5 inputtransformationoutput processes
6 output a mixture of goods and services
7 macro and micro operations
8 micro operations and business processes
9 physical buffering
10 0 organizational buffering
11 1 a typology of operations
12 2 operations management and strategy
13 3 the three roles of the operations function
14 4 the role and the contribution of the operations function
15 5 external and internal effects on the performance objectives
16 6 the influences on the relative importanceof performance objectives
17 7 different competitive factors and performance objectives
18 8 orderwinning and qualifying objectives
19 9 competitor activity and the influence on performance objectives
20 0 effects of the productservice life cycle
21 1 design activities in operations management
22 2 design screening
23 types in manufacturing in manufacturing operations process types in 3 process types
24 4 process types in service operations process types in types in service
25 to volumevariety characteristics of process to process to volumevariety of fit of line of fit 5 line of fit of process
26 customermarketingdesign feedback loop the customermarketingdesign feedback 6 the customermarketingdesign
27 of productservice design stages of productservice 7 stages of
28 internal and external generation from internal 8 concept generation concept generation from from internal and and external sources
29 from an idea 9 from an an idea to to a concept idea to a
30 0 concept screening
31 a delay in delay in time of a delay effect of a time to market in time to 1 effect of
32 2 organization structures for design activity organization structures for structures for design
33 total and immediate and immediate supply immediate supply networks 3 total and
34 for an assembly 4 vertical integration an assembly operation vertical integration for integration for an
35 extent of process span of vertical process span of 5 the extent the extent of of vertical integration of process span
36 balance of internalexternal the balance of 6 the balance of internalexternal trade
37 demandside factors in factors in location 7 supply and in location decisions and demandside factors supply and demandside
38 capacityleading and capacitylagging and capacitylagging strategies 8 capacityleading and
39 process and basic and basic layout 9 relationship between basic layout types relationship between process between process and
40 volume variety and and layout type variety and layout 0 volume variety
41 types of cell 1 types of
42 and process technology of innovation for rates of innovation for product and relative rates of product and process innovation for product 2 relative rates
43 volume and variety 3 volume and and variety characteristics
44 integration of manufacturing 4 increasing integration increasing integration of of manufacturing technologies
45 5 the growth the growth in growth in telecommunication in telecommunication services
46 elements of job of job design the elements of 6 the elements
47 the chronology of of the differente the differente approaches 7 the chronology approaches to job to job design differente approaches to chronology of the
48 to job design approaches to job 8 differente approaches differente approaches to
49 causes of seasonality 9 causes of
50 planning and control 0 capacity planning capacity planning and
51 dynamics of capacity of capacity planning 1 dynamics of
52 position of inventory of inventory i the position of 2 the position
53 position of inventory of inventory ii the position of 3 the position
54 position of inventory the position of of inventory iii 4 the position
55 position of inventory of inventory iv 5 the position the position of
56 6 inventory profile
57 economic order quantity 7 economic order
58 items in a curve for items for items in in a warehouse 8 pareto curve pareto curve for
59 9 supply chain supply chain management
60 the purchasing function 0 the purchasing
61 the multiechelon physical physical system i multiechelon physical system 1 the multiechelon
62 2 multiechelon physical physical system ii multiechelon physical system
63 physical system iii multiechelon physical system 3 multiechelon physical
64 of supplier and 4 responsibilities of supplier and purchaser responsibilities of supplier
65 5 materials management
66 material requirement planning 6 material requirement
67 7 inputs into inputs into the master production schedule into the master the master production
68 shapes of product different shapes of 8 different shapes of product structure
69 9 closedloop mrp
70 0 traditional flow
71 justintime jit flow 1 justintime jit
72 a typology of typology of projects 2 a typology
73 3 the process of project planning process of project the process of
74 higher quality on 4 effect of of higher quality on revenue and effect of higher revenue and cost quality on revenue
75 5 the customers views of quality customers views of the customers views
76 perception and expectation 6 gap analysis customers perception and between customers perception gap analysis between analysis between customers
77 the operations performance customers needs and operations performance over performance over time and the operations needs and the 7 change in change in customers in customers needs
78 8 the importanceperformance the importanceperformance matrix
79 9 breakthrough improvement
80 0 the pdca the pdca cycle
81 1 the business the business process process reengineering approach business process reengineering
82 flow chart for chart for customer 2 flow chart for customer query
83 3 causeeffect diagram
84 4 pareto diagram
85 5 whywhy analysis
86 6 failure prevention failure prevention and prevention and recovery
87 maintenance costs i 7 view of of maintenance costs view of maintenance
88 view of maintenance of maintenance costs maintenance costs ii 8 view of
89 curves for two failure curves for 9 failure curves for two machines
90 the stages in in failure planning stages in failure 0 the stages
91 total quality management 1 total quality
92 2 the cost cost of errors errors in different in different development different development stages of errors in the cost of
93 quality cost model tqm quality cost 3 the tqm the tqm quality
94 4 groupbased improvement
95 of the tqm the effectiveness of the tqm initiative effectiveness of the 5 the effectiveness
96 the european quality quality award model 6 the european european quality award
97 sweeneys generic strategies 7 sweeneys generic
98 operations network configurations international operations network 8 international operations
99 the performance objective performance objective tradeoff 9 the performance
100 00 common forecasting common forecasting techniques
101 01 trend seasonality and random variation trend seasonality and random variation analysis seasonality and random
102 02 the standard standard time approach the standard time
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