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150 Management Models for powerpoint presentations


150 Management Models for powerful business presentations. Content: Break-even, Financing Life Cycle, Economies of Scale, Elasticity, Sales Cycles Market Potential, Portfolio Matrix, Product Model, Four P's, Push/Pull Strategy, Marketing Mix, PDCA Cycle, SWOT, Value Chain, Ansoff Matrix, BCG Matrix, 7-S Modell, Core Competencies, GE Business Screen, Nine Cell Industry Risk/Reward Diagram, Porter's Five Forces, Industry Competition, Generic Strategies, Geobusiness Modell, Porter's Diamond, Matrix Design, PIMS, Leavitt's Diamond, Belbin's Team Roles, Theory X/Y, Maslow's Hierarchy, Herberg's Theory, Cultural Web, Pareto Curve, CIM Concept, Value Drivers More business diagrams to download on www.drawpack.com your visual business knowledge

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Updated: 9 February 2011
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Title: 150 Management Models for powerpoint presentations

1 management models 150
2 key words breakeven financing life cycle economies of scale elasticity sales cycles market potential portfolio matrix product model four ps pushpull strategy marketing mix pdca cycle swot value chain ansoff matrix bcg matrix 7s model core competencies ge business screen nine cell industry riskreward diagram porters five forces industry competition generic strategies geobusiness model porters diamond matrix design pims leavitts diamond belbins team roles theory xy maslows hierarchy herzbergs theory cultural web pareto curve cim concept value drivers
3 markets and structure of flow
4 a companys macroenvironment
5 breakeven point
6 breakeven chart
7 breakeven volume
8 breakeven regions
9 financing life cycle
10 0 demand and supply
11 1 economies of scale
12 2 elasticity
13 3 inelastic and elastic demand
14 4 sales and profit life cycles
15 5 market potential market volume market share
16 6 the product life cycle i
17 7 the product life cycle ii introduction growth unit sales volume a b c maturity commodity or decline time note a moderate growth b commodity c decline
18 8 the life cycle portfolio matrix
19 9 patterns of strategic change
20 0 the whole product model
21 1 the productpositioning map
22 2 the four ps of mccarthy i
23 3 the four ps of mccarthy ii
24 4 push versus pull strategy
25 5 the expanded marketing mix
26 6 the 6 step marketing plan
27 7 the pdca cycle
28 8 enterprise management process
29 9 swot analysis diagram
30 0 swot analysis i
31 1 swot analysis ii
32 swot analysis iii 2 swot analysis
33 generic value chain 3 the generic the generic value value chain i
34 4 the generic value chain ii generic value chain the generic value
35 the generic value generic value chain value chain iii 5 the generic
36 6 the ansoff ansoff matrix i the ansoff matrix
37 ansoff matrix ii 7 the ansoff the ansoff matrix
38 customer growth matrix 8 the customer the customer growth
39 9 productmarket diversification
40 growthshare matrix i 0 bcgs growthshare bcgs growthshare matrix
41 1 bcgs growthshare growthshare matrix ii bcgs growthshare matrix
42 growthshare matrix iii bcgs growthshare matrix 2 bcgs growthshare
43 growthshare matrix iv 3 bcgs growthshare bcgs growthshare matrix
44 new bcg matrix 4 the new the new bcg
45 underlying relationship between market share in relationship between roi the new bcg in the new and market share between roi and 5 underlying relationship roi and market new bcg matrix share in the
46 6 mckinseys seven mckinseys seven ss seven ss framework
47 and the new the new 7ss 7 disruption and disruption and the
48 8 core competencies core competencies i
49 core competencies ii 9 core competencies
50 core competencies iii 0 core competencies
51 electric business screen general electric business the general electric 1 the general
52 2 attractivenesscompetitive position attractivenesscompetitive position strategies
53 company positionindustryattractiveness screen 3 company positionindustryattractiveness
54 a representative ninecell industry attractivenesscompetitive strength representative ninecell industry attractivenesscompetitive strength matrix ninecell industry attractivenesscompetitive 4 a representative
55 mckinsey multifactor portfolio multifactor portfolio matrix ge mckinsey multifactor 5 ge mckinsey
56 anddefensive strategic market portfolio positions anddefensive positions anddefensive strategic 6 portfolio positions strategic market plans
57 7 market attractiveness market attractiveness portfolio attractiveness portfolio classification classification and strategies portfolio classification and
58 8 the riskreward the riskreward diagrams
59 9 contrasting characteristics characteristics of upstream upstream and downstream and downstream companies of upstream and contrasting characteristics of
60 porters five forces five forces i 0 porters five
61 1 porters five porters five forces five forces ii
62 driving industry competition 2 forces driving forces driving industry
63 barriers and profitability 3 barriers and
64 to strategic advantage routes to strategic 4 four routes four routes to
65 the generic strategies generic strategies i 5 the generic
66 the generic strategies 6 the generic generic strategies ii
67 modified competitive strategies 7 five modified five modified competitive
68 sweeneys generic strategies 8 sweeneys generic
69 9 geobusiness model
70 0 porters diamond
71 allocation at corporate 1 resource allocation at corporate level resource allocation at
72 competitive strategy paradigm 2 pims competitive pims competitive strategy
73 international strategy options 3 international strategy
74 4 the wheel of competitive strategy wheel of competitive the wheel of
75 5 generic competitive generic competitive strategies
76 strategic triangle i 6 the strategic the strategic triangle
77 the strategic triangle strategic triangle ii 7 the strategic
78 8 trilogy strategy trilogy strategy culture strategy culture structure
79 optimum degree of degree of formal of formal organization 9 optimum degree
80 flow of formal 0 the flow of formal authority the flow of
81 divisional multidivisional structures 1 functional divisional functional divisional multidivisional
82 a matrix design 2 a matrix
83 3 models of models of virtuality
84 social forces in 4 leavitts diamond leavitts diamond the forces in an interaction of social of social forces diamond the interaction in an organization the interaction of
85 5 actioncentred leadership
86 belbins team roles 6 belbins team
87 7 group development
88 8 theory x and theory y theory x and x and theory
89 human needs i hierarchy of human 9 maslows hierarchy maslows hierarchy of of human needs
90 0 maslows hierarchy hierarchy of human of human needs maslows hierarchy of human needs ii
91 1 herzbergs motivatorhygiene herzbergs motivatorhygiene theory
92 2 parallels among parallels among need theories of motivation need theories of among need theories
93 3 managerial grid
94 4 situational leadership
95 5 cultural web
96 dynamics of paradigm of paradigm change 6 dynamics of
97 four organizational cultures 7 four organizational
98 integrated model of 8 integrated model of strategic management model of strategic
99 9 most
100 network analysis pert analysis pert cpa 00 network analysis
101 the five phases 01 the five phases of growth five phases of
102 02 the chasm
103 03 inventory profile
104 economic order quantity 04 economic order
105 curve for abcproducts 05 pareto curve pareto curve for
106 06 cimconcept
107 process reengineering approach the business process 07 the business business process reengineering
108 total quality management 08 total quality
109 09 supply chain supply chain management
110 of return irr rate of return internal rate of 10 internal rate
111 net present value present value npv 11 net present
112 12 variance analysis
113 and the income 13 the link link between the the income statement the link between balance sheets and sheets and the the balance sheets between the balance
114 14 working capital
115 financial strategy framework 15 financial strategy
116 investor perceived riskreturn perceived riskreturn space 16 investor perceived
117 17 du pont du pont scheme
118 the drivers of of value creation 18 the drivers drivers of value
119 business design process 19 business design
120 company center of the company center center of gravity 20 the company
121 traditional value chain 21 the traditional the traditional value
122 modern value chain 22 the modern the modern value
123 customer solutions profit 23 customer solutions
124 24 product pyramid product pyramid profit
125 25 multicomponent profit
126 26 switchboard profit
127 27 time profit
128 28 blockbuster profit
129 profit multiplier model 29 profit multiplier
130 30 entrepreneurial profit
131 31 specialization profit
132 installed base profit 32 installed base
133 33 de facto facto standard profit de facto standard
134 34 brand profit
135 specialty product profit 35 specialty product
136 local leadership profit 36 local leadership
137 transaction scale profit 37 transaction scale
138 value chain position 38 value chain chain position profit
139 39 cycle profit
140 40 aftersale profit
141 new product profit 41 new product
142 relative market share market share profit 42 relative market
143 43 experience curve experience curve profit
144 lowcost business design 44 lowcost business business design profit
145 just the box solution not just ges business designsell the solution not designsell the solution business designsell the not just the 45 ges business
146 smh product pyramid the smh product 46 the smh
147 the value chain designmanage the value 47 cocacolas business cocacolas business designmanage business designmanage the
148 the charles schwab 48 the charles charles schwab switchboard
149 intels business design 49 intels business business design two design two steps two steps ahead
150 disneys business design 50 disneys business business design reinvention
151 the thermoelectronspinout business 51 the thermoelectronspinout thermoelectronspinout business design
152 microsofts business designcreatethestandard 52 microsofts business
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