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Financial Management models for powerpoint presentations


100 Financial Management models for powerful business presentations. Content: Financial Management, Finacial Market, Present Value, Perpetuity, Annuity, Compound Interest, Inflation, Bond Yield, Share Value, Free Cash Flow, IRR, Risk Valuation, Markowitz, SML, CAPM, Beta Risk, APT, Portfolio Theory, Economic Profit, Call Option, Straddle, Option Pricing, Theory, Leverage Ratio, Liquidity, Du Pont, Private Equity, Volatility, Working Capital, Valuation, Value Drivers, Risk/Return, Diversification, Corporate Finance, Yield, NPV, Cash Transfer, Accounting

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Updated: 9 February 2011
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Title: Financial Management models for powerpoint presentations

1 financial management 100
2 key words financial market present value perpetuity annuity compound interest inflation bond yield share value free cash flow irr risk valuation markowitz sml capm beta risk apt portfolio theory economic profit call option straddle option pricing theory leverage ratio liquidity du pont private equity volatility working capital valuation value drivers riskreturn diversification corporate finance yield npv cash transfer accounting
3 the dual functions of financial markets
4 present value
5 net present value
6 perpetuity
7 annuity
8 compound interest
9 inflation
10 0 bond prices and yields
11 1 valuing common stocks i
12 2 valuing common stocks ii
13 3 valuing common stocks iii
14 4 fcf and pv
15 5 npv and cash transfers
16 6 internal rate of return
17 7 rate of return 1926 1997
18 8 measuring risk
19 9 portfolio risk i
20 0 portfolio risk ii
21 1 portfolio risk iii
22 beta and unique and unique risk 2 beta and
23 markowitz portfolio theory 3 markowitz portfolio
24 efficient frontier i 4 efficient frontier
25 5 efficient frontier efficient frontier ii
26 efficient frontier iii 6 efficient frontier
27 7 security market security market line market line i
28 security market line market line ii 8 security market
29 security market line 9 security market market line iii
30 0 capital asset asset pricing model pricing model capm capital asset pricing
31 vs average risk average risk premium beta vs average 1 beta vs
32 2 consumption betas betas vs market vs market betas consumption betas vs
33 arbitrage pricing theory 3 arbitrage pricing
34 4 portfolio risk
35 capital structure coc 5 capital structure
36 6 risidual income deducting the cost eva net dollar income or eva or eva net after deducting the dollar return after eva residual income cost of capital income eva residual return after deducting net dollar return risidual income eva residual income or the cost of
37 7 economic profit
38 8 accounting measurement
39 9 mm proposition
40 and mm view traditional and mm 0 wacc traditional wacc traditional and
41 1 financial distress
42 call option long 2 call option
43 3 put option put option long
44 call option short 4 call option
45 5 put option put option short
46 6 protective put
47 7 straddle
48 8 blackscholes option option pricing model blackscholes option pricing
49 9 binomial vs binomial vs black vs black scholes
50 straight bond vs bond vs callable 0 straight bond vs callable bond
51 1 exchange rate exchange rate relationship
52 leverage ratios i 2 leverage ratios
53 3 leverage ratios leverage ratios ii
54 4 liquidity ratios liquidity ratios i
55 5 liquidity ratios liquidity ratios ii
56 6 efficiency ratios efficiency ratios i
57 efficiency ratios ii 7 efficiency ratios
58 8 profitability ratios profitability ratios i
59 profitability ratios ii 9 profitability ratios
60 market value ratios 0 market value value ratios i
61 value ratios ii 1 market value market value ratios
62 du pont system 2 du pont pont system i
63 pont system ii du pont system 3 du pont
64 cumulative capital requirement 4 firms cumulative firms cumulative capital
65 5 working capital
66 6 inventories cash inventories cash balances cash balances i
67 cash balances ii 7 inventories cash inventories cash balances
68 private equity partnership 8 private equity
69 the cash flows increase in the in the cash 9 increase in cash flows from flows from assets
70 view of the of the financial 0 a simplified simplified view of the financial accounting financial accounting process a simplified view
71 sources of risk of risk that increase profit volatility that increase profit 1 sources of risk that increase
72 the income statement link between the the balance sheets 2 the link balance sheets and the link between sheets and the between the balance and the income
73 3 the managerial managerial balance sheet versus the standard sheet versus the the managerial balance standard balance sheet the standard balance balance sheet versus
74 its impact on the firms balance operating cycle and firms operating cycle and its impact 4 the firms firms balance sheet on the firms impact on the cycle and its the firms operating
75 5 sources of and cash outflow cash inflow and inflow and cash sources of cash of cash inflow
76 drivers of return of return on 6 the drivers the drivers of return on equity
77 7 the financial the financial system
78 equity valuation models alternative equity valuation 8 alternative equity
79 the drivers of drivers of value of value creation 9 the drivers
80 0 capitalbudgeting simulation
81 cash flow diagram 1 cash flow
82 strategy permanent reliance on shortterm financing 2 aggressive financing permanent reliance on aggressive financing strategy financing strategy permanent reliance on shortterm
83 cash and marketable 3 cash and and marketable securities marketable securities management
84 in the economy capital in the ways to transfer transfer financial capital financial capital in to transfer financial 4 three ways three ways to
85 for different company different company situations required for different metrics required for key metrics required 5 key metrics
86 value driver identification various levels of of value driver levels of value 6 various levels
87 7 customer servicing customer servicing human servicing human expense human expense flowchart
88 excellent valuebased management six conditions for conditions for excellent for excellent valuebased 8 six conditions
89 of a singlebusiness entity valuation of valuation of a a singlebusiness company 9 simple entity simple entity valuation
90 of a multibusiness valuation of a 0 entity valuation a multibusiness company entity valuation of
91 steps in valuation 1 steps in
92 2 business system business system analysis
93 3 structureconductperformance model
94 implied by alternative rates of return return implied by by alternative continuingvalue of return implied alternative continuingvalue formulas 4 rates of
95 5 impact of impact of continuingvalue of continuingvalue assumptions
96 6 relative positions positions of selected relative positions of selected industries along of selected industries industries along continuingvalue along continuingvalue parameters
97 valuation of a a cyclical business forecast period that 7 a forecast in a poor a poor valuation of a cyclical poor valuation of a forecast period period that will result in a that will result will result in
98 of hedging programs 8 riskreturn tradeoffs tradeoffs of hedging riskreturn tradeoffs of
99 for evaluating the of an acquisition 9 framework for value of an framework for evaluating evaluating the value the value of
100 dcf method overview patent valuation dcf valuation dcf method 00 patent valuation
101 valuation maximal protection maximal protection factor patent valuation maximal 01 patent valuation
102 of real options 02 acquisition of acquisition of real
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