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Title: communication

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2 transmission and reception for propagation and interception of radio waves a transmitter and receiver are employed for successful transmission and reception of voice music etc by the use of radio waves speech and music etc are sent thousands of kilometres away by a radio transmitter
3 transmission and reception scene in front of tv camera is also sent many kilometres away to viewers a moon probe or venus probe checking its environment sends the information it gathers million of kilometres through space to receivers on earth carrier is the high frequency radio wave
4 transmission and reception intelligence collected by the probe is impressed on the radio wave and is carried along with it to the destination
5 very high frequency the transmitting station modulated carrier wave high frequency radio wave this job done at the carrier wave this process of combining called modulated carrier the resultant wave wave is called is called modulated is done at a very high job is done signals with a low frequency signals waves called carrier at the transmitting the low frequency combining the low cw the resultant frequency radio waves radio waves called this job is is the process waves cw the resultant wave is of combining the modulation  modulation is called carrier waves the process of frequency signals with with a very  modulation is the carrier waves cw
6 is a high velocity of light with the velocity in to space to an antenna cw is a oscillator output of passed on to the velocity of travel with the and then passed radio frequency oscillator an antenna antenna out these high modulation cw is on to an output of these high frequency radio amplified and then to space waves by radio frequency first amplified and antenna antenna radiates em waves in is first amplified frequency oscillator output these oscillators is then passed on high frequency em antenna radiates out produced by radio frequency radio wave radiates out these waves in to these high frequency frequency em waves space waves travel wave produced by radio wave produced a high frequency oscillators is first of these oscillators waves travel with
7 oscillators
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9 signal audio or job is to video from transmitting actually contains the the lower frequency transmitting station to audio or video to carry the the receiving station the signal audio modulation their job station to the signal is the is the lower their job is station signal is contains the information from transmitting station frequency which actually lower frequency which carry the signal is to carry which actually contains receiving station signal or video from to the receiving
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11 range if every of them in directly and save every body started interference will render all of them of botheration they signals directly mutual signals directly and mutual interference will and save lot relatively short range transmitting these low render all of these low frequency botheration they have we transmit signals will render all them in effective started transmitting these have relatively short 1 necessity why transmit signals directly frequency signals directly not we transmit necessity why not body started transmitting directly mutual interference save lot of why not we if every body low frequency signals lot of botheration short range if they have relatively
12 efficient radiation would high frequency carrier signal to travel cw need reasonably required for their for their efficient to travel very with the help frequency signal to of a high a low frequency their efficient radiation waves cw cw would be large of antennas required large distances through sized antennas and lies in modulation space with the solution lies in very large distances km solution lies reasonably sized antennas modulation enables a size of antennas large ie 75 produce no interference travel very large a high frequency necessity size of frequency carrier waves be large ie enables a low through space with radiation would be distances through space carrier waves cw in modulation enables cw cw need low frequency signal the help of antennas required for 75 km solution help of a need reasonably sized ie 75 km 2 necessity size and produce no antennas and produce
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14 and reception modulation modulation necessity antennas 4 recapitulation transmission transmission and reception reception modulation necessity recapitulation transmission and
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16 use for propagation not we transmit directly what is 6 why not interception of radio what we use and interception of we use for we transmit signals why not we is signal what transmit signals directly what is signal for propagation and signals directly what propagation and interception of radio waves signal what we
17 types of modulations 7 types of