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frequency modulation


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Title: frequency modulation

1 no transcript
2 frequency modulation fm
3 frequency modulation fm only frequency of the carrier is changed and not its amplitude amplitude of the modulating signal determines the amount of change in frequency rate of change is determined by the frequency of the modulating signal
4 frequency modulation fm amount of change in the carrier wave increases with an increase in modulating signal voltage
5 frequency modulation fm
6 frequency modulation fm
7 called resting frequency fo also called also called resting by fc or or fo also frequency denoted by denoted by fc fc or fo the centre frequency frequency the centre frequency is the carrier frequency denoted centre frequency the the carrier frequency is the carrier centre frequency is
8 centre frequency
9 centre frequency it of the modulating the amplitude of the amount of amount of change frequency it depends upon the amplitude of change from amplitude of the change from the frequency deviation it the centre frequency is the amount depends upon the the modulating signal it depends upon from the centre it is the deviation it is
10 0 frequency deviation
11 deviation in frequency in fig it the centre frequency total of 60 of 60 khz a total of in frequency above or a total above and below 1 frequency swing and below the 30 khz or khz or a total deviation in it is 30 fig it is frequency swing total below the centre frequency in fig swing total deviation frequency above and centre frequency in is 30 khz
12 2 frequency swing
13 frequency modulation centre modulation centre frequency recapitulation frequency modulation centre frequency frequency deviation frequency swing 3 recapitulation frequency frequency frequency deviation frequency deviation frequency
14 4 no transcript
15 is frequency modulation is frequency swing centre frequency what modulation what is is centre frequency what is frequency frequency modulation what frequency what is 5 what is what is frequency what is centre
16 6 pulse modulation