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Transcript and Presenter's Notes
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1 jobutopiacoman onlinejob portal presented by joydeep dasgnit sudipta chatterjeegnit kalyan kundugnit leena bhowmickgnit ahishek choudharygnit sandeep sagargnit pratiti singhaist srabani dharist
2 contents abstract objectives client side requirements server side requirements tools used functional requirements data flow diagrams entity relationship diagrams database structures outputsscreen shots future scope
3 abstract jobutopiacom is an online job portal which brings makes the right recruiters and right jobseekers meet it gets the whole job done very simply and without an hassles easy to use interface makes job much easier for the employer as well as the job seeker
4 abstractcontd an user wanting to use the facilities of jobutopia has to first register the registration process for jobseekers is a step by step easy method which also includes an unique cv upload process employer registration is a one step procedure any registered useremployerseeker can perform one of the following activities
5 abstractcontd seeker search for jobs generate cv in a designed format employer search for candidates post new jobs delete posted jobs download cvs of prospective candidates
6 obectives the main objective of jobutopiacom is to provide an essence of online job portal via a lucid simple and yet powerful interface jobutopiacom is designed principally keeping a wide range of users in mind and hence the interface as well as the various procedures have been so designed that they can be used comfortably by all sorts of users jobutopiacom has been designed to make the suitable recruiters find prospective candidates and vice versa
7 objectivescontd jobutopiacom has been designed to make the process of online job hunting much easier last but not the least jobutopiacom has been designed to successfully create and deploy a webapplication using j2ee
8 client side requirements software requirementsmin web browser like internet explorer 80mozilla firefoxopera 1060google chrome or others operating system any os
9 server side requirements hardware requirementsmin 512 mb of ram piv processor or higher software requirementsmin web browser like internet explorer 80mozilla firefoxopera 1060google chrome or others apache tomcat60 operating system any os
10 0 tools used tools macromedia dreamweaver cs3 heidi sql mysql 50 apache tomcat 60 jdk 160
11 1 functional requirements sign up an new job seeker will have to go through a simple 3 step registration process which includes a unique cv upload process an employer can register pretty easily in a single registration process both type of users ie employers as well as jobseekers can enjoy the facilities of jobutopiacom once they have registered onto the site
12 2 functional requirementscontd functional requirements for jobseeker login an user has to login to the site using his unique user id and password search job a jobseeker can search for the jobs and then get the details for the employer generate cv the site provides the jobseeker with a preformatted cv which can be downloaded
13 3 functional requirementscontd functional requirements for employer login an employer has to login to the site using his unique user id and password search candidate an employer can search for prospective candidates and then get the details for the candidate as well as download the cv of the candidate post job an employer can post a new job opening delete job an employer should be able to delete the posted jobs
14 flowcharts of the this section contains flowcharts this section contains the flowcharts section contains the of the proposed the flowcharts of 4 flowcharts this the proposed system
15 5 no transcript
16 6 no transcript
17 7 no transcript
18 the following section for the proposed section contains the following section contains the proposed system diagrams the following flow diagrams the data flow diagrams data flow diagrams the data flow 8 data flow diagrams for the contains the data flow diagrams for
19 9 context level context level dfd
20 0 no transcript
21 1 dfd for 1 level 1 level 1 dfd dfd for employer
22 2 no transcript
23 3 level 1 dfd for jobseeker 1 dfd for level 1 dfd
24 4 no transcript
25 relationship diagrams the an erd of erd of the entity relationship diagrams following section contains section contains an diagrams the following of the proposed the following section the proposed project 5 entity relationship contains an erd
26 6 no transcript
27 7 database structure
28 jobseekprs the table name jobseekprs the table jobseekprs stores the personal information jobseekprs stores the table name jobseekprs personal information of the table jobseekprs of the jobseeker information of the stores the personal 8 table name
29 9 table name table jobseekerprfsnl stores information of the name jobseekerprfsnl the jobseekerprfsnl the table table name jobseekerprfsnl the professional information professional information of stores the professional jobseekerprfsnl stores the the table jobseekerprfsnl of the jobseeker
30 table name employer the table employer information of the 0 table name name employer the employer stores information stores information of table employer stores of the recruiter employer the table
31 the posted jobs job the table table job stores about the posted job stores information the table job stores information about name job the 1 table name information about the table name job
32 contain the screen will contain the 2 screen shots the following section of the system shots the following screen shots the the screen shots section will contain following section will screen shots of shots of the
33 user registrationpage 1 3 user registrationpage
34 password mismatch check 4 password mismatch
35 user registrationpage 2 5 user registrationpage
36 user registrationpage 3 6 user registrationpage
37 registration completion notification 7 registration completion
38 user login page 8 user login
39 invalid login details 9 invalid login login details check
40 0 user profile
41 search jobs page 1 search jobs
42 job result page search job result 2 search job
43 3 job details
44 generate cv screen 4 generate cv
45 download generated cv 5 download generated
46 6 logout notification
47 7 employer registration employer registration screen
48 employer login screen 8 employer login
49 9 employer profile employer profile screen
50 candidate search screen 0 candidate search
51 1 candidate search candidate search results search results screen
52 candidate details screen 2 candidate details
53 3 candidate cv candidate cv download
54 4 post job post job screen
55 5 delete job delete job screen
56 delete job notification 6 delete job
57 iisending of notification are the developments the following are project is immense notification mails by the future areas development of this scanned details from of notification mails developments which can to prospective jobseekers scope the future be implemented immediately mails by recruiters for posted jobs prospective jobseekers iiisearching application for posted recruiters to prospective their uploaded cvs details from their from their uploaded 7 future scope future areas of immense the following jobseekers iiisearching of implemented immediately ionline can be implemented ionline application for candidates based on of candidates based immediately ionline application by recruiters to the developments which following are the of development of based on scanned of this project iiisearching of candidates which can be future scope the posted jobs iisending on scanned details this project is jobs iisending of areas of development is immense the
58 and formatted cvs designed and formatted provided which can be provided which 8 future scope can be provided future scope multiple to generate attractively multiple formats can formats can be the job seekers attractively designed and scope multiple formats used by the can be used be used by which can be job seekers to generate attractively designed by the job seekers to generate
59 9 any queries
60 0 thank you