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How Is HCG Weight Loss Safest And Fastest


Learn how the HCG weight loss program work and what are the benefits of the HCG Protocol. Know more about HCG at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How Is HCG Weight Loss Safest And Fastest

HCG Weight Loss Protocol
The Cure for Dieting
Have you heard about the HCG diet?
The DietDoc HCG Diet is HOT!
Its in the news, on TV, all over the internet,
and books are being written about it
What is obesity? How does HCG cure obesity?
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The Cause of Obesity
  • Eating more calories than one can use causes the
    body to store the extra calories as fat.
  • With a healthy metabolism, this normal fat is
    available for extra energy when one doesnt have
    food at hand.
  • However, when one consistently eats more calories
    than the body can use, the metabolism gets out of
    whack and cant function normally

The Cause of Obesity
  • Over time, extra calories become stored as
    abnormal fat which is swept under the rug by
    the part of the brain that controls our fat
  • Locked away and forgotten, this abnormal fat is
    inaccessible to the body, no matter how much diet
    and exercise one does to get rid of it.

The Cure for Obesity
  • A cure for obesity was found back in 1954 by Dr.
    ATW Simeons using HCG and a Very Low Calorie
  • HCG triggers the metabolism to attack the
    abnormal fat, causing the fat to be mobilized and
    burned up by the body RAPIDLY, at the rate of 1
    to 2 pounds PER DAY without exercise!

What is HCG?
  • HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
  • HCG is NOT a drug It is a complex amino-peptide
    molecule, naturally occurring in very high levels
    during pregnancy, produced by the placenta.
  • Hundreds of thousands of people have used this
    treatment to achieve fast and permanent weight

How does it work?
  • Dr. Simeons revealed that there are three types
    of body fat
  • Structural Fat protects the internal organs and
    provides cushioning
  • Normal Fat available to the body for fuel
  • Abnormal Fat locked away and forgotten

How does it work?
  • HCG, combined with a specific Low Calorie Diet
    (LCD), forces the body to burn up abnormal fat
  • HCG triggers the diencephalon region of the brain
    to use abnormal fat for the bodys daily caloric
  • HCG is muscle preserving. Therefore, the weight
    lost is all abnormal body fat!

Benefits of the HCG Protocol
  • Lose ½ to 2 pounds of FAT per day without
  • Lose up to 34 pounds in just 43 days
  • Repeat the Protocol more than once to lose as
    much body fat as you need to
  • Preserves muscle the weight you lose is
    unwanted body fat
  • Resets your metabolism to keep the weight off
  • Reduce or eliminate dependency on other
  • Virtually 100 effective for everyone
  • Completely safe 5 decades of success!
  • Never diet again! This is the cure for dieting!

Benefits of the HCG Protocol
  • We do not do the 500 calorie original protocol as
    you WILL lose muscle by doing so!
  • Our team of physicians have evolved this protocol
    to the present day allowing you to consume 850 to
    1100 calories/day and still lose 1 pound per day!
  • Our HCG is 100 HCG and comes from a highly
    regulated, FDA licensed USA pharmacy
  • We offer ongoing, unlimited support from our
    nurses, weight loss coaches and doctors!
  • Each person receives a personalized DietDoc HCG
    Weight Loss Program to allow you to lose at your
    maximum capacity per day!

Benefits of the HCG Protocol
  • Our pharmacy has injectable HCG, tablet HCG, and
    homeopathic HCG Drops.
  • Over 23 locations to serve you throughout the USA
  • Ability to do Skype/video conference doctor
    visits in a dozen states. No need to leave the
    comfort of your home!
  • Our physicians are called upon to train other
    physicians on this protocol throughout the USA!
  • A famous, Hollywood, bariatric surgeon is on ON
    our protocol personally!
  • Use the DietDoc Weight Loss Program that even
    doctors go on themselves!!

End the Diet Roller Coaster Forever!
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