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ZenDropper Introduction (EN)


Basic Information about the Cytogenetic Equipment ZenDropper from ZenTech – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Updated: 8 September 2010
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Provided by: c.becker@zentech.be


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: ZenDropper Introduction (EN)

  • by ZenTech s. a.
  • Author Chris Becker

  • Philosophy of ZenDropper
  • Technical Specifications
  • Integrated Software
  • Working Process
  • Components
  • Features Benefits
  • References

Philosophie of ZenDropper (1)
  • We developed the ZenDropper in order to comfort
    the increasing demand to automate processes in
    laboratories, this need is based on cost
    awareness and the need of reproducibility in
    order to comply with Quality Standards
  • The ZenDropper guarantees a uniform output
    quality of its working results ensures by that
    high cost efficiency as repetition are obsolete
  • A working process free form human intervention
    allows the operator to dedicate himself to other

Philosophie of ZenDropper (2)
  • The ZenDropper eases a crucial step within the
    process of karyotyping the Distribution of the
    Cells on the Media

Cells Culture
Cells Prepation
Distribution on media
Technical Specifications
  • Power
  • requirement 230 or 115 VAC
  • 50-60 Hz, 500W
  • Dimension 79 x 61 x 61 cm
  • Weight 65 kg
  • Number of
  • Needles 2
  • Tube holder
  • for samples 8
  • Racks 1 rack for 40 slides
  • Dispensation time
  • for samples 3 min / 5 slides
  • Extra washing
  • needle solution 2 positions
  • Applicable cells blood, bone marrow amniotic
    fluid and CVS after culture (specific protocol)

  • ZenDropper includes
  • Automate
  • 2 needls
  • 1 distribution of water and distribution,
    mixing, aspiration as well as dispensing of
  • 2 aspiration of residual water
  • 1 rack for 40 slides
  • Tube holder of 15 ml tubes
  • PC Printer
  • Software
  • ZToolbox for set up, calibration and maintenance
  • ZenDropper Soft for operation
  • Options
  • Exhaust filter
  • External Bar Code Reader

Integrated Software
  • ZToolbox
  • faciliates the Calibration of ZenDropper and
    manages the Maintenance Routine of the equipmente
  • ZenDropper Soft
  • Allows the input and establishment of the Work
    List particulars such as
  • Name of Patient
  • Lab internal ID
  • Number of slides
  • Starts the session on ZenDropper

Working Process (1)
Operator allocates sample tubes and slide rack
1. Placement
Automate measures electronically volume in each
sample tube
2. Sample Validation
Automate creates water layer on all slides for 1
3. Water Dispensation
Automate creates homogenous solution, ejects 2 µl
on single slide, creating a crater
4. Pre-dispensation
Automate dispense cells in carnoy solution on
single slide
5. Cell Dispensation
Automate aspirates residual water from the very
6. Water Aspiration
Automate repeats steps 4 6 for the remaining
slides of the same specimen
7. Continuation same Sample
Automate repeats steps 3 6 for the remaining
8. Conclusion of Session
Operator removes sample tubes and slide rack
9. Clearing
Working Process (2)
Working Process (3)
1 Sample
2 Sample
Working Process (4)
  • Alternatively Dry Method is available, it skips
    the Water Layer
  • Dispenses the cells on dry slide
  • Applicable for FISH probes
  • Improved cell distribution compared to manual

Features Benefits (Automate)
  • The ZenDropper
  • Works autonomously
  • replaces all manual work
  • Chassis consist of Front Cover and Exhaust Filter
  • Technicians not exposed to methanol and acetic
    acid vapours
  • Low number repetition
  • rapid return on investment
  • Creates Work Lists via Software
  • traceability in laboratory practices
  • Sample data could be customised
  • Unifrom appearance of data
  • Software stores Work Lists
  • Availability of each sessions history

Features Benefits (Process)
  • During the working process
  • Water Layer Method creates repeatetly same
  • No time consume for daily set up
  • Dispenses cells more homogeneously than manual
  • constant position on all the slides / high
  • When Time Management System detects missing
    sample it stalls the automate
  • Needle does not pass over the slides
  • Washing process of 1 needle after dipensation
  • A-sequential order to patient samples
  • Slow vertical motion to avoid contamination
  • Avoids cross contamination

References (users)
  • 1 unit at Hospital Trousseau, pubilc hospital,
    Paris - France
  • 2 units at Pasteur Cerba, private laboratory
    Paris - France
  • 2 unit at BIOMNIS, private laboratory, Paris -
  • 1 unit at Genetic Department CHU Liège, state
    university, Liège Belgium
  • 1 unit at University of Milan - Italy
  • Installation Base of Basic Equipment
  • North America Canda, USA
  • Middle East Turkey, UAE
  • Europe Italy, France, Spain, Germany,
    Switzerland ...
  • Oceania Korea, Australia
  • Latin America Argentina, Brazil, Colombia

References (comparison)
  • ZenDropper Process Validation
  • (in routine application)
  • Comparative study
  • Manual vs. ZenDroper, Study performed by CERBA
    Pasteur Paris (Genetic department - more than
    12000 samples with ZenDropper)
  • Contamination
  • Protocol cells pellets of 240 patients have been
    distributed on routine microscopic slide
    alternating male/female patient.
  • Results
  • no chromosome Y on female sample observed and
    confirmed by Quinacrin test
  • Conclusion
  • No contamination between patients (with regular
    maintenance of ZenDropper hydraulic systems)

Additional information
  • Sample volume
  • in tube
  • Min. 330 µl
  • Max. 4000 µl (to create homogeneity)
  • Dispensing / slide 30 µl per slide
  • Bar Code Labels must comply with banding and
    rinsing process hazard of spoiling / washing
    off labels
  • CVS Chorionic Villus Sampling
  • 1- technique dit "directe" réaliser directement
    sur le prélèvement sans réel culture cellulaire.
    Pour cette technique le zendropper ne peut pas
    être utilisé.
  • 2- Technique dit "culture" réaliser après une
    semaine de culture des cellules de  Chorionic
    villus sampling et à la fin de cette technique le
    procédure est exactement identique à celui des
    Liquide amniotique dont le Zendropper peut être
    utiliser très facilement
  • Washing of needles
  • After each patient with carnoy solution.
  • Carnoy Solution is a fixative (60 ethanol 30
    chloroform 10 glacial acetic acid)
    composition varies Cerba uses 25 Acetic acid
    75 Methanol)
  • Each day with hypochlorid solution
  • Customs Clasification No.
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