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Title: Choose-Your-Own-Adventure 3

Amy's fate
By DeJarra Johnson

Amy is thoroughly exhausted from attending her
sisters wedding. She stumbles into her home and
inattentively fixes herself a plate of food,
before she knows it she is falling face first
into her comforting bed.
Her mind goes into a semi-conscious state as it
tries to drift into a tranquil slumber. A
crackling noise keeps her from completely falling
asleep and she has half the mind of finding out
what is causing that persistent noise. The other
half keeps her focused on the plush blanket that
is soothing her to sleep.
Her mind completely relaxes and the crackling
noise fades into the distance. Amy finds
herself in an enclosed room with two mirrors
appearing before her. One mirror reflects
floating clouds and the other shows a mystical
caterpillar beckoning her to come towards him.
She walks up and touches the mirrors surfaces.
Surprisingly her hands go through the glass and
she realizes that she can travel into them. Her
mind wrestles with the mirror she should
The crackling seems to get louder and she
lethargically opens her eyelids. Before she
could fully open her eyes the smell of smoke
filled her nostrils. She begins to cough and
gasp as she realizes that her house is on fire.
She quickly grabs a towel and stuffs it under her
door as her mind scrambles for the next action to
take. Her eyes fall on the telephone and then
darts to the window. She is about to make a
decision when her thoughts remember all of her
favorite items in the closet that will be
destroyed if not gotten out.
She decides to plunge in the mirror with the
clouds. She drops graciously onto them and her
skin tingles as the moist droplets from the
clouds touch her face. She peers through the
clouds to view the scenery below. Her eyes grow
in excitement as she sees her two favorite
countries, China and Italy, right before her.
Suddenly the clouds evaporate and she falls
towards the ground.
Amy tosses herself head first to meet the
mystical caterpillar. She tumbles into an
enchanting garden with overgrown flowers around
her. May I ride on your back? she asks the
creature shyly. The caterpillar nods and it
takes her deeper into the enchanting garden.
She feels that her life is more important and
forgets about her other possessions. She crashes
out of her window gasping for air. She spots a
strange man leaving from in front of her house
with a gasoline container. Disoriented and cut
from the broken glass she wonders if she should
follow this man or just keep an eye on him.
Amy feels too attached to her gifts to
let them be destroyed in the flames. She opens
her closet door and quickly begins to haul her
possessions out of the house. The smoke is
constantly cutting off her oxygen supply and Amy
passes out on her bedroom floor.
  • Without another moments delay. She grabs the
    telephone and calls 9-1-1. The police and fire
    department arrive on the scene pretty quickly.
    They put out the flames, but Amy is left filling
    out paperwork and without a home.

Amy doesnt hit the ground as heavily as she
first imagined, and she is thrilled to see that
she landed in China. Her excitement dies down as
she sees the town in a complete riot. She hides
behind a trashcan as people throw rocks into
buildings and burn cars. In the midst of all the
chaos she notices a child alone in the streets
crying for someone to help her.
When she finally gets enough courage to open
her eyes she realizes that she is in Italy. The
country is beautiful along with its vineyards
and gardens. Amy decides to tour one of the
gardens she sees before her.
The garden is prettier beyond words. Fruits of
all nature bloom on the trees and plants. Amys
stomach growls as she sees the variety of fruit
she can have. She narrows her options
to two delectable treats, an apple
or she can experiment with a passion fruit.
Her curiosity gets the best of her and she
decides to chase after him making sure that he
doesnt detect her. The strange man gets into
his vehicle and drives away. Just as Amy turns
around to go back to her burning house a black
car drives up and opens its door for her to hop
Amy dashes behind her bushes and intensely
watches the man. The man jumps into a car and
drives away vanishing into the night. Greatly
disturbed Amy grabs her cell phone and decides to
call the police.
Amy awakens to find herself inside of a hospital
and connected to an IV. Hospitals have always
scared her as a child and she wonders if she
should make a break for it. At that moment the
nurse walks in to check on her.
A burst of daringness feels Amys veins and
she ditches the trashcan to participate in the
riot. She throws a couple of rocks and even
participates in the torching of a few cars before
the Chinese government shows up to get the irate
citizens under control. Amy wants to make a mad
dash for the closest escape route, but then wants
to take a stand along with the other citizens
even though she doesnt know what she will be
standing for.
The sight of the girl crying is too much for
Amy to bear, so she climbs from behind the
trashcan to comfort the girl. While Amy is too
busy taking care of the girl the Chinese
government shows up to calm the angry rioters
down. By the time Amy notices them they are
already making their way towards her and the
young girl. They ask what she is doing and she
contemplates if she should stall or claim the
young girl as her own.
She grabs the passion fruit with shaky hands.
She has never had one before and hopes they
arent poisonous. She bites into the tasty fruit
and a spark of wild colors fly from it. Along
with the colors Amys stomach begins to feel
weird and she is somewhat concerned.
Nervous about trying the passion fruit, Amy
decides to go with the Apple. The taste seems to
be enhanced and she can not seem to stop eating
the apples in the garden. She eats too many and
is stuck with a very unpleasant tummy ache.
Her first instinct was to run away from the
strange car but her mind falls back on the
suspicious man that was in front of her house.
She quickly jumps in and says, Follow that
car! the figure behind the wheel takes off and
follows the suspicious man to an abandon
warehouse. The figure pushes Amy out of the
vehicle and drives away.
The man walks into the building and she shuffles
through her mind her options. She could make a
gamble and just follow him in there and ask him a
few questions, talk to a group of thugs that are
hanging close to the building and ask about the
man and the place before she storms in, or she
can just call the cops.
Amy grabs her cell phone and calls the cops.
By the time they get to the scene the man has
left. The police think that Amy has made the
whole account up and they send her to a mental
Amy asks the nurse a few questions about her
state of health. To the nurse Amy is speaking
gibberish and she calls the doctor in to examine
her brain. The doctor can find nothing wrong
with her but just for safety precautions the
nurse suggests to send her to the mental ward.
Amy waits for the nurse to leave and sneaks
away. Sneaking out of the hospital wasnt as
hard as she thought it would be none of the
faculty seemed to have been at their particular
stations. She decides to walk back to her house
to see if she can salvage anything, but on her
way home a pair of bright lights appear before
Amy decides to make a mad dash through a couple
of back alleyways. She can hear the sounds of
guns sounding off and gets very frantic. She
runs into a strangers house and slams the door
shut behind her.
  • Amy keeps standing proudly as the government
    grabs her by the shoulder. The citizens yell at
    them and shout incoherent words. As Amy is
    placed in the car she notices a man focusing a
    camera on her. She feels very ashamed and begins
    to cry. A strange feeling comes over Amy as she
    is pushed into a weird house and she begins to
    worry about whats going to happen.

She tells them that the young girl is hers and
that she was just trying to buy some groceries.
The men nod and walk away. The young girl tugs
on Amys hand and leads her back to her home.
The girl explains to her family how Amy comforted
her during the riot in town. The girls family
throws a feast for Amy.
The colors sprouting from the fruit begin to
change the garden around her and begin to creep
up her arm. Amy becomes so mesmerized in the
color transformation that she spends hours spaced
out in the garden. She finally is thrown out of
her hypnosis by an epiphany.
Her stomach becomes more and more queasy. Her
body suddenly feels really stiff, and she is
unable to move any part of herself below her
neck. Can somebody help me! she
screams. Sadly, nobody comes.
Amy storms right in after him. As soon as she
walks through the door 8 men are surrounding her
and they are holding an assortment of weapons.
She screams and shuts her eyes tight not knowing
what to expect next.
She eases up to the group of thugs and tries to
act cool. Yo, you know that guy that just
went in? she asks. The response is quite
The room that she is eventually shoved into is
white and heavily padded. She screams and tries
to run back out the door. The guards close it
and lock her in. A slot in the door opens and a
disembodied voice says, Do not worry you will
be taken care of here. Amy begs to be let out
and beats on the door to get someones attention.
She slowly walks to the lone bed in the room and
sits down while her hot tears burn her cheeks.
The doctor shrugs off the suggestion and
instructs the nurse to treat Amy and release her
from the hospital when everything is completed.
The nurse does as instructed and Amy is released
from the hospital. She signals for a cab but
wonders if she should check into a hotel or see
what she can salvage from her home.
She blinks to adjust her eyes to the dimly lit
room. A group of men are gathered around a table
that seems to be loaded with drugs. They stare
at her as if she is an alien and police raid the
home just as they scramble to clear the table.
Amy panics and tries to head back to the door but
feels a cold piece of metal on the back of her
head. She stops in mid-motion.
Get down to the floor! commands one the police
officers. Amy tries to explain she has nothing to
do with the drugs, but is hit in the face. Amy
cries as the blood gushes from her wound. She
was setup but no one believed her. She is
charged with drug trafficking and the intent to
sell drugs.
The photo with Amy crying circulated across the
nation and even made it across the seas.
Everyone is outraged with how the Chinese
government is treating its people and the
government was forced to change its policies and
allow more freedom to its people. Amy becomes a
symbol of peace and freedom and becomes widely
Amy was treated so kindly she decided to never
leave. Her new home seemed to fit her perfectly.
She got use to the local customs and lived the
rest of her life happily.
Youre already home. A ludicrous smile crosses
over her face and she laughs until her sides
This is all a dream! So where am I really? Can I
ever go back to my home? A thin voice whispers
into her ear,
I am dead, but I feel so alive. Im alive!
she shouts into the sea of colors.
Amy is never heard from again.
The thugs are nervous at first to talk about the
man but eventually tell Amy that the man is a
hired assassin. Why was he at my house then?
she asks. If he was at your house then you
shouldnt be here. They responded. B-but who
sent him after me? He only takes orders from
the guy in the building. At that moment another
man exits the building and stares Amy in the
face. She recognizes the man as her
ex-boyfriend, whom she had dumped two weeks
ago. Amy? he questions. You bastard you
tried to kill me! she shouts. He charges at her
and she hits him with a brick that happened to be
lying on the ground. He crumples to the ground
and Amy goes to spend the night at her sisters
Hours turn into days as days turn into weeks.
Months pass and Amy spends an entire year at the
mental ward. Her family believes she has
disappeared. She has lost her mind and believes
that the room that contains her is her dollhouse
that she had as a child. She hums childhood
melodies and talks to people she imagines are in
the room. Sometimes she sees the man who was at
her house and she begins to scream hysterically.
The nurses rush in to her room to sedate her and
she returns to her babbling stupor. Amy lives
the rest of her life contained in the small
enclosed room.
Amy tells the cab driver to take her back to
her house. The neighbors have called the fire
department and the flames have been put out. She
looks through the rubble to see what can be
salvaged. Nothing from what she can tell can be
saved and she sits in the middle of the ashes and
Amy decides to check into a local hotel instead
of looking at her ruined home. The cab driver
drops her off at a dreary hotel thats sign is
missing words. She gets her room key and decides
to just take it easy for the next couple of days.
No matter how much comforting her friends and
family give to Amy she still seems to find
herself deep into a depression. Loneliness
envelops her and she wonders how this could even
happen to her.
A sharp pain penetrates her body and the sound
of screeching tires are heard faintly by her
ears. Are you okay? a woman asks her. Amy
coughs up blood in response. The womans voice
completely disappears and silence rings in her
ears. I dont want to die. She thinks to
herself. Amy tries to blink the droplets of
blood from around her eyes, but they never open