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November 22, 2005


Payroll: Posted Oracle, Western Union and first ADP payrolls to GL. ... Closed final Western Union employee reimbursement for NOPS employees on 11/14. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: November 22, 2005

Orleans Parish School Board Accounting, Human
Resource and Financial Management Plan and
Implementation Status Report 8
November 22, 2005
Table of Contents
  • Section Page
  • Working Group Updates
  • Financial Management Accounting 2
  • Human Resources 7
  • Procurement 11
  • Information Technology 12
  • Facilities Maintenance 18
  • Dispute Analysis and Forensics 23

Financial Management Accounting
  • Summary of Activities
  • Financial Accounting as of October 31st
  • Cash Receipts Substantially all cash receipts
    for the first four months of FY 06 have been
    posted to GL.
  • Accounts payable completed GL posting of July
    and August disbursements.
  • Balance Sheet Accounts Substantially completed
    analysis of prepaid insurance, receivables, and
  • Payroll Posted Oracle, Western Union and first
    ADP payrolls to GL.
  • Revenue Expense Accounts Substantially
    completed GL posting of major revenue and expense
  • Post-Katrina Cash Flow Summaries and Budget
  • Cash Flow Summary prepared post-Katrina cash
    flow summary.
  • Budget projections continued preparing updated
    post-Katrina budget projections based upon fluid
    revenue and expense assumptions.

Financial Management Accounting (cont.)
  • Summary of Activities (cont.)
  • Accounts Payable
  • Ongoing response to vendor inquiries
  • Post-Katrina and critical invoices Brought on
    NOPS accounts payable person to assist Alvarez
    and Marsal A/P designated person in the
    processing of current claims and claims for
    critical functions. Perform 3-way match and
    assure invoice is properly approved, supported
    and accurate.
  • Pre-Katrina invoices Obtained from Oracle a
    detailed listing of invoices in the system as of
    8/31/05 and a listing of payments made for the 13
    months ended 8/31/05. Investigate and respond to
    vendor claims.
  • Search for unrecorded liabilities
  • Received temporary assistance from clerk to go
    through volumes of mail to sort between
    department. Clerk assigned to compile files for
  • Currently 85 done on sorting through vendor
    invoices received post-Katrina, separation
    between Post and Pre Katrina and filing of same.
    Objective is to compile detail and support of all
    pre-Katrina invoices as there were many invoices
    unrecorded as of 8/31/05 and even more that had
    not passed the 3-way match process.
  • Critical Path Timeline
  • Designing critical path timeline for major
    Finance projects including bank reconciliations,
    W-2 preparation, payroll reconciliations, Accrued
    Sick and Vacation termination payments, year end
    audit preparation, special revenue budget
    preparation, debt restructuring, and FEMA

Financial Management Accounting (cont.)
  • Summary of Activities (cont.)
  • Grant Management
  • Developed a revised FY2005-06 TANF After School
    For All grant budget for submission to the LDE.
  • Developed a prioritization process for completing
    grant budget revision and submissions for
    FY2005-06 based upon current NOPS projections.
  • Began writing responses to questions on the
    FY205-06 Title I application.
  • Continued reconciling grant reimbursement
    receipts to bank statements and GL.
  • Continued researching Direct Instruction (DI)
    payables to determine and substantiate amounts
    due. Vendor has been non-responsive to requests
    for invoices.
  • Developed procedures for charter school grant
    budgeting, payments, and monitoring.
  • Submitted seven reimbursement claims totaling
    2,634,539.53. These include the IDEA and
    Extended Year payroll for August 2005.
  • Finalized documentation recovery. All
    salvageable financial documents at the Timbers
    buildings related to grants were moved to
    McDonough 7. However these files are now in boxes
    that must be organized and inventoried.
  • Finalized documentation and payment for
    Supplemental Education Services provided by
    Education Station in FY2004-05.

Financial Management Accounting (cont.)
  • Work Planned For Upcoming Weeks
  • Financial Accounting
  • Cash Preparing RFP to engage third party
    Accounting firm to assist with Bank
    Reconciliation process. Issue- missing bank
    statements, receipts and disbursements detail
    must be located or duplicate copies obtained.
  • Accounts payable Complete posting of September
    and October disbursements, complete accounts
    payable database. Cease issuance of manual checks
    and resume Oracle cash disbursement process.
    Continue resolving noted issues between the
    accounts payable module and the GL. Reconcile and
    adjust out of balance condition between the GL
    and A/P modules.
  • Balance Sheet Accounts Complete account
    analysis of payroll accrual, vacation, sick,
    sabbatical leave accruals.
  • Payroll Complete Posting ADP payrolls through
    October 31. Complete automated ADP payroll
    interface to GL. Complete payroll taxes accounts
    and benefit accounts reconciliations.
  • Audit Preparation Continue working on account
    analysis and reconciliations for FY 2005 audit.
  • Fix Asset Reconciliations Work with American
    Appraisal to establish Fixed Asset physical
    inventory adjustment as of June 30, 2005 and
    casualty losses as of August 29, 2005.
  • Post-Katrina Cash Flow Summaries and Budget
  • Cash Flow Summaries Continue updating
    post-Katrina cash flow summaries.
  • Budget projections Prepare post-Katrina budget
    amendment based upon current revenue and expense
  • Accounts payable
  • Develop vendor claims process to be followed in
    order for vendors to secure payment for proper

Financial Management Accounting (cont.)
  • Work Planned For Upcoming Weeks (cont.)
  • Grant Management
  • Finalize written responses to LDE questions on
    the FY2005-06 Title I application and submit a
    revised application.
  • Continue reconciling grant reimbursement receipts
    to insure proper GL postings.
  • Continue to process July and August grant related
    payroll for reimbursement.
  • Continue processing reimbursement claims relating
    to recovered documentation.
  • Continue reconciling FY2004-05 Title I staffing
    lists to salary payments and obtain available
    A-87 cost reports that were not submitted prior
    to Katrina.
  • Begin submitting revised FY2005-06 grant budgets
    to LDE.
  • Continue to reconcile FY2004-05 GL accounts
    related to grants.

Human Resources
  • Summary of Activities
  • Human Resources
  • General Employee Communications and Coordination
  • Continue to maintain and monitor NOPS call center
    to disseminate information and respond to
    employees questions and requests. Continue to
    maintain a records log.
  • Continue to update AM-NOPS website to increase
    communication to parents, students and employees
    of NOPS (i.e., Frequently Asked Questions,
    current press releases and important information
    for NOPS parents and employees). We are in the
    process of moving the AM-NOPS website
    information to the restored NOPS website.
  • Continue to respond to and process NOPS
    employment verification requests, resignations,
    retirements, mortgage/auto loan requests, payroll
    questions, student records requests, benefits
    requests, etc.
  • Tracking all resignations and retirements in our
    database. Upon validation of employee vacation
    and sick liabilities (currently in process), we
    have developed a process to begin to disperse
    earned amounts less any over payments made
    during the Post-Katrina payrolls. (See
  • Supported the relocation and organization of
    25,000 personnel (active/inactive/teacher/non-tea
    cher)/retirement files from Timbers location to
    McDonogh No. 7 (in process).
  • Supporting finance with historical HR balances
    (i.e., accruals for sabbatical leaves, vacation,
    and sick, etc).
  • Supported payroll by evaluating earnings elements
    to determine the structure and type of elements
    to retain on a go-forward basis. Identified
    all required earnings elements (i.e., Permanent
    PIP, State Increments, Longevity Pay, etc.)
  • Coordinated allowing employees to enter the
    Timbers buildings to collect their personal
    effects to include drafting/posting
    communications and drafting a Release Waiver for
    signature prior to entry. (See Attachment)
  • Making changes to errors in the job table coding
    for PEP reporting requirements.
  • Continue to collect, communicate, and pursue
    organizations and individuals who have offered
    donations to NOPS to include
  • Establishing a location and the general
  • Drafted a Resolution to allow the Board to
    formally accept donations and compiled list of
    donations for acceptance. (See Attachment)
  • Donation status 86 Individuals/Groups Offering
    Assistance (Large and Small Donors). Donation
    types include Computers, Adopt a School
    Programs, Textbooks, Library Books School
    Supplies, Financial Aid (working through the
    Community Fund of Acadiana c/o Raymond Hebert)

Human Resources (cont.)
  • Summary of Activities (cont.)
  • Human Resources
  • Staffing School-based Administrative
  • Developing weekly statistical reports to
    determine staffing needs as a result of student
    Indication of Interest, actual enrollment of
    students at schools and multiple locations around
    the city. Coordinated enrollment efforts at
    remote locations to include developing fliers and
    public communications, signing up children and
    responding to questions.
  • Developed NOPS staffing strategy and plans, to
  • Developed staffing process to include key events,
    a timeline, and roles responsibilities.
  • Identified contacted Principals Assistant
  • Began to call former NOPS employees (i.e.,
    Teachers other School-based employees) to
    verify their intent to return to one of the two
    NOPS schools slated to be re-opened.
  • Developing seniority recall lists by
  • Following up with next senior employee to fill
    positions if the incumbent employee declined
  • Developed Access Database to generate and
    administer Employee Verification Form for those
    NOPS employees brought back to ensure clarity and
    agreement on salary, benefits, position, title,
    location, deductions, etc. (See Attachment)
  • Drafted and administered Independent Contractor
    agreement. (See Attachment)
  • Benefits Retirement
  • Worked with Coventry relative to the Catastrophic
    Plan enrollment and worked with FBMC relative to
    employees interested in enrolling in COBRA
    coverage. Due to the limited number of employees
    who have responded during the enrollment period,
    met with representatives from Coventry to discuss
    alternatives to terminating employees who do not
    elect either coverage before December 1, 2005.
    Working to create additional communication
    (possibly a postcard to employees last known
    address) regarding an extension of time to
    enroll in the catastrophic plan.
  • Working with the State Retirement Agencies to
    assist NOPS employees who are interested in
    retiring, entering/exiting DROP or requesting
    refunds of prior contributions. Also working
    with NOPS staff to accommodate those retiring
    employees who want to elect Coventry retiree
    healthcare coverage.
  • Worked with NOPS staff to address the process as
    well as the questions from retirees regarding
    payment of their quarterly MetLife life insurance
    premiums and filing of death claims.
  • Coordinating Workers Compensation payments with
    our third party administrator, Hammerman
    Gainer. Establishing a process for meeting our
    statutory obligations and manage cash flow.

Human Resources (cont.)
  • Work Planned For Upcoming Weeks
  • Human Resources
  • Continue to maintain and monitor call center to
    locate NOPS employees, disseminate information
    and respond to questions.
  • Continue to monitor and update NOPS website to
    increase communication to parents, students and
    employees of NOPS (i.e., Frequently Asked
    Questions, current press releases and important
    information for NOPS parents and employees).
  • Develop, as required, HR related internal and
    external communications including press releases,
    website communications, FAQs, and call center
  • Continue to verify and process employee inquires
    to include NOPS resignations, retirements,
    employment verification requests, mortgage
    requests, etc.
  • Validate sick and vacation liabilities for all
    employees. Finalize process to begin to generate
    employee sick and vacation payouts.
  • Continue to monitor and analyze Student and
    Employee Indication of Interest to return to
    NOPS. Generating reports weekly.
  • Continue process to staff 2 NOPS schools.
  • Generate and validate Employee Verification form
    with those NOPS employees who are brought back to
    ensure confirmation, clarity and agreement on
    salary, benefits, position, title, location,
    deductions, etc. Coordinate with Payroll to
    ensure accurate payroll information and
  • Continue process to determine ongoing HR data
    management/system (position control)
  • Continue to relocate and organize personnel
  • Revise TRMs (unemployment TPA) proposed contract
    to reduce the amount of our state reimbursement.
  • Continue implementing procedures for assisting
    NOPS employees who are interested in retiring or
    had questions about DROP or retirement service
  • Continue to responded to questions from the
    Retirement agencies regarding employee status and
    develop scripts for the various retirement
    agencies to response to questions from NOPS
  • Determine which non-healthcare coverages (i.e.,
    dental, vision, life, etc) to continue,
    eliminate, or amend for NOPS employees on
    Disaster Leave.
  • Work to create the process for remitting prior
    current employee and employer contributions to
    the retirement agencies.

Human Resources (cont.)
  • Work Planned For Upcoming Weeks (cont.)
  • Work with UTNO regarding the provision of
    benefits to members through the Health Welfare
    Fund, including Coventry and FBMC/FARA benefits.
  • Continue to coordinate Workers Compensation
    payments with our third party administrator,
    Hammerman Gainer. Confirm a process for
    meeting our statutory obligations and manage cash
  • Finalize staffing, hiring and on-boarding process
    for NOPS and non-NOPS employees.
  • Continue to collect and communicate with donor
    organizations and individuals who have offered
    assistance and donations for NOPS, to include
    securing a reception facility and process.

  • Summary of Activities
  • Drafted and distributed RFP for General
    Contracting services for 14 schools designated to
    become charter schools
  • Convened and met with committee to make
    recommendations to Dr. Watson and Bill Roberti
    concerning the General Contracting Services RFPs.
  • Made recommendations to Dr. Watson and Bill
    Roberti. Received approval to begin/commence
  • Notified each participant in the bidding process,
    identified winning bids, communicated the process
    by which the winners were selected, answered all
    questions, provided the winning proposals to
    those who requested such.
  • Held pre-bid meetings and tours with prospective
    Food Service vendors.
  • Assisted Facilities in receiving estimates and
    then the processing numerous Purchase Orders
    related to Emergency Repair work at various
    schools. Purchase Orders related primarily to
  • Temporary roof repairs (tarping) of exposed
  • Temporarily boarding of exposed windows.
  • Locksmiths to repair/replace locks.
  • Repairs to schools HVAC systems.
  • Discussed proposals related to waste/trash
    removal with a few vendors.
  • Maintained interim contract management system.
    Updated for contracts executed to date.
  • Work Planned for Upcoming Weeks
  • Receive and review bids on Transportation RFP.
  • Receive and review bids on Food Service RFP.

Information Technology
  • Summary of Activities
  • Supporting Financials, HR and Payroll systems
  • Continued the development and implementation of
    the AIX to Linux operating system conversion at
    the Oracle Austin hosting facility.
  • Continued to support daily operations including
    backup and restore procedures, insuring that
    off-site backups at Iron Mountain are up to date.
  • Continued to setup a permanent VPN access for
    NOPS domain in order to have secure, dedicated
    connectivity to Oracle Austin data center.
  • Continued to develop a project plan with Oracle
    to apply the latest patch sets for the
    application along with the Linux conversion
  • Obtained a new Customer Service ID (CSI) from
    Oracle and completed the setup for NOPS users in
    order to use 24X7 world wide supports.
  • Continued support for Oracle production
    operations. Some of the specific activities
    completed were
  • Improved Performance of Federal and State Tax
    Remittance Manager Report.
  • Provided assignment numbers to process Western
    Union Adjustment Payroll.
  • Completed the Labor Distribution Report for
    specific source of funds in Fund 11 and for
    specific SSNs.
  • Developed tools for researching open AP invoices
    and AP payments for problem resolution.
  • Continued to support Human Resources and Payroll
    for Oracle HR and Payroll application issues on a
    daily basis.
  • Completed Oracle Payroll processing based on
    employee adjustments with Western Union payment

Information Technology (cont.)
  • Summary of Activities (cont.)
  • Supporting Financials, HR and Payroll systems
  • Uploaded 8/26 Pre-Katrina Non-Teaching Payroll to
    GL by manual batch process.
  • Continued to build manual batch process for
    uploading 9/15 Teaching Payroll 9/16
    Non-Teaching Payroll and 9/17 Western Union
    adjusting payroll.
  • Continued to develop manual journal entries and
    costing information for short term ADP payroll
  • Closed final Western Union employee reimbursement
    for NOPS employees on 11/14.
  • Completed Vacation Sick Liability reporting and
    data verification for "actual time" taken to
    provide payouts for terminated or resigned
  • Assisted Oracle On-Demand implementation team
    with Testing of 11i Test Instance.
  • Completed two submissions of 04-05 PEP Reporting
    and corrections for employee data.
  • Initiated End-of-Year (EOY) Oracle Updates and
    Patch Planning activities with Oracle for Version
  • Continued planning for the production and
    distribution of 2005 W2 processing with Automated
    Data Processing, Inc. (ADP) for all NOPS
  • Continued support of the short-term solution of
    the ADP PCPW Payroll systems to pay NOPS
  • Continued to support Finance on Oracle for
    Accounts Payable and General Ledger on a daily
  • Continued to facilitate the completion of the
    Oracle month end GL closing from 2004 through
    current period.

Information Technology (cont.)
  • Summary of Activities (cont.)
  • Supporting Financials, HR and Payroll systems
  • Completed the review, evaluation and selection of
    a leading K-12 vendor for new application service
    provider of enterprise Financials, Procurement,
    Human Resources and Payroll systems.
  • Developed evaluation checklist.
  • Analyzed cost.
  • Conducted reference checks.
  • Solicited and received feedback from NOPS
    Finance, Procurement and HR management.
  • Based on evaluation selected finalist.
  • Continued to facilitate the completion of the
    Oracle month end GL closing from 2004 through
    current period.
  • Continued design and implementation planning for
    new enterprise K-12 software solution.
  • Received approval from Interim Superintendent and
    AM Chief Restructuring officer to complete final
  • Re-establishing the Student Information Systems
  • Obtained new support and maintenance costs from
    Pearson software.
  • Continued negotiations with Excel software to
    reduce annual support and maintenance costs for
    state reporting module.
  • Submitted state reporting file for student
    enrollment (SIS).

Information Technology (cont.)
  • Summary of Activities (cont.)
  • Re-locating NOPS Data Center to Cox
    Communications facilities in New Orleans
  • Continued the implementation of NOPS data center
    at the COX Communication New Orleans data center
  • Continued testing of wide area network and
    internet access in preparation for school
  • Continued implementation of NOPS email system.
  • Began development of an RFP for PC support /
    helpdesk functions to cost effectively source
    these functions.
  • Continued to obtain bids for Pre-Katrina Oracle
    infrastructure assets from the Timbers data
  • Continued planning and began execution to
    complete the NOPS IT inventory in each facility
    according to FEMA requirements.
  • Continued documenting all IT assets and system
    configurations at COX data center.
  • Managing the E-Rate Process
  • Continued working with LDE E-rate Directors to
    comply with state oversight committee activities.
  • Revise the response to the year 8 (2005/2006)
    E-Rate Selective Review Information Request with
    Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC)
    School Libraries Division (SLD).
  • Conducted a conference call with the state
    oversight committee with USAC and SLD team
  • Developed work plan to complete Katrina window
    filing for year 8 E-rate before the December
  • Continued to develop IT Plan for year 9 E-rate
    filing for submission by January 1, 2006.

Information Technology (cont.)
  • Work Planned For Upcoming Week
  • Support Financials, Human Resources and Payroll
  • Provide continued production support of Oracle
    applications on a daily basis.
  • Complete vendor negotiations with newly selected
    application service provider for enterprise
    Financials, Procurement, Human Resources and
    Payroll systems.
  • Complete design and implementation project plan
    for new enterprise K12 software solution.
  • Begin General Ledger, Accounts Payable and
    Procurement software configuration with selected
    Application Service Provider.
  • Continue coordinating the work plan with Oracle
    On demand and NOPS team for the UAT activities
    for the 12/1/05 cutover to the Linux environment.
  • Continue to support Oracle and NOPS network team
    to setup permanent VPN in order to access Austin
    data center.
  • Continue to short list the vendors and obtain a
    bid for Oracle hardware in NOPS data center.
  • Re-establishing the Student Information
  • Continue to support the re-opening of schools.
  • Continue planning of long-term RFP effort.
  • Conducted meetings with charter schools that
    intend to use SASI for student reporting.
  • Continue negotiations with SASI vendors to lower
    support and maintenance costs.
  • Complete implementation of NOPS Data Center
    Assets in the Cox Communications facilities in
    New Orleans.
  • Meet with charter schools that require NOPS IT
    support in the short-term to open schools.

Information Technology (cont.)
  • Work Planned For Upcoming Weeks (cont.)
  • Complete implementation of NOPS Data Center
    Assets in the Cox Communications facilities in
    New Orleans
  • Meet with charter schools that require NOPS IT
    support in the short-term to open schools.
  • Test and confirm operations of NOPS IT assets for
    administrative sites and all planned school
  • Network and internet access
  • Telecommunications
  • Application servers (SASI and WinSNAP)
  • Website servers
  • E-mail servers
  • Continue to enable email and network access
    services for all validated employees
  • Continue to support telephone support requests.
  • Issue the RFP for PC support / helpdesk functions
    to cost effectively source these functions.
  • Continue execution of the NOPS IT inventory in
    each facility according to FEMA and E-rate
  • Complete contracts with Iron Mountain to have
    NOPS data center backup tapes storage and
    rotation schedule at COX Communications facility.
  • Continue to manage the E-Rate process
  • Continue to coordinate with the LDE state
    oversight committee on all E-Rate filings.
  • Complete the response to the year 8 (2005/2006)
    E-Rate Selective Review Information Request with
    Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC)
    School Libraries Division (SLD).

Facilities and Maintenance
  • Summary of Activities
  • General Contracting, Environmental, Custodial and
    HVAC Contracts Phase 1
  • Phase 1 schools are those 10 sites that we
    included in the original RFP process, including
  • Eisenhower Henderson
  • Harte Rosenwald
  • Walker Karr
  • Behrman Fischer
  • Lusher Lusher Extension
  • Conducted inspections of the 4 priority schools
    (Walker, Harte, Eisenhower and Behrman) with the
    Fire Marshall. Several issues identified,
    including access to doors, emergency exit signage
    and locks. A significant portion of the issues
    identified existed prior to the Hurricane
    Katrina. Parsons has been provided the outcomes
    from the Walker and Harte inspections and is
    actively addressing issues.
  • Met with FEMA in Baton Rouge on Tuesday, November
    1st to review and discuss documentation
    requirements and process for reimbursement.
  • Held weekly FEMA status meeting on Wednesday,
    November 9th
  • Performed walk-through of the 4 priority schools
    with Bill Roberti, Sajan George and Parsons
    representatives (General Contractor and
    Environmental Lead).
  • Completed re-keying of the following schools
  • Internal at Walker
  • Internal/External at Eisenhower
  • Internal/External at Harte
  • Internal/External at Behrman
  • Installed temporary locks on the external doors
    at Walker.

Facilities and Maintenance (cont.)
  • Summary of Activities (cont.)
  • Key accomplishments from the teams of resources
    providing GC, HVAC and Custodial services
  • Removed food from all refrigeration units in the
    10 schools. Continuing to sanitize and certify
    all units.
  • Removed water from Walker auditorium. Removed
    significant mold from Walker auditorium.
  • Performed wipe down of Walker auditorium, Behrman
    Auditorium, kitchens areas and any other
    hallways/classrooms where mold/mildew was
  • Boxed-off and safely removed damaged areas,
    including tile removal, dry wall removal, leaking
    windows/skylights. Tested for asbestos as
  • Replaced damaged wood and tile floors.
  • Performed air quality testing.
  • Performed variety of fixes, including dry
    walling, windows, molding, etc.
  • Received initial delivery of materials and
    chemicals needed to support custodial activities.
  • Established a central location to secure and
    store materials and chemicals in Walker High
  • Completed HVAC operational inspection for most
    sites. Delay at Lusher due to power not being
  • Identified and initiated high priority HVAC
  • Performed remediation of asbestos issue at Harte
    Elementary (corrugated roofing near portables).
  • Performed initial reviews of Rabouin, Allen,
    McMain and Ben Franklin Elementary as these were
    identified as possible District schools to be
    opened at the end of November.
  • Due to limited time and degree of effort and cost
    to stand-up the District schools, the team
    recommended focusing on Ben Franklin Elementary.
  • The District was willing to accept the likelihood
    of not being reimbursed by FEMA for standing-up
    Ben Franklin Elementary as the short notice
    disallowed the ability to RFP to work to bidders.

Facilities and Maintenance (cont.)
  • Summary of Activities (cont.)
  • Phase 2 Schools
  • Phase 2 schools are those 14 sites that we
    included in the second RFP process, including
  • Audubon Tubman Wright
  • Wicker Landry Green
  • Ben Franklin High Mc 32 Capdau
  • Craig Habans Mc 7
  • Tureaud High Tech High
  • New Orleans Science Math was not included in
    the above RFP as it is a rented facility.
  • Developed and distributed Phase 2 RFP on Friday,
    November 04.
  • Performed pre-bid conference with bidders on
    Tuesday, November 8th, Wednesday, November 9th
    and Thursday, November 10th.
  • Performed walk-through of Lusher and Lusher
    Extension with Principal Cathy Reidlinger and
    Sajan George.
  • Met with Cathy Reidlinger, Tulane and JCI
    representatives at Fortier High School. As a
    group, it was agreed that this school is not
    ready to be opened in January 2006. Outcome was
    for AM to work with contractors to determine an
    appropriate date to re-open with the expectation
    of making this an improved school versus just
    repairs hurricane damages.
  • Conducted and documented detailed assessments at
    newly chartered schools identified during the
    Friday, October 28th Board meeting.

Facilities and Maintenance (cont.)
  • Summary of Activities (cont.)
  • Various
  • Facilities Maintenance and Construction
    Management teams relocated permanently to New
    Orleans on Monday, October 31st.
  • Reviewed, confirmed and moved into Mc 7 as the
    new site to support NOPS Administration.
  • Movers met with finance, HR and special student
    representatives at Timbers facility to identify
    and estimate cost to move files to Mc 7.
  • Assisted movers in relocating finance, HR and
    special student files to Mc 7.
  • Located Excess Surplus document that had been
    presented to the Board in the past.
  • Gathered and addressed daily facility and
    maintenance operations at various sites,
  • Landry removal and installation of
  • Landry Air Conditioning unit
  • Conducted weekly Facilities Maintenance and
    Construction Management status meeting.
  • Met with Finance and Insurance Claims teams to
    develop and initiate an inventory assessment
    process for the 13 West Bank Charter schools.
  • Established and communicated plan for employees
    to return to the Timbers facilities and to claim
    personal affects. Security resources have been
    provided employee listings, waivers and sign-in
    sheets to support the process. The Timbers
    facilities will be open Monday, November 14th
    Friday, November 18th from 10AM 2PM and Monday,
    November 21st Tuesday, November 22nd from 10AM
  • Worked with HR team resource to identify and
    secure a location to house charitable donations.
    Likely solution is use of Habans (room 12) for
    Charter donations and a TBD East Bank school for
    District donations.
  • Provided access to several schools to support
    various group initiatives. For example
  • IT access to several East Bank schools

Facilities and Maintenance (cont.)
  • Work Planned for Upcoming Weeks (cont.)
  • Closely monitor the progress of the emergency
  • Closely monitor the progress of the General
    Contractor, Environmental, Custodial and HVAC
    service providers.
  • Continue development of detailed site
    assessments. Output of activities get forwarded
    onto to FEMA, who them completes the Project
    Worksheets. Priority assessments include
  • McMain
  • Allen
  • Rabouin
  • Moton
  • Hynes
  • Lake Forest
  • Develop a school readiness checklist to provide a
    structured process of validating that a school is
    ready to be opened.
  • Receive Phase 2 RFP responses on Monday, November
    14th. Review bids, recommend winner, approve and
    award contract.
  • Continue to support the process of allowing
    employees to return to Timbers facilities and
    claim personal affects.
  • Perform high-level inventory assessment of 5 West
    Bank schools to separate District and Charter
  • Perform inspections with Fire Marshall for the
    following sites
  • Karr

Dispute Analysis and Forensics
  • Summary of Activities
  • Insurance Claims
  • Completed our analysis of properties and firmly
    identified those properties that are unknown and
    need additional investigation into ownership.
  • Worked with NFIP carrier to verify that the funds
    received was the correct amount.
  • Continued to meet with Insurance Adjusters
  • Discussed Flood Insurance limits, began
    discussions to extract additional money based on
    ambiguous policy language.
  • Accompanied Adjusters to sites for visual
  • Received Adjuster evaluation of Timbers building.
  • FEMA Claim
  • Received additional guidance from FEMA regarding
    level of detail and appropriate documentation.
    Assisted with changes to procedure to help
    streamline documentation process and FEMA
  • Continued to meet with FEMA and provide
    documentation to build Project Worksheets.
  • IBM Contact and removal of hardware from Timbers.
  • Emergency Repairs Documentation of situations,
    reasoning, and justification of decisions.
  • Cost of repairs to property.
  • Corps of Engineers debris removal mission
  • Continued to build data repository.
  • Coordinated Temporary Housing for a necessary
    NOPS employee, which is 100 reimbursable.

Dispute Analysis and Forensics (cont.)
  • Work Planned For Upcoming Weeks
  • Coordinate the acquisition of temporary
    classrooms for those schools that need the
    additional space and that exceed the State
  • Continue to coordinate temporary housing for
    necessary employees.
  • Research Tax Assessors records and attempt to
    retrieve copies of titles for all lands owned by
  • Determine what buildings are on lands owned by
  • Research Section 16 properties to determine what
    buildings / other entitlements are attached to
    the property.
  • Research documents and hire appraisers to value
    the contents within the OPSB buildings.
  • Hire an appraiser to value portable buildings.
  • Research and document replacement value for
    damaged property.
  • Work with insurance adjusters to value the repair
    costs of the properties.
  • Continue to seek advances for insurance companies
    and work to mitigate damages to properties.
  • Continue to perform site visits with insurance
  • Review and document repair estimates as work is
    to be completed.
  • Document and segregate repair costs as they are
    completed for FEMA and insurance reimbursement.
  • Compile and research the value of properties for
    named additional insured. Negotiate and settle
    with named additional insured.
  • Work with FEMA to develop a long range property
    management and damage plan.
  • Work with State School Board in preparing OPSBs
    FEMA claim.