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Trends in Innovation Innovation Zone impact on New economy prepared for IRE, Oct 30, 2007


Wall-Mart opened the first department store outside town on a US highway early ... The innovative idea of the 'all-inclusive' vacation package which made the ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Trends in Innovation Innovation Zone impact on New economy prepared for IRE, Oct 30, 2007

Trends in Innovation Innovation Zone impact on
New economy (prepared for IRE, Oct 30, 2007)
  • Iordanis Arzimanoglou, Ph.D.
  • Alexander Innovation Zone, Thessaloniki

Innovation in
  • Idea
  • Policy
  • Science
  • Technology
  • VC Banking sector
  • Lobbying
  • Intellectual Property
  • Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)
  • Alliance Management (innovation incubator model)

Innovation in Idea
  • Wall-Mart opened the first department store
    outside town on a US highway early in the 50s
    (predecessor of todays supermarket)
  • The innovative idea of the all-inclusive
    vacation package which made the Japanese travel
    outside their country (70s)
  • The idea to strictly keep steady the quality of
    the products and suppliers (Mac Donalds

Innovation in in R/D policy
  • The very rich Lundbeck fund is to dedicate Euro
    35 M to help Danish researchers to stay in
    Denmark to research. One of Denmarks largest
    money tanks the Lundbeck fund will now attract
    the best Danish brains abroad to return home to
    research to be of benefit to Denmark, writes
    Berlingske Business.

Innovation in Science
  • Engineering new biomaterials for human implants
    Scientists in Zurich, are developing automated
    tissue culture methods for testing new
    biomaterials using a Tecan Freedom EVO liquid
    handling workstation. The Cell Biology Division
    of the Universitys Institute of Biotechnology
    has been evaluating the workstations ability to
    perform fully automated and reproducible cell
  • Application In vitro development and
    investigation of novel materials for bone,
    cartilage, intervertebral discs, teeth and other
    connective tissue implants, and it is essential
    that these materials are tested to high standards
    of quality with minimal variation.

Innovation in Science
  • Innovative strategies are needed for biomarker
    discovery and validation that parallel the
    approach to therapeutics. A collaborative
    approach to biomarker discovery using
    standardized tissue and biological fluid
    specimens, ideally collected as part of clinical
    trials, has the potential to Fasttrack biomarker

Innovation in Technology
  • Skype internet telephony
  • Skype with 220 M subscribers worldwide and
  • 5 M users on the average on line simultaneously,
    has its headquarters in Luxemburg. During a
    recent program upgrade, millions of users
    remained without Skypes internet telephony
    service for two days

Innovation in VC Banking sector
  • In late 80s, one of the first biotech analysts on
    Wall Street,
  • S. Papadopoulos, came up with innovative ideas
    such as
  • He led Genzyme (Cambridge, MA) creating its first
    research and development limited partnership to
    fund the development of Cerezyme (Cambridge, MA).
  • He also introduced special-purpose accelerated
    research corporations (SPARCS) to the world of
    biotechnology financing
  • He popularized the so-called Regulation D
    filings, in which IPOs were marketed directly to
    individual investors as opposed to institutional
    clients (mutual and pension funds)

Innovation in Lobbying
  • Amgen ups lobbying efforts Although Amgen
    unveiled plans to cut 12 of its workforce, the
    world's largest biotech company isn't making cuts
    is in its lobbying efforts. Amgen racked up a
    10.2 million in lobbying bills last year, and is
    now second only to Pfizer in the amount of
    contributions it makes to federal candidates and
  • Amgen also has a vested interest in lobbying
    Congress to prevent generic drug companies from
    making less expensive knock-offs of biotech

Innovation in Intellectual Property(1)
  • Sweden's medical research community is considered
    one of Europe's strongest. But it wasn't until a
    decade ago that Swedish universities were able to
    commercialize discoveries made by their own
    researchers. Today these universities have
    created holding companies through which they can
    own shares in other companies.

Innovation in Intellectual Property(2)
  • Moreover, in contrast to the rest of Europe and
    the US, Sweden has a unique policy on
    intellectual property. The so-called teacher's
    exemption allows scientists-not the universities
    where they work-to own full rights to their
    discoveries. This has encouraged many academics
    to strike out on their own in search of outside
    investment capital. Since they own the
    intellectual property, they can transfer it to an
    independent company. This is a key competitive

Innovation in Public-Private Partnerships
  • Pharmaceutical innovation at a crossroads
    Pharmaceutical discovery is entering a new era.
    Our new understanding of the genome and powerful
    research tools are opening new doors to discovery
    of breakthrough medicines. At the same time,
    researchers are tackling more complex diseases
    and facing a more intensive regulatory and policy
    environment. A tremendous investment in human
    capital and technology is required to develop new
  • Public - Private Partnerships (PPP) U.S. public
    health agencies have launched new initiatives to
    overcome these challenges and realize the promise
    of pharmaceutical innovation. Increasingly among
    research and academic institutions, biotechnology
    companies, and state and local governments, steps
    are being taken to improve the landscape for

Innovation in Alliance Management
  • Aligning Expectations and Creating Effective
    Biotech-Big Pharma Communications
  • Alliance Management Best Practices in Building
    Successful Biotech-biotech Alliances
  • The Biogen Idec Innovation Incubator - A New
    Model for Industry Partnering with Academia
  • Innovative program development, outsourcing and

Innovation Zone/Environmentimpact on New economy
Innovative start-ups give birth to New Economy
  • In any industry over 80 of all start-ups fail
    within five years
  • What are the critical factors for a new
    technology company-usually a spin out from a
    university-to sustain, become innovative and
    achieve commercialization of its patent-protected
    research discoveries?

Critical factors for new technology start-up
companies to grow and sustain
  • Early stage Finance (pre-seed, seed, .)
  • Access to key business development personnel
    (technology valuation, licensing, ..)
  • Intellectual Property (patent portofolio)
  • Scientific and technology trends/Domestic policy
  • Partnership/Alliance Management
  • Innovation Zone environment/cluster

Financing is very critical for start-ups
  • Dotcom era In 2000 many people thought that the
    dotcom bust reflected a nonviable business model.
    It turns out that with the right amount of
    capital, however, Amazon, eBay, an Google emerged
    in addition to a lot of other viable but smaller
    dotcom companies

Start-ups usually lack key business development
  • Strategic Planning/Senior Executives
  • External Technology Sourcing Managers/Execs.
  • Corporate Venture Investing Managers/Execs.
  • Alliance Management Managers
  • Commercialization Alliance Managers/Execs.

Patent Law is critical to research breakthrough
  • A new patent law has enabled universities to
    enter agreements with companies
  • As a result, Danish public sector research
    institutions are commercialising their research
    at an unprecedented rate. (New figures for 2006
    from the Danish Agency for Science, Technology
    and Innovation show that universities, research
    institutions and hospitals recorded 368
    inventions, issued 113 patent applications and
    hatched 16 spinouts, an increase of 31, 30 and
    14 respectively on the previous year. The public
    sector spent 5M on protection of rights and
    consultancy regarding their research results,
    while generating sales of 5.2 M on patents,
    licences and shares in companies. Last year,
    there was a loss of 2.9 M)

New Energy Industry exports account for more
than half of All Danish Energy exports
  • According to Danish Wind Industry Association,
    the figures evidence the far-sightedness of the
    political decision taken years ago to invest in
    wind power for the domestic market, which now
    provides a shop window for demonstrating to
    customers worldwide that the technology works in
    practice. Total revenues from the wind energy
    industry (wind turbines, components and know-how
    totalled domiciled in Denmark) were an estimated
    6 bn, up 36 on the 2005 figure of 4.4 bn.

Danish Wind Energy Industry success
  • Denmark's company Vestas the world's leading
  • turbine manufacturer employs over 13,000 people
  • worldwide. Vestas has production facilities in
  • Germany, China, India, Italy, UK, Spain, Sweden,
  • and Australia and is currently constructing a
    turbine blade
  • factory in Colorado, USA. Selected orders in 2007
  • Vestas gained an order for 182 v82 mw wind
    turbines from the US
  • Vestas gains giant wind turbine order from China
  • Vestas receives a 50 mw wind turbine order for

A high financial potential may result from a
biogas partnership
  • A new biopartnership between Novozymes and
    Xergi may be the starting signal for a new
    Danish export billion fairytale within biogas.
    Novozymes is now entering into a new partnership
    with the leading Danish biogas plant manufacturer
    Xergi about the development of micro-organisms to
    speed up biogas production.
  • Although Novozymes has analysed the potential on
    the global market, the two companies do not wish
    to announce their expectations with regards to
    the financial potential, but it is no secret that
    the goal is to become a global market leader in
    the area.

Innovation Zone is critical to new technology
  • An Innovation Zone/Environment can
  • largely increase commercialisation of research
  • catalyze SME development and thus generate growth
    for the entire respective region

Innovation Zone needs to have access to 1st
class domestic foreign research
  • The first Max Plunk institute outside Germany
    will be located in Denmark. Its research focus
    will be on innovation in geomicrobiology
  • Alexander Innovation Zone to attract foreign
    established research institutes with long track
    record in innovation to open a branch within the
    Thessaloniki Innovation Zone?

Zones international access can strengthen
regional competitiveness
  • With the 1st innovation center already running in
    Silicon Valley and the
  • 2nd soon to open in Shanghai, Denmark announces
    that the location of
  • the 3rd will be Munich. Why Munich? Munich is
    home to two of
  • Germany's three elite universities) and a large
    commercial market.
  • Purpose of the new international innovation
  • catalyze partnerships between Danish universities
    and companies with German counterparts within the
    Munich innovation environment 
  • market Danish research competencies and key
    commercial strengths with a view to
  • attracting foreign investments to Denmark (Invest
    in Denmark)
  • This is part of the government's globalisation
    strategy, in which the
  • strengthening of Danish innovation/competitiveness
    is a key component

Sophia-Antipolis Innovation Zone
  • Historically the first Innovation Zone
  • An economic development model that continues to
    serve as a reference for the whole world
  • the potential for economic diversity in the
    region by encouraging service industries and
  • But Sophia Antipolis would not have become a
    reality had it not been for concerted action on a
    local and national level. So the local
    authorities all worked together to bring about
    this project the 5 original communes (Antibes,
    Biot, Mougins, Valbonne and Vallauris), the
    Alpes-Maritimes Local Council, the French Riviera
    Chamber of Commerce

Dubai Innovation Zoneworld class cluster and
business hub
  • DuBiotech (Dubai biotechnology park)
  • The Foundation for research and innovation
  • Dubai internet city
  • Dubai media city
  • Knowledge village and academic city

Thessaloniki Innovation ZoneAlexander Innovation
Zone S.A.
  • The existence of more than one innovation zones
    within the metropolitan Thessaloniki area
    (fragmentation) and the presence of
    science/technology parks without common strategy
    and vision, does not favor the development of
    the entire region
  • Statement by ????? for the Thessaloniki
    Innovation Zone in the framework of the
    Alexander Innovation Zone company

The biotechnology in the future society
  • A new 2007 bioindustry report from Ernst Young
    was based on number of pharmaceutical products
    under development in 2006 and the amount of
    capital gained.
  • On the European scale, the UK tops the list,
    followed by Germany and Switzerland, while
    Denmark ranks 4th.
  • The development in biotech companies exceeds all
    expectations, and the interest from investors
    confirms it. The biotech industry has a clear
    potential to be one of the industries on which we
    base our future society

Biopolis, Singapore biocluster with pharma R/D
  • Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline invested 37
    M on a
  • research facility focusing on new therapies for
  • Parkinson's and other neuro-degenerative
    diseases. The
  • facility will be housed in the state-of-the-art
    laboratories of
  • the Biopolis, Singapore's high-end biomedical
  • center, GSK said in a statement. A team of 30-35
  • will focus on the research of new therapies in
    the treatment
  • of neuro-degenerative diseases ... and

Aarhus biocluster Denmark
  • Biotech company categories
  • Selected Drug Discovery Biotech companies
  • Selected Non-Drug Discovery Biotech companies
  • Selected Medical Technology companies
  • Food and food-supplement companies

Aarhus biocluster, DenmarkSelected Drug
Discovery Biotech companies (moderate at national
  • Action Pharma Acute myocardial infarction and
    inflammatory diseases
  • ReceptIcon Treatment of drug-related adverse
    effects (organ damage) e.g.renal cancer
  • Cobento Production of recombinant therapeutic
    proteins in GMO plants for treatment of vitamin
    B12 deficiency, which can lead to dementia and
  • Borean Pharma Trimerization technology platform
    leading to development of human protein drugs of
    high specificity. Application in a wide spectrum
    of diseases
  • Cell Cure Development of patient-specific
    therapeutic protocols for metastatic malignant
  • Senentek development of advanced treatments for
    anti-aging (HQ in California)

Aarhus biocluster, DenmarkSelected Non-Drug
Discovery Biotech companies(moderate at national
  • Aros Applied Biotechnology Gene expression
    analysis by oligonucleotide chips and micro-array
    service provider. European pioneer in Affymetrix
    chip analysis
  • DNA Technology Custom-made oligonucleotides and
    molecular diagnostic kits
  • ProteoTarget Phage display technology focused on
    malignant cell proliferation
  • Loke Diagnostics Chlamydia and Mycoplasma
    molecular diagnostic products and vaccine
  • Pipeline Biotech Pharmacological CRO offering
    pre-clinical and pharmacokinetic studies

Aarhus biocluster, DenmarkSelected Medical
Technology companies(strong nationally
competitive in Europe)Development and
production of equipment for
  • Vivox mimicking of in vivo functions with
    control of temperature gas composition
  • Curatio Wound cleaning
  • Danish Myo Technology Myographs for physiology
    and pharmacology studies
  • HistOtech Preservation of the stereology/3D
    structure of pathological sections
  • Medicus Engineering Pulse measuring and other
    handheld measurement devices for clinical use
  • NRT X-ray equipment development providing for GE
    and Philips among others
  • Pysiotech Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • Unisense Unis. Fertilitech Microsensors for
    environmental IVF purposes

Aarhus biocluster, DenmarkFood and
food-supplement companies(very strong,
internationally competitive)
  • Modern biotechnology is an integrated part of the
    Aarhus food large corporations Arla, Aarhus
    United, Compact, Ceres, Danisco and Danish Crown
    - and SMEs, which possess long track record
    experience in
  • Sugar and sugar-derivates
  • Dairy products and derivates
  • Oil and derivates
  • Diverse equipment and machinery with focus on the
    food industry

Aarhus biocluster, Denmark
Aarhus UniversityHospital
Biomedical Engineer.
EU funding
Aarhus County Municipality
Aarhus Food industry
Biomedical Science Park
Biotech companies Big Pharma
IPR Firms
Invest pre-seed, seed,VCs
Invest in Denmark
Start-up biotech and med tech companies