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Recording of Educational Content and the classroom 'Flip'


Record / Edit video. Share / Post video. Students watch video ... More visuals in the video, rather than the PowerPoint s ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Recording of Educational Content and the classroom 'Flip'

Recording of Educational Content and the
classroom 'Flip'
  • By John Messner Rob Leicht

Video Screen Capture
  • Potential Uses
  • Live Capture of lecture content
  • Software demonstrations
  • Example solutions with narration
  • Guest lectures
  • Can include video capture with audio
  • Software
  • Camtasia Studio
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Camstudio
  • UltraVNC Screen Recorder

Comparison of software
Classroom Flip
  • Course
  • AE 372 Introduction to Construction Management
  • 100 Students
  • (2) 50 minute lecture periods
  • (1) 110 minute practicum
  • History
  • 2007 Started using iTunesU

Why Flip the Classroom?
  • In AE 372
  • Allow students to view theory based content
    outside of class time
  • More in class problem solving
  • Opportunity for increased teacher-student
    interaction during large class lecture periods
  • Use practicum period for students to work on
    group projects

Class Flip Procedure
  • Record / Edit video
  • Share / Post video
  • Students watch video
  • Students complete quiz prior to class
  • During class
  • Brief overview
  • In class activity / exercises

Resultspilot session
  • Yes, but comments
  • Shorter video 25 responses (the video we posted
    was 50 minutes...)
  • More visuals in the video, rather than the
    PowerPoint slides
  • Only use the flipped class style on occasion, not
    as a regular event
  • Provide a brief review at the start of class
    about the video content
  • Provide some means of asking questions about the
  • Did not like
  • Prefer face-to-face lecture
  • It's harder to follow the video content, or it's
    easier to get distracted
  • It was an inefficient use of time, I could have
    performed the in-class activity in less time
    outside of class than it took to watch the video

Resultsinterim survey
Resultsinterim survey
Resultsinterim survey
Resultsinterim survey
Resultsinterim survey
Resultsinterim survey
Resultsinterim survey
Other feedback the Good
  • I am able to focus better on lectures when I was
    the most awake and assertive rather than at 10am
  • I like doing the examples in class with questions
    being answered one-on-one
  • The in class activities help because they're
    hands-on examples of what we're learning
  • I find it very valuable to have the ability to go
    back and watch something to better understand it.
  • It is helpful to work through examples on our
    own, but still being able to ask questions if
  • I felt that the in class activities were more
    interesting than listening to a lecture and
    helped me gain hands on experience performing the
    task, which will in the end help on the exam.
  • Being able to work through various estimates and
    work through problems while having instructors
    around to help really helps to solidify what I've
    watched in the videos.

the Bad
  • I found the online video just as informative as
    class, however using lecture time for practicum
    type exercises annoyed me a little. I felt like
    we were just doubling both lecture and practicum
  • I think it is very valuable that we have the
    option of watching lectures on our own time.
    However, the resolution is so low on them that it
    is very difficult to read the numbers for
    calculations, which makes those videos
    practically useless to me
  • When I have questions about the examples the
    video doesn't always answer them.
  • It is a good way to introduce the topic but it
    shouldn't be the sole way of teaching the

and the Ugly
  • Please stop the iTunes lectures, or find a way to
    make them better. They are awful.
  • Save the problem solving for practicums THIS IS
    THE REASON WE HAVE THEM I get very annoyed when
    I have to do work in class and would much rather
    complete the work for a grade in practicum or as
    homework and I would take it much more
    seriously which would help me on exams
  • The lecture should not be considered homework.
    Listening to lectures outside of class takes time
    away from other things, such as other projects.
    It just adds to the stress. It's easier seeing a
    lecturer in person versus just listening to a

Lessons Learned / Future
  • Found it more successful better accepted by
    students than expected
  • Plan to continue its use next year
  • Rules of thumb
  • 20 30 mins of video content
  • Less well received for examples than theory
  • Brief review of video content at start of class
  • Less flexible than live lectures (good bad)
  • Would like to find outside media content to
    augment lecture material

  • It makes class more enjoyable for the instructor
    and TA!

Recording of Educational Content and the
classroom 'Flip'
  • By John Messner Rob Leicht