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FlexCard Cardholder Training


It does not replace the US Bank Corporate Travel Card and cannot be used to ... Access Online (https://access.usbank.com/) is the U.S. Bank website where a ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: FlexCard Cardholder Training

FlexCard Cardholder Training
  • This FlexCard Cardholder Training Presentation is
    divided into three sections
  • 1. An overview of the FlexCard program and the
    policies and procedures
  • that govern it, including information
    necessary for Cardholders to pass
  • the exam required for participation.
  • 2. The procedure for obtaining a FlexCard,
    including taking the exam,
  • submitting an application, and setting up an
    account with Access Online
  • (U.S. Bank).
  • 3. Making purchases with FlexCard, including
    retaining necessary
  • documentation and audits.
  • All of the material in this presentation is
    available, in full detail, on the
  • FlexCard website at
  • http//www.busserv.ucsb.edu/purchasing/flex/i

FlexCard Overview
  • UCSBs FlexCard is a Visa credit card issued by
    U.S. Bank to UCSB employees who have authority to
    buy goods and services on behalf of their
    departments. The FlexCard is issued to an
    individual, not to a department, and cannot be
    used by anyone other than the Cardholder.
  • The FlexCard cannot be used for personal
    purchases and will not provide cash advances. It
    does not replace the US Bank Corporate Travel
    Card and cannot be used to charge travel or
    entertainment expenses.
  • The FlexCard is essentially a low value
    purchasing card, and current commodity
    restrictions apply. The FlexCard can also be
    used to pay for certain repetitive purchases,
    such as shredding services or bottled water, as
    long as the good or service is purchased from the
    approved campus contract or UC Strategic Sourcing
    vendor. A complete list of allowable purchases
    is found on the website under the section
    entitled What Can I Buy with the FlexCard?

FlexCard Overview
  • FlexCard Benefits
  • Can be used with all merchants that accept the
    Visa card
  • Internet purchases made without the need to use a
    personal credit card
  • Merchant paid almost immediately (no invoices
    sent to Accounting)
  • Reduces the need to use petty cash and/or
    employee reimbursements
  • Special Features
  • Variable maximum per transaction limit (including
  • Up to 2,500 all Cardholders
  • Up to 5,000 Cardholders who have attended
    Purchasing 101
  • Variable maximum monthly limit (the default is
    20,000), as determined by department purchasing
  • Built-in controls that prohibit restricted
  • Fraudulent transactions and merchant disputes may
    be resolved by working with U.S. Bank

Consequences of FlexCard Misuse
  • Repeated purchases of restricted commodities (for
    example, food or beverage purchases postage
    stamps employee awards that exceed the limits
    established under UC Policy G-41 or that are not
    form), or other repeated abuses such as
    intentionally splitting orders, may result in
    suspension or cancellation of a FlexCard.
  • Repeated personal purchases, even if all promptly
    reimbursed, may result in cancellation of a
  • Be careful, if you carry your FlexCard in your
    wallet or purse, that you do not accidentally use
    it when making a personal purchase.
  • Be careful, if you make both personal and
    business purchases at a website such as
    Amazon.com, where you save a credit card number
    as part of your user profile. Your FlexCard
    account number may be your default card number.
    If you are not careful when checking out when
    making a personal purchase, your FlexCard may
    accidentally be charged.

Reimbursing an Accidental Personal Purchase
  • If you accidentally make a personal purchase on
    your FlexCard
  • 1. If possible, reverse the charge off of
    FlexCard and have it billed to your personal
    credit card.
  • 2. If you cannot reverse the charge, reimburse
    your department by preparing a Deposit
    Recording Advice (DARA) and depositing the full
    amount of the purchase to your FlexCards default
  • 3. Notify your Reviewer and Department
    Administrator of the mistake.
  • 4. Document the purchase and reimbursement your
    department must retain a copy of the order and
    the DARA form that reimburses the personal
    purchase it will need to produce these documents
    during an audit.

Fraudulent Misuse of a FlexCard
  • Fraudulent misuse of a FlexCard for personal gain
    (the purchase of items for personal use with no
    reimbursement to the department) may be grounds
    for disciplinary action up to and including
    termination and legal action.
  • Whatever other disciplinary action is
    administered by the Cardholders department and
    the University, the Cardholders FlexCard will be
    revoked immediately and permanently.

  • The UCSBnetID and Password
  • Separation of Duties
  • Taking the Cardholder Exam
  • Initiating a Cardholder Application
  • Receiving and Activating a FlexCard

The UCSBnetID and Password
  • All FlexCard program participants must have a
    UCSBnetID and password.
  • If you do not already have a UCSBnetID and
    password, go to the front desk in Information
    Systems Computing (fourth floor of the Student
    Affairs and Administrative Services Building
    SAASB). Bring a picture ID.
  • Once ISC has verified your identity, you will be
    issued a token and instructions on how to
    complete your set-up when you return to your
  • IMPORTANT REMINDER Once you have established
    your UCSBnetID and password, write down both and
    store the information in a secure location. If
    you forget your UCSBnetID or just your password,
    you will have to go back to ISC to obtain a new
    token and go through the entire process all over

Separation of Duties
  • If you are a Cardholder, you
  • can be an Allocator (Allocators can only set up
    the accounts to be charged for a purchase, they
    cannot approve them)
  • cannot be a Reviewer (of your own FlexCard
    purchases in a small department, you can be a
    Back-Up Reviewer, but you can only review /
    approve charges made by other Cardholders)
  • cannot be your Reviewers supervisor
  • cannot be a Department Administrator or
    Department Head

Taking the Cardholder Exam
  • 1. Using your UCSBnetID and password, log onto
    the FlexCard Management Module at
  • 2. On the Main Menu, click EXAM.
  • 3. On the Participant Exam Menu, click TAKE EXAM.
  • 4. On the FlexCard Exams screen, click CARDHOLDER
  • 5. Read the instructions on the Exam Introduction
    page remember that you MUST NOT use your
    browsers BACK or FORWARD buttons, as doing so
    will cause you to exit the exam and record an
    incomplete exam.
  • 6. Click START EXAM.

Taking the Cardholder Exam
  • Proceed through the 20 exam questions. Each time
    a response is selected, you are automatically
    advanced to next one.
  • When you reach the end of the exam, with answers
    recorded for all 20 questions, the SUBMIT EXAM
    FOR SCORING button becomes active.
  • Once you have reviewed your answers, click SUBMIT
  • If you do not pass the exam, click REVIEW EXAM
    RESULTS. Review your incorrect answers before
    attempting to take the exam again. Some
    questions appear on each version of the exam
    others appear in slightly modified format. You
    do not want to continue to answer the same
    question incorrectly, especially when the pass
    score is 18 out of 20.
  • If you pass the exam, click APPLY TO BE A

Initiating a Cardholder Application
  • In section 1 of the Application, edit your name,
    if necessary and enter your Card Description (do
    not use your department name).
  • In section 2 of the Application, correct any
    address information (it is auto-filled from your
    Campus Directory entry) that may not be complete
    or accurate. Be sure to enter your departments
    Mail Code in the zip code plus four field.
  • 3. Once all Cardholder information has been
    updated and verified, click SUBMIT APPLICATION.
  • 4. A screen appears confirming that the
    application has been sent to your Department
    Administrator. An automatic email notification
    will inform him/her that the Application is ready
    for processing.

Completing the Application Process
  • 1. Your Department Administrator completes the
    Application by entering a default account number,
    assigning a Reviewer, choosing card limits and
    then submitting it to FlexCard Program
  • 2. Program Administration approves the
    Application and submits a new card request to
    U.S. Bank notifying the Cardholder of the
  • 3. The FlexCard arrives from U.S. Bank, typically
    within 2 business days.
  • 4. Program Administration emails the Cardholder
    to schedule card pickup. A copy of the FlexCard
    User Agreement is attached to the email. The
    Cardholder must print and complete the form and
    present it when picking up the FlexCard. A
    FlexCard will NOT be distributed without a
    completed User Agreement.
  • 5. The Cardholder meets with Program
    Administration, presents picture ID and a
    completed User Agreement, and picks up the

Activating a FlexCard
  • In order to activate your new FlexCard, call U.S.
    Bank at (800) 344-5696.
  • You will be asked by U.S. bank to provide
  • 1. your 16-digit FlexCard account
  • 2. your Social Security Number.
  • When asked for your SSN, you must provide your
  • If you key in your SSN, it will not match the
    number on file at U.S. Bank and your card
    activation will be suspended and routed to a live
  • Whenever you call or are contacted by U.S. Bank
    and are asked for your SSN, you must always
    provide your UCSB EMPLOYEE ID NUMBER.

Access Online Website
  • NOTE Use only Internet Explorer to log onto
    Access Online all other browsers will fail.
  • Access Online (https//access.usbank.com/) is the
    U.S. Bank website where a Cardholder creates a
    user account. A Cardholder can view and print
    monthly statements, run reports on transactions,
    and view current authorization limits and
    available credit.
  • If a transaction is declined, Access Online does
    not provide the Cardholder with any information
    regarding the reason for the decline. The
    Cardholder must contact FlexCard Administration,
    which has access to this information.
  • ONLY Cardholders have the ability to log onto
    Access Online. Reviewers and Department
    Administrators cannot log onto the system.
  • If a Department Administrator needs access to
    Cardholder transactional information, he or she
    must contact FlexCard Program Administration.

Setting up an Access Online Account
  • 1. Once logged onto Access Online, click REGISTER
  • 2. On the Online Registration page, enter the
    following information
  • a. Organization Short Name UCSB (not case
  • b. Account Number your 16-digit FlexCard
    account number
  • c. Account Expiration Date month and year, as
    inscribed on your FlexCard
  • d. Account Zip Code 93106 for all campus
  • 3. Click I Accept at the bottom of the
    Licensing Agreement page.
  • 4. Complete all required fields on the Password
    and Contact Information page and submit your

Access Online User ID and Password
  •  Your Access Online password must be AT LEAST 8
  • Write down your User ID and password. If you
    forget your password, but remember your safety
    question answer, you can reset your password.
    But if you forget your User ID, you will need to
    contact U.S. Bank by telephone and request a
  • You only have 3 chances to correctly enter your
    User ID and password at Access Online. If you
    fail, you must contact U.S. Bank by telephone and
    request a reset.
  • U.S. Bank requires you to change your password
    every 2 months, and you cannot reuse the same one
    for at least 12 months. Therefore, it is
    important to write down your new password so (1)
    you do not forget it the next time you log on,
    and (2) you do not attempt to reuse it before 12
    months have passed.

U.S. Bank Monthly Statements
  • UCSB does not require departments to reconcile
    the Cardholders monthly U.S. Bank statement to
    the General Ledger. The FlexCard Allocation
    Module contains all transactions that appear on
    the statement.
  • If departments are viewing new transactions as
    they appear daily in the FlexCard Allocation
    Module, and reviewing them, they are in effect
    reconciling their U.S. Bank statement.
  • Individual departments, however, may choose to
    incorporate monthly cardholder statement
    reconcilation into their internal processes.
  • If this is the case, it is important to remember
    that only the statement for the most recent
    billing cycle (typically, U.S. Bank statements
    are issued on the 25th of the month) and the two
    prior periods are available for viewing and
    downloading on Access Online. Earlier statements
    cannot be recreated.

Printing Your Monthly Statement
  • 1. On the Welcome to Access Online main page,
  • a. Organization Short Name UCSB (not
    case sensitive)
  • b. User ID (as created above)
  • c. Password (as created above)
  • 2. Click LOGIN.
  • 3. From the left hand menu, select ACCOUNT
  • 4. On the Account Information screen, select
  • 5. If you have more than one FlexCard account,
    select the account number.
  • 6. Select the Billing Cycle for the statement and
  • 7. The statement appears as a PDF document for
    you to view or print.

Reporting Lost and Stolen Cards
  • 1. If your FlexCard has been lost or stolen,
    IMMEDIATELY call U.S. Bank at 800-344-5696.
    Prompt action on your part will reduce your
    department's liability for fraudulent charges.
  • 2. U.S. Bank will cancel your FlexCard and issue
    a new card that will be mailed to FlexCard
    Program Administration within 2 business days.
  • 3. Notify your Department Administrator who will
    notify FlexCard Program Administration by logging
    onto the FlexCard Management Module.
  • 4. Monitor the Allocation Module for any
    fraudulent charges that may have been made before
    the card was canceled.

Fraudulent Charges
  • Your department may become aware of fraudulent
    (or potentially fraudulent) charges on a FlexCard
    during a Department review of charges received in
    the FlexCard Allocation Module or via a call from
    the Fraud Division of U.S. Bank.
  • 1. Attempt to resolve the problem with the
  • 2. If the charge is fraudulent, IMMEDIATELY
    call U.S. Banks fraud hotline
  • directly at 800-523-9078. Do not call or
    email FlexCard Administration! Only the bank
    can help you resolve a fraudulent charge.
  • 3. Inform your Department Administrator who
    will notify FlexCard Program
  • Administration by logging onto the FlexCard
    Management Module.
  • 4. Monitor the Allocation Module for any
    further fraudulent charges.
  • 5. Allocate any fraudulent charges that appear
    in the FlexCard Allocation
  • Module to the cards default account. When
    the credits appear, allocate
  • them to the default account, where they
    will zero each other out.

Disputed Charges
  • 1. If there is a billing problem, contact the
    merchant and attempt to correct the
  • problem. Most billing problems are easily
    resolved and credits issued by
  • the merchants.
  • 2. If the billing problem cannot be resolved
    directly with a merchant, you may
  • enlist U.S. Banks assistance by calling
    Customer Service at 800-344-5696
  • and filing a DISPUTE.

What to do if contacted by U.S. Bank
  • U.S. Bank will not contact FlexCard cardholders
    except when fraudulent activity is suspected. In
    this case, they will contact cardholders BY
  • U.S. Bank Fraud Division will first verify that
    you are the Cardholder by asking several
    questions. It is important that you be able to
    respond correctly
  • 1. Your name (as embossed on your FlexCard)
  • The last 4 digits of your Employee ID Number
    (remember, they will
  • probably ask for your Social Security
  • 3. Your Billing (Mailing) Address, as displayed
    on either
  • a. the mailer to which your FlexCard was
    attached, or
  • b. your U.S. Bank Monthly statement
  • The information displayed on the line
    immediately below the Cardholders
  • name is NOT part of the billing address
    it is the Card Description.

Billing Address U.S. Bank Mailer
  • As displayed on the mailer to which the FlexCard
    is attached when delivered by U.S. Bank.

Billing Address Card Statement
  • As displayed on the U.S. Bank Monthly Statement.

What to do if contacted by U.S. Bank
  • If you cannot be reached, U.S. Bank will leave a
    voicemail message and will SUSPEND YOUR FLEXCARD
    in order to prevent any more possible fraudulent
    transactions from being processed before you can
    be contacted.
  • It is important for you to call U.S. Bank as soon
    as possible. With your card temporarily
    suspended, you will not be able to make any new
    purchases. In addition, having a suspended card
    can affect previously placed orders because
    merchants should not process a credit card charge
    until they ship the items, your card could be
    declined for existing, legitimate orders.
  • If U.S. Bank cannot reach a Cardholder, they will
    contact Program Administration, which will
    contact your Department Administrator, and work
    to resolve the situation if you are unavailable
    due to vacation, illness, etc.. 

Email from U.S. Bank
  • You will NEVER be directly contacted by U.S. Bank
    via email.
  • Any correspondence or communication from U.S.
    Bank will be relayed to you by FlexCard Program
  • Do not open any email from U.S. Bank any such
    email will be a phishing request intended to
    obtain your confidential information in order to
    commit credit card fraud. Forward the unopened
    email to FlexCard Program Administration which
    will inform U.S. Bank.

The FlexCard Pre-Purchase Process
  • Your department should follow its existing
    pre-purchase process. The Cardholder should
    observe the following general process
  • 1. Determine whether the purchase is an
    allowable low value purchase
  • a. Does the total (tax included) exceed
    your cards per transaction limit?
  • b. Is the commodity restricted, such as
    inventorial equipment, a controlled
  • item such as ethyl alcohol narcotic
    firearm precious metal explosive or
  • other hazardous material or personal
  • If the answer to either question is Yes,
    the FlexCard cannot be used.
  • 2. Obtain the necessary pre-purchase approval
    including any EMPLOYEE
  • 3. Obtain purchase specifications from the end
    user an e-quote or website
  • printout, or the information supplied on a
    Request for Delivery.
  • 4. If used by your department, obtain the low
    value number, dash number, cost

Purchases Requiring Additional Documentation
  • Your department can make purchases related to
    retirement, service anniversaries, bereavement
    and employee recognition using FlexCard.
  • These purchases must be documented by completing
    has a signature line for the required department
    head approval. This form is available on the
    FlexCard website.
  • These purchases must conform to the rules and
    dollar limits set forth in Appendix A of UC
    Policy G-41, Employee Non-Cash Awards and Other
  • Your department can also pay for memberships
    using FlexCard.
  • These purchases must be documented by completing
    APPROVAL form, which has signature lines for the
    required approvals. This form is available on
    the FlexCard website.
  • Memberships must conform to the rules set forth
    in Policy G-43, Policy on University Membership
    in Organizations.

Gift Cards and Certificates
  • If an award takes the form of a Gift Card or
    Certificate, there are several additional
  • 1. The gift card cannot be redeemable for cash
    or services
  • 2. The recipient of the gift card must sign for
    it (he or she can sign and date the
  • If your department purchases a quantity of gift
    cards to distribute over a period of time in the
    form of on-the-spot awards, it must prepare a
    Roster on which the total number of cards is
    indicated, and which is signed by each recipient
    as he or she is awarded one of the cards. All
    gift cards must be accounted for and the final
    balance must be zero. This roster is necessary
    to prove that no diversion or misappropriation of
    gift cards has occurred.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE Per IRS rules, no employee may
    receive more than 75 in any calendar year
    otherwise, the amount in excess of 75 is
    considered to be taxable income.

Making the Purchase
  • 1. Document the order
  • a. Internet print a copy of the Order
    Confirmation, confirmation email, order page, or
    other similar document not just the Shopping
  • b. Telephone order write down the
    confirmation number, etc. on the Request for
    Delivery or other form that you used to place the
  • If there is no order document, when the shipment
    is received, write a note on the receipt document
    (packing slip or paid invoice) indicating that it
    was a phone order.
  • c. Fax order a copy of the fax.
  • d. In-person purchase retain a copy of
    the itemized cash register receipt, not just the
    credit card receipt.
  • 2. Retain the order documentation to match with
    the receipt documentation (packing slip, paid
    invoice, etc.), and to assist (if necessary) with
    allocation of the charges.

New Transaction Email Notifications
  • Each time you receive an email notification of a
    new transaction, you should review it, and if
    necessary, log onto the Log onto the FlexCard
    Allocation module to verify that the transaction
    is legitimate.
  • The FlexCard Allocation Module is accessible
    through the Espresso Single Sign-On Portal at
  • 1. Log onto Espresso using your UCSBNetID and
  • 2. Click FlexCard on the list of Staff
  • If you never placed an order with the Merchant,
    and the transaction is fraudulent, IMMEDIATELY
    call the Fraud Division at U.S. Bank at
    800-523-9078. Do not call FlexCard
  • If you placed an order with the Merchant, but the
    amount seems incorrect, or the transaction
    appears to be a duplicate, contact the Merchant
    to resolve the situation. If the billing was a
    duplicate, a credit can be issued other errors
    can also be resolved. If you have difficulties
    with the Merchant, you can contact U.S. Bank at
    800-344-5696 to initiate a DISPUTE.

Receiving the Order
  • If at all possible, someone other than the
    Cardholder should receive the order and verify
    its contents. This is a protection for the
    Cardholder. However, in smaller departments
    where this separation of duties cannot be
    maintained, the Cardholder may also be the one
    who receives the order.
  • Whoever receives the order should follow standard
  • 1. Review the shipment for completeness were
    all the items shipped or are
  • some on back order? Do the items received
    match the items ordered?
  • 2. If there are any problems with the order,
    contact the Merchant and take the
  • necessary steps to remedy the situation.
    There is no need to file a Dispute
  • with U.S. Bank unless you cannot resolve
    the problem with the Merchant.
  • 3. Check off each item on the packing slip/or
    paid invoice enclosed with the
  • order.

Receiving the Order
  • 4. Sign and date the packing slip or paid
    invoice and attach it to the order, to
  • form a complete documentation package.
  • Not signing and dating the receipt document is
    the number 1 finding during FlexCard audits!
    ALL receipt documents FlexCard, low value and
    purchase orders must be signed and dated
    according to UC policy.
  • 5. Pass the complete documentation package to
    the Allocator or Reviewer, as
  • appropriate.
  • If no packing slip or paid invoice is enclosed
    with a shipment, or if there is none because of
    the type of purchase - such as software
    downloads, memberships or magazine subscription
    note this fact (on the order document or a
    separate sheet of paper). This added notation
    will be important during an audit.

Audits and Record Retention
  • Policy requires that FlexCard Administration
    conduct audits of FlexCard transactions. These
    audits are currently being conducted annually,
    per department. Random weekly audits of all
    transactions will soon begin. In addition,
    FlexCard transactions may be audited by Audit
    Advisory Services, UCs external auditors and by
    other agencies such as the State Board of
    Equalization and Federal contracting agencies.
  • Because your department retains all copies of
    documentation related to FlexCard purchases, it
    is the OFFICE OF RECORD and must retain original
    copies of all FlexCard purchase documentation for
    the period of time mandated by University of
    California policy.
  • For purchases made with non-extramural funds
    (19900, etc.), documentation must be retained for
    FIVE years following purchase.
  • For purchases made with extramural funds, as a
    rule of thumb, FlexCard purchase documentation
    should be retained for SEVEN years following
    acceptance by the awarding agency of the final
    Closeout Report.

Canceling or Suspending a FlexCard
  • If you are going on an extended leave, notify
    your Department Administrator, who will log onto
    the Management Module to Request a Card
    Suspension. When you return to work, your
    Department Administrator will inform Program
    Administration in order to reactivate your
    FlexCard re-activated.
  • If you are no longer going to be a Cardholder,
    because of a change in job duties or departments,
    or a separation from the University, cut up your
    FlexCard and hand it over to your Department
    Administrator, who will log onto the Management
    Module to Request a Card Cancellation.
  • NOTE Your FlexCard should not be canceled until
    all pending transactions have been received in
    the Allocation Module. In addition, if any
    recurring expenses (i.e., Arrowhead) are being
    charged to your FlexCard, they must be
    transferred to another card before your FlexCard
    is canceled.

What to do if your FlexCard is Declined
  • A FlexCard transaction may be declined for one of
    several reasons, including
  • 1. The amount exceeds the per transaction limit
    on your FlexCard.
  • 2. The transaction brings your total monthly
    expenditure above the per cycle limit on your
  • 3. The merchant code for the vendor from which
    you are attempting to make the purchase is not
    open on the UCSB and/or your departments
    template (for example, an airline, car rental
    company, hotel, jeweler, liquor store).
  • 4. The billing/mailing address that you provided
    (generally for online orders), does not
    correspond to the one on file with U.S. Bank.
  • If a vendor informs you that your card declined,
    do not panic. Call FlexCard Administration and
    report the decline. We can go online at U.S.
    Bank and confirm the reason. Depending upon the
    circumstances, a solution may be possible.

What to do if your FlexCard is Declined
  • Most FlexCard declines occur because of blocked
    merchant codes. If it is determined that the
    merchant code should be open for your department
    because the commodity falls within its business
    needs (for example, if you are in Theater and
    Dance and need to buy wigs), we can open that
    merchant code for your card.
  • If there is a billing address issue, we can help
    you complete that section of the online order by
    reminding of your official address as it is on
    file at U.S. Bank. Some online vendors require a
    street address for deliveries, which can be an
    issue on the UCSB campus. The official UCSB
    street address may be found on the UCSB Mail
    Services website.
  • If the decline was due to your monthly spend
    limit being exceeded, your Department
    Administrator can submit a request for either a
    one-time increase or, if you will be buying
    consistently at this higher monthly level, a
    permanent increase.

What to do if your FlexCard is Declined
  • If your single transaction limit was exceeded,
    there are several possibilities
  • 1. If your current limit is 2,500, you can
    attend Purchasing 101 and your Department
    Administrator can then request a increase to
    5,000 per transaction. (In the meanwhile, an
    exception may be granted for the current
    purchase, or you may need to place a confirming
    purchase order and make the payment via the
    Accounts Payable system.)
  • 2. If your current limit is 5,000, an exception
    may be granted, but you will need to submit a
    requisition to Purchasing, for approval of the
    transaction by a Buyer, who will ensure
    cost-effectiveness. In most cases, a FlexCard
    Purchase Order will also be created, to document
    the approval.
  • Cardholders should always be aware of their
    FlexCard limits, prior to making a purchase.
    Exceptions cannot, and will not, be granted in
    all circumstances.
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