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Get Ready for HDMI Dont just Plug and Pray


The digital transition is complicated the more you know, the more you ... Steve Samson, VP of design and engineering for Tweeter (a high-end US CE retailer) ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Get Ready for HDMI Dont just Plug and Pray

Get Ready for HDMIDont just Plug and Pray
  • Product Training Session
  • Sept 2006
  • Sponsored by Acoustics Research

  • HDMI Technology Description
  • HD Device Compatibility
  • Our Solution SimplayHD

How Does This Affect You?
  • The digital transition is complicated the more
    you know, the more you can help your customers
  • Over 50 of HDTV owners dont know that they need
    HD service to get HD
  • Over 50 of consumer returns are due to product
    complexity Stan Glasgow, President of Sony
    Electronics (HDTV forum 2006)

What Do Consumers Want?
Easy Set-up 3
Why Digital?
  • Access to Content
  • Viewing premium HD content requires digital
    interface with content protection
  • Not possible to truly encrypt analog
    (authenticate, encrypt revoke)
  • Better Quality
  • Content (DVD, satellite, digital cable, ATSC,
    etc.) is natively digital
  • Digital interface maintains perfect fidelity all
    the way to the display audio DAC
  • Also best quality video audio processing
  • Simple Lower Cost
  • Single cable with automatic plug play
  • Costly analog conversion electronics not required

  • HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface
  • The first and only digital interface for Consumer
    Electronics that can carry
  • Uncompressed high-definition video (support for
    1080p since inception)
  • Compressed or uncompressed multi-channel audio
  • Smaller connector
  • YUV color space support
  • Intelligent format command data

HDMI Overview
  • HDMI has become the de facto digital connectivity
    standard for consumer electronics products.
  • HDMI delivers the highest-quality audio and video
    signal over a single cable
  • Over 450 manufacturers have adopted the
    technology and analysts expect nearly 60 million
    HDMI-enabled devices to ship in 2006, growing at
    nearly 120 per year
  • HDMI continues to evolve to meet the changing
    market needs
  • Version 1.3 of the HDMI specification doubles
    overall bandwidth to deliver even higher quality
    video and audio signals.

1.3 - Next Gen HDMI Performance
  • Specification released June 2006
  • First 1.3 enabled products (Sony PS3) will begin
    shipping in November
  • Maximum Bandwidth Increased by Over 2x
  • From 165 MHz (4.95 Gbps) to 340 MHz (10.2 Gbps)
  • Benefits of Greater Bandwidth
  • Higher resolution, greater DPI displays
  • Higher refresh/frame rates
  • Increased color depth (up to 48 bit/pixel RGB)

1.3 Next Gen HDMI Performance
  • Maximum Audio Performance
  • 1.3 adds support for Dolby TrueHD DTS-HD Master
    audio formats
  • Approved formats for Blu-ray HD-DVD
  • Lossless formats brings exact same digital
    surround experience as original theater movies
  • Automatic Lip Sync timing compensation
  • 1.3 enables automatic correction for most common
    audio/video sync issues
  • Mini connector option for portable devices
  • Camcorders, digital-still cameras, etc.

BluRay and HD-DVD
  • Do I need HDMI 1.3 to get native 1080p support?
  • No- HDMI 1.0 supports 1080p. HDMI 1.3 is needed
    for deep color (ex. 36 bit/pixel) support.
  • Do I need HDMI 1.3 to get Dolby True HD or DTS-HD
    Master support?
  • No- players can perform decoding and send over
    HDMI 1.x as uncompressed multi-channel PCM audio
    to AV receiver.
  • But- expect next gen AV receivers to add Dolby
    TrueHD and DTS-HD decoding for greater
  • HDMI is specifically designed to be backwards
  • Look for the feature, not the spec revision!

Video Control and Configuration
  • Video Discovery EDID
  • Source knows Sinks supported video formats,
    aspect ratios of DTV
  • User does not have to setup DVD player, Set-top
  • Active Video Stream Info AVI InfoFrame
  • DTV knows what video format, aspect ratio it is
  • User does not have to change DTV aspect
    ratio/picture size

HDMI IntelligenceCEC One-touch Play
Press Playon DVD
AutomaticallyTurns on TV
And thenPlays DVD
AutomaticallyTurns on A/V Receiver
AutomaticallySwitches to correct input(from
A/V Receiver)
AutomaticallySwitches to correct input(from
DVD player)
  • HDMI Technology Description
  • HD Device Compatibility
  • Our Solution SimplayHD

HDMI Compliance Testing
  • Compliance Testing Mandated by HDMI Adopters
  • Checks compliance with HDMI specification
  • Required for a product to bear the HDMI logo
  • Promotes compatibility between devices
  • Does not include HDCP testing
  • Authorized Testing Center (ATC)
  • Initial product testing must be done at ATC
  • First product in a category (sink, source,
    repeater, cable) from each company
  • Subsequent products can be self-tested by

HDMI A High Performance CE Technology
  • HDMI specification has potential for excellent
  • Perfect digital transmission of high resolution,
    uncompressed audio video on single cable
  • Capability of true plug play experience
  • Evolving innovations to meet market needs
  • As an open industry standard, HDMI enables
    manufacturers to differentiate through quality
  • Like any technology, not all products are created
  • Following are examples of incompatibility due to
    lesser product design and inability of some
    manufacturers to fully test validate their

HDCP How does it work?
A/V Receiver
DVD Player
Source Authenticates Downstream devices
Common HDMI ProblemRepeater Support
  • Consumer plugs HD set top box into HDTV via HDMI

Adding an A/V Receiver
  • Consumer uses HDMI A/V Receiver (available today
  • Common result No sound in receiver, no picture
    on TV

Problem Analysis
  • Customer assumes HDMI A/V Receiver is bad since
    system worked before
  • Results in returns, support calls, and customer
  • Actual Root Cause
  • HDMI source does not support HDCP repeater
    function, resulting in HDCP authentication
  • Proper Solution
  • Often a simple change to source firmware

Another Common HDMI ProblemSource Switching
  • User toggles TV input to HDMI input
  • but sees no picture

Set Top Box
DVD Player
Problem Analysis
  • Root Cause
  • Some TVs will not respond to HDCP authentication
    unless the HDMI input is selected
  • Some HDMI sources will attempt HDCP
    authentication for limited time, then give up and
    disable HDMI output
  • Such source will disable HDMI if TV does not
    switch to HDMI input within timeout period
  • Proper Solution
  • Revise source firmware to perform HDCP
    authentication forever with no timeout

Other Problem 480i support
AV Receiver A
AV Receiver B
AV Receiver C
Good NewsThese Issues are Easy to Resolve
  • Simplay HD Spec gives detailed design guidelines
    for manufacturers
  • Available on website (
  • Simplay Labs provides comprehensive testing
    consulting services
  • Available as independent test, or low cost
    upgrade to Silicon Image HDMI ATC service
  • Members receive detailed test report and optional
    technical support
  • Simplay HD logo is free to use
  • Mark of quality for competitive differentiation
  • Easy for retailer consumers to identify quality
  • Flexible logo usage (on package, instruction
    manual, or even online marketing page ok)

HDMI Cable Issues
  • Some HDMI cables will fail with 1080p
  • Most common with longer (5m) lengths
  • Why?
  • Most HDMI cables are only tested to 720p/1080i
  • Devices do not automatically downshift
    resolution if cable transmission fails
  • SimplayHD cables are full 1080p verified
  • Tests with worst case source signal
  • Verifies signal integrity up to 1080p, exceeding
    HDMIs strictest Category 2 cable requirements
  • Spend your cable budget wisely on interconnects
    that are 1080p-ready

Challenge of 1080p Signal
1080p eye diagram (150 MHz)
720p/1080i eye diagram (75 MHz)
Whats Really 1080p?
  • Wheres the 1080p content?
  • PlayStation3 1080p, 36 bit/pixel color
  • Most BluRay and HD-DVD movies are native
  • Samsung BD-P1000 Blu-ray player
  • Toshiba HD-E1 HD-DVD player
  • HTPCs support 1080p now
  • First 1080p TV sets only accepted 720p/1080i HDMI
    input and upscale it internally
  • 720p scaled up to 1080p
  • 1080i de-interlaced for 1080p
  • HDMI cable is only running 75MHz, longer cables
  • More and more 1080p TVs are supporting full 1080p
    native input on HDMI
  • Must read the TV spec carefully (expect future
    Simplay HD program to make it easy to identify)
  • HDMI cable is more critical, especially 5m and

Simplay Certified Cables
  • 1080p Performance Verified
  • Acoustics Research HDMI cables
  • PR184BP (3 feet), 79.99
  • PR185BP (6 feet), 99.99
  • PR186BP (12 feet), 119.99
  • These are installer cables, retail models will
    also be certified.
  • TTE 1 meter cables
  • Freeport 1 and 2 meter cables

What If I Need a Longer Cable Run?
  • Cable equalizing/amplifying devices are available
    on the market, and typically work well
  • Some HDMI switch boxes (ex. Radiient) act as
    boosters as well
  • If you use these
  • Put the booster closer to the display than the
    video source if you have different length cables
  • New products that convert HDMI to CAT6 wiring,
    useful for pre-wiring in new construction
    (Gefen, Extron)
  • There are also optical cables that work convert
    electrical signals to light pulses
  • Very long, but expensive

Other Cable Issues
  • Make sure your cable vendor uses connectors from
    the approved list
  • HDMI website lists tested approved connectors
  • http//
  • Some cables with large plug overmold are not
  • May not fit in devices with side-by-side HDMI
  • Interferes with screwheads that attach connector
    to backplate
  • HDMI LLC is cracking down on violations

  • HDMI Technology Description
  • HD Device Compatibility
  • Our Solution SimplayHD

Why Simplay HD?
  • HDMI specification has potential for a great
    experience if implemented correctly, but
  • Not all HDMI devices are designed equally
  • Just one bad device can break interoperability of
    the entire system
  • Consumers retailers need easy way to identify
    products verified to be fully compatible

SimplayHD Program
  • Testing and branding program for HDMI devices
  • Supplements HDMI testing with more stringent
    testing of HDMI, HDCP and interoperability
  • Provides logo use and website listing to identify
    and list devices
  • Educational program for manufacturers, retailers,
    and consumers
  • Training
  • Newsletters
  • Dr. HD
  • Launched at CES 2006

Who Benefits from SimplayHD?
  • Consumers
  • SimplayHD logo easily identifies high quality,
    consistently interoperable HD devices
  • Manufacturers
  • Simplay Labs tests critical functions not tested
    by other facilities to help manufacturers fix
    design problems before shipping
  • Retailers Installers
  • Working products fewer returns, less time
    debugging, more return business

Comprehensive Product Testing
Audio/Video Sink
Audio/Video Source
Systems Software
HDCP Content Protection
HDMI Receiver
Systems Software
HDCP Content Protection
HDMI Transmitter
Simplay Test Coverage
  • 368 total tests defined currently
  • Detailed comprehensive coverage
  • Covers items not currently tested by
  • HDMI CTS and ATC
  • Is a superset of recent HDCP CTS, and available
  • Simplay HD Specification also adds
  • User experience enhancements
  • Clarifications to help interoperability

Example of Simplay Test Matrix
Consumer Website
  • Consumer education of HD CE products and
  • Features include
  • HD technology primer and updates
  • Simplay HD certified products and retailers
  • CE Buying Guide

Industry Support for SimplayHD
  • Over 30 leading CE companies
  • Over 130 products certified

Industry Support for Simplay HD
Stephen H. Wildstrom / April 17, 2006
  • NEEDED COMMON SENSE. There's one glimmer of
    hope for consumers. Silicon Image (SIMG), a
    company that helped develop the HDMI standard,
    has set up a subsidiary called Simplay to test
    compatibility. Its system should be in place by
    the time high-def DVDs are available. Then you'll
    know that a DVD player will work with an HDTV set
    as long as both bear the Simplay logo.
  • Simplay should be a big step forward. But for
    HDTV to succeed in the mass market, content
    owners, service providers, and equipment makers
    need to impose a sanity check on content
    protection. If preventing piracy trumps all other
    considerations and makes it too hard for people
    to use these expensive new systems, the market
    will never reach its potential.

Rely on SimplayHD
  • Marty Zanfino, Director of Product Development,
    Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America
  • Mitsubishi has decided to have all of its
    products with HDMI inputs and/or outputs to be
    SimplayHD certified. We felt that, being a
    premium brand, this added assurance is the type
    of due diligence that our customers expect from
    us, and is well worth the effort.
  • Steve Samson, VP of design and engineering for
    Tweeter (a high-end US CE retailer)
  • The compatibility testing that Simplay Labs
    offers gives us confidence that SimplayHD
    verified products will work seamlessly together
    for our customers

  • The executive summary is that the Toshiba player
    appears to be able to handle only two of the many
    different allowed TV power-on/active states 1)
    when TV is fully on with the HDMI input selected
    and fully active, 2) when HDMI signals
    effectively indicate the cable has been
    physically disconnected. The player goes into the
    Error state whenever it sees the TV's HDMI port
    in any other kind of standby or interrupted
    state, which unfortunately, are states seen in
    the majority of the TVs on the market.
  • A big thanks to SimplayHD for sharing its test
    results with us.

Simplay HD Test Centers
Europe Q4/2006
China Shenzhen Opened Q4/2005 Shanghai Opened
Silicon Valley Opened Q1/2005
Centers also planned for Taiwan Japan by end of
  • Supplemental compliance testing of CE devices
    helps consumers, retailers manufacturers
  • HDMI devices must yield consistent plug n play
    experience to ease consumer transition to secure
    digital interface
  • Simplay HD compliments HDMI testing program
  • Low cost testing of additional functions related
    to compatibility
  • Simplay logo easily identifies compatible
  • Focused retailer consumer education efforts

Want to learn more?
  • Come visit us this week
  • HDMI Booth 2315
  • Simplay Booth 313 (in Acoustics Research)

Thank You!
  • Sept 2006