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Thomas Jeffersons Presidency


Thomas Jefferson's. Presidency. 1801-1809. The Beginning. March 4, 1801. Thomas Jefferson is the first President inaugurated in the new capital city of Washington ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Thomas Jeffersons Presidency

Thomas Jeffersons Presidency
  • 1801-1809

The Beginning
  • March 4, 1801
  • Thomas Jefferson is the first President
    inaugurated in the new capital city of Washington
  • He delivers his first inaugural address. This
    address outlines what he feels are the essential
    principles of government.

First Inaugural Address
  • Essential Principles of Government
  • equal and exact justice to all men
  • peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all
  • the support of state governments
  • the preservation of general government
  • punishment for those who choose to revolt
  • compliance with the decisions of the majority

First Inaugural Address
  • Essential Principles of Government Cont
  • a well disciplined militia
  • honest payment of debts
  • maintaining a sound economy
  • proper distribution of information
  • freedom of religion
  • freedom of the press

Barbary Wars
  • May 1801
  • Pasha of Tripoli declares war with the United
    States because President Jefferson refused to
    make the immediate payment of 225,000 and the
    annual payment of 25,000.
  • On the 20th Jefferson sent the first naval fleet
    to the area.
  • The ships included the President, Philadelphia,
    Essex and Enterprise.

Map of the Barbary Wars Original Map can be found
at http//
Barbary Wars
  • In his first annual message, Jefferson addresses
    the Barbary Wars.
  • He justifies his actions of sending a naval fleet
    to the Mediterranean.
  • He also outlines the reasons the Pasha of Tripoli
    declared war with the United States.

Map of Tripoli Original map can be found
at http//
Barbary Wars
  • 1803 Jefferson faces much criticism for his
    decisions made regarding the war
  • The Philadelphia runs aground in the Tripoli
    Harbor and it crew and captain are taken captive
  • He is forced to make several command changes.
  • 1801- Commodore Richard Dale
  • 1802 Commodore Richard Morris
  • 1803 Commodore Edward Preble

Nautical Map of Tripoli Original map can be
found at http//
Barbary Wars
  • Realizing that there was no way to recapture the
    Philadelphia, Commodore Preble devises a plan to
    destroy the ship
  • February 4, 1804 the Philadelphia was destroyed.
  • August 3, 1804 the first attack against Tripoli
    took place when the Constitutions guns fired on
    the city.
  • September 1804 the final battle took place in
    the Tripoli Harbor
  • September 1804 Commodore Barron arrived with
    backup for Commodore Preble
  • Commodore Barron, who is senior in rank to
    Preble, continued the blockade and started
    looking for a new way to peace
  • Shortly after Commodore Barron arrive, Commodore
    Preble retired
  • June 4, 1805 after the Pasha of Tripoli had been
    replaced, a treaty was made with the United
    States and the prisoners were released.

Louisiana Purchase
  • April 30, 1803
  • Robert Livingston James Monroe signed the
    Louisiana Purchase Treaty in Paris
  • The United States paid 15 million for the land,
    roughly 4 cents per acre
  • The purchase added 828,00 square miles of land
    west of the Mississippi to the United States
  • July 4 the Louisiana Purchase is publicly

Original treaty can be found at
Maps of the Louisiana Purchase
  • The original maps can be found at

Lewis and Clark Expedition
  • January 18, 1803
  • Jefferson asks Congress for funds to explore the
    land west of the Mississippi
  • His goal is to find a water route to the Pacific
  • May 1804
  • Meriwether Lewis and William Clark depart on the

Map of Lewis and Clarks Route Original map can
be found at http//
Lewis and Clark Expedition
  • January 18, 1803
  • Jefferson sends a secret message to congress
    regarding the Lewis and Clark Expedition
  • In this message Jefferson asks for permission to
    establish trading with the Indians
  • The original message can be found at

Second Inaugural Address
  • Delivered on March 4, 1805
  • Stresses the importance of American neutrality in
    matters of foreign affairs
  • Outlines the Louisiana Purchase and the processes
    by which the original inhabitants of the land
    will become citizens of the United States
  • Stresses the importance of harmony amongst all
    inhabitants of America

Embargo Act of 1807
  • 1803 - Renewal of the Napoleonic Wars between
    France and Great Britain
  • America was once again trapped between the two
  • Jefferson wanting to stay neutral proposed an
    embargo on all foreign trade
  • This was highly unsuccessful and devastated the
    American Economy
  • The Non-Intercourse Act of 1809 was put in place
    to repeal the unsuccessful Embargo Act