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Setaro Motors Since 1974


Setaro Motors Since 1974 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Setaro Motors Since 1974

Setaro MotorsSince 1974
Setaro Motors
  • Setaro Motors is an automotive repair shop in
    Waterbury, Connecticut that has been selling and
    servicing automobiles and trucks since 1974.
  • The family-run business is an authorized
    dealer for Montana Tractors and Hiniker Snow
    Plows and also sells motorcycles and scooters.

Setaro Motors Mission Statement
  • Waterbury Setaro Motors Incorporated is
    committed to serving you, our customer, with
    professional service at a reasonable cost with
    qualified technicians. We practice sound
    business principles and uphold high ethical
    standards. Our goal is to make your sale or
    service experience satisfying and successful.

Fast Facts About Setaro Motors
  • Address 11 Chase Avenue Waterbury, CT.,
  • Phone Office (203) 573-0733
  • Phone Fax (203) 574-2196
  • Phone Cell (203) 525-8114
  • Hours Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
    800 A.M. 530 P.M
  • Hours Wednesday 800 A.M. 700 P.M.
  • Number of Service Bays Five
  • Official Name Waterbury Setaro Motors
  • Staff Gaetano, Marc, Domenic Sr., Domenic Jr.
    and Anthony
  • Children Staff Domenic, Marina, Jack, Ryan,
  • and D.J.

Setaro Motors Family History
  • Domenico Domenic and Antonio Tony
    Setaro started out by repairing cars and trucks
    at their homes shortly after they came to America
    from San Lupo, Italy on the S.S. Olympia in 1963.
    In 1974 they opened up Setaro Motors on North
    Main Street in Waterbury, Connecticut. However,
    in 1979, they moved from the rented building on
    North Main Street, to down the road on Chase
    Avenue. During the 1970s and 1980s, Domenics
    sons, Gaetano and Domenic Jr. and Tonys son,
    Anthony, were all helping Setaro Motors succeed.
    Today, Gaetanos children, Domenic and Marina,
    and Domenic Jr.s children, Jack, and Ryan are
    helping out. Hence, Setaro Motors has assistance
    from three generations. Their story proves that
    the American-Dream can be achieved.

Setaro Timeline
  • 1974 Setaro Motors Inc. SMI is founded.
  • May 5, 1975 Domenics 4th child, Victor, is
  • Mid-1979 Setaro Motors is moved to Chase Avenue
  • December 12, 1979 Domenics 5th child, Anna
    Maria, is born.
  • August 28, 1984 Tonys 4th child, Teresa Maria,
    is born.
  • 1992 Setaro Motors starts selling motorcycles
    and scooters.
  • July 7, 1995 Gaetano marries Etta Giannini.
  • September 15, 2001 Domenic Jr. marries
    Elizabeth Wadman.
  • 2007 Setaro Motors becomes an authorized Montana
    Tractors Dealer.
  • 2008 Setaro Motors becomes an authorized Hiniker
    Snow Plows Dealer.
  • 2009 Setaro Motors celebrates its 35th
  • August 8, 1937 Domenic Setaro Sr. is born.
  • January 26, 1940 Tony Setaro is born.
  • June 14, 1963 Domenic and Tony Setaro come to
  • May 20, 1967 Tony Setaro marries Rosa Terni.
  • March 6, 1968 Tonys 1st child, Nancy Rita, is
  • August 2, 1969 Domenic Setaro marries Maria
    Teresa Foschini.
  • December 11, 1969 Tonys 2nd daughter, Mary Lou,
    is born
  • June 22, 1970 Domenic Sr.s 1st child, Nancy
    Mary, is born.
  • August 5, 1971 Domenic Sr.s 2nd son, Gaetano,
    is born.
  • September 7, 1973 Domenic Sr.s 3rd child,
    Domenic Jr., is born.
  • December 24, 1973 Tonys 3rd child, Anthony, is

Setaro Family Tree
Some of our Loyal Customers
  • The Toscanos Since 1974
  • Ken Bauser Since 1974
  • The Vigliottis Since 1974
  • The Pollettas - Since 1974
  • The Ciarlos Since 1974
  • Florence Mancino Since 1974
  • The Stacks - Since 1975
  • The Mahoney's Since 1979
  • Wtby. Housing Auth.Since 1979
  • The Reeders Since 1979
  • The Barnetts - Since 1979
  • The Stefanczyks Since 1982
  • Jim Linda Sugrue Since 1982
  • The Pepes - Since 1985
  • Joe Patutka Since 1994
  • CT. Restaurant Svc.Since 1994
  • The Tamuloniss Since 1994
  • Christina Irizarry Since 1995
  • Bobby Harrison Since 1995
  • The Romanellos Since 1996
  • John Ann Testa Since 1997
  • The Stangos - Since 1997
  • Bartlett Contracting Since 1997
  • The Wagners Since 1997
  • Queen of Apostles Since 1997
  • The Blewitts Since 1999
  • Daniel Muscio Since 2004
  • The Bielbys Since 2005
  • Cynthia Carloni Since 1987
  • Deborah Colson Since 1987
  • Jennifer Levigne Since 1988
  • The Ventrescas Since 1989
  • The Thompsons Since 1989
  • The O'Connell's Since 1990
  • The Petrock's Since 1990
  • Milton Mason Since 1991
  • The Willenbrocks Since 1992
  • Frank Bangs Since 1992
  • The Berrys Since 1993
  • Anthony Coppola Since 1993

Thank You for 35 Great Years!!!
Meet Our Staff
Gaetano Owner / Operator
Anthony Office Manager / Bookkeeper
Domenic Jr. Wednesday Night Special
Marc Lead Technician
Domenic Sr. Business Founder
Gaetano SetaroOwner and Operator
  • Gaetano is the Owner and Operator of Setaro
    Motors. He works industriously every weekday.
    He began working here when he was little. The
    school bus dropped him off at Setaro Motors after
    school. He worked here with his younger brother
    Domenic Jr. and his younger cousin, Anthony,
    during his childhood. Hes been an A.S.E Master
    Automotive Technician for over 15 years!!!

Facts About Gaetano
  • Nicknames Guy, Tano, and T-Bone
  • Married 14 years
  • Children 2 (Domenic and Marina)
  • Education Central Connecticut State University,
    Bachelors Degree in Industrial Technology
  • Favorite Food Rib Eye, Rib Eye, Rib Eye
  • Favorite Saying Do I Have Something in My Teeth?
  • Favorite Song Epiphany By Stained
  • Hobbies or Sports Being Cheap
  • Favorite TV Shows House The Peoples Court
  • Special Accomplishments Two awesome kids,
  • Favorite Setaro Motors Moment On Lorraines
    (secretary at the time) first day a customer
    clogged the toilet really bad. Domenic Sr. had
    to remove the toilet to clean it up, and as he
    passed by Lorraine with a dripping toilet in his
    arms he said, Hi, nice to meet you.

Marc WuthrichLead Technician
  • Marc Wuthrich is the Lead Technician at Setaro
    Motors. If he says that somethings fixed, its
    fixed. He has been an A.S.E. Master Automotive
    Technician for fourteen years!!! The following
    photo is of Marc driving a new Montana Tractor in

Facts About Marc
  • Nicknames Mook, Marco, and Mawk
  • Nationalities Swiss and German
  • Pets 2 Cats (Samantha and Bailey)
  • Married 6 years
  • Education Bachelor of Science Auto Technology
  • Favorite Food Lobster
  • Favorite Song Close My Eyes Forever By Ozzy
    Osborne and Lita Ford
  • Favorite TV Show Extreme Loggers
  • Special Accomplishments Becoming an A.S.E.
    Master Technician
  • Favorite Setaro Motors Moment Getting stuck quad
    riding in a mud hole at power lines in Watertown,
    Connecticut (near Domenic Sr.s house).

Domenic Sr.Business Founder
  • Domenic Sr. is one of the founders of Setaro
    Motors. He has recently retired, but he still
    comes down to help out. Hes the hardest working
    retired guy in America. Hes is also the
    greatest grandfather in America. The photo to
    the left is of Domenic Sr. repairing a motorcycle
    engine in the 1950s.

Facts About Domenic Sr.
  • Nickname Mimi
  • Nationality Italian
  • Married 40 years
  • Children 5 (Nancy Mary, Gaetano, Domenic Jr.,
    Victor Anna Maria)
  • Grandchildren 10
  • Education Gaudium Seminary (in Italy)
  • Favorite Food Pasta
  • Favorite Saying Did you know, you left the light
    on in the bathroom?
  • Favorite Song I Hope You Dance By Lee Ann
  • Hobbies/Sports Soccer
  • Favorite TV Show Wheel of Fortune
  • Special Accomplishments Grandchildren
  • Favorite Setaro Motors Moment Being a Fiat

Domenic Setaro Jr.Wednesday Night Special
  • Domenic Setaro Jr. is Guys younger brother
    that used to work here everyday. However, hes
    now an engineer at Sikorsky in Stratford,
    Connecticut. He comes here on Wednesday, our
    late night, to help out, and is usually
    accompanied by one of his three outstanding
    children, Jack, Ryan, and Adam. Hes our
    Wednesday Night Secret Weapon.

Facts About Domenic Jr.
  • Nickname- Dom
  • Nationality Italian
  • Pets 2 Frogs (Jack and Tano), 1 Snail (Ryan), 2
    Rabbits (Blackie and Rocky), 2 Gerbils (Peanut
  • Everything) and 16 Chickens
  • Married 8 years
  • Children 3 (Jack, Ryan, and Adam)
  • Education- UConn - Bachelors Degree in
    Mechanical Engineering
  • Favorite Food- Lasagna
  • Favorite Saying- You have to be Ambitious
  • Favorite Song- My Way By - Frank Sinatra
  • Hobbies/Sports- Racing and Collecting Tools
  • Favorite TV Show- Seinfeld
  • Special Accomplishments- Being an A.S.E. Master
  • Favorite Setaro Motors Moment- When he was
    little, he and Anthony Setaro used to take apart
  • cars that would go to the junk yard,
    and one day they accidentally took apart a
    customers car.

Anthony RinaldiOffice Manager / Bookkeeper
  • Anthony Rinaldi is the bookkeeper and office
    manager at Setaro Motors. He comes to work here
    at night and on weekends. He is a computer
    master, and he is an amazing cook. He has also
    been best friends with Gaetano since
    kindergarten. Thanks to Anthony, Setaro Motors
    runs like a clock.

Facts About Anthony
  • Nickname Scrub
  • Nationalities Italian and Taiwanese
  • Married 5 years
  • Children 1 (Adriana)
  • Education B.S. in Electrical Engineering Real
    Estate Professional
  • Favorite Food Pizza
  • Favorite Saying If I Were Me
  • Favorite Song You Shook Me By AC/DC
  • Hobbies/Sports Tennis and Cooking
  • Favorite TV Show King of Queens
  • Special Accomplishments Real Estate Liscense
  • Favorite Setaro Motors Moment Practicing for the
    Grease Pole at the San Donato festival using the
  • light pole at the Car Wash with Domenic,
    Gaetano, and Anthony Setaro.

Staff Photos
Staff Awards
Automobile Repairs
  • Setaro Motors has been doing automobile
    repairs since 1974. Gaetano, Marc, and Domenic
    Jr. currently fix the cars. We have extensive
    experience on fixing any automobile from an
    Escort to an Escalade, and doing any repairs from
    tires to tune ups. The Setaro children staff
    help the adult mechanics with oil changes,
    brakes, and tires.

Our Motorcycles and Scooters
  • Setaro Motors has been buying and selling
    motorcycles and scooters since 1992. We have a
    vast selection ranging from 49 C.C. to 2,000 C.C.
    Come to Setaro Motors, and well help you find
    the perfect bike!

Motorcycle and Scooter Photos
Montana Tractor Sales
  • Setaro Motors began selling Montana Tractors
    in November of 2007. They currently offer 0
    Financing. There is a sign near the street at
    Setaro Motors that is changed approximately once
    every 10 days with a humorous tractor slogan.
    One of our funniest slogans was, Missing wife
    and tractor. Reward for tractor. Go to for more information.

Montana Photos
Boss and Hiniker Snow Plows Sanders
  • Setaro Motors is an authorized dealer for
    Hiniker Snow Plows and Sanders. We also sell
    Boss Snow Plows and Sanders. We will also
    install the Plows and Spreaders for you. During
    the winter, a Hiniker Plow Sander goes on
    Gaetanos 1997 Dodge Ram. Go to
    for more information.

Boss and Hiniker Snow Plow and Sander Pictures
Created By Domenic C. Setarofrom Setaro Graphic