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Uncle Jeds Barbershop by: Margaree King Mitchell illustrated by: James E. Ransome


... King Mitchell. illustrated by: James E. Ransome. Unit 4, ... Sentence 4. The tailor used clippers for cutting the hem of the dress. Table. Of. Contents ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Uncle Jeds Barbershop by: Margaree King Mitchell illustrated by: James E. Ransome

Uncle Jeds Barbershop by Margaree King
Mitchell illustrated by James E. Ransome
  • Unit 4, Lesson 7

Created by Nancy Luebbers Hamilton ECEC Saint
Louis Public Schools Saint Louis, Missouri
  • Uncle Jeds Barbershop is a warm and uplifting
    story about the power of a dream. The story also
    illustrates the fact that many dreams require
    money to get them going. The theme of
    determination expresses itself through the story.

Table of Contents
Word Knowledge
Clues, Problems And Wonderings
Cause and Effect
WK Sort
MAP Questions
Comprehension Questions
Spelling Words
Word Knowledge
Lines 1 2
Line 4
Sentence 3
Sentence 1
Line 3
Line 5
Sentence 4
Sentence 2
  • equipment
  • sharecroppers
  • exchange
  • examine
  • delayed
  • failing

Spelling Words
  • 1. offer
  • 2. winner
  • 3. zipper
  • 4. will
  • 5. well

6. hed 7. isnt 8. taking 9. monkeys 10.
11. used 12. cutting 13. clippers 14.
saving 15. died
Clues, Problems and Wonderings
Word Knowledge Sort
  • We are going to sort some of our word knowledge
    words into categories to see what kinds of words
    we have. Are you ready?

Comprehension Questions
  • While we read today we are going to ask ourselves
    some questions about what we are reading and what
    we think about the story. Are you ready to

Line 1 2
Table Of Contents
hair barber share night bed ship
cut shop cropper gown clothes wreck
  • haircut
  • barbershop
  • sharecropper
  • nightgown
  • bedclothes
  • shipwreck

Compound Words
Two words put together to form a new word.
Line 3
Table Of Contents
  • equip
  • imprison

equipment imprisonment
Words with the suffix -ment
Line 4
Table Of Contents
  • segregation
  • operation
  • depression

segregate operate depress
-tion -tion -ion
Change from verbs to nouns
Words with suffix tion and -ion
Line 5
Table Of Contents
  • used
  • cutting
  • clippers
  • saving
  • died

Words from the story Uncle Jeds Barbershop
Sentence 1
Table Of Contents
  • When he was done, he would pick me up and sit me
    in his lap and tell me about the barbershop he
    was going to open one day and about all the fancy
    equipment that would be in it.

Can you find…
Compounds words or words with a suffix?
Sentence 2
Table Of Contents
  • When the doctors did examine me, they told my
    daddy that I needed an operation and that it
    would cost three hundred dollars.

Can you find…
A word with a suffix?
Sentence 3
Table Of Contents
  • That was the beginning of the Great Depression.

Can you find…
Compounds words or words with a suffix?
Sentence 4
Table Of Contents
  • The tailor used clippers for cutting the hem of
    the dress.

Can you find…
words with a suffix?
Great…lets get your paper ready.
  • Directions
  • Fold your paper into 4 sections.
  • Label them
  • Compound words
  • Suffix ment
  • Suffix tion
  • Suffix -ion

Table Of Contents
NO???? Ok click the button to move on.
Word Knowledge words to sort. There are 11 words.
  • 1. haircut
  • 2. nightgown
  • 3. equipment
  • 4. segregation
  • 5. barbershop
  • 6. bedclothes

7. sharecroppers 8. imprisonment 9.
operation 10. shipwreck 11. depression
Table Of Contents
Uncle Jeds Barbershop
Table Of Contents
  • Open your book to page 94.
  • Read the Focus Question
  • Lets start reading.

What does the word relative mean?
  • A relative is a person who is related to you.
  • Can you name some relatives in your family?

Table Of Contents
Stop at the end of page 95.
Lets review what we have read.
Bottom of page 95.
  • Who are the characters in this story?
  • Lets review cause and effect…
  • Cause Her mama didnt want him to cut her hair.
  • What is the effect?
  • Cause He didnt own his own barbershop.
  • What is the effect?
  • Lets keep reading and we will stop at the bottom
    of page 96.

Table Of Contents
Lets look at what we have read.
Bottom of page 96.
  • Can you find us some compound words?

Table Of Contents
Read till the bottom of page 97.
Can you finish these cause and effect
Bottom of page 97.
  • The nightgown and bedclothes were wet…
  • The girl and her daddy had to wait in a separate
    waiting room at the hospital…
  • The girl needed an operation…

Table Of Contents
Read to the bottom of page 99.
Can you find the causes for these effects?
Bottom of page 99.
  • She could have the operation she needed because….
  • He gave his money for Sarah Jeans operation so…

Table Of Contents
Read to the bottom of page 101.
Can you find the major turning point?
Bottom of page 101.
  • Uncle Jed lost all of the money he had in the
    bank because…
  • Uncle Jed would have to start saving money for
    his barbershop all over again because…
  • Uncle Jeds customers had no money to pay him so…

Read to the end of the story.
Table Of Contents
Lets check our comprehension.
  • Why did Uncle Jed walk to his customers homes?
  • Why didnt anyone believe he would ever have his
    own shop?
  • Why did all Uncle Jeds customers come to his
    shop the day it opened?

Table Of Contents
Lets Discuss the Story.
  • We are going to talk about the story that we just
    read. You can talk about any personal thoughts,
    reactions, problems, or questions that you have.
  • Lets remember the rules…raise your hand if you
    want to talk…when you are finished…call on
    someone else to share.
  • EVERYONEs thoughts and opinions are valid and
    important. Please be RESPECTFUL!

Table Of Contents
MAP Questions
  • Do you think that Uncle Jeds Barbershop is a
    good title for this story? Why?
  • What would you do to help Uncle Jed?

Table Of Contents
Cause and Effect
Table Of Contents
  • Identifying cause and effect helps you gain a
    deeper understanding of what you read.
  • We are going to look for relationships in the
    story and try to find the conclusions when
    considering cause and effect.
  • What clue words can be used to help us find cause
    and effect relationships?

Clue Words
Table Of Contents
  • Since
  • Because
  • So therefore
  • As a result of
  • In order to
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