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Increasing student achievement by improving instruction, curriculum and assessment.


... the data warehouse system to 'drill' down, disaggregate, analyze, and drive ... Guide a curriculum that guarantees high levels of learning for all students. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Increasing student achievement by improving instruction, curriculum and assessment.

  • Increasing student achievement by improving
    instruction, curriculum and assessment.

  • Curriculum Leadership Vision as a curriculum
    leader it is my mission to provide local
    districts with the right tools for his/her
    toolbox to effectively build a solid teaching and
    learning foundation.
  • Toolbox provide a toolbox for all local
    districts which provides the tools and resources
    to guide the teaching, learning, and leadership
    within each district by challenging the status
    quo with the desire for innovation programming
    which will lead to increased student achievement.
  • Builder of knowledge help every educator
    understands that learning is for everyone and
    needs to take place everyday. When teachers and
    administrators continuously build knowledge it
    has a positive impact on student achievement.
  • Hammer hammer out the needs of each district
    and then offer powerful professional development
    to enhance student achievement.
  • Level - the goal is to level the achievement
    gap between students and between local districts.
  • Drill utilize the data warehouse system to
    drill down, disaggregate, analyze, and drive
    instruction and programming decisions.
  • Tape Measure - assist districts in effectively
    creating and utilizing common measurement
  • Tool belt provide the districts with all the
    right tools to meet state and federal
  • Blueprint provide the blueprint of the 21st
    century knowledge, skills, context, and content
    needed for students to successfully compete in
    the global economy.
  • CAD Technology utilize the digital
    technologies and communication tools to assess,
    manage, integrate, and evaluate information in
    order to construct new knowledge and effectively
    communicate with others in our society.

  • Making the Curriculum Fit - One Student at a Time.

  • It is my mission as Curriculum Director to
    promote high academic achievement for all of the
    students in my District by implementing and
    promoting programs and professional development
    that creates a staff better than or equal to the
    staff of the highest achieving school in the
    State of Michigan.

  • "I collaborate with others to provide challenging
    educational opportunities for all students."

  • There is absolutely no reason to look at any
    child as if he/she is different than the rest.
    All children bring similarities and unique
    characteristics that fill the classroom with
    opportunities and color. These colors are to be
    celebrated, expanded upon, taught and breathed in
    so that each child can reach his/her fullest
    potential on this educational journey.

  • "Educational Excellence....Every Child Every Day!"

  • Using real life activities, building character,
    and instilling responsibility, provide
    personalized instruction embedded with truth and
    wonder to help people seek excellence and reach
    beyond what they thought was possible as they
    prepare for an unknown future.

  • I will take ownership of and model leadership
    toward positive school improvement and the
    educational success of all students.

  • A curriculum leader is informed, communicates
    effectively, understands the art and science of
    teaching, and can articulate the vision to the
    school community. 

  • I want to be a dynamic leader who can instill a
    sense of pride and ownership in our entire staff
    to truly have one vision and one mission as a

  • A curriculum leader is...
  • a knowledgeable, effective, communicator that
    facilitates growth and positive change. 

  • Its my mission as a curriculum leader to
  • - Make decisions based on best practice.
  • -Use data to drive decision making (assessment to
    drive instruction).
  • -Always remember the best laid plan designed to
    increase student achievement never works if it
    doesnt happened in the classroom.
  • -Empower classroom teachers to be decision
  • -Foster collaboration.
  • -Encourage questioning.
  • -Be a learner and a teacher.
  • -Support building principals in the role of
    instructional leaders.
  • -Guide a curriculum that guarantees high levels
    of learning for all students.
  • -Lead change through commitment, research and
    hard work not positional authority.
  • Im striving to be a curriculum director that
    uses the above guiding principles as a foundation
    for decision making and action.

  • To establish Professional Learning Communities in
    all district schools, and to insure that all
    students learn and all teachers are prepared to
    teach them.

  • My curriculum statement is to
  • - work tirelessly for all students
  • - help to guide all principals to the creation of
    buildings that only have within them, master
    teachers and
  • - lead our district curriculum creation to
    efforts that result in core curriculums that are
    all cutting edge.

  • "Enhance, Improve, and Increase student and staff

  • I wish to clearly articulate the Districts
    writing curriculum across the grade levels, K-12,
    by aligning it to the GLCEs and by endorsing best
    practices in the teaching of writing as
    recognized by research and experts in the field.
    This will help our students achieve greater
    success in their classes, on their MEAPS, ACTs,
    and other high stakes tests, and in their
    personal lives.

  • To put in place a curriculum that allows students
    to reach their highest academic potential and to
    do so in a way that allows students to use the
    information to make a positive, lasting
    contribution to society.

  • Legacy statement
  • I had the foresight/vision to create an
    awareness/need for change, and in the high school
    in particular. Furthermore, that those changes
    manifested themselves in the form of successful
    graduates and contributors to our society.
  • That teachers accepted the value of getting out
    of isolation, and embraced the philosophy to the
    extent that there was lasting and meaningful
    change in the way they managed the core.
  • That I was a model for relationship-building,
    and that the professionals interacting with our
    students on a daily basis reacted to my example
    with their own devotion to doing the same.
  • That professionally, I often did not have all
    the answers, but that I was resourceful enough to
    be able to meet the needs of my colleagues.
  • That I was a good listener who cared about doing
    what was best for all students.

  • With all of the assessments, rules, regulations
    and pressures we place on students, we continue
    to keep the sparkle of learning in childrens
    eyes and they continue
  • to be life long
  • learners.

  • I would like to be remembered as a curriculum
    leader who is able to provide leadership in
    developing curriculum and instructional practices
    that improve student performance.

  • I would want my district to remember me as a
    person who helped them determine specifically
    what the weaknesses were in our curriculum and
    provided them with the resources and guidance to
    correct those weaknesses to improve student

CTE Student Achievement
Help Facilitate Professional Learning Communities
(Adapted to CTE Needs) To Assure Student
  • Facilitate Improvement in Instruction
  • Reflects current best practices from experts
  • Teacher evaluation
  • Professional development
  • Facilitate Improvement of Assessment Practices
  • Use of formative/summative assessment
  • Authentic assessment
  • Teacher evaluation
  • Professional development
  • Facilitate CTE Curriculum Development
  • Aligned to industry, state, and national
  • Aligned to MI HSCEs
  • Teacher evaluation
  • Professional development

Mentor/Coach CTE Curriculum Supervisor