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Summit Tech. Ed. Dune Buggy Mrs. Greissel


Summit Tech. Ed. Dune Buggy. Mrs. Greissel. Design Challenge: To design and construct a 4 ... Racing Distance. This mark is based on a performance scale. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Summit Tech. Ed. Dune Buggy Mrs. Greissel

Summit Tech. Ed. Dune Buggy Mrs. Greissel
  • Design Challenge
  • To design and construct a 4 wheeled elastic band
    powered Dune Buggy frame vehicle. It will be
    launched down a flat surface, where it will
    travel as far as possible. This is an
    interschool challenge against Maple Creek Middle.

Background Knowledge
  • King Post
  • Pratt Truss
  • Albert Fink Truss
  • Squire Whipple
  • Warren Truss
  • K Truss

Background Knowledge
  • Material Strengths
  • Torsion twisting
  • Shear tearing
  • Compression crushing
  • Tension stretching
  • Bending folding

Background Knowledge
  • Joints Construction

Procedure 1 2
  • 1.     Create your race team. (A team will
    consist of two members.)
  • 2.     Each member of the team, will design a
    team logo. Hand the logos in for marking!
  • The team then chooses which logo will be shown on
    the side of the car.

Procedure 3
  • 3.   Create a Dune Buggy ideation sheet,
    consisting of five possible frame designs.
  • Each member of the team will create a ideation
  • Keep in mind that the frame will need to support
    the weight of the car and take the stress of the
    elastic power.
  • Choose your best design and have the instructor
    review your design for practicality.

Procedure 4
  • 4.     Draw out the maximum Envelope on your
    Final Drawing sheet.
  • The envelope is a rectangle that shows the
    largest size that your final product may become.

  • Each student will design a drawing or their own
    idea for the Dune Buggy!
  • Maximum 55L x 25W x 20H grid spaces
  • These dimensions allow your Dune Buddy to fit in
    the shop storage bins.
  • Minimum optional

Drafting Envelope
Procedure 5
  • 5. Layout your final design on the graph paper
    provided. Show the bottom and side of the Buggy
  • This drawing is to be 11 scale.
  • Use a ruler and a pencil.
  • You must have a flat (horizontal) line at the
    bottom of the car.
  • Show the location and general size of gussets.
  • Remember to leave room for the elastic band axel

Final Drawing
When the drawing is complete, hand it in for
grading. Then choose which team members design
will be used in the construction.
Procedure 6 7
  • Building the Dune Buggy
  • Materials
  • Coping saw, file, sand paper, band saw, glue,
    tape, wax paper, assembly board, final drawing.
  • Building Procedure
  • 6 Cover your drawing with wax paper. Cut the
    wood pieces to fit the bottom view of your
    design. Glue the pieces together.
  • Tape the joints together to keep them in place
    until dry.
  • 7 After the bottom is assembled, start on the
    TWO side views.

Procedure 8-11
  • Building Procedure
  • 8 Using tape, glue the two sides onto the
  • 9 Cut the wood pieces that will join the two
    sides together at the top.
  • These are called (Horizontal braces).
  • 10 Cut out the paper gussets. Glue these on when
  • 11 When the sides and bottom are dry glue the
    top supports in place. Use tape to hold the
    pieces in place.
  • Congratulations your Dune Buggy frame is

Procedure 1213
  • Axel Assembly 12
  • 1. Cut one length of 3/16 dowel long enough for
    the rear axel.
  • 2. Cut a length of 3/16 dowel long enough for
    the front axel.
  • 3. Cut appropriate lengths of straws for both
    axels. 13

Procedure 14
  • Attaching the CDs
  • Glue gun both sides of the CD/Black washer…
  • Lay the flat side of the plumbing washer on the
    table. Place a CD around the washer (both flat
    against the table).
  • Glue around the join only. Let dry
  • Flip over the CD/Washer the other side.
  • Do not get glue on the
  • wood axel or the white washer!

Procedure 15
Assemble the axel 15
Procedure 16
  • Front Axel 16
  • On the bottom of the car, draw pencil lines where
    the axels will be glued. (Use a PRECISION
  • Using a hot melt glue gun, glue the straws to the
    bottom of the car.

Resizing the CDs
Race Testing
  • Drivers will test their own vehicles for the best
    performance. Each team will have two runs the
    best distance will be recorded.
  • The best 3 teams from each term will be invited
    to compete in the End of the Year Challenge
    against Maple Creek Middle.

Evaluation Overview
  • Ideation - Five designs sheet /5
  • Grid Final Drawing layout /50
  • Logo (Individual logo) /15
  • Individual construction /100
  • Team work (equal effort, time, etc) /10
  • Performance of car (distance) /20
  • Total /200
  • Effort Appropriate use of class time
  • Work is handed in on time G S N
  • Level of group work

Dune Buggy Competition Criteria/Evaluation
  Ideation - four designs   This is an individ
ual activity… each student makes their own
ideation!         Four different side views
/3         Neatness ruler and pencil used /2
  • Team Logo
  • This is an individual activity… each student
    makes their own Logo!
  •   Carefully coloured outlined details /8
  •   Effort (Time Neat Tidy) /2
  •   8-1/2 x 11 clean, flat, well kept paper /2
  • Appropriate content (words/picture) /2
  • Name and block /1 /15

Dune Buggy Competition Criteria/Evaluation
  • Final Drawing - layout  
  • This is an individual activity… each student
    makes their own drawing!
  • Top and bottom Envelope (shown maximums) /5
  • In pencil (lightly) ruler used /5
  • Line Neatness (clean, single, smooth lines,
    etc) /15
  • Corners sharp (shows joint type when
    appropriate) /15
  • Gussets shown (neatly drawn) /5
  • Name block /5
  • /50

Racing Distance This mark is based on a performan
ce scale. The cars that receive the greatest
distance will receive 100. The next cars that
roll the greatest distance will receive 90, and
so on. The shortest distance possible will be a
default distance of 8-10 feet. The highest total
mark for distance is 20 marks.
Dune Buggy Competition Criteria/Evaluation
Dune Buggy Team Construction Construction/Jo
ints Quality 5 4 3 2 1        Difficult
y 5 4 3 2 1 Strength 5 4 3 2 1 J
oints touch 5 4 3 2 1 Tidy glue MINIMUM 5 4
3 2 1 CD/washer gluing correct 5 4 3 2 1   
   Axles parallel 5 4 3 2 1      Spirit, logo on
car 5 4 3 2 1     Gusset (neat,tidy) 5 4 3 2 1
    Team Group work 5 4 3 2 1 _____/50
x 2 _____