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The Poetry Cafe


You could simply say. It is. A. Computer. ~May. Fabulous Flowers. Flowers are pretty, As pretty as the glamorous gorgeous snow. Flowers are nice. As nice as a ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Poetry Cafe

The Poetry Cafe
  • Welcome to the 900 a.m. show!

Third Grade Wonders
We worked hard, Accomplished terrific
tasks, Revised and made poetry better, Its like
throwing Away the old mask! Although its
challenging, We did it well, We hope you
like What we tell. We learned a lot and We had
fun. But especially We got things done.
So.. Get yourself ready, Take a seat, Get
comfortable And have a treat. Here we are Ready
to go, We hope That you Enjoy the
show! -Allie, Jared Hannah
Whats Poetry? By Brandon and Sean Today I read
a book It said the word poetry Whats Poetry? Who
in the world knows? It could be a breeze coming
in your window Or the waves in the sea I did not
know So I looked it up
It said it was a piece of writing as sweet as a
blossom flower Poetry is funny and sad Sometimes
make you mad But Everyone likes to hear it.
The Sound of Tap
Tap-shoes are as shiny as a brand new
medal, Glowing in happiness. Tap-shoes are as
pretty as a rainbow, After a trickle of
rain. Tap-shoes make you want to keep dancing
All night long. When you wear your
tap-shoes Your heels click-clack together! The
sound of tapping is like a pitter-pat of a
clap. I love to dance and I love to hear The
sound of tap.
Feeling Alone By Jared One day I went out to
play But it was a Disaster Because
They said They were faster than me They said,
They were older than me They said, They were
bigger than me.
They said, They were better than me I was
trying to be just as good as they were. I was
trying to be better than they were. They still
didnt want Me at all. I tried as hard as I
They still didnt want me a bit. I felt alone.
As alone as a homeless man In New York.

I Don't Know What It's Like
I look at the paper A woman is killed. I dont
know what its like. Someone broke in That got
me scared But I dont know what its like.
Im mostly sad for her family. I would think
every night, How would THEY feel? Is it bad to
know what its like?
I dont want to feel the sadness But at the same
time I want to know. I wont sit down and watch
T.V. I wont go to my room and cry. I will make
a difference and change the world. By Maya
Introduction I wrote a poem I love the best. I
like it better then all the rest. Its about
sports and about winning. When I think about it,
I cant stop grinning. Id like to share it with
you now. When Im done Ill take a bow Favorite
Medal My medal is gold and shiny. I beat all the
guys even though Im tiny. I wrestled really
hard. Like when I play in my backyard. Its
as special as space.
I came in first place. It was like winning a
race. My medal makes me feel special. It means
I do know how to wrestle. Im as happy as can
be. I will have to wait and see. For Sunday is
another meet and more wrestlers for me to beat.
by Jason
Stubborn Stubborn Bad Terrible No
good. Stubborn people are like rashes. You
scratch and scratch They always come
again. Stubborn people are like scars Once it
comes, It never goes
Stubborn people are like headaches It aches and
aches They keep you unfocused Everybody can be
stubborn No one can be bad Put a little lotion,
On that rash It will never have a chance To
come again. Angela
The world is BIG, People are small It doesnt
make sense at all! The world is full of living
creatures People are full of many features
Other planets surround earth Like football
players huddling around Their coach kneeling
down. I wish there were more people Visiting
awesome earth! -Josh
Travel Baseball is the best! Its a fireball,
Zooming Out of the field. Baseball is
Out of this world, Out of this
galaxy, Out of the universe! When
you win, You dont want to grin. And when you
lose, Thats the time To grin and cry,
Travel Baseball
And then say good-bye Until the next game.
Probably you Are going to be In The Hall
of Fame. And you will be very proud of
you. Robert
Moms Sick

When I hear my mom is sick My heart
Shatters into a million pieces. When I see my
mom healthy I see the glow on her face My heart
comes back together again. Sometimes she sticks
to me Like a new shadow at night She keeps me
Now she needs a lot of sleep And since
then Theres been silence. Shell get
better. By Ella
Computer A screen like a window Just recently
polished. It is a mirror. A mouse like a gray
mouse Scurrying across Pair of head phones like
earmuffs All warm and soft.
A square box like an ice cube Feels Like a grassy
hill Smooth then bumpy then smooth But You could
simply say It is A Computer. May
Fabulous Flowers Flowers are pretty, As pretty
as the glamorous gorgeous snow. Flowers are
nice As nice as a calm stream. Flowers are stars
twinkling in the nice night sky.
Flowers make life better and everything
prettier. Flowers can be all colors. Flowers can
be pink or blue, But one thing I know is
Flowers are for you.
by Allie
Grandma By Andrew Grandma walks in the door Her
lips ready To kiss me Her bright red lipstick As
red As can be Her skin Soft-smooth Velvet, skin
Jump in her arms Her arms ready To catch me
She gives me a kiss On the top Of my head I feel
happy All snug Again Grandma gives The
best Hugs and kisses My heart fills up To the
top With love Grandma gives The best Hugs and
A Small Light
In the dark It is not very bright But you see a
small light. That light is the brightness The
full moon makes at night. Some people believe
in myths, But I dont. I believe that the moon
is just a peaceful place, Where no one gets
harmed. I love to watch the moon at night.
By Solange

? Happy is good, happy is great, Happy is
eating a chocolate cake. Happy is when youre
not in pain, Happy is when youre playing a video
game. Happy is like a giant ice-cream
sundae Even when it is Monday.
Happy is when the summer sun is shining at
me. Happy is climbing up to the top of a big
tree. Happy is not worrying about winning a
World Series game. Happy is when you are in the
Hall of Fame.
Down at the Lake I sit here with my cousin, down
at the lake. Just waiting to spot a
fish Slithering in the water. I skip a stone
into the underwater world The fish Might be
scared but to us Just a stone. The surface of the
lake Would be invisible to an eye of a human
person. Sometimes if you think about it You can
be invisible too. Sean
River water rushing through my feet Like walking
into an indoor pool with the AC on. Walking on
the murky floor While being surrounded by trees.
The sight of all the animals makes you
gleeful Like watching all the animals feeding in
the zoo. Hearing all the creatures Chirping, Squea
And listening to the river tides rushing past the
rocks. I love rivers. - Joo Sang
Emotions of Red Red is a rose, furious to
bloom, Red is a ghost, covered in blood, And when
you see that, you feel stunned. Red is emotion,
red is sad, Sometimes red is even mad. Red is
Jupiter, Red is Mars, Red is even a scattering
of stars.
Red is rushing robins in the air, Red is a
significant celebration, Red is rollercoaster
curls, swirling by you. Red is making a
touchdown in football, Red is love, Red is
blood. Red is all those things, But Most
importantly, Red is life.
All Alone Im all
alone in The dark.

My parents are fighting
All the way upstairs.
I can hear them I
feel sad. When will
they stop fighting?
Nobody knows? Maybe
tomorrow Maybe today
Nobody knows.
Im all alone in The dark.
By Amanda
Desert Evening
In the evening of the desert Its as cold as
snowballs at your face The oasis is like an
indoor pool, While the sky is as dark as
chocolate fudge
and the dunes are as bumpy as rocks. Look down
at a valley It is like a dark trench in a
scary deep ocean And the sand is small and
stings your feet Ouch!
Sadness is dreadful, Sadness is
blue, Sadness is like glue Stuck to you.
Sadness is being left out, Sadness
is nobody liking you, Sadness is
your best friend Becoming
extinct. A Big Bad Basketball Bouncing on your
head, Bullying ruthlessly In your brain.
Sadness is NO GOOD!! Really
painful. But is that Sadness your burden or
your imperfection? Samantha
Sorrowful Sadness
Poor By Brandon Lee Poor, different from us
Poor, no food, shelter, neither money Begging
and dying for precious things. Barefoot, no
shoes, sharp rocks. Ripped clothes. Freezing In
the frozen frost
Poor, no beds, sleeping on dirty streets People
laughing at you Poor is poor Nothing Good.

Cats are actually amusing, Cats are sincerely
soft, And cats are as sleepy as a snoring
snail. Cats can be as playful as my dad in
his CHEVELLE. They are there at all times to
comfort you And they always want to play with
you. When they are eating, They PURR you away
in happiness. By Brooks
They sometimes show faces, They have no
shoelaces, They have wheels instead And no hair
upon their head. They seem to say hi, When you
pass by. Drive you around town And never let you

I promise you They will be nice to you, Because
theyve always been nice to me, By helping me get
to places even faster. So listen closely,
because I guarantee That you two would be great
friends!!! BY ALEXA
Fire is like a burning hot light So hot that
people can die. Looks like a light that is
calling you. Its hands grab people Like they
are nothing.
Smells like smoke. Feels like a boiling hot
pan. Tastes like super hot peppers Roar!!!!
The sound of fire. By Ryan
Leader By Daniel and Julia Dr.
Greene a smart, strong, leader. His funny
personality and his cool, terrific,
ties. Generous, kind. You can always count on
remarkable and responsible Dr. Greene This
leader is full of funny surprises. Dr. Greene, a
strong tiger, makes this special school
strong. A serious man too.
Who came to make this school cool?
Dr. Greene came. Who came to put this
school together? Dr. Greene came. He loves his
family and his school. Clever, sarcastic, he
answers quickly. How nice, honest, intelligent,
smart, open-minded this principal is. How
considerate, reasonable and patient
this principal is!

Well remember him in our Happy hearts
forever. Poem made with help from Our teacher
Mr. Moore, kids and teachers from Stillman
K-5. Well miss you Dr. Greene!
Thanks to all who made the show a success
  • Mr. Moore
  • Mrs. Lyons
  • Ms. Park
  • Mrs. Taylor
  • Mrs. Marcus
  • Ms. Alvarez
  • Ms. Mastromarino
  • Ms. St. John
  • Mr. Gansel
  • Mrs. Yi
  • Mrs. Harley
  • Mr. Sylvander
  • Mrs. Shaffer
  • Mr. Fedak
  • Mr. Brown
  • Dr. Greene
  • The HSA
  • Our Parents, especially Mrs. Levitt and Mrs. Kalt

Thank You!
  • We hope you enjoyed the show.
  • Please stay seated.