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Wireless Networking that means no wires to you and me folks


DSL and Cable have about two years to get organized and wire the world! ... .com/zdtv/cgi-bin/rmplay.cgi?/zd/zdtv/g2demand/screensavers/intro_wireless. rm ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Wireless Networking that means no wires to you and me folks

Wireless Networking (that means no wires to you
and me folks !)
  • By
  • Jerry Butler
  • Harry Harrison

A few quotes for eye openers
  • Wireless technology just makes more sense

  • MCI, AOL and Hughes

Speed is not Everything Ghandi
  • (Yah Right!)

Everything should be made simple as
possible, but not simpler Albert Einstein
Wireless Technology
  • DSL and Cable have about two years to get
    organized and wire the world! If they dont,
    wireless will overwhelm them!

  • ZDTV.com

Welcome to the Races!
  • Hughes AOL
  • Metricom MCI World Com
  • Teledesic Microsoft
  • Apple Lucent - 802.11 wireless standard
  • Intel Motorola
  • Bluetooth - Personal Area Networks

Here We Go !
  • When considering the future of DSL and cable
    modems, most industry insiders say that there is
    no way most homes and small business will be up
    to the challenge because of the infrastructure
    needed for this technology.

By 2003 wireless may eclipse DSL and Cable
  • In Seattle, Silicon Valley, and Washington D.C.
    Metricon has installed a total wireless network
    at speeds up to 128K vs. old 28.8 tech.

More Wireless Stuff!
  • The system works with small transmitters placed
    on lamp poles or any other convenient place
    These transmitters will be piped into MCIs global
    high speed network. The system is fast and easy
    to install.

Wireless Local Loops
  • There are wireless local loops
    under-development around the world. Neighborhoods
    will be able to use high bandwidth wireless
    connectivity to a central hub without wires and a
    speeds up to 800kps. These will be up and running
    by 2003

Wireless Homes Offices

  Wireless networking was also in its
infancy last year. Sure we've had high-cost,
wireless networking for a while, but it's been
proprietary and best left to corporations with
big bucks. This year will highlight an exciting
catfight, as two industry groups try to build
their own standards. Intel and Motorola stand on
one side, pushing their Home RF. Lucent and Apple
stands on the other side, featuring the 802.11
wireless networking standard. At first glance,
the Home RF group seems to have the upper hand,
given that they're attempting to follow the
successful Home PNA phone line standard.
Wireless Homes and Offices Cont.
  • Another type of wireless networking will make its
    debut at Comdex and ought to be a big player at
    Comdex 2000. Named Bluetooth, this is an
    RF-based, low-power network designed to connect
    all the peripherals in your life together. You've
    heard of Local Area Networks (LANs) and Wide Area
    Networks (WANs). Well, Bluetooth is a Personal
    Area Network (PAN). With it your cell phone,
    notebook, PalmPilot, home PC, and PC for your car
    will continuously synchronize together, whenever
    they're within about 10 meters of each other.
    There are technology demos this year at the
    Bluetooth pavilion, and real products should be
    available by next fall.

Wireless vs. Cable and DSL
  • Metricom plans to wire 12 metropolitan areas by
    this summer and have 48 cities up and running by
    next year. They also plan to have up to 300
    cities by 2003. This type of system will have
    more bandwidth than cable or DSL.

Poor old Ma Bell
  • This is what happens when you sit on your hands
    too long,(among other things). The phone
    company's have seen this coming for a long time
    but were unwilling to do anything about it. They
    thought that no one would be able to compete with

More Phone Tales
  • While AOL and Metricom will be in most major
    areas by 2002 and Hughes-AOL in all areas
    (remember if you can see south you can have
    satellite) by mid 2002 Can somebody tell me where
    the phone company's are. They have been saying
    for years DSL is just around the corner. (thats
    one big corner)

Phone Tales cont.
  • It finally took congress to do something about
    it. (and we all know how long that takes) Last
    year after millions of complaints from voters
    that small communities were being left out of the
    technological revolution. Congress started
    looking into allegations that the phone company's
  • Were ignoring consumers.

More On Lying Phone Companies
  • The government has been spending billions of
    dollars on subsidies to the phone and cable
    industry for years and getting nothing in return.
    (sound familure) The phone companies say they
    cant figure out a way to get the cost down to
    make it affordable for everyone.

In Comes Hughes
  • The phone company's laughed at Hughes and said
    that no one would ever put a satellite dish on
    the side of there homes ( any one remember DSS)
    and that they could never get it to work anyway.

Hughes and AOL
  • Last month AOL gave wireless another boost by
    investing 1.5 billion in Hughes which owns and
    operates the biggest and most successful
    satellite television and satellite ISP service in

Hughes and AOL cont.
  • Hughes operates, a brain-dead, one way, high
    bandwidth service that delivers Internet via
    satellite but uses a modem for up loads. The nice
    thing is that you have downloads at up to 400kps
    (just slightly faster than a 56k modem.)

AOLs Big Money
  • Since the Time Warner merger AOL has been
    looking for a way that they think will be able to
    get out all this info that they have access to.
    The money that was invested in Hughes will be
    used to finish a two-way satellite based internet
    access at speeds reaching 700kps.

Satellite Bandwidth
  • With Hughes in the picture AOL wants to have
    satellites capable with enough bandwidth to have
    six video transmissions simultaneous from each

More Satellites To Play With
  • And you just thought you were safe after
    Windows 2000 release. In steps the man you love
    to hate Bill Gates. He and a friend Craig McCaw
    decided not to let AOL and Hughes have all the
    fun in space. They have started a company called
    Teledesic and have plans to deploy a IP optimized
    broadband worldwide data service by late 2003.
    With a estimated cost of 70 billion Bill can just
    write a check.

Lets Wrap This Thing Up!
  • The Next few years will be exciting. With the
    new technology on the market and some for the
    things coming out in the next few years the
    networking game will take on a whole new look.

Im Getting There
  • You will be able to wire(I mean no
  • Homes
  • Autos
  • Neighborhoods
  • Cities
  • Countries
  • And not have to run a single wire.

Almost There
  • This has been a very short overview of what is
    on the market now or in the near future, and we
    have just touched on the technology that is
    avable. This is a exciting time we are living in.
    Never has so much info been avable to us and us
    having the ability to us it.

OK,OK, Were Done
  • For further info on this exciting technology
    look at http//www.zdnet.com/zdtv/cgi-bin/rmplay
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