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Lecture 18 Subjunctive Mood


In this case, let us not apply KCL(??????)at this node(??). Don't you dare to ... a dire(???)disaster(??)that day should a widespread computer virus(??)detonate ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Lecture 18 Subjunctive Mood

Lecture 18Subjunctive Mood ????
Ruolun.Liu_at_sdu.edu.cn Information College,
Shandong University _at_ Weihai
Table of Content
  • of which
  • Pronoun Phrase which
  • Nonrestrictive Clause
  • Leading by than
  • Leading by as

Moods of Sentence
  • ????
  • ?????????????
  • Dont be fooled(???)some very simple circuits
    can be quite useful.
  • In this case, let us not apply KCL(??????)at this
  • Dont you dare to do that!
  • ????
  • ????????????????????
  • ??????????????
  • ??????????

  • Structure

  • _________ (be) there no resistance of the air,
    all bodies at the same height would fall at the
    same speed.
  • The instrument _________ (not damage) had the
    voltage not been so high.
  • _________ anything abnormal(???)_________
    (happen), switch off the power supply at once.

  • He probably could have added the same three
    numbers with paper and pencil in much less time
    than it took him to write the program.
  • If the sign of inequality(???)be reversed, u has
    neither a maximum nor a minimum.
  • If the positive charge did move in a wire, it
    would move from the positive to the negative.

  • ???if???,?????????(????????)?
  • Should the bomber(???)encounter(??)such an
    air-defence system, the result would be
  • The mornings newspapers predicted(??)a
    dire(???)disaster(??)that day should a widespread
    computer virus(??)detonate(??)its logic bomb.

Subjunctive mood in Clause
  • ???? (should ) ????
  • ??????????????????????
  • ???????require, suggest, desire, propose,
    recommend, necessitate, request, demand, order,
  • ??????necessary, essential, imperative,
    important, possible, impossible, desirable,
    natural, reasonable, preferable, better,
  • ?????requirement, suggestion, necessity,
    importance, recommendation, request, philosophy,
    condition, constraint, restriction, restraint,

Pronoun Phrase which
  • It is of paramount(?????)importance that correct
    measurements _______(carry) out at every step.
  • It is evidently desirable that resistance of
    the instrument _________(be) much smaller than
    that of the remainder(????)of the circuit.
  • Their suggestion is that the water level

Nonrestrictive Clause
  • A necessary condition that this ________(be) the
    case is that Eulers Equation(????)_______(satisfy
  • Long, long ago, a scientist suggested that the
    earth _________(be) round(??).
  • suggest ?????????
  • ???????????
  • insist ???????????
  • ?????????????

Nonrestrictive Clause
  • Simplification(??)results if one axis
    coincides(??)with one of the forces, which is
    always possible.
  • The image(?)distance is positive, which means the
    image is a real one(??).
  • The output voltage is the integral(??)of the
    input signal, in conformity with(???)
    harmonic-circuit analysis(???????).

Nonrestrictive Clause
  • ??,
  • A standard may be an actual object, in which case
    its main charateristic must be durability(?????).
  • Points A and B are an infinitesimal(????)distan
    ce apart, in which case the cord(?)and arc(?)are
  • This circuit was analyzed previously (see Fig. 5
    21), at which time we obtained the following

Nonrestrictive Clause
  • ??,
  • A beam of white light is separated(??)into beams
    of various colors, from which we
    conclude(???)that white light is actually a
    mixture of light of these different colors.

Nonrestrictive Clause
  • ?????????(???)
  • Metals can conduct electricity, which non-metals
  • You might think its because Excel has so many
    great features, which it does.
  • If a is small, which it is in this case, then tan
    a a.
  • Doing so, which requires a much greater analysis
    effort, yields the following expression(???).

Leading by than
  • ??????????,???????
  • The book doesnt go into more detail than a
    student wants.
  • A system which provides more energy at the output
    than is given at the input is said to be active.
  • Chains(??)give a more compact(???)drive(??)than
    is possible with belts(??).

Leading by than
  • Many more problems are presented than need be
    given as homework assignments.
  • This text concentrates on an understanding of
    computers at a lower level than is found in a
    text that introduces programming in a
    higher-level language.

Leading by as
  • ??????????????
  • As the title(??)indicates, this chapter deals
    with non-linear equations(????).
  • As was discussed in the previous(???)chapter, the
    direction in which the body is moving is also
  • Temperature changes also influence the forward
    characteristic(??????), as can be seen in Fig. 4

Leading by as
  • This waveform(??)has a dc component(??), as can
    be shown by computing the average value.
  • as the their, its name
  • ????
  • AC, as its name shows, is the current whose
    direction changes periodically???.

Leading by as
  • ?????,???such, the same??
  • We can now solve such differential(??)equations
    as occur in physics.
  • It is possible to find a single force which will
    produce the same effect as is produced by the
    simultaneous action(????)of the given forces.
  • Here we can use a push-pull(??)amplifier(???)as
    was described earlier in this section(?).

Leading by as
  • as?????call, know, refer to?????,?????or??,?
  • The model shows concentric(???)orbits or, as they
    are now frequently called, rings(???)or

Leading by as
  • These flaws(??), or bugs(??)as they are often
    called, must be found out and corrected.
  • The laser(???),as we call it, is described in
    detail in the next chapter.
  • Scientists are worried by the population
    explosion, as they call it.

Leading by as
  • As
  • ????????????
  • As pointed out in the last chapter, the
    emf(???)of a battery is generated by the chemical
    reaction(??)within it.
  • Let us first consider the simplest circuit as
    shown on page 2.

Leading by as
  • As with many other physical quantities, the mass
    of a body can be measured in several different
  • A block diagram(???)of a radio receiver is as
    shown in Fig. 1 1.
  • In this case the circuit may be redrawn(???)as
    shown in Fig. 2 3
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