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Career Services Eastern Oregon University Resume Basics Online Tutorial


This style of resume de-emphasizes chronological listings and emphasizes ... The functional resume is especially valuable for candidates who lack direct job ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Career Services Eastern Oregon University Resume Basics Online Tutorial

Career Services Eastern Oregon
University Resume Basics Online Tutorial
  • Up-to-date information
  • on what you need to know
  • before you start

Lets begin
What is a resume?
  • A self-promotional document
  • It presents YOU in the best possible light to a
    prospective employer or graduate program
  • A good resume gets you an interview
  • A good interview gets you the job offer

A resume is used to.
  • Initiate contact with an employer
  • Facilitate an interview Some interviewers start
    at the top and work their way through the
    document. (Think about it, you could be scripting
    your own interview. Arrange information so you
    get to discuss all the things that make you a
    terrific candidate!)
  • Serve as a record to leave with an employer
  • Share information with the people who are
    assisting you with your job search
  • Attach to a job application- Some forms dont
    allow us to express our skills and abilities very

In constructing a resume
  • Answer the question the reader is asking
  • What can this candidate do for our
  • Envision the ideal candidate and arrange your
    information to match those qualities.

Make no mistake
  • Employers want to know you will represent
  • them well. Spelling errors, poor grammar,
    smeared ink, crumpled corners will send your
    resume right to the trash.
  • Small Typos That Can Change the Meaning
  • Dealing with customers conflicts that arouse
  • Develop and recommend annual operating expense
  • Im a rabid typist
  • Instrumental in ruining entire operation for
    regional service organization
  • Have others review your job search documents
  • Check spelling, pull out the dictionary
  • Read document backwards, word for word

Tell the Truth!
  • There have been many examples in the news
    recently of people who have, shall we say,
  • the truth on their resumes. Dont be one of
    them. It will catch up to you.
  • Tell the truth but it is okay to tell the best
    side of the truth
  • Claim the highest level of skill you can
    legitimately claim
  • helped vs. assisted monitored vs. supervised
  • Small differences perhaps, but they may make a
  • Be positive - Say what you can do, not what you
    cannot do

Several Different Formats
  • Chronological
  • Functional
  • Targeted

Chronological Resume
  • Chronological resumes are the easiest to prepare
    and thus appear to be the more
  • popular style of resume used. In this style,
    you identify information in descending order,
    with the most recent events listed first under
    each heading.
  • Chronological resumes require selective wording
    in order to minimize the amount of
  • interpretation an employer will have to do. Use
    action verbs in describing your experiences, and
    highlight transferable skills.
  • A great way to emphasize continuous employment.
    This style may not highlight your skills and
    abilities as well as another format. Nowadays,
    people move more frequently between employment
    situations. A chronological layout will
    highlight short stays of employment.
  • Avoid cluttering up the resume with personal data
    and names of references.
  • See chronological resume sample

Functional Resume
  • The functional resume enables the candidate to
    focus on skills, aptitudes, and qualities that
    can be applied to a number of situations. This
    style of resume de-emphasizes chronological
    listings and emphasizes qualifications, skills,
    and related accomplishments. Skills are organized
    into categories that tell employers what you will
    be able to do for them.
  • The functional resume is especially valuable for
    candidates who lack direct job-related field
    experience who want to work in fields not
    related to their academic background or for
    those whose education is so general that they
    must find a way of bridging the gap between their
    education and the job requirements.
  • This type of resume is also well-suited for
    those candidates who have considerable
  • work experience, because it allows them to
    portray the skills they will be able to put to
    immediate use.
  • See functional resume sample

Targeted Resume
  • A resume is not one's life history. It is a
    summary of the knowledge, skills and abilities
    one brings to a particular employer/situation.
    In a targeted resume, include only the
    information that specifically relates to that
    position. Given today's access to word
    processors, it is relatively easy to cut and
    paste documents and tailor resumes to specific
  • Someone looking at a variety of employment
    opportunities might have three to five different
    resumes. The content is basically the same but
    it has been reorganized to highlight different
    strengths for each different industry or field.
  • See targeted resume sample

Special Types of Resumes
  • State Federal government agencies have
    templates and sample formats.
  • Read directions and follow instructions
  • You will likely be asked for your social security
    number and your citizenship
  • This information belongs on this type of resume
    but not on others
  • Curricula Vitae are a specific style of resume
    preferred for medical, academic and research
  • They contain more publications, papers,
    abstracts, book reviews, and
  • presentations - Tend to be longer
  • Because of the academic emphasis, education is
    featured first
  • Usually there is no objective or profile
  • More understated than business resume
  • They look rather plain - Save the bells and
    whistles but make sure it is neatly organized
  • Internet and scannable resumes Thats a
    separate online tutorial (Get Net Results). The
    basic premise is These days youll need a paper
    version, a scannable version and a text-only
    version of your resume.

Tips to keep in mind
  • Be consistent - Demonstrate your detail skills
  • Ex. Dates can be listed 1/5/94 or January 5,
    1994 or Jan. 94, or
  • PICK ONE and stick with it.
  • Resumes are scanned Youve got 30 seconds to
    make a positive impression
  • To facilitate scanning, put detail and dates on
    the right side of page
  • Use short, crisp descriptive statements
  • In general, all info goes in order of most
    important to least important
  • The job description is the place to find clues
    about what to emphasize
  • Be concise, one page to 1 ½ pages in length

Power Words PhrasesAdd these and you look like
a person of actionLink to a more complete list
  • Accomplished
  • Acquired
  • Adapted
  • Advised
  • Arranged
  • Capable
  • Clarified
  • Coached
  • Communicated
  • Created
  • Designed
  • Developed
  • Directed
  • Edited
  • Expanded
  • Formulated
  • Guided
  • Improved
  • Influenced
  • Knowledgeable
  • Managed
  • Motivated
  • Negotiated
  • Organized
  • Participated
  • Persuaded
  • Proficient
  • Promoted
  • Qualified
  • Revised
  • Scheduled
  • Sensitive
  • Strengthened
  • Structured
  • Successful

What goes at the top?
  • Name address reliable phone e-mail
  • No nicknames make your gender clear- Be
    Christopher or Christine but not Chris
  • What will I hear when I get your answering
    machine? Does it sound professional?
  • If you will be moving soon, but youre applying
    now, put two sets of contact information up top
  • Ima Graduate
  • Until June 15,2002 Permanent
  • 503 Main St., Apt. 3 123 Harmony Lane
  • La Grande, OR 97850 Hometown, OR 12345
  • 541-962-0022 503-566-7890
  • Consider establishing a separate e-mail account
    for job search
  • Responses wont get lost among other
  • What you choose as an e-mail account name makes a
  • hotcoed _at_ hotmail sends the wrong message to a
    prospective employer

Profile vs. Objective
  • The resume is a marketing tool.
  • Hook the readers interest with your expertise,
    strengths, skills, knowledge and interests. Use
    a profile statement to say, Heres what I have
    to offer.
  • A profile replaces an objective which says -
    Heres what I want

Move forward to see the difference
Which sounds better?Heres what I have to
offer Heres what I want
  • Background of proven success in recreational and
    social programming with young adults. Able to
    coordinate all aspects of large-scale events from
    concept to completion. Three years service on
    University event planning commission including
    primary coordination of several major music
  • Seeking an entry-level position in event
    planning, primary interest in music venues
    located in a large metropolitan area.

It is really best to avoid the term,
entry-level. You might be qualified for
something higher in the organization but by using
that term, youll be channeled to that pile of
The prospective employer doesnt really care
about what we want. He or she has no investment
in us until after we become a member of the team.
The question he or she is asking is What can
this candidate do for me? Answer the question
by using a profile statement and place it right
up at the top under your contact information.
Resume Headings
Organizing the information in a logical way can
help the reader navigate the document. You can
personalize your resume by considering which
headings best describe your experiences.
  • Profile
  • Highlights
  • Objective
  • Teaching Objectives
  • Education
  • Educational Background
  • Special Training
  • Licensure
  • Knowledge
  • Relevant Courses
  • Professional Skills
  • Career Highlights
  • Professional Experience
  • Student Teaching Experience
  • Practicum Experience
  • Teaching Experience
  • Coaching Experience
  • Related Experience
  • Achievements
  • Capabilities
  • Employment
  • Other Work Experience
  • Summer Work Experience
  • Community Activities
  • Volunteer Activities
  • Related Activities
  • Professional Activities

What comes first Education or Experience?
  • There is no hard and fast rule. Employers are
    looking for both. Check the position description
    for clues about what might be more important.
  • If you have related experience and want to stand
    out of a pool of recent college grads, consider
    leading with your experience and not with your

Put it this way Education
  • Bachelor of Science, Eastern Oregon University,
    La Grande OR
  • Liberal Studies Minors Business and
  • Cumulative GPA 3.26 Anticipated June 2003
  • Bachelor of Science, Rangeland Resources, Oregon
    State University at Eastern Oregon University, La
    Grande, OR Dec. 2000
  • Bachelor of Science with Honors, Eastern Oregon
  • La Grande, Oregon June 2002
  • Major Multidisciplinary Studies Minor Biology

Put it this way 2Work, Community Service,
  • Job title, organization, location, dates
  • Assistant Manager, Hometown Books, Baker City,
    OR 3/95 present
  • Supervise day-to-day operations in absence of
  • Tutor, Learning Center, Eastern Oregon University
    Sept. 2000 June 2001
  • Assisted students in evaluating first-drafts and
    improving writing skills
  • Universitat Karlsruhe, Study Abroad Program,
    Karlsruhe, Germany 00 01
  • Studied computer science, acquired IT related
  • Volunteer, Start Making a Reader Today (SMART),
    La Grande Public Schools
  • Mentor first-grader weekly to establish healthy
    reading habits 9-02 - current
  • Note verb tense. If you are currently involved
    write in present tense, past experiences are
    described in the past tense.

Put it this way 3
  • Avoid using complete sentences to facilitate
  • Instead, use short, crisp descriptive phrases
  • Question the use of periods
  • String phrases together with commas
  • Scheduled firefighter crews, oriented new crew
    members, ensured accuracy of time sheets
  • Use a keyboard symbol to do the same
  • Scheduled firefighter crews / Oriented new crew
    members / Ensured accuracy of time sheets
  • Bullet phrases
  • Scheduled firefighter crews
  • Oriented new crew members
  • Ensured accuracy of time sheets

  • La Grande is two words - Avoid breaking up the
    two La
  • Grande (They stay together on the same line)
  • Use the postal abbreviations for states OR or
    Oregon, not Ore.
  • Spell out the first reference of an acronym
  • American Psychological Association (APA)
  • Spell out the full name of the degree you are
  • Bachelor of Science sure sounds/looks better
    than B.S.
  • Once youve established a location it is not
    necessary to repeat it throughout the document
  • Ex. Your degree is from Eastern Oregon
    University, La Grande, OR
  • Subsequent references to the university do not
    need its location
  • Your GPA belongs on your resume if it is a 3.0 or
  • If it isnt you can calculate your major GPA or
    your GPA in the last two years - If your GPA does
    not appear on your resume, be prepared to explain
    the circumstances

Your Final Product
  • Print out your paper version using a high quality
  • Use a high quality bond paper, not the standard
    printer paper
  • Choose paper colors that are conservative
    white, off-white or light pastels (Keep in mind
    your document may be copied. Gray is not advised
    as it does not copy well)
  • As much as you want to stand out, avoid clip art,
    graphics and a flashy presentation this is a
    business document (Exceptions might be made for
    those in creative fields)
  • It bears repeating no errors, no smudges, no
  • If youve gone onto two pages, dont staple
    together - Make sure your name is on the top of
    page two, just in case the two pages get
    separated - (Ex. Joe Smith resume, page 2)

ReferencesSinging your praises
  • Resumes contain the information we choose to
    highlight. Employers will want to hear from
    those who can speak to your skills, abilities
    work ethic before they make an investment in you.
  • No need to say References available upon
    request on the bottom of your resume it is
    assumed that you will have them when they are
  • Youll need three to five people to write or
    speak on your behalf.
  • Submit reference list with your resume on
    separate sheet. Use same style font it
    should match other documents in your application
  • Ask permission before you use someones name.
    Ask this way, Do you feel comfortable writing me
    a strong recommendation? Engage in a
    conversation about what the reference giver might
    say about you.
  • Give the reference writer (or speaker) a copy of
    your resume and share a position description.
    Theyll be able to target their comments to the
    requirements of the position.

Sample reference list
Cover/Application Letters
  • Always send a cover letter with a resume
  • Sending a resume without a cover letter is like
    starting an interview without a handshake.
  • Cover letters are based on a formula, four
    paragraphs in length
  • Sample cover letter
  • Good cover letters are about the target
    organization, not about you
  • Reflect the fact that youve done your research
    you know what the organization does
  • Demonstrate that your skills and experiences
    would help the organization meet its goals
  • Personalize the letter
  • Do everything you can to find out the name and
    title of the recipient. Avoid To Whom it May
    Concern or- Dear Sir or Madam
  • Use the same high quality paper for resume
  • Keep copies of all correspondence

Career ServicesResume Review
Eastern students and alumni, once youve gotten a
resume and/or cover letter draft, wed be
delighted to review it and give you feedback. We
want you to apply with confidence!
  • Weekly drop-in time, No appointment necessary
  • Wednesdays 830 1030 am AND Fridays 130-
    -230 pm
  • If these times dont work, call to make a ½ hour
  • 962-3588
  • Send MS Word attachment to
  • Well respond as soon as possible
  • Fax to 541-962-3618

The End or is it the beginning?
  • We have lots of books in the
  • Career Services Resource Room with great
    examples. Most you can check out.
  • A Job Search Handbook is located right on the
    front page, upper right corner
  • Look under Students, then Job Search Resources,
    then Resumes cover letters and interviewing
  • Career Services
  • Eastern Oregon University
  • Inlow Hall 104
  • Open M-F, 800am 500pm
  • Call for an appointment
  • 541-962-3588