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Blue Ribbon Team. Renita Perry Principal. Kenia Colema


Blue Ribbon Team. Renita Perry Principal. Kenia Coleman Assistant Principal (Co-TL) ... Desk Reference Of Behavior Management, Safe and Civil Schools, Randy Sprick ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Blue Ribbon Team. Renita Perry Principal. Kenia Colema

Treadwell Elementary School-wide Discipline Plan
  • 3538 Given Avenue
  • Memphis TN, 38122

Treadwell Eagles Blue Ribbon Team
  • Renita Perry Principal
  • Kenia Coleman Assistant Principal (Co-TL)
  • Patricia Gamble Assistant Principal
  • Melissa Idleman Special Education (TL)
  • Trudy Hill Kindergarten
  • Andrea Johnson 1st grade
  • Linda Pettit 1st grade
  • Marilyn Burks 2nd grade
  • Eric Nesbitt 3rd grade
  • Cherhonda Ayers MEA/4th grade
  • Ora Washington 6th grade
  • Jonette Cooper Parent
  • Damon Morris ISS teacher

Meeting Schedule
Guiding Principles
  • Respect for cultural diversity enables students
    to better understand self and others.
  • School staff, parents, students, and the
    community will work together to establish a safe
    and supportive learning environment.
  • All students are valued individuals with unique
    physical, social, intellectual, and emotional
  • There is an emphasis on high standards and
    expectations that all students can learn and
    achieve their highest potential through quality
    learning experiences.
  • Students learn best when there is a focused
    curriculum that incorporates cooperative
    learning, problem solving, and critical thinking

Guiding Principles Staff Beliefs
  • All staff members contribute to Treadwells
    friendly, inviting environment. We set the tone
    through our actions and attitudes. Our beliefs
    are evident as we demonstrate our continuous
    support and encouragement of students, parents,
    and community.
  • All must be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Students should be taught the skills and
    behaviors necessary for success through modeling
    and explicit instruction.
  • Students should be taught to respect the opinions
    and beliefs of others through modeling and
    explicit instruction.
  • Motivation and responsibility should be
    encouraged through positive interactions and
    building relationships with students.
  • Student misbehavior represents a teaching
  • From Administrators Desk Reference Of Behavior
    Management, Safe and Civil Schools, Randy Sprick

Guiding Principles School Character Points
  • Faculty and staff are sensitive to the needs of
  • We will build self-esteem/confidence in students
  • We will model how goals/expectations look
    throughout the year.

Guiding Principles Values
  • Faculty and staff are sensitive to the needs of
  • We will build self-esteem/confidence in students
  • We will model how goals/expectations look
    throughout the year.

  • The Treadwell community promotes high quality
    instruction and exceptional academic achievement.
    Our community produces a safe learning
    environment which is based upon agreed routines
    and procedures. In addition, we use data to drive
    all academic and non academic decisions.
    Treadwell teachers deliver high quality learning
    experiences that are data driven and
    scientifically based, thereby preparing our
    students to meet and/or exceed local, national,
    and global standards.

  • We will equip Treadwell students to be able to
    excel academically and apply their knowledge to
    real-world situations. When our students have
    not met agreed upon goals, we (the educators)
    will use our data to reflect collaboratively with
    our Treadwell learning community to design a plan
    of instruction based on the data findings and use
    best practices and strategies for re-teaching to
    ensure and promote academic success.

Philosophy Statement
  • A positive school climate supports social and
  • growth for all students. Positive school-wide
  • management is necessary if learning is to take
  • Positive school-wide behavior management
    requires a
  • discipline plan, applying successful
    interventions, and
  • training students in procedures.
  • We must equip children with the tools necessary
    to make
  • appropriate behavior choices. Our expectations
  • students behavior must be modeled, explicitly
    taught, and
  • reviewed with students frequently.

Philosophy Statement continues
  • In handling behavior issues, we must keep in mind
  • importance of building strong relationships with
  • How we treat one student can affect our
    relationship with
  • all students. Therefore, we must handle all
    situations in a
  • caring and professional manner.

Goals and/or Objectives
  • To decrease suspensions by 20,decrease
  • office referrals by 20, increase student
  • and staff attendance by 2, reduce
  • excessive tardies by 10, and reduce
  • truancy by 10.

MCS Discipline Committee Worksheet 2007- 08
  • Name of School
  • Treadwell Elementary School
  • Discipline Committee is representative of the
    school faculty and
  • includes an administrator.
  • Fill in the names of committee
  • members and designate a Team
  • Leader (TL)
  • Indicates members mandated by MEA contract

School and Classroom-wide Rules
  • Keep hands, feet , and objects to yourself
  • Always show respect to self, others, ,and
  • Use acceptable language, keeping hurtful comments
    to yourself.
  • Follow directions at all times
  • Keep the building clean and orderly
  • During assemblies
  • Show respect at all times
  • Enter the auditorium quietly and pay attention
  • Keep areas clean and orderly

Treadwell Elementary Behavioral Expectation Matrix
How we teach the rules and procedures school-wide
  • The principal will discuss and explain school
    wide rules to students in the orientation
    assembly the first week of school.
  • Parents will be appraised of the rules and
    procedures during registration with a rules and
    procedures handout for Treadwell Elementary
  • School rules and procedures will be posted
    throughout the school and in the classrooms

How we teach the rules and procedures school wide
  • Students will be reminded of appropriate behavior
    daily during announcements.
  • Teachers will teach through modeling and explicit
    instruction classroom expectations, rules and
  • New student orientation will be conducted each
    six weeks for students that have transferred to
    Treadwell Elementary after the 1st six weeks.
    Parents will be encouraged to attend.
  • Students will recite PRIDE expectations during
    morning announcements.

We Can't Hide That Eagle. . .
  • Positive
  • Make appropriate comments and
  • demonstrate reasonable behavior
  • Responsible
  • Be accountable for our actions
  • Involved
  • Work actively with others
  • Diligent
  • Be persistent and complete all tasks
  • Efficient
  • Make the best use of our time and resources

How we teach the rules and procedures school wide
  • Teacher and students will collaborate in an
    effort to get student input on rules and
  • Teachers will implement Morning Meeting within
    the classroom to establish a climate of trust,
    safety, and respect. Morning Meeting will be
    conducted daily in the classroom. Model, Teach
    and review of expectations, procedures, routines,
    and rules will be a daily part of Morning

School Procedures
  • Arrival to school
  • School begins at 715 a.m. Students may enter
    the cafeteria at 700 a.m.
  • All students should enter the building quietly.
  • Teachers will stand at classroom doors at
    715a.m. to greet students and monitor hallway
  • After the 1st six weeks, parents will need to
    make prior arrangements in order to bring student
    to the classroom.
  • Closing of school
  • Teachers will walk with students down the hall
    quietly as they exit the building and walk with
    students to the sidewalk.
  • Students will be dismissed at 245 p.m. daily

School Procedures
  • Passing Classes
  • Students will walk to the right of the hall
  • 3-2-1-0 Hallway Expectations 3 blocks from the
    wall, 2 hands down at your side, 1 block between
    you, and 0 quiet zone
  • Lunchroom
  • Teachers are expected to deliver and pick-up
    students on time daily
  • Students will remain at their assigned tables and
  • Students will talk with inside voices-No talking
    will occur when students get too noisy
  • Students will be assigned to sit at designated

School Procedures
  • Assemblies
  • Students will be given guided practice of how to
    enter an assembly, sit during an assembly, and
    how to leave an assembly
  • Students will be assigned a designated sitting
    area for the grade and classroom
  • Referrals
  • The management of the classroom is the teachers
    responsibility follow guidelines according to
    the office referral steps
  • Children should not be sent to the office. Send
    referrals to the office and the first available
    administrator will call for the students when
    time permits. You may use your team to help
    until an administrator contacts you
  • Referrals must be filled out completely before
    they reach the office, including student portion
    of form. The referral must include the students
    discipline documentation showing interventions,
    previous offenses, actions taken, and dates

School Procedures
  • Unified Dress Code
  • Tops (shirts, blouses) must be white with
    collars and sleeves. (No logos) Red shirts are
    acceptable. Males are required to wear belts
    with shirt tails tucked in.
  • Bottoms (pants, walking shorts, skirts, and
    jumpers) must be navy, khaki tan, or black.
    Jeans are not allowed. No sagging pants.
  • Shoes Athletic or tennis shoes and boots are
    acceptable. No shoes with heels out. No
    flip-flops, toes must be covered. Roller skate
    shoes are not permitted.
  • Kindergarten students are required to be bring an
    extra set of clothes at the first of the year for

School Procedures
  • Returning from absences
  • Written excuse must be turned in to homeroom
    teacher the next day. Teacher writes excused or
    unexcused on absence sheet turned in to Ms.
    Miller. If a family has more than one child
    absent, a note for each child must be turned in.
  • Referral to office
  • 1st Call administrator to inform them of
    discipline problem.
  • 2nd Send completed office referral by a
    designated student only if the administrator does
    not come to teachers room regarding referral.
  • Do not send referred child to the office unless
    he/she has been
  • called for by administration.

School Procedures
  • Disaster Drills
  • Disaster plans, routes and procedures will be
    provided for each teacher.
  • Visitors to classroom
  • Visitor are only allowed to observe during
    instruction. A conferences will be held by
    appointment only before school, during teacher
    planning, or after school.
  • Visitors must report to the office first to sign
    in and receive a visitors pass.
  • Visitors pass must be visible
  • Secretary will call ahead to alert classroom
    teacher of visitor.
  • Substitute Notebook will include discipline

Classroom Procedures
  • The first two weeks of school, teachers will
    teach through modeling and explicit instruction
    the following to students
  • Procedures for leaving the room and returning to
    the room
  • Procedures to be used in the hallways, bathroom,
    cafeteria, and playground
  • Emergency drill procedures
  • Exiting the building/inclement weather procedures
  • Discipline procedures
  • School/classroom rules
  • Homework procedures

Classroom Procedures
  • All students will be engaged in bell work
    activities upon entering their classes in the
  • All classes will implement morning message
    activities to actively engage all students in the
    community process.
  • Presentation of morning announcements will be
    conducted by all classrooms on a weekly rotating

Classroom Procedures
  • Hall passes All teachers will be given
    individual hall passes that will be identified by
    their names. Teachers will utilize the hall
    passes at their discretion on a case-by-case
  • Getting up from seat Students will not be
    allowed to arbitrarily move about the classroom
    and/or hallways. Students will raise their hand
    and be acknowledged before moving throughout the

Classroom Procedures
  • Asking for help Students will ask for
    assistance by raising their hand in an orderly
    fashion. Each teacher may develop his/her
    individual class system.

Classroom Procedures
  • All teachers will explain and post classroom and
    school wide procedures
  • All teachers will post learning objectives and
    assignments daily including homework.
  • Intercom when an announcement comes over the
    intercom, all students will stop talking. Only
    the teacher will answer the intercom unless the
    teacher has specifically designated a student for
    this role.

School-wide Incentives
  • All students will receive attendance recognition
    per six weeks period and/or based on data for 20
    day periods.
  • Ice-cream treats/sundaes
  • Pencils
  • Recreational Activities
  • Field Trip
  • Lunch with the Principal/Assistant Principals
  • Popcorn Party
  • Pizza Party

School-wide Incentives
  • Caught Being Good
  • Students are given pencils with the
  • slogan Caught Being Good for displaying
  • hallway cafeteria expectations

School wide Incentives
  • Fight Free School
  • Every 5 days students will be awarded a
    school-wide incentive for not
  • being involved in any confrontations that are
    physical and harmful to
  • one another.
  • Pencils
  • Stickers
  • Sock Hop
  • Dunk the Principal
  • Recreational Activities
  • Popcorn Party
  • Picnic in the Park

Teacher Incentives
  • Perfect Attendance
  • Teachers with perfect attendance will be
    recognized each six weeks
  • period with small tokens to say thank you and we
    appreciate your
  • commitment to your students education.
  • Teachers will be acknowledged weekly in the
    Treadwell Weekly
  • Newsletter of their good works and efforts-Shout
  • Teachers going the extra mile, above and beyond
    the call of duty will
  • receive coupons for early leave of 60 minutes.
    This includes regular
  • duties and no request made.

Resources for Incentives
  • Cummins Diesel Recon
  • Local Restaurants-Lennys, Sonic
  • Malco Movie Theatre
  • Highland Heights Methodist Church
  • PTA
  • Community Businesses-Kroger, Wal-Mart

Treadwell Elementary Flow Chart for Procedures
Observe problem behavior
Is behavior major?
Find a place to talk with student(s)
Ensure safety
Problem solve
Contact office to notify an Administrator
Write referral and provide all documentation
Determine consequence
Determine consequence
Follow documented procedure
Follow documented procedure
Does student have 3?
Follow through with consequences
File necessary documentation
Send referral to office
File necessary documentation
Follow up with student within a week
Character Education
  • Guidance counselors will go to classrooms and
    discuss different topics with students. The
    topics will deal with issues the students face on
    a regular basis. Parent participation activities
    will be sent home to encourage parental
  • During each six weeks all students will be taught
    a character trait.
  • Student orientation is completed with students
    within the first weeks of school to inform them
    of the process and what to do if extra counseling
    is needed.

Character Education
  • A Character Education handbook consisting of the
    skill goal, parent activities, resources,
    vocabulary, motivation activities, a parent
    letter and culminating activities has been
    prepared for age appropriate students.
  • Classroom/Support teachers will reinforce the
    character theme within the classroom with
  • Morning Meetings will be implemented daily to
    focus on having good character to help with
    reinforcing positive behavior with others.
  • Morning Announcements will give students positive
    words of thoughts for improving social skills and
    self esteem.

ATOD Prevention
  • Our school supports ATOD prevention
  • through P.E./Health lessons to encourage
  • students to treat their bodies appropriately
  • by modeling proper techniques.
  • The counselors will talk with students on
  • preventive use of ATOD in whole class discussion
  • and small groups based upon the student needs.

Sexual Harassment
  • The faculty will have annual harassment
  • training November 7, 2007.
  • The counselors will meet with students to
  • discuss various behaviors of sexual
  • harassment. Sexual Harassment will be
  • spotlighted as a whole group. A small group
  • discussion will be conducted based upon
  • need.

Bullying Prevention
  • The staff will be trained on proper bullying
  • techniques and how to recognize the early stages.
  • Counselors will train students using Preventing
  • twice a month during the 2nd six weeks and
  • throughout the year based upon the needs of the

School Safety Plan
  • Classroom Crisis Response Procedures manual
  • Drills for tornado, lockdown, fire, and
    earthquake are conducted throughout the year
  • Procedures and evacuation sites are posted inside
    each classroom and other various locations
  • The Multi-hazard Emergency School Plan was
    submitted in December 2007
  • Training will be conducted on November 7, 2007
  • Plan reviewed December 5, 2007

Monitoring Process
  • SMS Chancery will be utilized to monitor and
    evaluate data every 20 day period so the team can
    manage and address all concerns of office
    referrals, hallway cafeteria behaviors
  • Necessary modifications to school-wide
    discipline plan will be made accordingly
  • S-Team process will be utilized to facilitate
    development of interventions for students
    exhibiting at-risk behaviors
  • Mentoring for teachers of classroom management

Action Steps
  • According to the data from the 06-07 EBS survey
  • Share with all students, parents and staff
    members the expectations for this school year
  • Report behavior concerns to team faculty for
    active decision making regularly
  • Provide adequate professional development
  • Provide training for families to receive support
    parenting strategies
  • Monitor the architectural features of the school
  • Involve all staff members in management of
    student behaviors

Prevention Programs
  • Well Child-provide physical dental examinations
  • Classroom Environment-organize classrooms that
    are conducive to student learning
  • Morning Meeting-teach and enhance social skills,
    establishing routines daily
  • No Bullying-taught by counselors along with
    Character Education when they provide classroom
    guidance. One character trait will be taught
    during the entire six weeks.

Intervention Plan
  • Daily personal greeting by the teacher
  • Planned ignoring
  • Signals
  • Proximity
  • Adjusting lesson
  • Direct address
  • Anticipation
  • Defining limits
  • Helping
  • An appropriate touch
  • Thinking Table

Intervention Plan
  • Teacher student Mentoring-a teacher mentors a
    student in the school not necessarily in the
    teachers classroom
  • Small group sessions with the counselor or
  • S-Team meeting with social worker Behavioral
    Specialist, parent , classroom teacher,
    administrator, counselor
  • A. Behavior Plans
  • B. BIM (Behavioral Intervention Manual)

In-School Suspension Plan
  • ISS is a consequence after all steps of classroom
    and individual discipline plans have been
  • Students will complete classroom assignments
  • Students will reflect on the behavior that result
    in ISS placement with written assignment
    discussing ways to prevent its reoccurrence
  • Group counseling and community service will be
  • Students will complete procedures for re-entry to

Secondary Intervention Evaluation
  • The following information will be used to conduct
  • Progress charts, deficiency notice per 20 day
  • Parent Teacher communication (communication
  • Classroom observation
  • School Climate Survey
  • Attendance Records
  • Discipline forms per 20 day period
  • IEP/Functional analysis/Behavior Intervention
  • Teacher feedback

Tertiary Interventions
  • Identify students by repeated office
    referrals/infractions and unsuccessful behavior
  • Communicate with Behavioral Specialist, Social
  • Worker, School Psychologist and Parent/Family
  • Assessment if needed
  • Success School recommendation after 3
    unsuccessful BIP
  • Monitoring of Success
  • Teacher, Parent Counselor feedback
  • Feedback from Behavioral Specialist, Social
    Worker Psychologist
  • Use of BIM

  • The results so far have been positive with less
    than 15 office referrals. Hallway behavior has
    been excellent and all staff members have been
  • Office referrals have been high within the past
    few years. Under new leadership and with a new
    vision so far referrals have been down.

Green zone 0 1, yellow zone 2 5, red zone 6
office referrals
Tertiary Prevention Specialized
Individualized Systems for Students with
High-Risk Behavior
Secondary Prevention Specialized Group Systems
for Students with At-Risk Behavior
Primary Prevention School-/Classroom- Wide
Systems for All Students, Staff, Settings
83 of Students
Computation for Triangle
  • 1. Count students with 6 office referrals
    (red zone)
  • Divide by number in student body for in
    red zone
  • 2. Count students with 2 5 office referrals
    (yellow zone)
  • Divide by number in student body for in
    yellow zone
  • 3. Count students with 1 office referral
  • 4. Add together totals from 1, 2, 3 (all
    students referred) and subtract from total
    student body to get students with 0 office
  • 01 office referral (green zone)add totals from
    3 4 divide by number in student body for in
    green zone
  • OR use Excel template on CD

  • School wide
  • School Dance
  • Talent Show
  • Picnic
  • No Uniform Days
  • Dunk the Principal
  • Classrooms
  • Pizza Party
  • Ice-Cream/Sundae Celebration
  • Field Trip
  • Movie Day
  • Fun Games Day
  • Picnic

  • In a collaborative effort, we, the faculty of
    Treadwell Elementary School, have given careful
    consideration, undergone multiple reviews, and
    have agreed upon revisions and changes in the
    development of the Blue Ribbon Discipline Plan.
  • We strongly believe the preceding document
    regarding discipline strategies and procedures
    will serve as an effective discipline plan for
    Treadwell Elementary School.
  • We as a faculty are ready and willing to
    facilitate and monitor school and district wide
    discipline plans by helping to ensure integrity
    and excellence while providing leadership roles
    and assistance in implementing behavior
    interventions and programs.

  • We are committed to the idea that all
  • children can learn and be successful in the
    learning process, especially when the environment
    is conducive to such.
  • In an effort to provide such an environment, we
    take full responsibility for making our
    discipline an integral part of the learning

Plan for Support Monitoring Striving Schools
  • Middle of September submit Discipline Plan
    electronically to District Coach and Academic
    Superintendent for your area. Includes
  • Team Members and Team Leader
  • Meeting Schedule for year
  • EBS Summary
  • Action Plan (based on EBS results)
  • TIC (also submitted to Coach Oct., Jan., Apr.)
  • Ratification-acceptance form faxed 416-4221
  • Ongoing training for Team Leaders and others will
    be provided throughout the school year

District PBIS Coaches
  • Elementary Area 1, Academic Supt. Kevin McCarthy
  • Charlotte Baucom,
  • Elementary Area 2, Academic Supt. Virginia McNeil
  • Ashley Faulk,
  • Elementary Area 3, Academic Supt. Judy Jackson
  • Brady Henderson,
  • Middle School, Academic Supt. William Rhodes
  • Ann Sharp,
  • High School, Academic Supt. Elsie Lewis Bailey
  • Carolyn Matthews,
  • North Area Office
  • 416-4240, fax416-4221
  • High Priority Schools send to Area Coach and
    Academic Superintendent Dr. Roderick Richmond