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Passport to Giving


World's Largest Travel Party, Monday, January 11th (Live from Vegas! ... Craft your presentation with the information you have collected. Practice! ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Passport to Giving

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AgendaDecember 12, 2009
  • Upcoming Events
  • Coachs Corner Gala Mon/Tues, January 11-12,
  • Worlds Largest Travel Party, Monday, January
    11th (Live from Vegas!)
  • Red Carpet, Tuesday, February 9, 2010
  • Weekly Pointers
  • YTB-An Incredible Opportunity!
  • Training Agenda
  • Passport 2 Giving Program

  • Plan to attend this exciting, business building
  • YTB cordially invites you and your guests
  • Visit and tour your corporate offices in Wood
    River , IL.
  • Have a great lunch, and hear from the Founders
    about the many
  • benefits. Attend training classes offered by
    YTB University
  • Bring as many guests as you like - all are
    welcome! .
  • Tuesday, February 9, 2009

Coachs Corner Gala
  Who may attend Coach's
Corner Members and Directors Only
(CC-30 Active Sites in Group)

Where Las Vegas, Nevada When Monday and
Tuesday, January 11-12, 2010 Registration Fee
25 per person if registered before November 15
35 per person if registered by December 31.
Coach's Corner members and Directors may register
for this event through the Coach's Corner Support
Department. Must be Coachs Corner By December
Coachs Corner Gala
Contest Period Nov 1 - Dec 31, 2009 Contest
Qualification - based on the number of new
Internet Business Center Sales within your group.
Qualifying Sale - A qualifying sale is either a
full 449.95 payment sale or 99.95 payment plan
sale Contest Awards - The TOP Coach's Corner
Members in numbers of Qualifying Sales during the
Contest Period will receive the following Contest
Awards  Top 3 in Sales 7 day, 6 night
no-hassle trip for two to locationof winner's
choice with spending cash!   Numbers 4 - 25 in
Sales 1,000 Cash! 
How Maximum Exposure
Use all the YTB Marketing Tools. Bring your
prospects to the ETTC Presentations. Everyone
needs to save and make money in this economy. The
TSO Savings Presentation focuses on the Value
Savings benefits of Internet Business Center
Ownership. Let us help you get to Coachs
Corner. Shop, Save Share
YTB-An incredible opportunity!Are you kidding me?
  • YTB Weekly Pointers

YTB-An Incredible Opportunity!
  •  1) YTB Businesses are being converted to a
    full-on e-Commerce Franchised
    Businesses. The beginning phases of this
    conversion have already begun.
  • 2) YTB will be first Home-Based Business 
    e-Commerce Franchise to ever come into existence.
  • 3) On the date of conversation of our
    businesses to franchised outlets, YTB will be the
    largest provider of Franchises.  (Grandfathering
    privileges for this conversion will apply to
    active business owners-details are TBD.)

YTB-An Incredible Opportunity!
  • 4)  YTB offers more retail products than any
    other single retailer through your ShopYTB
    businesses. Wal-Mart is the largest, we carry
    all of their inventory plus appx. 700 national
  • 5) Through shopYTB, your business maintains a
    net price superior position over the stores from
    which your customers are purchasing. When your
    customers visit through you, they get cash back
    and you receive a commission on top of the cash
    back. If you are both the business owner and
    customer you get both! Overrides are paid on
    the network through 10 Generations.
  • 6) 100 of all commissions received by YTB on
    shopYTB transactions are paid back to the field!
    (Thats YOUR Company doing this!) 

YTB-An Incredible Opportunity!
  • 7) Auto, Health, Life and Home insurance can
    now be purchased through your YTB Insurance
    business, a component of your shopYTB business.
    Commissions are paid on Referral QUOTES and
    policies and are offered through the top 200
    providers in the Industry.
  • 8) YTB experienced all time record breaking
    travel sales year last year, during the most
    challenging down turn of our economy since the
    Great Depression.
  • 9) YTB is now listed at the 25th Largest
    Provider of Travel in North America, 35th just 2
    years prior, as reported by Travel Weekly. This
    is based on Market Share of travel sold in the

YTB-An Incredible Opportunity!
  • 10) YTB has enhanced the Travel Commission Pay
    Structure allowing business owners to earn as
    much as an unheard of 100 of the commissions
    paid to YTB. Power Team travel sales production
    bonuses are also paid to Coachs Corner Members.
  • 11) YTB has essentially given our business
    owners the opportunity to sell ANYTHING they
    would find would make the ideal business, while
    at the same time, allowing its business owners
    to generate income every time a customer swipes a
    credit card through their web browser, regardless
    of the nature of the purchase.
  • 12) This does not include the releases that
    will be announced on January 11th at Coachs
    Corner Gala!

InvictusWilliam Ernest Henley. 18491903
     It matters not how strait the gate,      How
charged with punishments the scroll,   I am the
master of my fate    I am the captain of my soul.
  • OUT of the night that covers me,     
  • Black as the Pit from pole to pole,  
  • I thank whatever gods may be    
  • For my unconquerable soul.  
  • In the fell clutch of circumstance          
  •  I have not winced nor cried aloud.  
  • Under the bludgeoning of chance     
  • My head is bloody, but unbowed.  
  • Beyond this place of wrath and tears     
  • Looms but the Horror of the shade,   
  • And yet the menace of the years     
  • Finds, and shall find, me unafraid

Passport 2 Giving
  • Brief Overview

Internet Spending Creates Fund Raising
  • Travel
  • 42 of every dollar spent on the internet is
    travel and travel-relate
  • Travel is 7 trillion worldwide and growing faster
    than the global economy
  • The booking of travel online is perhaps the most
    successful niche of all of the world's e-commerce
    efforts (Plunkett Research, LTD.)
  • E-Commerce (Retail)
  • The other 58 spent on the internet is online
  • Online retail is 4 trillion and projected to
    explode worldwide
  • Online holiday season sales will reach 44.7
    billion in 2009, up from 41.4 billion in 2008
    (Forrester Research)

Statistics and Facts
  • In 1999, estimated total online giving 10
  • Prediction By 2010 1/3 of money donated will be
    given online. This would represent 80
  • According to a Cone/Roper study, more than
    86 of Americans would be likely to switch
    brands to support a cause, when price and
    quality are equal.
  • Charities that were quick to adopt online
    fundraising report 10-15 of their donations are
    via the Internet (Chronicle of Philanthropy).
  • The majority of non-profits are just now
    starting to
  • realize the power of online fundraising.
  • Passport to Giving is cutting edge in the
    non-profit sector.

Source Harvard University, Initiative on Social
Enterprise Report (Oct 00)
Take Your Fund Raising Over the Top!
No Matter What Your Cause
E-commerce is the Ultimate Fund Raiser! Our
innovative affinity program provides you with
your own online travel website (similar to
Expedia) which can help generate thousands of
dollars for your organization when members and
supporters book their personal business travel
through you.
A Simple Shift
Simply stated, all you are saying to your members
or supporters is this We know you are going to
book travel online. All we are asking is that you
book your travel with us. Youll receive
competitive rates or better and youll be helping
a cause you believe in.
Even a relatively low participation rate can
produce significant funds
P2G Program Business Model
Supporters visit Organizations Travel site to
book travel
Your Favorite Non-Profit
YTB provides marketing assistance
Organizations booking engine provides competitive
online rates
Organization receives funds paid by third party
Travel Fund Scenario
1,000 Total Base X 25 Participation
250 Total Participation X 1,700 Average Travel
Per Year/Per Traveler 425,000 Total Travel
Booked X 5 Average Vendor Commission paid to
YTB 21,250 Total Commission X 60 Revenue
Return to the organization 12,750 Cash Back
To The Organization
Figures provided are target estimates and do not
imply guaranteed performance. To achieve maximum
performance organizations must effectively
communicate the travel program to their
Passport 2 Giving Qualification
  • Qualify to work Passport 2 Giving Program
  • Site Owners can participate in the program by
    sending an email  request to  Passport2giving_at_ytb.
    com.  YTB will send an interim power point
    training along with a quiz. 
  • There is no charge for this interim training but
    they ask you to agree to take the P2G training
    once it is available in an area near you or
    online.  You will be asked to pay for the
    training at that time. 

Welcome to the Passport to Giving Interim
Non-Profit Market Overview
  • There are over 1.5 million non-profits, including
    300,000 churches and countless schools and school
  • The number of non-profits with revenues of 10
    million or more has increased by 73 in the last
    ten years.
  • What is a non-profit?
  • A non-profit organization is formed for the
    purpose of service to the public or mutual
    benefit to its members other than the pursuit or
    accumulation of profit.
  • There are more than 25 classifications of
    tax-exempt groups, including professional
    organizations, charitable/educational
    organizations, civic leagues, labor unions,
    fraternal organizations and social clubs, to name
    a few.

Policies and Procedures
Policies and Procedures
  • Passport to Giving has specific policies and
  • A Site Owner must not make any statements or
    promises of performance that are not approved by
    YTB Home Office.
  • Site Owner may use only corporate approved
    marketing material.
  • Site Owner shall not knowingly contact any
    organization that is already an Active,
    Registered or Do Not Call list.
  • YTB reserves the right to reassign accounts that
    are not properly managed or are abandoned by a
    Site Owner.
  • Organizations' are the property of YTB. Any
    conflict between Site Owners over an organization
    account, active or registered, shall be resolved
    by YTBs Home Office staff, in YTBs sole and
    absolute discretion.
  • Site Owner shall not solicit YTB non-profit
    organization accounts for any other type of
    business offer.
  • Site Owner must remain active in order to receive
    commissions from their non-profit signup.
  • DO NOT call the Home Office during a
    presentation. If the prospect organization has
    questions that you are unsure of, please them
    know you will contact the Home Office and get
    back to them with an answer. There are times we
    may have to consult different departments
    therefore may not be able to provide an immediate

Policies and Procedures
  • Site Owner agrees to do the following in
    connection with each organization personally
    sponsored by the Site Owner
  • Organize an Activation Meeting using the
    Activation Meeting Guidelines immediately after
    the organization account is activated.
  • Demonstrate the Travel Website to all
    organization staff involved with booking travel.
  • Demonstrate the Travel Portal and all of its
  • Encourage the organization to communicate the
    program to staff and volunteers for both personal
    and business travel.
  • Encourage the organization to promote the travel
    program to their supporters using the
    organizations existing communication channels.
  • Have regular contact with the organization to
    plan travel marketing and cross promotion with
    organization events.
  • Once you have completed the training you will
    have access to all materials needed. This
    information will be located under the Passport to
    Giving tab in your Travel Portal.

Commissions and Fees
Commissions and Fees
  • Non-profit initial fee is 499.95. (Credit Card,
    EFT, Paper check or Money Order accepted)
  • Monthly fee - 0, YTB waives the monthly fee for
    non-profit organizations.
  • The non-profit is paid in travel commissions on
    the 25th of the month.
  • Travel commission check will not be issued until
    the amount has accumulated to 10.00 or more.
  • Payments are issued to the non-profit via paper
  • A non-profit account may apply to receive two
    complimentary credential cards. These cards do
    not guarantee a discount of any type for the
    holder of the card. Any discount or upgrade that
    may be offered will be at the discretion of the
  • Accounts receive 60 of the travel commission
    paid to YTB by the vendors.
  • Sponsoring SO receives 10 of the travel
    commission paid to YTB.
  • Sponsoring SO receives 300.00 or 60 of the
    initial fee paid.
  • Power Team leader of sponsoring SO receives
    50.00 signing bonus if QTO.
  • You are not required to be in your Power Team to
    receive commissions from a Passport to Giving

Split Commissions
  • Two Funding Specialists are able to split an
  • You may split the 10 commission earned on an
    account with one other SO who is certified in the
    Passport to Giving program. The split must be
    50-50 whereas each SO will receive 5. The split
    will remain in effect for as long as the
    non-profit account remains active.
  • The individual named as the primary agent will
    receive the 300.00 sign on bonus. YTB does not
    split the bonus. It is the primarys choice as to
    whether or not to split the bonus with the
  • If you are not comfortable with the process of
    making a presentation, please find someone who is
    also Passport to Giving Certified to partner with
    who has experience. Splitting one account does
    not mean you will have to split future accounts.

Sales Tools and Resources
Sales Tools and Resources
  • Resources to use for a presentation
  • This site gives a brief
    sample of what the account can expect. This
    should be sent before the actual presentation.
  • - The demo site is
    an actual replica of the booking engine a
    non-profit would be purchasing. It showcases all
    aspects of the Booking Engine. Do not show your
    personal site to a non-profit organization.
  • To log into the Passport Demo site, use the
    following login information User Id
    passportdemo, Password 123456. Show the
    account how they will be able to track
    commissions, and all other aspects of the Travel
  • Niche sites The organization will also have
    access to YTB Flowers, YTB Romance, YTB Golf, and
    YTB Outdoors by using their user id before each
    site. Example
  • ShopYTB The organization will also have access
    to the new ShopYTB. This can be accessed by the
    Booking Engine or by logging into the Travel
  • Cruise promo piece This is a powerful piece of
    an actual organization who booked their cruise
    with YTB. We made the arrangements and they
    received a great commission! This piece is
    located under the Presentation Tools heading.

Sales Tools and Resources
  • Passport to Giving Resource Center
  • Once you have become certified, an additional
    tab will appear in your Travel Portal labeled
    Passport to Giving.
  • Under the Passport to Giving tab you will find
  • Getting Started Passport to Giving Business
  • Account Management Tools
  • Presentation Tools
  • Division Lists Active, Registered, and Do Not
    Call list

Policies and Procedures
  • Account Registration
  • Before ever contacting a prospect organization,
    please check all Division Lists. This includes
    Active, Registered, and Do Not Call lists. If
    the account is on any of these lists, DO NOT
    contact them. This account is already either
    active with YTB or currently working with another
    SO, or they do not wish to be contacted at all.
  • Before an account can be registered a full
    presentation must be made, either in person or
    over the phone, to a qualified representative of
    the organization.
  • Complete the Registration form and submit it to
    the Home Office fax number provided on the form.
    All information requested on form must be
  • A signature from the organization is NOT required
    for the registration.
  • The Registration will expire after 60 days. If
    after 60 days you are still making progress to
    close the organization, you may extend the
    registration for another 60 days for a maximum
    of 120 days.

Policies and Procedures
  • Account Application
  • Please understand what is contained in the terms
    and conditions of the application.
  • When signing up an account please have the
    organization complete all information on the
    Application including the signature of a decision
  • Other required documents are as follows W-9
    form, IRS Opinion letter, and a Corporate
    Resolution letter.
  • The entire Application must be completed in order
    for the Home Office to activate the account.
  • Please include the Website Customization form.
    This will allow the organization to choose their
    Travel Store name as well as their User Id and
    Password in order to log-in to their Travel

Policies and Procedures
  • Account Registration or Account Activation
  • Please complete all sections of the Registration
    or Application form.
  • Fax the appropriate form to 618-216-4301.
  • Once the Application or Registration has been
    received, the organizations information will be
    added to the respective list in the Travel Portal
    within 5 business days.

Prospect Research
Prospect Research
  • What type of Account should you focus on?
  • Religious Organizations
    Charity Organizations
  • Fraternal Organizations
    Service Organizations
  • Health Organizations
    Educational Organizations
  • Business Organizations
    Political Organizations
  • Alumni Organizations
    Environmental Organizations

Prospect Research
  • Where to look for leads
  • Library
  • Internet
  • TV or Radio
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Personal experience or involvement
  • Volunteer Centers
  • Community Newspapers look for special events
    auctions walks, golf tournaments.

Prospect Research
  • Setting your criteria not all prospects are
    good prospects.
  • Are they a non-profit organization? (For-Profit
    organizations can not enroll in the Passport to
    Giving program)
  • How many supporters do they have? Set your
    criteria at 500 supporters/members. Some
    organizations smaller than this criteria do
    produce a lot of travel, so do your research.
  • Do they have an existing organization website?
    If not, they are probably not a good prospect.
  • What are their existing communication channels
    they use to keep in contact with their
  • Are they willing to promote their site to their
    supporter base?
  • Are their supporters passionate?

Making the Appointment
  • Finding the decision maker. Who are you looking
  • It is preferable to give a presentation to the
    Executive Director of an organization rather than
    the Executive Directors Assistant. Try to work
    from the top down as opposed to the bottom up.
  • Executive Director
  • Chief Operational Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Director of Funding
  • Director of Marketing
  • Director of Special Projects
  • Director of New Concepts

Making the Appointment
  • We have created two separate phone scripts
    for you to reference. These documents can be
    printed for your use and are located under
    Presentation Tools
  • Getting to the decision-maker use this script if
    you are speaking to the receptionist.
  • Making the appointment this is the script used
    when speaking to the decision-maker.

Presentation and Follow-up
Presentation and Follow-up
  • If you will be conducting the presentation in
  • Know how many people will be attending the
    presentation meeting.
  • Dress professionally.
  • Be on time.
  • If you do not have a laptop and need a computer,
    ask if one will be available for you to use
    before the presentation meeting.
  • Review your notes on the organization. Craft
    your presentation with the information you have
  • Practice! You must know your product top to
    bottom, inside and out. Those who practice

Presentation and Follow-up
  • Presentation Structure
  • Opening Make the message personal for the
  • Start with Our objective today is/The purpose
    of this presentation is/We have 3 goals today...
  • State some general problems facing non-profits
    today. Our program can solve these issues and
  • Demonstrate the Booking Engine and Travel
  • Discuss ShopYTB
  • QA
  • Closing
  • Follow-up

Presentation and Follow-up
  • Key features of the Passport to Giving program.
  • A High percentage of YTBs commissions are paid
    to the organization.
  • Travel is a high ticket item. Commissions can be
  • You are not asking their members to do anything
    they are not already doing, booking travel!
  • Minimal involvement or management on the part of
    the organization is required.
  • Commissions are paid by the travel vendors, not
    by the organizations supporters.
  • Trackable commissions.
  • Marketing assistance from Home Office.
  • No long term commitment.
  • Program operates 24/7, producing consistent

Presentation and Follow-up
  • Anticipating/Handling Objections
  • A key component to becoming successful is being
    able to fully understand the clients potential
    objections or questions. Then, responding to
    them in a way that will give them confidence and
    peace of mind in you and YTB.
  • In predominantly every situation we are able to
    satisfy the objections of a prospective account.
    Occasionally, there may be some objections we
    cannot overcome at this time. As a
    representative of YTB it is important to
    understand the current capabilities of this
  • As a representative of YTB, you should never
    knowingly give misinformation. If you do not
    know the answer to a question, do not be afraid
    to say, I dont know, but I will be happy to
    check on that and get back with you.

Presentation and Follow-up
  • The YTB Home Office does not provide references
    from our active accounts. This is discussed in
    our Terms and Conditions on the Passport to
    Giving Application. DO NOT contact Home Office
    and ask for an exception.
  • Do not share the names of any organization named
    on the Division Lists. The Active, Registered,
    or Do Not Call list is for your viewing only.

Account Sign up and Management
Account signup and Management
  • Your responsibility as a Funding Specialist
  • Have the account fill out the Application,
    located under the Account Management link in your
    Travel Portal. Please make sure the W-9 form, IRS
    Opinion Letter and Corporate Resolution Letter
    are included.
  • Fill out the Website Customization form, located
    under the Account Management link.
  • Fax the documents to the Home Office
  • Activation of the account can take approximately
    5 business days.
  • The account will be contacted via e-mail when
    their website has become active. You will also be
    copied on this e-mail.
  • Help the account secure a custom URL if desired.
  • Arrange the account activation meeting with the

Account Signup and Management
  • Additional documents required with the
  • W-9 If the organization does not have an updated
    W-9, they are able to print a copy from the
  • IRS Opinion Letter This letter is issued by the
    IRS when the non-profit is approved and provided
    a FEIN number. The IRS is recognizing the
    approval of the non-profit status.
  • Corporate Resolution Letter This letter is
    written on company letterhead by a decision maker
    authorizing the purchase of the Booking Engine
    and payment for the initial fee of 499.95.
  • You will find samples of these letters under
    the Account Management section from the Passport
    to Giving tab.

Account Signup and Management
  • After the Booking Engine for your account has
    been activated, there are three areas of focus.
  • The first is Internal Travel
  • In the Travel Portal, there is a memo the
    organization should send to all of their
    employees and volunteers. This memo encourages
    everyone internally to use the Booking Engine for
    all of their travel needs.
  • Make sure you cover this during the activation
    meeting. Show them the memo and encourage them to
    send it to all of their internal staff! This memo
    is found under the Account Management link and is
    titled, Internal Travel Memo.

Account Signup and Management
  • Secondly, discuss Supporter Travel
  • Let the organization know that the Home Office
    can create free marketing material for them
    customized with their name and travel site
    address. Once the Marketing Materials Order Form
    is filled out and submitted to the Home Office,
    the material will be sent to the organization
    within 5 business days. The material may be used
    as an insert for a magazine or newsletter or it
    may be used as a flyer or handout. This material
    can also be sent out via e-mail or as an
  • If the organization chooses, they can print the
    document to be used as a flyer or handout. The
    organization will be responsible for the cost of
    printing or reproduction of marketing material.
  • We also encourage the organization to have a web
    banner ad placed on the home page of their
    existing organizations website. We have web
    banner ads available under the Promotional Tools
    link in the Travel Portal, and again, this is at
    no cost to the organization.
  • All sample marketing materials are located
    under the Promotional Tools tab.

Account Signup and Management
  • Lastly, cover Group Travel with the organization.
    Group Travel can create significant commissions
    for the organization.
  • Go over the Group Travel Guidelines with the
    organization. If they meet the guidelines for a
    trip, the Group Travel Department at the YTB Home
    Office will quote and book the trip for them. If
    it is a group cruise, we can put the cruise on
    the Booking Engine under the Groups tab and we
    can create a marketing piece that they may send
    to their supporter/member base. There are Group
    Travel Request Forms located in the
    organizations Travel Portal under the Agent
    Tools link. These forms should be sent to the
    Home Office with their specific travel request
    for quoting purposes.
  • Make suggestions of different group travel trips
    based on the type of organization you have signed
  • The Group Travel Guidelines are located under
    the Group Travel heading in your Travel Portal.

Account Signup and Management
  • Follow -up with the account
  • Regular follow-up is required to make sure there
    are no problems and the account is satisfied.
  • Keep the account closely informed of new
    features, services and vendors.
  • Contact them regularly to suggest special
    promotions and group travel ideas.
  • Continually stay abreast of their goals and
    initiatives and remind them of what an asset our
    program can be.
  • If your schedule will permit, offer to volunteer
    or help in someway.
  • Follow-up is designed to build a true long term
  • Ask for referrals, (this will give you new leads
    to organizations you may not have thought about).

Overview of the Passport to Giving Program
  • Check all the Division Lists Active, Registered
    and the Do Not Call list before contacting an
    organization. DO NOT contact ANY account on ANY
    of these lists.
  • Use only corporate created material provided for
    you under the Passport to Giving tab.
  • Do not create your own material.
  • No references are given to prospect accounts from
    our Active list. Do not contact the Home Office
    to ask for an exception.
  • We do not deviate from the current Passport to
    Giving application. Do not request an addendum
    be created to accommodate an account.
  • Do not call the Home Office during a presentation
    to ask questions.

  • Registrations are good for 60 days unless you are
    still working the account, then an extension can
    be granted for an additional 60 days. You must
    send a new Registration to the Home Office before
    the initial 60 days has lapsed.
  • Activating an account takes approximately 5
    business days. The account will receive an
    e-mail from the Home Office once the account is
    active, with all the pertinent information. You
    will also be copied on this e-mail.
  • Once the account is active it is your
    responsibility to conduct the activation meeting
    with the account. Cover the Booking Engine,
    Travel Portal, Internal Travel, Group Travel, and
    all marketing materials available to them.
  • Keep in touch with the account on a regular
    basis. Keep them informed of great travel deals
    that come up and suggest group trips.

Passport to Giving Support
  • We hope you have found this interim training
    informative! Please complete the quiz and fax it
    to 618-216-4301 or you may submit it via email to You will be notified
    when the new training is available. At that
    time, you will be required to complete the new
    training and pay the training fee to remain
    certified in the Passport to Giving program.
  • Please feel free to contact the Passport to
    Giving staff by emailing
    Thank you!

Passport to Giving
  • Travel Portal Walk-Thru