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U.S. Passport or Passport Card (Column A ) Driver's Licens


U.S. Passport or Passport Card (Column A ) Driver's License ... Ex: If US Passport submitted, do not ask for Social Security Card. Inconsistent photocopies ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: U.S. Passport or Passport Card (Column A ) Driver's Licens

Completing the Form I-9 at UNO for US
Citizens-Domestics (Updated for August 7, 2009
The Form I-9
  • Required of employers with one or more
    employees since 1986.
  • Purpose
  • To establish the identity of employees hired for
    work in the United States.
  • To establish employees eligibility for
    employment in the United States.

Where is the Form I-9?
  • The form is located in SAPPHIRE
  • http//sapphire.nebraska.edu/index.asp
  • Path Business Forms, UNO, Human Resources,
    Personnel Administration Forms (blank), New Hire
  • The updated form is the only version accepted
    (dated 08/07/2009 at bottom right of form).
  • Discard all other blank I-9 forms.

New Employees Role
  • Completes, signs and dates Section 1
  • of Form I-9 on or prior to the FIRST
  • DAY OF WORK (witnessed by
  • University representative signing form).
    (New employee receives form and instruction
  • Presents original, unexpired documents.
    Certified copy of birth certificate accepted.
  • one document from Column A OR
  • one document from Column B AND one from Column C.

Documentation Note
  • Common Error
  • You may not specify which of the accepted
    documents you want the employee to present.
  • Show them the list and let them decide.

  • If the new employee cannot produce ALL the
    proper documents, DO NOT sign the I-9 form.
  • Ask the person to return with the correct
    documents promptly because . . .
  • an employer is NOT to authorize a person to
    begin work if the person started more than 3 days
    prior to the date you are viewing the documents.
  • Should the University be found in
    non-compliance, UNO could be subject to fines of
    1000 per error.

Common Errors-Section 1 of I-9
  • No employee signature no date
  • Form completed after first day of work (form may
    be completed prior to first work day)
  • Status box unchecked (US Citizen is only choice
    departments may authorize.)
  • Missing date of birth, maiden name (if
  • Missing/incomplete local address

  • Please remember
  • All international new hiresstudents, faculty,
    and staffmust complete the I-9 form in the Human
    Resources Office, EAB 205.
  • (Any category other than US Citizen requires
    Human Resources attention.)
  • Anyone with a social security card that states it
    does not authorize employment in the US must come
    to HR to do their I-9.

Employers Role
  • Witnesses completion of I-9 by new employee.
  • Makes no assumptions about a persons
    citizenship. A foreign-looking person may very
    well be a citizen and vice versa.
  • Reviews only original, unexpired documents as of
    April 3, 2009. (Certified copies of birth
    certificates are permitted.)

Employers Role cont.
  • Completes Section 2 of I-9 Document Title,
    Issuing Authority, Document , Expiration Date
    (if any) in relevant column and order.
  • Completes Certification portion (penalty of
    perjury) Enters the FIRST DAY OF WORK.
  • Prints and signs name enters title, address, and
    date legiblyno abbreviations.
  • If error, draws one line through initials/dates.

Common Errors-Section 2 of I-9
  • Information in columns A/B/C entered on wrong
    lines, incorrectly and/or incompletely
  • Listed document(s) unacceptable
  • Employees first day of work missing
    (Certification Section)
  • No employer signature no date
  • Completed more than 3 days after start date
  • Missing/abbreviated employer information

Who signs the Form I-9 at UNO?
  • UNO representatives trained to complete I-9
  • Chairpersons
  • Directors
  • Department heads
  • Office support staff (Ex SAP User Group)
  • If in doubt about signing the Form I-9, do not
  • Please send the person to Human Resources, EAB

  • Make copies of the original, UNEXPIRED documents
    - front and back
  • of drivers license, SS card, etc.
  • Examples
  • U.S. Passport or Passport Card (Column A )
  • Drivers License (Column B)
  • School ID (Column B)
  • Birth Certificate (Column C)
  • Social Security Card (Column C)

  • If you have any doubts about the validity of a
    document, please ask the employee to come to HR
    to do their I-9. We have resources for assuring
    documents are genuine.
  • If necessary, copy the document in color to
    assure legibility (MavCards, Passports)

Documents cont. Social Security Account Number
Card Issues
  • Social Security Card may not always confirm work
    authorization and cannot be accepted
  • Not Valid For Employment
  • Valid For Work Only With DHS Authorization
  • Laminated card where reverse side states invalid
    if laminated
  • Canadian Social Security Card similar to US card
  • Unsigned Social Security Card

Documents cont.-Distribution
  • Departments may keep a copy of the completed
    Form I-9.
  • Original Form I-9 goes to HR.
  • Send the I-9 to HR promptly to avoid being out of
    compliance (for departments not completing
    E-Verify) - separate the I-9 from the PAF, PDF,
    etc., and send on its own.
  • For Rehires, notify HR to check I-9 status for
    re-verification of the I-9 and E-Verify ahead of
    time. Not necessary for Employment Pause.

Other Common Errors
  • Over-documentation. Ex If US Passport
    submitted, do not ask for Social Security Card or
    drivers license.
  • Inconsistent/illegible photocopies (MavCards
    copied in BW may be illegible)
  • Failure to retain copies of front back of I-9
  • Corrections not initialed/undated
  • Unnecessary writings/notes in margins reverse
    side of I-9

  • Required within 3 days of hire
  • If you need E-verify training, contact HR.
  • Because we use E-verify, we may request Social
    Security numbers from employees.
  • The date of hire is day zero when counting the 3
    days for compliance.
  • Because we use E-verify, the List B document must
    include a photograph.

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