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Open for Questions & Feedback. Importance of Backups ... Open for questions & Feedback. What is the reason for not using Alexandria's potential? ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Alexandria

  • Dave Stephens
  • August 4, 2006
  • SAISD Library Media Services Annual Welcome

Handout for Presentation
  • Greetings
  • Backups
  • Changes from Previous Version
  • Coming in 5.5.2
  • Help
  • Open for Questions Feedback

Importance of Backups
  • Without a RECENT backup you may lose hours to
    week or more of information.
  • Always backup Daily

  • The changes in a version are recorded in the
    Release notes when the update is first available.
    Since is new only to SAISD the current
    release notes do not contain all the changes.
    Nine changes will be mentioned in todays
  • Release Notes are on the LMS website

Homeroom button
  • On the circulation screen in the right corner
    there is a green dot. This is the homeroom
    button. You can use it to select a student by
    homeroom to be the active patron. Command to
    bring up the open homerooms is hwl. The last
    homeroom will be on top.

Home Room Command
  • If you want to open the homeroom window for a
    particular teacher the command is hw followed by
    a patron barcode such as the teachers to open
    the home room without navigating down the list.

ISBN Editor, Calculator Utility
  • ISBN editor shows all the ISBNs or ISSNs
  • For individual record command is
  • CTRL Shift K for check digit calculator or
    convert for 10 to 13 digits or vice versa.
  • For global Utility to convert from 10 digits to
    13 digits or vice versa
  • UtilitiesItemsConvert ISBNs
  • Not necessary to change unless you desire to do

FTP Capability
  • If Companion asks for your data there is a nifty
    feature within Alexandria that allows you to
    enter a password and click send. Tech support
    must provide the password. Process is super

Renew Icon
  • When a person has anything checked out you see a
    revolving arrows icon. Clicking on the icon will
    open a window where you can declare a book lost
    or renew a title or all titles. Keyboard command
    is QE.

Overdue Suspension
  • You can now assign an overdue suspension of
    library privileges for patron with overdue items
    or for other reasons.
  • On patron window change the status from active to

Web Librarian
  • It is possible to use the web to perform
    administrative tasks. More will come on this
    topic later in the year.

Commands require Spaces
  • It is now necessary to add a space between the
    command and what follows. See page 141 pdf
    manual Commands require spaces explanation.

Super Summary
  • For the super summary you will use at inventory
    time, you must set the financial year in Orders
    preferences. Set your dates now for the school

5.5.2 Coming
  • After you have a chance to become accustomed to
    the changes from 5.4 version to, Laura
    will inform us when it is time to make the change
    to 5.5.2. Do not expect this any time soon.

  • Companion Tech Support 1-800-347-4942
  • Alexandria V5 training web site
  • Requires login and password-use SAISD email
  • Navigation tips in Whithertos and Whyfors on the

Open for questions Feedback
  • What is the reason for not using Alexandrias
    potential? What do we need to do to remedy the
  • Help source in Alexandria circulation screen
    tab Command Help
  • Free electronic pdf version of manual available
    to download from Companions web site or you may
    purchase a printed copy

Q A continuted
  • Tech support available 24/7
  • 1-800-347-4942 tech support number
  • http// available probably by
    end of Tuesday 8/8/06requires your SAISD email
    address to login and create your own password.
    Training videos that when complete will follow
    the order of presentation in the manual.

Q A Continued
  • How to get pictures into Alexandria? You can use
    a vendor CD which is expensive. Page 223 in pdf
    manual has information for taking patron picture
    with compatible FireWire Camera and page 226 has
    more information. To import student picture must
    be named with student id followed by.jpg or
    gif, or bmp, or pict extension. (p. 590 pdf

Q A Continues
  • Possible to give suspension of library priveleges
    in place of fine. P. 226 pdf manual Patron
    Status field
  • Period Due Dates Set now on the calendar.
  • Reset your circulation statistics now for
    Alexandria to give you report at end of school
    year activity.
  • ShowCirculation Statistics Reset counters

Q A Continues
  • Do we need to Rebuild? Yes, once a month is
    recommended. You can set an automatic rebuild to
    occur in preferencesArchive and Rebuild on
    Rebuild tab
  • Laura will send the correct site information for
    updates. DO NOT use the Companion site that
    replaced the special address for SAISD as this
    will update you to 5.5.2.