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Your New Laptop


Turn in when you take delivery of your laptop. 3/18/2003. City College of San Francisco ... NVIDIA Geforce4 420 Go graphics card. w/32MB video memory ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Your New Laptop

Your New Laptop
  • Toshiba 2430 Specifications Layout How to Use

  • Available on Desktop Upgrade Web site under
  • Please
  • Follow along
  • Ask questions
  • Sign
  • Turn in when you take delivery of your laptop

Safety Precautions
  • Read the Toshiba Safety Instruction Manual
  • Avoid temperature extremes
  • Dont drop!
  • Never pick up by screen
  • Protect from theft
  • Security cable
  • Vigilance

Laptop Basics Toshiba 2430
  • Intel Pentium 4 Processorª 2400MHz (2.40GHz)
  • NVIDIA Geforce4 420 Go graphics card w/32MB
    video memory
  • DVD/CD-RW to view multimedia/movies or burn CDs
  • Stereo speakers
  • Touchpad pointing device
  • Plug in to AC power or use up to 2.5 hrs. battery
    time (AC assembly weight 1.5 pounds)
  • Warranty 4-year parts and labor, 1-year battery

Other Hardware
  • 40GB Hard disk
  • Built-in 56K Modem
  • LAN and Modem (cables supplied)
  • 15 Flat Screen
  • Weight 7.7 pounds
  • Battery supplied
  • Ports
  • USB 2.0 (3 ports)
  • Firewire (IEEE1394)
  • PC Card type II or III
  • Secure Digital card
  • Printer (parallel)
  • External monitor (RGB and S-Video)

You might want to purchase
  • External USB mouse
  • For those uncomfortable with touchpad
  • External USB keyboard
  • To gain full key size
  • External USB Zip drive
  • For compatibility with CCSF Desktop Machines
  • External USB Floppy drive
  • To use floppy disks

Battery Power
  • Battery indicator light front and center
  • Green when charged
  • Red (briefly) when about to give up
  • Also Popup window tells you to save because
    battery low

Checking the Battery
  • Battery indicator light front and center
  • Battery indicator in icon area lower right
  • Check status by hovering cursor over battery
    power icon

  • Same as Desktops
  • Office XP (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)
  • Publisher, FrontPage, Internet Explorer
  • GroupWise Windows client (use when connected to
    CCSF network)
  • Virus Must be connected to the CCSF Network to
    run automatically
  • New CD Writing Software (Dragn Drop CD)

Other Hardware
  • Power supply and two cables
  • One from Power outlet to supply
  • The other from supply to computer
  • Ethernet cable
  • For connecting to Ethernet plugs at CCSF
  • Telephone cable
  • For connecting to telephone wall jack at home
  • Use to dial in to ISP and connect to Internet

Networking Ethernet cable
  • Ethernet Cable supplied
  • Thicker than phone cable
  • Larger end connector than on phone cable

Networking CCSF Network
  • Plug cable into computers LAN port
  • Back, to right of USB ports

Plugging in ? CCSF Network
  • Plug other end into wall jack
  • Jacks must be activated
  • Identify your Office, shared area jacks to Local
    ITS staff and/or Help Desk 239-3711
  • Log in as usual
  • Your network drive is available
  • Network printers available
  • Must add printers to use

Adding printers
  • Cheat sheet
  • Also available on Desktop Upgrade Web site,
    laptop section
  • http//
  • Also helpdesk Web site

Home use
  • Log in as if connected to network
  • No network functions available
  • Need Internet Service Provider (ISP) to connect
    to Internet
  • Backup your documents
  • CD-R or CD -RW disk (about 640 MB capacity)
  • External USB Zip or floppy drive (not supplied)

Connecting Laptop to Internet
  • DSL / Cable connection
  • Provider supplies info /software / equipment
  • ISP phone connection
  • ISP supplies info / software
  • Troubleshooting
  • Individual providers rather than CCSF Help Desk

Home use Internet provider
  • Resources
  • http//
    ml (allows search by telephone area code)
  • http//
    tm (Many links to user review sites, help
    finding DSL/Cable/ISP)
  • Friends!

Phone cable for ISP dialup
  • Phone Cable supplied
  • Plug into computers modem port
  • Back, two right of USB ports
  • Plug other end into ordinary phone jack

After ISP dialup
  • Log in to your ISP as instructed
  • Outside CCSF network
  • Network drive not available
  • GroupWise email
  • Easiest Access through the Internet

Transferring files Problem
  • Your documents are on Floppy disks or Zip disks
  • Your laptop has no Floppy drive or Zip drive
  • ??!_at_XX

Transferring files Solution (1)
  • Login to a desktop computer in friends office,
    common area or TLC Lab (Must be Faculty or Staff
    Rollout computer)
  • Use Floppy or Zip drive
  • Transfer (copy) files to your H drive
  • Log off
  • Connect your Laptop to the CCSF network
  • Copy files from H drive to your laptop

Transferring files Solution (2)
  • Purchase an external USB Zip or floppy drive
  • Or use the TLC labs external USB Zip 250 drive
  • Use the external drive on your laptop when you
    need to transfer files

Further information
  • Go to the Desktop Upgrade Web site from
  • Click the Desktop Upgrade Info link
  • Use the Laptop sections for this presentation and
    other documents on your machine and related
  • Also check Updates on the Desktop Upgrade home

Secure Digital card
  • SD (Secure Digital) Memory Card slot right side
  • Postage-stamp sized memory device
  • Another storage option
  • Not on desktops Laptops only
  • Also used on some Palms
  • Small, inexpensive adapters available to plug in
    to desktops
  • Price range
  • 32 MB for about 25 to
  • 256 MB for about 80-140