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Task Force


Promote Pavement Preservation new and on-going research ... Request an extension of Resolution 01-07 of three additional years. Customer Satisfaction ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Task Force

Task Force Focus GroupReports
  • 2003 AASHTO/TRB
  • Maintenance Management
  • Conference

Pavements Task Force
Pavements Task Force
  • Overview of Committee Roles / Functions
  • 2002 /2003 Task Force Work Plan Review
  • Status of Resolutions from 2002
  • National Center for Pavement Preservation
  • Research Initiatives
  • NHI Training Update

Pavements Task Force
  • 7. Update on Pavement Preservation Scan Tour
  • 8. Coordination with Existing Groups ( TRB, FP2,
    ETG, etc.)
  • 9. Regional Pavement Groups
  • 10.Website / Newsletter
  • 11. General Group Discussion
  • 12. Research Problem Statements
  • 13. Resolutions
  • 14. Work Plan for 2003/2004

Pavements Task Force
  • 27 participated
  • Key actions
  • 8 Research Problem Statements
  • Resolution for financial support of the National
    Center for Pavement Preservation

Pavements Task Force
  • 2003/2004 Work Plan
  • Activity Support
  • Pavement Preservation Scan Tour demonstration
    projects implementation
  • Workshops and Conferences, TRB activities, the
    Pavement Preservation Expert Task Group (PP ETG)
    meetings, and more
  • Training Support
  • NHI Training Classes
  • Research Support
  • Promote Pavement Preservation new and on-going
  • Promote Utilization of the National Center
    Pavement Preservation

Pavements Task Force
  • Suggested Topics for next years meeting
  • 1)  Pavement Recycling, including both hot and
  • in-place recycling.
  • 2)  Diamond Grinding Procedures and Practice.
  • 3)  Spray Applied Polymer Emulsion Field Studies
    Interim Report by Larry Scofield.
  • 4)  Demonstrations of Pavement Maintenance
    techniques similar to the Alabama demonstrations
    from last year.

Roadsides EnvironmentTask Force
Roadsides EnvironmentTask Force
  • 10 State DOT representatives
  • 1 USDA Forest Service rep.
  • 4 Industry rep.
  • 2 Academic rep.
  • 0 FHWA rep.

Roadsides EnvironmentTask Force
  • Task Force Agenda Highlights
  • Briefing of Chairmans Meeting.
  • Update members on current issues
  • Status of 2002 resolutions
  • Information will be shared on the webpage in the
  • Noted appreciation of Chairmans information

Roadsides EnvironmentTask Force
  • Charge from Chairman Braceras
  • How does security touch the Roadside
    Environment task force?
  • Cross cuts all maintenance areas of
  • Vulnerabilities in the roadside environment
  • Clean water systems at rest areas and other
  • Sewage treatment facilities (dump stations)
  • Roadside threats from abandoned vehicles

Roadsides EnvironmentTask Force
  • Security cont.
  • Roadsides may provide many such soft targets
    which are more readily accessible than those
    conventionally considered (i.e. nuclear power
    plants, metropolitan water systems, mass
    participation events, etc.)
  • Work plan will include identifying these and
    other areas of concern

Roadsides EnvironmentTask Force
  • AASHTO SCOM Webpage
  • Selected FHWA liaison as the information manager
    for the task force
  • Security concerns
  • Access to individual SCOM member e-mail
  • Suggest each member provide the
    addresses/information to be displayed on the
  • John requested the Secretary to bring these
    concerns to the webpage task force

Roadsides EnvironmentTask Force
  • Proposed Research
  • Develop a problem statement to perform a
    synthesis in the following areas
  • What products or techniques are being used to
    combat the brown out effect from spray for snow
    and ice control on certain vegetation?
  • What are the best practices that have been
    developed to meet the requirement of Phase II of
    the NPDES Storm water permit?
  • Security? Should we combine concerns from other
    task forces?

Roadsides EnvironmentTask Force
  • 2003 Work Plan
  • Develop a survey of state DOTs on successfully
    implemented NPDES Phase II Storm Water permits.
  • Identify potential security risks and methods to
    protect roadsides and the environment and
    determine training available for maintenance

Roadsides EnvironmentTask Force
  • 2003 Work Plan cont.
  • Revisit the issue of the privatization of rest
    areas and welcome centers. Are guidelines
    needed?? Survey states positions.
  • NCHRP 25-25-4 Project to develop web based
    information sharing of environmental best
    practices. Members of the task force will be
    contributing to this project.

Roadsides EnvironmentTask Force
  • 2003 Work Plan cont.
  • Seek papers to potentially be presented at the
    TRB A3C07 group meeting.
  • Forest Service is developing a video on invasive
    weed control for equipment operators that may be
    of some interest to the task force. Will
    distribute to task force members upon
  • Work on potential presentations/topics for next
    years meeting in North Dakota.
  • Liaison with TRB and NRVMA

Bridges Task Force
Bridges Task Force
  • Update of State Bridge Maintenance Engineers list
    completed regularly updated.
  • Utilized list for Cracksealer Overlay survey
    Survey completed, possible future survey on thin
  • Bridges specific county municipal outreach

Bridges Task Force
  • A need for NCHRP 20-7, Synergy on each state
    Preventive Maintenance Procedures.
  • Promote regional Bridge Maintenance meetings to
    discuss detail headaches and successes, new
  • Last years Bridge Resolution was a success.
  • Security How it has impacted Bridge Maintenance.

Traffic Services SafetyTask Force
Traffic Services Safety
  • Membership and Leadership
  • - need to attract subcommittee members to work
    on task force issues
  • - selected a new chair
  • Communication and Coordination
  • - development of Traffic Services Safety page
    on the subcommittee website underway

  • - need to identify task force contact for
  • - review Traffic Engineering and Operations
    Management subcommittee efforts to eliminate
  • - increase communication with Task Force members.

  • Notice of Proposed Rule Making
  • - Scott Battles presented FHWAs NPRM related to
    23CFR630, Subpart J.
  • - Sterling Davis represents SCoM
  • - need to develop response to NPRM from a
    maintenance perspective.
  • National Security
  • Determine the role of the Task Force.

  • Revised Statement of Direction
  • - Promote Safety and Mobility for the traveling
    public by providing guidance on maintenance and
    operation procedures for management of traffic
  • Focus Areas
  • - AASHTO Maintenance Manual
  • - Incident and Emergency Management
  • - Security, and
  • - Work Zone mobility and safety.

Action Items
  • Determine what impact the new NPRM on Work Zone
    Safety and Mobility will have on maintenance
  • Determine the role of maintenance crews in
    enhancing safety and security of the highway
  • Review the most current Americans with
    Disabilities Act (ADA) document addressing public
    ROW accessibility, and determine the impact on
    maintenance operations.

Snow Ice Task Force
Snow Ice Task Force
  • Winter Maintenance Technical Support Program
    committee (a.k.a. WMPCC)
  • Met in Minneapolis in November 2002
  • Met in Helena in May 2003
  • Finalized proposed 4 year SICOP Work Plan

Snow Ice Task Force
  • Snow Ice Task Force concurred with the 4
    Year SICOP Work Plan
  • Proposed resolution to SOM to approve the 4 Year
    SICOP Work Plan

Equipment Focus Group
Equipment Focus Group
  • Regional Equipment Meetings
  • Support Biennial Equipment Workshop
  • 2003 AASHTO Equipment Reference Book
  • Research Standardization of Emergency Equipment
  • Updated Focus Group Statement of Direction
  • New Chair and Vice Chair
  • 14 participated

Equipment Focus Group
  • Equipment Management Training
  • Support Best Practice Guide on Protection of
    Maintenance Facilities and Equipment from
    Vandalism and Terrorist Attack
  • Publish Equipment Reference Book
  • 2004 Biennial Equipment Workshop
  • Support Regional Equipment Activities

Management Systems Focus Group
Management SystemsFocus Group
  • Three sub-groups met together
  • 49 participated

Management SystemsFocus Group
  • Key actions
  • Revise new Maintenance Management System manual
    and get NHI course underway
  • Support emergency response initiatives with data
    about available resources
  • Organize and host national workshop on
    Maintenance Management and Accountability

Work Force DevelopmentFocus Group
Workforce Development Activities
  • TCCC Activities Organizational Structure
  • Maintenance Core Curriculum
  • Approved Courses for NHI Development
  • NPHQ Strategic Plan
  • Communications Plan
  • Sponsor Paper Presentations
  • Joint Meeting with Nat. Training Directors
  • Workforce Challenge, Special Report 275
  • Resolutions
  • Whitefish III Survey
  • National Security
  • Work Plan for 03/04

TCCC Activities Organization Structure
  • Ongoing participation at TCCC Meetings
    Semi-annually Leadership Team
  • Pooled Funds 1.2 million committed with
    340,000 available for course development
  • Developing 5 Core Curriculums for Construction,
    Materials, Maintenance, Work Zone Safety Human
    Resource Soft Skills
  • Future Request to AASHTO to Assign an Executive
    Chair to Represent TCCC on SCOH
  • Future Vision, Mission, Goals Strategic Plan

Maintenance Core Curriculum
  • Training Matrix with Four Technical Skill Levels
  • Identifies Subject Area, Discipline, Work
  • Primarily Technical Skills by Level/Job Title
  • Identifies Current Available NHI Courses and
    Training Gaps
  • Future Consultant Services to Overlay 5
    Curriculums, Identify Gaps Assist in Course
    Scope Development

Approved Courses for NHI Development
  • Maintenance Contracting
  • Maintenance Management Systems
  • Understanding Benchmarking Performance Measures

NPHQ Strategic Plan
  • Included High Level Goal for Work Force
  • Goal To have an adequate work force with a
    strong quality orientation in the highway
  • Five Objectives Work with National Orgs. to
    promote training quality training development
    training as an award category or criteria
    academic partnership growth, and participation
    in developing core training curriculums
  • Ten Strategies

Communications Plan
  • Web Site Contact John Nickelson, RI
  • Focus Group Communications thru Email, Web Site
    Postings, List Serve, and Conference Calls

Sponsor Paper Presentations
  • Training The Key to Technology Implementation
    MMC03-013, by Leland Smithson, AASHTO
  • Simulator-Based Equipment Operator Training
    MMC03-014, by James Edson, CalDOT

Joint National Training Directors Meeting
  • TCCC Planning Combined Meeting with National
    Training Directors
  • Target Fall 2004 (Kansas City ???)
  • Invite State Technical Training Owners
  • Include Joint Session and Separate Tracks

The Workforce Challenge, Special Report 275
  • Recently Released by TRB
  • Addresses Recruiting, Training, and Retaining
    Qualified Workers for Transportation and Transit
  • Focus on Training as a Priority, supports more
    Federal Transportation Funding for Training, and
    supports reauthorization for NHI, LTAP and
    University Partnerships

Whitefish III Survey
  • Survey of SOM Membership
  • 15 Responses
  • Interest in Pursuing / Piggy-backed to another
    workshop / 1 to 2 Day
  • Pursue a Call for Papers/Abstracts
  • Option to hold Virtual Workshop
  • Joint Effort with A3C01 A3C03

National Security Involvement
  • Investigate availability of Terrorism Awareness
    Training for field workers
  • Locate Link Brochures and Informational
    Materials to Web Page
  • Prepare NCHRP Synthesis on State Practices

Work Plan 03/04 Continued
  • Research Synthesis on Homeland Security State
  • Investigate Information on Homeland Security for
    Maintenance Workers
  • Continued Support Toward Whitefish III
  • Investigate Montanas Federal-aid Contracting
    Manual for Possible Federal Funding for Training

Contract Maintenance Focus Group
Contract Maintenance Focus Group
  • Good participation with DOTs and Industry
  • 19 participated

Contract Maintenance Focus Group
  • Key actions
  • Complete survey, verify information, post to web
  • Complete newsletter and post to web site.
  • Organize and host national workshop on
    Maintenance Contracting, tentatively scheduled
    for April in Orlando, Florida.
  • Future - Develop Maintenance Contracting and
    Oversight Short Course

Customer Satisfaction Focus Group
Customer SatisfactionFocus Group
  • Key actions
  • Accepted and will post Report on Survey of
    current state of use of Performance Measures on
    Subcommittee Web Site.
  • Will develop definitions and protocols for two
    performance measures
  • Request an extension of Resolution 01-07 of three
    additional years.

Customer SatisfactionFocus Group
  • 6 participants
  • Reviewed 2003 Survey Report (Performance
  • Selected 4 candidates from which to develop two
    performance measures

Research Focus Group
Research Focus Group
  • Met as Focus Group (July 2003)
  • Tentatively Selected New Leadership

Research Focus Group
  • Key actions
  • Prepare research problem statements by July 31,
  • Prioritize research problem statements submit
    to NCHRP by September 15, 2003
  • Contact State Maintenance Directors to discuss
    importance of this research with their RAC SCOR
    members (December 1, 2003)
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